Its Never Just a Kiss

BY : turtlemonkey
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Ichigo didnt even bother to flip on the lights to his kitchen, so caught up was he in a heated kiss with a small death Goddess and her cursed wandering hands. There was nothing to the world but her warm body pressing against his and her throaty whimpers that sent his blood racing.

It had started with a simple, quiet night out to celebrate. What were they celebrating again? Ichigo could barely think, much less remember anything. Rukia had caught him offguard when she suddenly raised herself on her tiptoes to kiss himoutside his home. It had taken him a split second to respond, but when he did it was a sudden almost violent response. He took her mouth in his in a kiss that was pure, lustful, teenage hormonal need.

But thats all it was going to be, a simple short kiss.

..Or so he had told himself.

Yet, somehow, they now found themselves inside his kitchen; Still tangled in each others arms. And in all honesty, pressing Rukia against a wall, both fighting for dominance..He wasnt quite so sure about that 'simple short kiss' thing anymore. He thought hed had the upper hand when she whimpered suddenly as he pressed his body against hers; invading her mouth his with tongue in fevered possesion before pulling away and biting his way down the expanse of her neck, daring her to try anything.

It shouldnt have susprised him when she did just that.

One minute there she was, mewling and breathing his name then all of a sudden shed caught him in a kiss of her own, nibbling at his lower lip. Her one leg wrapped around his own, pressing him closer yet to her body. When she actually bit down on his lower lip he couldnt help the groan that bubbled from his throat as pain and pleasure laced in a lightning shot across his body.


He grabbed her by the rump, squeezing tightly enough to make her whimper. He never once broke from the kiss as he moved to sit her on a nearby counter, standing between her legs. He tugged clumsily at her school shirt, brushing the grey jacket aside. Slowly the buttons finally began to come undone on the shirt, and he pulled from their kiss to dive to the area between her breasts. She inhaled sharply, a sound that was a mixture of surprise and pleasure.

Ichigo laughed darkly, his hand trailing up and down Rukias thigh; continuously moving her short grey skirt further and further up.

"I...Ichi.." Her whimpers were a distant sound as he bit and nibbled at the sensitive area between her breasts. His hands left her thigh, trailing up her back until suddenly pushing her harder against him as he bit down on her breast; He laughed again when he heard her whimper loudly. "Ichigo...Shouldnt we... We shouldnt be.."

He pulled away from her, if only slightly to look up at the small goddess; Noting with male pride the way her eyes were hazed over and her lip still red from their kiss. A cocky smirk tugged at his lips. "Did I ever tell you you talk too much?" Before focus could wash back into her eyes and his words sink in fully, he plunged his hands behind her and down that cursedly short grey skirt that had been taunting him all day, gripping the girl tightly.

"Incessantly." He laughed into her neck at the sound of just how strained her voice was, knowing how much she had to fight just to get those few words out. She was completely and undeniably his, and not the other way around. He felt her small hands entwine in his hair, her breathing starting to steady.

He shouldnt have let her done that.

Suddenly and randomly, he felt her jerk his hair down so that his head looked up. His mouth opened, ready to yell but his outrage was drowned in rukias mouth as she suddenly claimed his mouth with her own. Slowly, tentatively.. Her tongue brushing against his, her mouth slanting against his own. Her hands released his hair and started wandering inside his shirt, caressing the taut muscles of his chest.. Damnit, he was hers again. His thoughts were a distant hum, and there was nothing to existence but the feel of the warmth of her small hands against him. Her mouth caressing his..


But ofcourse, the world caught up to them.

The world caught up with them when all of a sudden the lights flipped on, an a cacophony of voices started up behind them. Too startled to even move, all Ichigo could do was turn and look.. Wide eyed as his father, sisters and the usual group from school stood ahead of them. All colorfully clad in party hats, some with boxes in their hands. Isshin with a big pink cake on his hands, two hats on his head, and the palest look Ichigo had ever seen on him.

.....All of a sudden, Ichigo remembered what it was they had been celebrating earlier.

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