Heat of the Battle

BY : frozenkisses
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They almost collided with each other; there was that much force as they rushed to be together. Ichigo wrapped his arms around Rukia as tightly as he could while she did the same and they both tilted their heads so that their lips could meet. And once they caught the familiar taste of their partner, they both knew what that would lead to.

Ichigo delved his tongue into Rukia's mouth while he felt her fighting to do the same. She pushed back strongly so that he was forced to submit to her kiss and he loosened his grip a little. Then he remembered that he wasn't going to let her dominate this battle so he fought back, feeling her surprise.

The battle for supremacy continued, both of them grabbing hard and kissing harder. Rukia's fingertips were digging into Ichigo's back and Ichigo was holding Rukia so tightly that an ordinary person would have been crushed or suffocated.

Ichigo grabbed Rukia's head and pulled it to one side, biting her neck and shoulder roughly. He heard her small cry of pain and released, satisfied that he would leave a mark there. Only part of it would be hidden by her shirt at school tomorrow.

"You bastard," Rukia said, looking quickly at the red and purple stain on her skin. Well, what she could manage to see of it, anyway. With that, she pulled away and swiftly punched Ichigo in the jaw. He fell over, hitting the floor with a bang yet as he lay there, slightly winded, he was smiling widely just as Rukia leapt on top of him, grinding her pussy over his erection, knowing that would cause him to groan and roll his head to one side.

That left her an opening and Ichigo hissed as small teeth sunk into his neck and stayed there.

With difficulty, he pulled her off him and threw her to one side, lying there and clutching his neck before he realised that left him vulnerable. He sat up quickly and looked at Rukia, who was half-sitting on his table, breathing hard but with a wicked smile.

"You're such a bitch." He grinned and jumped at her, slamming her hard into the table. Rukia felt the pain shoot up her lower back but she ignored it as she felt Ichigo pry her legs open and push himself against her damp crotch, hitching up her skirt. She moaned and allowed him to bite her lip softly. She opened her eyes a little and out of the corner of her vision she could see a mark on his neck that was similar to the one that she had. She was satisfied because there was no way that his shirt collar would hide all of it, just like hers.

"Bed," Rukia said, struggling to form a coherent thought as she felt a familiar bulge pressing against her lower area, awakening that desire within her that always flared whenever Ichigo touched her. "Now."

"If you say so." Ichigo swung her around and dumped her unceremoniously on the bed, crawling on top of her. They continued to kiss madly, desperate to taste each other more and more. Rukia rolled Ichigo off her so that they were lying side by side.

"We're going to have bruises tomorrow." Rukia fumbled with Ichigo's trousers, pulling the zipper down and reaching for his cock, which was already hard and waiting for her touch.

"Who cares?" Ichigo groaned as he slipped a hand into her panties, his fingers reaching the wetness and expertly parting her folds so that he could reach her clit.

"Not me." Rukia ground herself against his fingers.

"Me neither." Ichigo pushed with his hips as Rukia's hand moved up and down his member, feeling that wonderful tingling sensation that wasn't quite a tickle but something much more pleasurable. He felt a surge of desire for her and showed it by working his finger furiously. He heard Rukia whispering his name in encouragement and continued, whispering her name in return as her grip tightened around him and she started to pump him harder, just the way he liked it whenever they both got really horny like this.

Ichigo let his middle finger slip downwards and found her entrance, plunging inside. He looked at Rukia, who had opened her eyes wide in shock and was trembling.

"I wanna be in there," he said to her.

"I want you in there," she said in return.

They started to kiss again and Ichigo moved his finger in and out of her a few times at a moderate speed. Then, as he usually did, he slipped a second finger inside.

Rukia always loved it when he did this to her. She loved it when he did anything to her but right now this was feeling good. Although she wasn't filled enough. She needed his cock inside of her, not just his fingers. She needed something much warmer, something harder, something throbbing to fill her right up. She let her hand slide up and down his cock, liking how her fingers fitted neatly around it and liking how hot it was in her hands, feeling little shocks fly through her as her body remembered what it was like to have him inside her.

Suddenly, there was a beeping sound.

Both of them paused and looked at each other, almost in disbelief. But the beeping continued.

Rukia regretfully let go of Ichigo as he let his fingers slide out of her. She got to her feet rather unsteadily and caught sight of the spirit phone that had fallen on the floor in their mad frenzy. She opened it and regarded the information stonily.

With a sigh, Ichigo got up, doing up his trousers with a little difficulty. He was still hard because he could smell Rukia's scent on his fingers.

"We have to go." Rukia looked very annoyed as she slipped the phone into her pocket.

"Damn." Ichigo looked at his fingers and then licked them clean. "I was enjoying that."

She had been tempting him all day.

And the worst part was that she had known she was doing it.

As they sat in class, Rukia would sit with one leg crossed over the other, making sure that Ichigo could see part of her thigh, innocently lifting her skirt up a little so she could pretend to scratch absently while instead she was letting Ichigo have a glimpse further up her leg. She never flashed him anything above the middle of her thigh and whatever she did flash she did it briefly and infrequently. She knew that he would be craving what was higher up.

Ichigo had sat in class, mildly bad-tempered, trying to focus on the writing on the board at the front of the classroom. Anything to take his mind off the uncomfortable shape in his trousers.

But whenever he succeeded, Rukia would move so that he would be forced to notice her out of the corner of his eye. And his eyes would be drawn once again to her leg. And that discomfort would return again and he would shift in his seat slightly, trying to make it look as if he was simply bored and sick of sitting in the same position.

He just hoped that nobody else noticed what was going on between them. He quickly looked around the classroom. They all looked half dead and were too busy fighting to stay awake. Keigo had given up completely and had set his head on the table while Mizuiro was poking him, trying to wake him up before the teacher turned around. Chad's eyes couldn't be seen underneath his hair, but Ichigo was sure that they were closing. Orihime was eagerly awaiting the lunch bell, constantly looking at the clock. Tatsuki was simply looking towards the door of the classroom longingly. Even Ishida was slumped forward slightly.

It was safe for their game to continue.

He caught Rukia's sly wink and watched her lean forward across her desk, stretching but making sure to arch her back ever so slightly, just the way she always did whenever he fucked her from behind. In his mind's eye, Ichigo saw Rukia naked, kneeling with her back to him, looking over one shoulder and waiting expectantly. He shifted again, feeling blood rush downwards.

He wouldn't be able to taunt her in the same way. He lacked subtlety and besides, he couldn't really think properly. His mind was skipping between two things: Rukia and class. And Rukia was slowly gaining more and more of his attention. She was in control.

Oh God. Now she was sucking on the tip of her pen, her soft lips puckered around the edge. She was sliding it in and out of her mouth ever so slightly. As she pulled it out of her mouth completely, Ichigo saw her tongue flick over the tip and he cleared his throat to suppress the groan that he would have made otherwise. Only Rukia could make putting an ordinary pen in her mouth erotic like that.

The bell rang and shocked everyone out of their daydreams. But even going to lunch hadn't stopped her.

They had all walked down the same hallway. The boys would split off to go in one direction and the girls in another but for now they walked in a loose formation. However, Rukia always made sure that she was in front of Ichigo some distance away. Only so that he could have a view of her behind. She would wiggle it, still barely noticeable but her skirt swishing around her hips and flashing yet more leg definitely had Ichigo's attention. He had to struggle yet again to try and think of other things to avoid an embarrassing situation. When the boys and girls had finally parted, he had heard Rukia remark how hot it was and how much she couldn't wait to go home.

And once they had both gotten back to Ichigo's house they had flown at each other like that, kissing and touching like crazy. Ichigo had finally been about to relieve some of the tension he had been building up all day but then they had got an order. A fucking order at the most unbelievably inappropriate time ever.

Even as a little voice in the back of his head said that waiting for something only made receiving it much better, he still couldn't help feeling pissed off.

"You're gonna get it later, you know," he said to Rukia, who was walking a short distance in front of him, staring at her spirit phone.

She flicked it shut and tucked it away. "Oh am I?" She turned to look at him, raising an eyebrow and smiling that superior little smile of hers.

"Yes," he smiled back. "You are." He knew that she was only appearing to be unbothered. He could almost feel her heartbeat quicken. He could almost feel the heat radiating from her. And he could definitely feel that sex was coming off her in waves.

"Hm." She held her nose in the air and walked onwards.

She was doing it again. Ichigo kept his eyes on her as she walked, hips making her skirt flick around. There was nobody around this time, though. And if there was anyone around, it was highly unlikely that they would actually be able to see Ichigo. With that thought in mind, he darted forward past Rukia, making sure to slap her butt as he went.

Rukia shrieked in surprise, feeling a light sting. She stared briefly after Ichigo running up ahead and immediately gave chase. It was easy enough for her to catch up to Ichigo, but she had the feeling that he wasn't trying too hard to outrun her. Once she got close enough, she pinched his butt in return for the light smack he had given her. She expected him to do the same to her but instead he snatched her up and pulled her to him.

As he stared intently at her, she could feel something hard...very hard...pressing into her leg and she swallowed.

They were kissing again before either of them realised it, just as hungrily as before. Rukia jumped up onto Ichigo and he held her easily, pushing himself desperately against her, longing to rip all of her clothes off and fuck her like he'd been dying to all day. It was good that he was strong and she was fairly light because there would have been no way anyone else would have managed to stand in the middle of the street in a clinch like this, going through the motions of sex while kissing each other at the same time.

It would probably be indecent of him to push her panties aside and plunge two fingers into her. The thought of how wet she would be was making him feel very hot. But they couldn't do it in the middle of the street.

Still, he didn't object when Rukia grabbed his hand and moved it towards her heated pussy. He touched her through her panties, feeling how wet the material was. His thoughts were confirmed. He started to push the crotch of her underwear to one side, his fingers starting to slip because of the amount of moisture that was there. He felt Rukia reaching for his hard cock through his trousers and groaned as she squeezed him.

"We're in the middle of the fucking street," he said, not because he cared, but because it had to be said. As he slipped one finger inside her, he felt Rukia tremble around him and he trembled himself as she stroked him with more pressure than before.

"You said fucking." Rukia simply laughed and was ready to undo his trousers but a large roar interrupted them both.

As Ichigo took his fingers out of her and Rukia let go of him, they both shared a frustrated glare. The sound was coming from where they had been standing previously.

"Shit." Ichigo started to run back with Rukia in tow.

Ichigo wasted no time on banter. He wanted this hollow out of the way and the sooner, the better. Which was why as soon as he reached the place where the large monster was, he leapt up with remarkable agility and swung down with his sword.

Of course, it would have been too easy for the blow to connect and the hollow to be finished immediately. The hollow simply moved out of the way and moved to punch with one of its large arms. Ichigo twisted in mid-air to land on the ground, dodging the punch. He had to move again, though. Just as his body left the place he had been crouched previously, a gigantic fist crashed down, splitting and cracking the street. Ichigo had a moment to wonder about who paid for repairs around here as he felt the rush of wind sweep his trousers up felt the shockwaves shake his legs.

He spun around, looking over his shoulder at Rukia, who was standing nearby, ready to help if necessary.

"Show me what that sword of yours can do, Ichigo," she called to him. "It's big enough, after all." She said this with a mischievous smile.

"Yeah, my sword's big," he said, hiding his own smile and instead trying to focus on the battle. "And it can do a hell of a lot of things." He jumped out of the way again as the hollow moved to squash him with one of its huge palms.

"Like what?"

"Oh, you know. The usual." Ichigo gripped the handle of his sword with both hands to lend more power to his swing. He brought the sword swiftly forwards, slicing through flesh. His ears rang with the hollow's scream as it looked down at its injured arm. "And a lot more besides."

"Oh?" Rukia nimbly dodged the hollow as it decided to focus its efforts on her instead, seeing that she was unarmed. "You're going to have to demonstrate."

"I will." Ichigo winked at Rukia as he swept past her, ready to deal with another attack.

The hollow was hurting from the large cut that the orange-haired shinigami had inflicted upon its arm. It stung and the blood that was seeping from it was not a pretty sight. Swatting the shinigami hadn't helped and neither had trying to land a direct punch. It was time to bring out its special attack. But first, to look for an opening.

Rukia stayed back. She knew that Ichigo always preferred to do the fights alone, if he could handle it. That was simply part of his nature; it wasn't that he was protecting her or that he didn't think she was good enough to win. He was always so confident of his own strength and was always determined to get stronger. She shivered inwardly as she thought of what it had been like when they had first had sex. Ichigo was so hesitant at first, and his brow was furrowed as he concentrated on the task at hand, worried about proving his own worth. It was only when Rukia had pointed out that she wouldn't let him fuck her unless she thought him worthy in the first place that he had loosened up. And boy had he loosened up. In their explorations they had done nearly everything. And every time it was amazing. It looked like she had finally met her match.

She watched as Ichigo gripped his sword with one hand, springing from area to area, dodging each of the hollow's punches with ease. This hollow was pretty much small fry but that didn't mean you couldn't be too careful. She knew that Ichigo was trying to find an opening so that he could deal a killer blow and cleave the hollow's head in two. It was just buying enough time to gather up the strength that he would need...

Still, it gave her an interesting show. Watching as Ichigo's trousers billowed around his legs, how the sleeves of his uniform were pushed up his forearms as he moved made Rukia smile. Her smile still remained as she saw the front of his uniform open slightly with the rush of air that was sweeping around him as he moved quickly. A brief flash of chest had caught her eye and she remembered quickly all of the times she had lain on top of him, her breasts pressed against his chest as he held her lower back and stayed still, allowing her to slide herself slowly up and down his cock, enjoying the sensations that flooded through her pussy as she felt his whole length going in and out teamed with the slight shiver she felt every time her nipples rubbed against his skin. Rukia knew that she was still wet, simply simmering while she waited for Ichigo to finish the fight so that they could go back to his room. She couldn't wait to go back to his room.

It was a piece of cake. Ichigo was dodging punch after punch with no problem, leaping higher and higher so that he could finally bring his sword down with all of the strength he could manage. He watched as a dry purple hand rushed up to hit him from the front and quickly sprung out of the way backwards, leaning his head back as far as he could manage so that the blow would pass harmlessly over his body.

He saw upside-down a hand heading towards him from the back and only had a second to swear to himself before he felt his skull shudder with the impact and his body went flying.

"Ichigo!" All fantasies postponed for the moment, Rukia rushed to see whether Ichigo was ok just as he landed hard.

The hollow had that annoying shinigami now. Always watching what was in front...Ignorant boy. Never looking at what was behind him. The hollow licked its lips, nearly tasting that delicious soul. Large bumps started to appear on its shoulders, the bumps growing and a hole appearing in the centre of each one.

"Ichigo!" Rukia's eyes were panicked. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ichigo sat up, rubbing his head. He got to his feet, ignoring the pain that was shooting through the back of his head and his spine. He turned to look at the hollow, who appeared to have sprouted little lumps on its shoulders.

"I'm helping." Rukia crouched down, facing forwards, eyes narrowed in determination, hands on the ground. She cut across Ichigo as he was about to say something. "The sooner we finish this thing, the sooner we get the chance to release all of our frustrations." She turned to look at Ichigo and winked. Ichigo swallowed hard, feeling heat rush through him briefly. Rukia smiled, noticing his slight blush, marvelling that he was still blushing despite all of the things that they had done together. With that smile still lingering on her lips, she sprang upwards.

As she flew through the air, her skirt was lifted up. Ichigo, eyes keen whenever it came to anything to do with Rukia, couldn't help but grin as he caught a flash of Rukia's panties. White today. And with a distinct dark patch where moisture was seeping through.

Rukia raised her arms above her head, grabbing onto the hollow's wrist. She noticed the holes in the lumps on its shoulders shrinking slightly. With a flash, she realised what was going to happen and swung herself around, using the hollow's own arm to propel herself upwards, making sure that she stuck her leg out. Her foot connected to the hollow's mask with a dull crack just as little blobs of purple slime shot from the holes, narrowly missing her. She could feel the sticky substance skimming past her skirt. She grabbed one of the lumps on the hollow's shoulder and swung herself around easily, aiming another kick, hearing a second crack and making little chips of mask rain down. One more swing and she had launched herself upwards onto the hollow's head. Rukia made sure that she was in as stable a position as she could possibly be since the hollow was tottering back and forth. She crossed her arms in front of her and bowed her head, gathering all of her strength.

"O lord, mask of flesh and bone, all creation..." She could feel the power rising up within her and she clenched her fists, concentrating on finding that place within her. "Flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man..." Rukia pushed off, feeling as if she was only hovering when in reality she was soaring upwards once more. Her eyes focused on a place at the back of the hollow's head. "Truth and temperance..." She uncrossed her arms and instead lifted them so that they were almost like wings. "Upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws." That was it, she could feel energy reaching breaking point within her body, rushing towards her hands, which she raised before bringing her left arm forwards and keeping it deadly straight while her right arm bent to touch her fist to the inside of her left elbow. "Way of destruction number 33...SOUKATSUI!"

With the last word, Rukia had felt the energy push itself from her hand, heading straight for the place she had been keeping her eye on. As she fell back to ground, bending her knees to absorb the impact and land as gracefully as possible next to Ichigo, she heard the hollow crying out with pain. She allowed herself a brief moment to breathe, basking in the rush that the magic had left her with.

There would be no shinigami soul for this hollow unless it worked out a way to pin those two down. It wanted to eat the orange-haired one first because he had been the most trouble so far. Although with that last attack, the girl was coming a close second. Its head hurt immensely from the blow that had been dealt to it but it wasn't enough to paralyse it, only to make it even angrier. The hollow whirled around quickly to where its two opponents were.

The lumps started to shoot out more large purple globs of slime. Ichigo dived out of the way, confident that Rukia would do the same. However, when the barrage ended and Ichigo looked towards Rukia, he saw her pinned to the wall, slime holding her there by her wrists and ankles.

Oh, the possibilities. He couldn't stop thinking about sex tonight. But Ichigo knew that the situation was serious. Still, he saw Rukia struggling, her skirt slowly riding up and was momentarily distracted before the 'splat' sounds of slime hitting the area surrounding him brought him back to his senses.

As he rolled across the ground, narrowly missing slime as it slapped onto the street, he watched Rukia struggling out of the corner of his eye. He remembered what it had been like one time. He had pinned her down by her wrists, just the way she liked it if they were playing rough. And as he had spread her legs apart, he had teased her by whispering how much he was going to enjoy this. All the while, she had been unable to move, her fingers curling as he increased the pressure, her wrists being skinny enough that he could hold them both easily with one hand. And while he had been doing then, fixing her with a dark stare he had guided the tip of his cock towards her entrance, pulled there by the heat and the wetness that he had been certain was making a small puddle on his sheets. And he had teased her some more by slipping just the head of his cock inside her, denying himself that delicious warmth and making her beg for him to fuck her completely, to plunge himself inside her all the way. It had been wonderful seeing her eyes wide, cheeks flushed, her whole body pleading with him but he had held firm for a long moment heavy with torture. It wasn't often that one got to witness Rukia being so submissive and Ichigo had wanted to imprint the image onto his memory.

Ichigo got to his feet as the hollow turned slowly towards him, probably recharging after that barrage of slime balls it had just launched. Mouth set, Ichigo stared deep into the dark holes where the hollow's eyes were. He could see red glowing spots hidden away and he saw those spots narrow.

And as yet more slime balls hurtled towards him, Ichigo stood firm. With a wicked grin, he swung his sword like a bat, only half confident that his idea would work.

"Ichigo!" Rukia struggled to free herself, straining against the goo that held her to the wall.

As soon as his sword connected, Ichigo knew that he had won and his grin widened.

One slime ball went shooting straight back at the hollow. A perfect hit. It smacked the hollow right in the eye and it screeched, reaching up to try and pull the substance from its face. Unfortunately, its hand also stuck. What Ichigo now watched was rather a comical sight as the hollow struggled to unstick its hands from its face.

"Easy." Ichigo ran and with a fierce cry, jumped up as high as he possibly could and swung his sword once more, the blade glinting in the little light there was and his knuckles white as he gripped the handle as tightly as he could.

He tugged upwards as his sword hit flesh and felt muscles being sliced and bone being cut straight through. The hollow started to disappear, splitting into tiny fragments that flew upwards and faded, like tiny bits of paper being blown away by a fan.

But Ichigo didn't watch this. He landed heavily and walked towards Rukia, who was rubbing her wrists. The slime had disappeared with the hollow.

"That's a shame," he said to her, coming ever closer.

"What is?" she asked, rather distracted, looking to see whether the slime had left any marks.

"You're not all bound up any more." He took her by surprise when he grabbed her and moved her backwards so that she hit the wall again.

As her legs curled around him once more and their lips met, Rukia was ready to explode.

"About..." Ichigo bit back a moan as Rukia practically threw him to the floor and leapt on top of him, straddling him quickly so that he wouldn't be able to escape. Not that it was necessary because as soon as she ground herself against him, all thoughts of escaping flew out of his head. "...time..." He reached up and clumsily reached for the buttons of Rukia's shirt, struggling to undo them. He eventually succeeded, distracted by the way that Rukia was expertly rotating her hips so that she rubbed against his erection. He pulled her shirt off and sat up, his sudden movement surprising Rukia but the way he grabbed for her breasts not surprising her at all.

Rukia silently willed there to be no orders for however long it was going to take for them to satisfy each other. Her spirit phone had been tossed carelessly to the side once more and her shirt fell on top of it as it was discarded. She closed her eyes, feeling Ichigo's warm tongue working its way around one of her nipples, pulling lightly and teasing it until it was hard and much easier for him to suck on. Rukia encouraged him by continuing to grind against him while curling her fingers to tickle the back of his neck.

He always shivered whenever she did that to the back of his neck. Ichigo buried his face between Rukia's breasts, using both hands to caress her perfectly formed mounds, the pair that always held his attention. He loved the feel of them in his hands and he loved the way that Rukia made a whisper of a sigh whenever he touched them. Ichigo looked up briefly to see Rukia looking back down at him, her eyes slightly glazed. The events of the day came to him in a rush and he remembered how she had been hanging the possibility of sex underneath his nose at school, making him fight to keep his lust under control because he was in front of his friends.

With that thought in mind, Ichigo circled his arms around Rukia, squeezing tightly to hear her small cry of shock before rolling over and pinning her underneath him. "Why did you do that today?" he asked her, eyes dark and serious.

Rukia knew this game. "Do what?" she asked with perfect innocence.

He had her arms pinned to her sides and his erection pressing against her. He pushed hard all of a sudden, letting her feel how hard he was, threatening to push himself inside of her. "Why did you do it?" he asked again.

"Just because." Rukia tried to keep her cool and resist squirming because if she squirmed, he would know that she was dying to have him inside her, dying for him to make her come, dying for him to give her what she had been craving.

He pushed once more and Rukia had to command herself to stay as still as possible, to not give him a reaction. But it didn't work as her traitorous body shuddered and Ichigo's lips curled into a satisfied smirk.

"Why did you do it?" That was the third time. Ichigo roughly palmed one of her breasts and he could feel Rukia tensing, trying not to arch her back to let him know what she wanted.

"B-Because..." Rukia knew she had lost. She supposed it was only fair after what she had put him through today. "I..." She moaned as Ichigo pinched one of her nipples.

"You...?" Ichigo leaned closer and slowly dragged his tongue up the side of her face.

"I...go crazy if you're not touching me." Rukia closed her eyes, admitting defeat and giving up her lips to Ichigo as he caught her in another kiss.

But he pulled away quickly and stood up, stretching lazily as if nothing had just happened. Rukia bit back her annoyance at being brushed off so easily even as she watched Ichigo remove his t-shirt and sit on his bed, long legs stretched out over the edge. He was watching her as he undid the button of his trousers, that smug little look in his eye, growing ever sharper as he pulled down his zip.

He pulled out his fully erect penis and raised an eyebrow at her, beckoning her forwards. Rukia stood up but he held up a hand for her to stop.


Rukia obeyed, too hungry to care about what he was asking her to do. She quietly got down on her hands and knees. They had never taken the game like this before but she could feel the heat coming from Ichigo, and the sight of his member waiting for her made her feel even hotter. So she moved forwards carefully, coming to a stop in front of him and craning to look upwards, waiting.

"Suck it."

She had never heard his tone so harsh before, but Rukia supposed that was what she got after playing around with him for the whole day. She willingly placed her hand around his cock, which she noticed was throbbing slightly. She gripped a little tighter and then slowly shifted herself upwards so that her mouth was level with the tip. She placed a few soft kisses on the top and noticed a bead of liquid which she carefully lapped up with her tongue.

She paused as she felt Ichigo's hand on the back of her head but relaxed as she felt him coaxing her onwards. Wanting to give him pleasure, she placed the tip of his penis into her mouth, holding it there for a long moment, feeling Ichigo's fingers stroking her hair.

Ichigo suppressed a sigh as he felt the warmth of Rukia's mouth on the tip of his cock. He had been waiting for something like this all day and it felt good to finally be pleasured. He pushed her head downwards a little, letting her know what he wanted and grinned as she slid down another inch, taking more into her mouth. He knew that she was no novice so he wasn't afraid of hurting her.

She knew that Ichigo liked this. Being eased slowly into her mouth. She slipped downwards a little more, allowing herself to adjust before taking more of him in. Finally, she had all of him and she heard his little whisper of her name, pleased that she was doing so well. Rukia then slid all the way back up until she was sucking on the very tip, then back down once more. She felt the hand on the back of her head shiver.

She always knew what to do. Ichigo looked down to see the head of dark hair starting to bob slowly up and down, sending little uncontrollable tickles and shivers through him. Watching her do it as well as really turning him on, especially since she was on her knees in front of him, one hand supporting herself, the other clenched around the base of his cock while her mouth worked on him. He smiled as he felt her tongue flick his tip, circling around it before she dived back on him, sucking with varied pressure.

By now, she could tell that Ichigo was feeling more relaxed and really enjoying the expert cock sucking she was giving him. Rukia felt a warmth inside her that was not just her arousal building, but the happiness that came with making him happy. She pulled away and used her hand to stroke luxuriously up and down his cock, watching quietly as he started to move, having difficulty remaining sitting up straight. She went fast and then slow, torturing him with the different speeds and finally hearing him moan as she continued to jack him off and sucked on the tip of his cock, something which she knew drove him crazy.

It felt too good to stop her. Ichigo was starting to shake and he knew that he mustn't lose control. With some difficulty, not just because he didn't really want her to but also because she was reluctant to stop, he pulled her away from him and moved backwards to sit on his bed properly, motioning for her to remove her clothes and starting to do so himself.

No funny business this time. Rukia couldn't help but laugh slightly at the speed at which they undressed, both of them naked within seconds and together again in another kiss. She moved to straddle him, not wanting to break the kiss just yet, putting her arms around his neck and holding him to her tightly just as he hands grabbed her waist and lifted her slightly so that her entrance was hovering over his waiting cock.

"It's been too long," Ichigo breathed against her lips as he slammed her down with enough force to make them both gasp as he slid inside her, his entrance made easy by the flow of juices leaking from Rukia's pussy. She welcomed him into her, kissing him more passionately, savouring that wonderful moment of being filled after feeling empty all day.

"We...just did this yesterday," Rukia said, holding onto Ichigo as they fought to stay still for a moment, enjoying simply being connected.

"It's been too long," Ichigo repeated as his answer, lifting Rukia up again so that only the tip of his cock was inside her and then slamming her down again, causing both of them to shiver and cling to each other. "Especially after today..." Remembering how earlier Rukia had been bound to the wall, struggling to free herself, his cock swelled a little more and he pushed his hips upwards, driving into her.

Rukia couldn't say anything else but simply moaned, sinking her teeth into Ichigo's shoulder, catching sight of the mark she had made earlier on his skin. Remembering how he had handled her just as roughly as she had handled him and the way they had bitten each other, she felt her arousal flare up even more and rotated her hips, pushing herself down onto him and feeling his grip on her tighten. She knew that meant more bruises but that didn't matter to her. As before, they were marking each other as their own and proving how perfectly matched they were. She wouldn't break if he slammed into her roughly and he wouldn't break if she clenched him tightly to her.

They rolled together so that Ichigo was on top, pushing back her legs so that he had better access to her. He groaned again as he sank into her fully, the warmth surrounding him almost burning as their heats combined. He felt her clenching lightly around him and knew that her orgasm was near but that only drove him to continue thrusting. There was no way that he would be able to stop, anyway. Not while Rukia was naked underneath him, holding onto him desperately and whispering "Harder, Ichigo," in his ear. He ground himself against her, lifting her hips up off the bed slightly to hit the spot that she knew she liked the most and was rewarded by her piercing scream as she came hard. He clamped a hand over her mouth, almost laughing but struggling to restrain himself as he felt her inner muscles shivering and clenching around his cock, pulling him deeper into her and then his exit being eased by the increased amount of liquid that came from her. He wanted to last a little longer but it was hard as he saw Rukia, flushed and eyes half closed as she recovered, her mouth slightly open and her body still. He knew that he had tired her out but he still hadn't reached his peak.

He slowed down, though, enjoying the little shocks that ran through Rukia as he pushed inside her gently, holding her against him, both of their bodies shining with a thin layer of sweat. He felt Rukia's hand curling around his back, slipping down to rest on his butt and pull him gently, encouraging him to fuck her. Ichigo let out a shivered breath as he realised that she was still willing to please him even though she herself was tired. He closed his eyes and rested on top of her as she murmured his name gently, soothingly, still helping him as he moved his hips back and forth, his cock sinking into the warmth of her pussy, feeling the wetness of the place where they were joined, feeling the little shocks of pleasure run through him

He was going to come soon. He could feel it as he felt Rukia's fingers tickling him around the waist. She was giggling a little now, seeming to find delight in the way that he was pushing himself so far inside her and the way that he groaned deeply every time he did. Her dark eyes were looking up at him expectantly. She was waiting for him, but not rushing him. She was letting him take his time although judging by the glint in her eye, she knew that he was close and was simply waiting for him to topple over the edge.

Thinking of her waiting for him like that, made Ichigo feel a little hotter, if that was even possible. He closed his eyes and held himself to Rukia, eyes trained on the bite mark that he had left on her skin earlier. The image of her pinned up against the wall floated to the surface of his mind. And then that was replaced by an image of her tied to his bed, naked, waiting for him, dripping wet and flushed, completely ready.

As he felt the first jerks of his orgasm, he felt Rukia quickly bite his throat. He thought that he was going to explode as he came inside her, feeling his cock shoot deeply and feeling the pain from his throat send yet more shocks through the upper part of his body. She knew that he loved it when she did that, but they didn't do it too often because of the marks it usually left. And those marks were always difficult to explain away. He clung to her hopelessly as his body trembled and his mind went blank, simply absorbed in feeling everything everywhere at once.

Gradually, he came back to his senses, finding himself with his face buried in the pillow next to Rukia. Somehow, she had managed to work her way out from underneath him and was now lying beside him, stroking his hair and watching him recover. Ichigo groggily tried to say something but all that came out was a happy moan and he let Rukia roll him over so that he was lying on his side.

Through the pleasure that was still running through his mind, he had the thought of being somewhat disappointed that he hadn't lasted as long as he had hoped. They had both certainly gone for longer. But looking at Rukia and feeling exhaustion work its way into every bone in his body, he felt thoroughly satiated. He ached but he wasn't complaining about it even as Rukia nearly elbowed him in the face turning over so that her back fitted against his front.

They had better take it easy tomorrow. He swore that he heard Rukia murmuring something about fucking all day long and he smiled.

He nibbled on her shoulder and told her he loved her. She said it in return and her kiss was gentle. They were both satisfied. For now.

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