Obsidian and Alabaster

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This story was inspired by the double page picture for Chapter 193 Conquistadores (Ebony and Ivory). For the purposes of this story, that picture is deemed a photo.

Obsidian and Alabaster

I was at a publicity event, a photo shoot for that damned newsletter that’s published by 7th Division. I thought it was a bad idea, and suspected that the Shinigami Woman’s Association had a hand in it, but the old man demanded I take part. For some reason the substitute Shinigami was included and we had to wear different uniforms. They looked more like frigging costumes to me and I felt ridiculous. Irritated at the idiocy of the situation I refused to put my arms through the sleeves. I was there, I was wearing the clothes, what more did they want?

Lots of females were there, perving, but I ignored them trying to keep my cool. I only threatened Hisagi a few times with massive damage if he didn’t bloody hurry up and take the photo. Standing around posing with a bunch of prats was not my idea of how to have a good time, but I’d promised the old guy I’d participate and he was there, observing.

Finally, we were ‘allowed’ to go and I started to walk back to my quarters, wanting to change out of the fancy clothes into something a little more comfortable. I didn’t fucking care what the old man wanted. That was the last time I’d help out like this.

“That was fun, wasn’t it, Captain?” Ikkaku said as he caught up with me. He was preening slightly, smug at being included.

“No.” Why lie?

He didn’t try talking anymore. He’d got the message and I strode on, wanting to get away from the reminder of being treated like frigging eye candy.

“Excuse me, Captain Zaraki?” a musical voice spoke from one side.

I twisted around to see who wanted to talk to me this time and recognised the woman immediately. She’d been one of the women watching and I’d seen her look at me. “Lieutenant Rangiku. What do you want? I don’t want to stand around and yak with anyone.” I did not hide the annoyance in my voice.

She inhaled and my eyes were inevitably drawn to her cleavage. I liked watching her inhale, it was a rousing sight. “I realise I am not in your Division, and this may seem rude, but I request a chance to talk to you privately, Sir.”

I studied her closely. Why would she want to talk to me? I hadn’t made a pass at her recently, not through lack of interest, but because it seemed pointless. She had been involved with Ichimaru for years and I knew that she had brushed off many men who’d offered her sex. I couldn’t work out her reason for the request, but it would kill a little time to find out what she wanted. If she wanted to talk to me that much, I’d talk to her, but on my terms. “Okay. I’m going to my quarters to change. If you don’t think it’ll hurt your reputation, you can come.” I leered at her, just a little, and noticed her eyes stared into mine for a minute and then dropped.

“Thank you, Captain. I appreciate your time.” She hadn’t baulked at the challenge and that intrigued me. What was she planning?

Ikkaku dropped back, muttering something about going somewhere and I walked on with the woman. I didn’t say anything. If the matter was private I’d keep the small talk to a minimum but I let my mind stray, pondering what she wanted to discuss. I could only think of a few things we had in common.

Arriving at my place I opened the door and allowed her to precede me inside. Shutting the door, I locked it and then looked to see where she was standing. To my bemusement she wasn’t in the place I expected to see her. Wandering into my bedroom, I found her, standing in the middle of the room, while she observed me with a calculating look. I admired her for a few seconds, the long glossy hair, generous bosom, yeah, if she was offering I’d accept, but she’d said she wanted to talk.

“What do you want to talk about, Lieutenant?” I asked my interest growing by the minute.

She walked up to me and pushed my shirt off my shoulders, her finely made hands touching my skin fleetingly. “You said you wanted to change. I thought I would help,” was her response to my question, which wasn’t the answer expected. I could smell the perfume she was wearing and she was standing close, very close. Her breasts were brushing against my chest making me want to increase the contact. My cock had hardened as soon as I saw her in my bedroom, going from the semi-aroused state that was my normal reaction when I looked at her cleavage. She took off the band of cloth I wore around my neck and dropped that to the floor.

My jaw dropped. The woman was coming onto me. That was unexpected and I didn’t feel like objecting, but I thought I’d check if she was serious. At first I considered grabbing hold of her mammaries; however I decided a subtle approach might win more response. Bending down I placed my lips on hers. If she pulled away, it was no problem, but if she didn’t, I’d follow through. A simple kiss could be easily understood and forgiven.

Her lips were yielding and parted as soon as I touched them with my own. She wanted me and I felt a strange surge of pride at the thought. It was clear that I didn’t have to pursue her. I pulled her closer feeling her breasts press into my chest as my tongue entered her mouth to find her tongue seeking mine. She tasted sweet and her perfume was provoking me even more as I detected a slight hint of her female musk. Her body moulded against mine and out tongues stroked and played with each other while I felt the blood begin to roar through my body.

Removing her lips from mine she knelt in front of me, her experienced hands slipping to the exposed skin of my thighs, stroking them lingeringly. The damned uniforms were cut very low, but the caress of her hands showed some of the advantages. Her mouth moved to the knot in my sash and she undid it with her teeth while her hands were occupied with untying my hakama. Shit, the woman was moving fast, but I didn’t feel like complaining. As my body was exposed to her gaze I heard her gasp.

“I’ve heard the rumours, but I wanted to find out for myself,” she said before engulfing the head of my dick with her mouth.

My hips bucked forward at the contact, but I didn’t want oral. Involuntarily, my eyes shut as her lips caressed the head and she forced her mouth down a little further. It felt good. Her hands moved to my balls and she stroked them as she continued to fellate me. Looking down I could see her mouth engulfing me, her eyes closed in concentration. The sight made me even harder and more determined to fuck her. She seemed to enjoy sucking me and I could not ignore my response. Her tongue was working on me as she sucked and my cock wanted to stay where it was, but if she did that for much longer I knew what would happen. Her mouth was good, but I wanted to feel her legs wrapped around my back as I plunged into her; hear her moan and scream as she came. I pulled my cock from her mouth and she looked slightly offended.

“I want to fuck you. Sucking is good but fucking is better,” I told her as I pulled her to her feet. If I gave into my itch, I’d be inside her in a second, but thought I’d see how she wanted to play this out.

She smiled at me. “I like to fuck. I wasn’t sure you’d accept if I just asked.”

I appreciated her direct approach. “Do I look like an idiot? Who’d turn you down?” Any man who did would have to be a eunuch or a pansy.

“You’d be surprised.” I ignored the hint of melancholy in her answer as I was stripping her as fast as I could, struggling to prevent my hands from just ripping her clothes off. I wanted to see her lush body exposed. Her breasts were as spectacular as I knew they would be. The nipples were large and erect on milky white skin and they stood firm, seeming to invite my hands to handle them. Cupping her breasts in my palms I felt their heaviness and heat as I ran my thumbs over her nipples, measuring her response. She sighed in pleasure and I watched her eyes glow at the caress.

As I undid her hakama, I observed that like me she wore no underwear which was a relief as it provided easy access. I looked at the golden down that covered the triangle of her sex and let my hand reach down to cup it, feeling the searing warmth of her skin and hearing her groan of acceptance at my handling.

“Let’s forgo foreplay,” she suggested throatily. “I was getting wet looking at you in that uniform, thinking what you look like naked, and I hoped you might cooperate if I got you alone.”

I removed my eye patch. “You got that right, but no one ever told me they got hot just looking at me before. You don’t have to lie to make me interested,” I told her as we moved to the bed. She lay down, stretching her legs wide and I got between them, eager to feel her sex around my erection.

“I’m not lying. You might not have the most handsome face in the Seireitei, but your body is good, very good,” she replied.

I shrugged, unused to compliments and not sure how to reply. Taking my cock in one hand I explored her genitals with the other hand, locating her clit and vagina. Her words had not been lies; she was very slick under my fingers and the wet warmth urged me to hurry. She pushed her hips up as I grazed her clit, her eyes becoming fuzzy at the contact and her sigh encouraging me to speed up. Not wasting any time, I edged the head inside.

Pulling her legs around my back to give me deeper penetration I thrust into her hard, knowing I should take this slowly, but she seemed as impatient as I was. I felt her stretch around me as her hips pushed down on my cock. Not slowing, I began to thrust into her vigorously, savouring how good her cunt was. Tight but giving, and she was joining in enthusiastically.

“I love big cocks and yours is the biggest I’ve had,” she panted.

I leant on my hands looking at her body, seeing the way her breasts moved as I thrust into her, watching her hips lift to meet me, studying her face as her eyelids becoming heavier, her rapid breathing adding to the movement of her chest. Witnessing her reactions was making me even hornier. I wanted to feel her nipples digging into my chest as we moved together; I wanted her screaming with need for me, not talking about the size of my cock.

I didn’t bother answering her comment. It would have distracted me. Leaning down, I kissed her to stop her talking; wanting to feel her mouth on mine while my cock plunged into her. It was good, too good. Her tongue touched a part of my mouth that made me react fast and I tried to hold on, but climaxed, feeling the semen shoot from my body. I groaned loudly, enjoying the release of tension and the feel of the woman underneath me.

As soon as I finished I realised the mistake I’d made. Damn it, she hadn’t come. Withdrawing slowly, I thought about what I should do. Looking at her I could see disappointed lust in her eyes and words were forming on her lips, probably a bitter criticism of my neglect.

To prevent her speaking I remained, kneeling between her legs and again explored her with my fingers, finding and stroking her clit, gently at first and more firmly as I saw her response. Whatever she was going to say was lost as she accepted the stimulation. Rubbing faster, I watched her face, seeing her close her eyes as her body surged under my touch and she groaned loudly as she came.

A few minutes later, clearing her throat she looked at me. “I was about to curse you for leaving me on the brink,” she admitted.

“Take it as a compliment. You got me too horny to wait,” there was no way I was going to apologise. We had both come and it had been good.

I lay on my back, content that I’d pleasured her and wondered if she would hang around for more sex.

“Thanks for the fuck, Captain,” she said as she rolled over, preparing to leave the bed.

The abruptness of her attempted departure was not to be allowed. She dared to presume it was over already? There was no way I was letting her leave, yet; she had initiated the sex and I hadn’t had enough. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back, cradling her body against mine. “You came here for sex and I want more. You’re not leaving, woman.”

She turned to me, and raised an eyebrow. “I do have a choice in the matter and if I wish to leave I will. If I decide to stay, do you think you can hold on until I reach my orgasm next time?”

I felt insulted at the question. “Yeah, of course.” Then I had an idea. Maybe this interlude could be turned into a regular event. “If I don’t, I’ll eat you until you come. If I do, we’ll meet here regularly at lunchtime for a fuck. We both get what we want either way.” Thinking about having her again was making me hard.

She chuckled, her smile making her face alight with amusement. “Do you think I need another regular lover? You’ll just use me until you get a better offer.”

“You can use me until you get a better offer, I wouldn’t mind that. How many other regular lovers do you have now?” I felt my voice harden. Competition was something I would not accept.

“None.” Her tone held a note of reproof, as if I should know the answer to the question.

“If we screw and you come before I do, will you think about it? You can’t get out anyway, I locked the door.”

“I can get out through a window and I think I know where you keep the key,” she said watching me, her eyes clear and unworried. “I’m only staying because I’m interested in having you again, Captain. You got me close to coming until you forgot sexual etiquette. At least you made up for it afterward, barely.”

Not wishing to continue the chat I slid down her body and drew one of her nipples into my mouth. I liked the way it came erect against my tongue and the way her hands clutched at my head. If she tried to leave I’d stop her. She was going to come before me or with me this time; I’d make sure of it.

“Okay, I’ll think about lunchtime sex. Why did I have to come along this morning anyway, Captain? I didn’t want to get involved in any of this,” she said, her words contradicting her body’s reaction.

So, she had given into her base urges and this had not been planned, or so she was implying. “Not involved. Sex. There’s a difference,” taking my mouth from her breast I replied. “Call me by name. Hearing you call me Captain is insulting, especially if I’m fucking you at the time. I don’t like it.”

“What do you want me to call you? Sir? Would you like me to scream ‘Sir’ loudly next time I come?” She was smiling at me and I knew she was teasing me. I liked her lack of fear; it was unusual.

“Call me Zaraki. If you call me Captain 11 there’ll be a problem. I’ll call you Matsumoto because everyone else calls you Ran or Rangiku,” I replied, remembering how Ichimaru had usually referred to me.

“Yes, Captain Zaraki,” she replied innocently her hand roaming over my stomach, gently dragging her nails across the skin. I liked the feeling.

“Don’t wind me up, Matsumoto or I’ll bind you and keep you here until you learn your place,” I told her, the idea seeming a good one. Tying her down, having her at my mercy and unable to escape. Maybe I should explore that idea a bit further.

“And where is my place, Zaraki?” she said, her body against mine as her hand followed the muscles of my chest. I liked the way she touched me.

“Under me.” I returned my attention to her breasts, licking them slowly, tasting her skin and inhaling her smell. She wriggled slightly as my tongue traced along the curve of one breast and then moved upward. “You might like large cocks, but I like your breasts.” I said before latching my mouth onto her nipple once more, grazing it softly with my teeth. Her gasp in response to my action satisfied me. Sucking harder I tugged at the nipple with my lips and her hands stroked my head.

“I really like what you’re doing, Zaraki, but its mate is feeling lonely,” Matsumoto groaned. “I think it’s jealous.”

Those words went directly from my ears to my groin and my balls tightened. Her approval roused me and I swiftly began to attend to her other breast while my hand slyly moved down her stomach, stroking it slowly, admiring how it was firm and soft at the same time.

‘Lower, lower than that Zaraki. Are you doing this on purpose?” there was a hint of impatience in the question.

“Yeah. I think I’ll make you come first, maybe before I fuck you so you can’t complain,” I had promised to eat her if I didn’t hold on and it seemed like a good idea to do it anyway.

Slipping between her legs, I exposed her to my gaze. As I tongued her, I could taste the salty juices in my mouth. She wasn’t protesting; too busy moaning and telling me how good it felt. That was what I wanted to hear from her and I continued, finally sucking her clit and stopping just as she was about to come. I moved to lie beside her licking my lips and then wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, wanting to see what she would do in response.

“Bastard. You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” her face was flushed and her eyes raked my body. “You’re trying to drive me wild.”

“I prefer feral women,” I said lazily, trying to conceal my smile.

“If you don’t fuck me immediately, I’ll take matters into my own hands,” she said, her hand now circling my cock.

“Go ahead.” It was my hope she’d get on top but instead her hand moved between her legs and she began touching herself. I grabbed it immediately. “Not like that,” was my curt order.

“Then do something, now,” she responded her teeth showing between her full lips. It was good to witness her desperation, but I was feeling pretty horny too.

“You can ride me if you want,” I suggested slyly.

“You wanted that all the time, didn’t you?” she accused me, with accuracy, while she got astride me.

I drew in my breath as I watched her, liking the view, her breasts jutting out, nipples erect, her long hair covering her shoulders, the v of her sex and her burning eyes intent on my cock. I lay there, anticipating the sensation. “Yeah, maybe.”

She pushed down on me fast and I met her with my own thrust. While she rode me I let my fingers wander to her clit and began stroking her again. She stopped moving and spoke, “Unfair.”

“Very fair,” I noted her harsh breathing and quivering thighs, applied a little more pressure and watched the expression on her face intensify as she came.

I closed my eyes, feeling her cunt massage my cock during her orgasm. Damn, it felt good. Rolling her onto her back I took up where she left off, pounding into her, curious to see if I could make her come again. I was beginning to feel stirrings of something other than lust for the woman.

“Keep going. Faster” she instructed me, her body moving against mine as we continued to screw. “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

“Are you?” I was panting heavily and I noticed she began to tense against me. As her body rocked with the surge of her climax, I came, yelling her name, telling her I loved her.

A few minutes passed.

“Hell, Matsumoto that was a fun game. Do you want to do it again?” I asked holding my wife tightly in my arms.

‘I don’t know what you mean, Captain Zaraki. This is just casual sex. I might consider it, but my husband would get jealous. He’s a very possessive man, and normally a good lover.” She’d never let me forget that. I didn’t mind because I knew she’d insist I make it up to her, often. That could only be good.

“I’ve never whined when you’ve come before I did. It’s your fault anyway; you wouldn’t let me screw you this morning even though you were all over me, kissing me, handling me, sucking me. Tease,” I told her. She had been like a demon in the morning but just when we were about to fuck, she'd reminded me I had to go out to meet the old man. I was not happy at the reminder. After I got dressed I noticed a particular glint in her eyes which could only mean some depraved plan.

“I like getting you to lose control. Did you like my idea?” She seemed rather pleased with herself, but I didn’t mind.

“What? Your idea that we pretended we weren’t married and you’d try to pick me up for casual sex. Why was that?” I had been intrigued by the suggestion and decided to pander to her whims, because I supposed it would lead to screwing.

“Blame the uniform. That uniform is strictly for my eyes only, beloved husband. I don’t want any other women having lustful thoughts when they see you dressed like that. This morning I almost pinned you down and seduced you before we left the house because you looked so hot but we were running late. God, Zaraki, seeing you like that is enough to make me insane with lust,” she said her hand straying down to my cock, obtaining the inevitable reaction.

The uniform was staying. If it drove her wild, I’d wear it often. “That’s good. A wife who seduces me and is hot for me is the sort of wife I want. You’ve given me some other ideas, beloved and remember: you came before me and with me. That means you have to meet me for lunchtime sex,” I said, allowing her to stroke me. “It’s not lunchtime, so this doesn’t count. Later, let’s meet in the bathhouse and I’ll let you rape me. I like it when you take the lead, sometimes.”

My wife rolled her eyes. “Not again. It’s not rape if you lie there and encourage me to impale myself on you,” then she smiled at me lecherously. “I’ll meet you there in an hour. You better take a spare uniform in case I rip yours off and maybe you could bring some honey.”

Unwillingly, I rose and put on a normal uniform and my coat. I had some work to do before we could bathe together. “You’ve got it wrong. I rip off your uniform; you’ve refused to rip off mine,” I rebuked her, smiling at her threat.

“There’s always a first time,” she said and laughed.


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