For The Love of a Friend

BY : Orionshadow
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For the Love of a Friend

He rose from the bed, appalled with his behaviour, his arousal and offended by the person he was with. It was all part of their arrangement but he didn’t have to like the deal. Walking to the sink, he rinsed his mouth to remove the taste, washed his face and drank some water. It was over for this day, and he wanted to leave as quickly as possible to relieve the pressure in his groin. It was in direct opposition to the deal if he allowed himself any release while here and gritting his teeth he began to dress as speedily as he could. If he was fast enough, he could be stroking his penis within minutes.

Sparing a glance for the person on the bed he was irritated to see the sated expression and half closed eyes observing him as he dressed.

“That was good. You’re learning how to please me and that’s what makes this work. A bit more practice and I’d say you have a talented tongue and mouth, but not yet. You will return tomorrow and I’ll see if I can help you improve, or you could try again now. Mmn, yes, try again now, while we won’t be interrupted. We still have time,” the command was made as the one in charge patted the bed, indicating his expected return

“Forget it. That’s not part of the arrangement. I’ve done my part today and now I’m leaving. Take care of it yourself,” he was nearly dressed and did not wish to spend any more time as his balls were starting to ache. Pulling his Captain’s coat around him, he tried to assure himself that his erection was hidden. He didn’t want to walk the streets of Seireitei with such an obvious hard on. If he could find an empty building nearby, he could jack-off there. Why he had to undress to perform he didn’t know, but it seemed to please the person on the bed to see his excitement and deny him any fulfilment until after he left.

“The arrangement is not in writing and as you are the one who approached me for my assistance; I think you should do what I say. You can stay fully dressed if you wish, this time, but I feel in the mood for a little more pleasure,” the voice and expression were implacable.

“No. Wait until tomorrow.” If he gave into this demand, how many more changes would be made until he was little more than a sex toy? His hand slipped down under his coat and he stroked himself, just a touch, just a quick feel to assure himself that he would be soon free to come. Stifling a groan he had to stop his hand from continuing to caress his cock.

“Then this arrangement is over. You will have to make your own preparation to deal with your concerns. Because you have met my demands for two weeks, I will provide two more weeks of protection, but after that, you can deal with it yourself.” A cold and hard tone had entered the voice. Any opposition usually attracted this response.

With a sinking heart, he turned back to the bed. “That’s unjust. I’ve done what you asked of me and you’re making additional demands. I even wait until I leave here before I masturbate. Now you want me to stay when all I want to do is take care of my needs?”

A chuckle greeted his words. “Ah, so that’s the problem. Tell me, if I relax that rule, just this once, and let you wank to your heart’s content, will you pleasure me again? It might be useful if I watch what you do, then our agreement can continue.” The sultry eyes surveyed his body as he hesitated.

“Why am I even thinking about it? If I leave…. Dammit. I can’t freaking leave if the agreement is at risk, but I don’t want to get into a weak position. Letting someone watch me jerk off would make me look pathetic, but oh, fuck. There’s no choice.” His thoughts rapidly ran through his mind, and seconds later he was again naked, sitting on the bed, his hand eagerly encircling his cock. The touch made him catch his breath. He was almost too engorged and if he didn’t come soon he’d suffer pain.

“Turn around, let me watch,” the voice demanded.

“Shut up. I’ll get to you later, but now I just want to do this in silence,” he said roughly while his hand continued to stroke his shaft. Closing his eyes he thought of his lieutenant, on her knees, giving him head; not that she ever had. His hand moved jerkily as he imagined how her large clear eyes would gaze hungrily at him and how her tongue would encircle him before she took him deeply into her mouth. Stifling a groan he tried to focus on that image and the image of pushing her onto her back and burying his cock deep inside her; but his mind kept straying, thinking about Momo. She was the one he really wanted to suck him off, to fuck him, to take his virginity, but now it was not possible. He was in this room on this bed because of Momo, because he wanted to protect her. Thinking about Momo that way was wrong, he wanted to defend her, treasure her; not use her.

“You’re not being very obliging, Captain Hitsugaya,” the voice chided him, breaking his concentration.

Toshiro swung around, his hand stilling as he opened his eyes to glare at the interrupter. The amused gaze that met his did not make him feel any better. The eyes raked his body and then centred on his groin.

“How much longer are you going to make me wait? I thought this wouldn’t take long from what you said,” there was a complaint in the words.

“It won’t, if you keep quiet. I don’t talk to you when…” He started but was interrupted.

“That’s because I keep your mouth busy.’

Toshiro flushed at the accuracy of the comment. In any other situation he’d ask for assistance but knew that this individual would not help. Sex was a one way proposition; he gave and did not receive. Ignoring the comments and again closing his eyes he moved his hand faster, allowing it to graze the head of his cock, gaining the greater sensation. Wanting to finish quickly he indulged in a fantasy he rarely permitted himself: pushing the person in front of him onto the bed and plunging his cock in over and over again, ignoring the demands complaints and threats. The thought of this revenge brought him to the brink and he came, shuddering with relief.

“Are you finished now? Can you concentrate on me?” Asked the voice, while he cleaned up.

“Give me a minute,” Toshiro replied as he disposed of the tissues. Steeling himself for what lay ahead he drank some more water and returned to the bed.

“I want you to suck my breasts this time, before you do anything else. Don’t touch any other part of me,” the person commanded imperiously. “I want you to get me aroused before you lick me.”

“That’s not part of the deal…” he began.

“It is now. I let you wank and now you can suck my nipples. You know you want to.”

It was true, he had thought about it in the past few weeks, among other things. He’d wondered what it was like, but had not thought this would be allowed. His penis stirred sluggishly as he lowered his mouth, brusquely tonguing the nipple before drawing it into his mouth. Feeling it grow erect on his tongue, he felt a moment of pleasure, of longing that he could do this to Momo, bring her pleasure. He increased his suction and felt the nipple grow harder. The softness of her breast on his lips was stirring him deeply.

“The other one, now,” the voice demanded with a groan.

Without thinking about it, Toshiro straddled the woman beneath him and began sucking the other breast, his skin touching hers, his cock growing hard against her, as he kept imagining that it was Momo beneath him and it was her breath becoming ragged with excitement. He moved his head to the other breast while his fingers played with the nipple recently in his mouth. He wanted Momo to enjoy this; he was going to make her want him; make her forget that bastard, Aizen. Pinching the nipple slightly with his fingers, he licked the other one and then sucked it harder, wanting more response. Momo was moving beneath him, seemingly eager for him to continue. She was sighing in enjoyment. He wished she would touch him.

His hand slipped from her breast, down between her thighs and he heard her gasp as his fingers parted her. She was ready; he could tell she was ready for him as he felt her wet heat and he started to move his mouth up, from her breast to her mouth. He would kiss her as he entered her and gave her his virginity, the way he’d always planned.

“Stop,” the voice commanded. “You’re breaking the rules.”

The sound of the voice broke his fantasy and opening his eyes he looked at the woman who was staring at him in fear. She wasn’t Momo and she was scared of what he was planning.

“You’re not meant to touch me like that, or kiss me,” she said, her voice shaking a little. “You’re only meant to use your mouth and tongue on me. Now lick me, suck me, and make me come.”

Flushing at his mistake he moved down the bed and brushing aside the dark, damp curls he parted her nether lips and began to lick her, drinking in her familiar scent and flavour. He had mixed feelings about performing the act on this woman. The first time he’d hated it, disgusted by her commands, the taste, his agreement and then revolted at how aroused he became. She had told him what to do, how to bring her pleasure and wanting to get it over with he’d done exactly as she’d demanded. After the first week he began to accept it as a duty to his love that he continue. The instructions were given less frequently as his experience increased. He almost eagerly anticipated the moments he would spend handling his cock afterward, finding his orgasm arrive so quickly.

Slowly he trailed his tongue from her opening to her clitoris; then he returned and thrust his tongue into the entrance, just once, tasting the juices that were seeping out. Sweeping his tongue over her a few times he felt her thrust up into his face. He glanced up and saw her hands were on her breasts, stroking them, playing with the soft flesh, while her eyes closed raptly enjoying the sensations.

“Suck me,” she gasped, “now.”

Instead of following her instruction he licked her opening again, again pushing his tongue into her. She had changed the rules; he was going to limit his obedience. He was humping the mattress as he licked her this time. Why should she have all the pleasure? Fastening his mouth on her clitoris he quickly inserted a finger inside her and began to use his finger as a substitute penis, thrusting it in and out of her as he continued to suck her. She didn’t say anything and he felt her hips move as he continued. Her breathing deepened and he heard her moan.

As if suddenly becoming aware of what he was doing, her actions stilled. “Captain Hitsugaya. Stop that! What are you doing? You’re only permitted to lick me, not stick anything into me,” she sounded scared again.

Hearing the fear, and feeling guilty at scaring her he removed his finger and his tongue and sat, up, “Sorry,” he said.

Recovering, she leant on an elbow and said, “I agreed to help you in return for simple cunnilingus and decided to trust you because you’re young, a virgin and not a brute beast like most of the male Captain’s in Seireitei. You told me you weren’t interested in having sex with me as you love Momo, and you know I don’t want a man sticking his thing inside me. So why were you doing that? ”

“You broke the rules today. Why can’t I? You made me stay, you wanted to come again, and you got me to play with your breasts. I got overexcited. I think if you actually let a man fuck you properly, you’d get over your terror. I know you prefer women, but have you ever had sex with a man?” Toshiro was being too honest, and he knew it.

“Which man? You perhaps? What could you offer me? Men are only interested in their own pleasures. I see no point of allowing a man to enjoy me because I’m sure I won’t find satisfaction in it.”

“Not me, someone else,” he replied half truthfully. If she asked him, he’d agree. He’d be stupid not to. “You’re a virgin too!” Toshiro finally realised from her comments.

“I’ve had sex,” was the sulky reply. Her mouth looked petulant and her eyes refused to meet his as she responded.

“With a woman.” Toshiro pointed out.

“So? I’m not a virgin, I’ve had sex.” She persisted in her affirmation.

“You’re as much of a virgin as I am,” Toshiro announced triumphantly, not believing her assertions.

Scowling at him, annoyed by his persistence in declaring her innocence she demanded, “I’m not going to talk about this with you any more. Put your mouth to a better use. Suck me, make me come. Before you do, lick my breasts again. I enjoyed that.” The last was admitted with reluctance.

Looking at her in amazement Toshiro almost asked if she meant it, but she lay down looking at him expectantly. “It’s easier if I can straddle you,” he finally said.

“I don’t care, just start,” she insisted.

He licked first one breast, then the other, lapping around the aureole before moving onto the erect nipple with his pointed tongue. Drawing the sweet nub into his mouth he heard her gasp as he began to suck.

“That feels good,” he was surprised to hear her say. She rarely praised his efforts, usually telling him to try harder. He gently used his teeth to bite, just a little and felt her respond, placing her hands on his head to hold it in place. “Keep doing that, please,” her voice was hoarse with a note of pleading. “Do it to the other one.”

Toshiro obeyed, shifting warily as his cock came into contact with her skin. He was so hard and this was turning him on, hearing her response, feeling her skin heat. Her hands were now pushed through his hair as he gently bit her other nipple, feeling it swell between his lips.

“Suck me. Suck me now,” she pleaded, spreading her thighs wide. Obediently, Toshiro first lapped her juices and then again located her centre, lathing his tongue over her before he applied the gentle pressure with his lips.

“Oh, damn, use your finger, push it into me. I want that now,” the croaking voice urged.

The demand made Toshiro stop, stunned. First she didn’t want it, now she did?

“Go on or I’ll withdraw the protection of my command from Momo. Hurry.”

Blinking hard he looked at her, seeing the plea in her eyes. Shrugging he inserted his finger, and thrust it in and out as he sucked her. Her hips moved, and he felt her cunt clutch at his digit. Daringly, he added another finger and continued pressing them into her as he waited for the expected complaint. Instead she groaned loudly.

“I want more. Stick your thing into me,” she whispered.

Toshiro sat up, withdrawing his fingers, not believing what she said but hoping she meant it. “What?”

Her fevered eyes looked at him. “You said I should get over my terror. You can help. Fuck me.”

“It will hurt,” Matsumoto had told him her first time had been hard. He hadn’t wanted to know, but she’d been drinking and insisted on telling him the full story in explicit detail. He’d tried covering his ears, but she pulled his hands away, telling him he should know, in case he was ever with a virgin.

“So? I’m used to pain. Do you think that worries me?”

He’d actually considered that it was the fear of the pain that prevented her from having sex. Dismissing that thought and without thinking about it further, ignoring his plan of keeping his virginity for Momo, he knelt between her thighs, holding his cock in one hand while his other opened her to him. He placed the head in her opening and then looked at her. “Last chance.”

In answer, she grabbed him by his buttocks, pulling him inside her. Sighing with enjoyment, he felt her cunt begin to surround him. It felt good as she stretched around him, but then he felt the blockage. He stopped, unsure how to proceed, trying to remember if fast or slow was supposed to be better. Trying to recollect what Matsumoto had said, he found if difficult to concentrate as his senses were overwhelmed by how it felt to be partially inside her.

She grabbed his head with one hand and pulled it down to hers, kissing him, licking his lips, touching his tongue with hers. By now he’d decided to not feel any surprise at anything she did. Her other hand pushed at his buttocks hard and he felt her tear as his penis pushed through her hymen.

Removing her mouth from his, she bit his shoulder as they lost their virginity, moaning against the pain. Ignoring the sensation of her teeth biting into his flesh, he ceased any movement wanting to give her time to adjust, but she pushed onto him, taking him in completely. He gasped and shut his eyes to try to experience it fully. It was so damn unexpected and so damn good.

“Now, make me come,” she said, sighing.

Slowly, Toshiro began to thrust into her, getting used to the unfamiliar movement and the way she felt. He felt her muscles grip him as he moved and she met each thrust and again pulled his mouth to hers, kissing him as they fucked. She seemed to know how to kiss, drawing him into a deeper kiss, touching his tongue with hers, finding the sensitive parts of his mouth that seemed to hunger for her.

His excitement grew through the kiss and becoming used to the rhythm of the movement, he began to push into her faster, her hips meeting his in response. She was wetter now and hot and seemed to want him to move even faster, increasing the speed of her moves. Plunging into her, he wondered how long he could hold out before he came, wanting to make it last, hoping she would come first. He noticed the woman underneath him stiffen and then convulse as her cunt clutched him. He thought she was coming but she had pulled her mouth from his and was screaming; her face contorted. Toshiro stopped, scared he had really hurt her and tried to withdraw, but she threw her legs around him to keep him inside. The feeling of her legs wrapping around him and her walls clutching at him made him lose all control and he came.

Opening his eyes once the shudders stopped racking his body, he noticed she was staring at him. Quickly he withdrew and rolled onto his back, wondering what would happen now.

After Aizen’s attempt to kill Momo, the medical team had been uncertain if they could save both Momo and the child she didn’t know she was carrying, but they had succeeded, and he had sworn an oath that she would be safe. Now that the deal had been broken, would Momo be left unconscious and defenceless while he went to the human world? Would her former Captain and lover find out about her pregnancy and come to claim her and the child? This pact had been struck to get someone else to look out for her while he was away. Thinking about Momo he realised his feelings for her had changed, had sometime ago. The love was still there, but not the tormented love he once felt Having sex with this woman made him see that his idealism of Momo had been idiotic. He had been foolish to think she would want him once she awoke, and found she was pregnant with the child of the man she mistakenly adored.

“You were right,” said the woman lying beside him with regret in her voice.

“Look, I’m sorry I hurt you and made you scream,’ he commenced.

“Huh? I screamed because I came, idiot,” was the reply.

“But you’ve never screamed before,” Toshiro was confused.

“I’m usually holding it back. This time I couldn’t,” she admitted ruefully.

They were silent and then he remembered what she had said. “What do you mean I was right?”

“I’m not terrified of you sticking your thing into me. I want you to do it again, often.”

“Now?” He wasn’t sure he’d be able to perform again so quickly.

“That would be nice, but we don’t have time. We’ve got the Captain’s meeting,” she moved to sit up and then winced. “That hurt. I suppose I better wash.”

“Let me,” he went and grabbed a flannel, wetting it and then moving her legs apart, wiped away the blood and sperm, finding the experience erotic as she sighed under his touch. Returning to the sink, he wiped the blood off his penis and then examined his shoulder. Her teeth had not broken the skin, but a red mark remained.

“Yoruichi always told me I was being stupid about fearing sex with a man. She liked it, and that’s probably why she left me for Urahara. I still miss her, and that’s the reason I agreed to our arrangement. I wanted to be close to someone again and I knew you wouldn’t talk about it with anyone.”

“Now we’ve fucked, is the deal off?” Toshiro decided to be blunt, wanting an answer and knowing he still had to look after Momo.

“The deal has changed. Until you go to the human world to help Ichigo, we will meet here each day and have sex. In return, I will make sure Momo is protected. When you return, we will continue. After this meeting, I think we should try again, don’t you?”

“Yes, Captain Fong. I agree,” Toshiro said smiling.

“In light of the past events, I think I’ll call you Toshiro and you can call me Soi,” she said smiling back at him.


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