Body Shock

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Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach or the characters, etc. Just playing around with them for fun.

A.N: I haven't read a lot of the manga, unfortunately. So knowledge will mostly be based on what's been said in the anime so far.

Kuchiki Rukia lay on her back, her arms behind her head as usual on her pillow. The space was small and dark but she had gotten used to it. Rukia had never been one that had always desired luxury anyway. It wasn't as if her conditions were particularly bad, though. The pillow was soft and the blankets were tucked warmly around her. She barely moved while she slept but right now she was not sleeping. Her eyes were open as she thought to herself while staring up into darkness, listening to the background noises of night-time.

The door of the cupboard was closed but that did not mean that she couldn't hear Ichigo's murmurs in his sleep. He often murmured in his sleep. Nothing that was terribly bad, just mainly incoherent mumblings. She could hear the rustle of the sheets as he turned over. Perhaps he was dreaming again.

At her feet lay a stuffed animal. It didn't surprise her that Kon snored in his sleep. She had taken pity on him this one night. Usually she didn't care where he slept as long as it wasn't in her cupboard but he had been clutching at her leg incessantly so she had relented. She suspected that perhaps Ichigo had lost his temper with Kon again and not allowed him to sleep in his usual place. Kon did have annoying points and Rukia wasn't usually so tolerant, but she had been preoccupied with other things lately.

Such as problems with this body of hers.

It had started quite recently. Ichigo had questioned her once about what sort of books she was reading when she mentioned in passing that people in these books did crazier things than merely kissing. But Rukia was fascinated. She had just come across a thin book with lots of pictures in it one day in the library somewhere, tucked away behind other things. Having the knowledge that she did now of the human world, she knew that perhaps somebody had hidden it away somewhere. It certainly wasn't supposed to be in the section that she was looking at. But she had picked it up anyway and had started to read it.

It hadn't occurred to her that having a body meant that you could do those sorts of...things. In fact, she had been pretty ignorant of the fact, not being concerned with physical feelings in her work as a shinigami. It had always been about spritual power and winning the fight, defeating the Hollows and enduring any injury without complaint. But she had noticed that when reading this books there had been a certain stirring within her. The feeling was unfamiliar. It hadn't felt like any sort of rising up of any power. That had been her first idea; perhaps she had regained some sort of power to be able to use one of the lower levels of her demon arts with fluency once again. But that hadn't been it.

And it hadn't gotten any easier. That stirring feeling was worsening and with it was coming a feeling of heat as well, concentrated in the area between her legs. When Rukia had been alone in the cupboard at night, ready to sleep, she had reached one hand down to feel the source of the heat. The sensation of her hand coming into contact with...that area...had sent shivers through her. Afraid of what it might mean, she had refrained from any further activity. The next day, however, she had opened the door of her cupboard, ready to go to school when she had seen Ichigo doing up the last few buttons of his shirt. His chest had been slightly exposed, the smooth skin quickly covered up as he finished the last fastening and said that he would see her at school. That brief sight had made Rukia feel strangely warm again. She had walked briskly to school and had gone through the whole day aware of that heat in the same place again. And when she had been under the blankets in her cupboard, she had decided to venture further and see if there was anything abnormal with this gigai.

She had placed her own hand between her legs, the fabric of her underwear and of her pyjamas between them. Inside her, she felt that stirring again, rising to a slightly higher level. Unsure of what to do, she moved her hand only slightly and felt a small tremor within herself. Deciding that the tremor hadn't been all too bad, she had moved her hand up, her fingers curving slightly to dig into the fabric more, touching herself more deeply than before. And that feeling hadn't been so bad either. As she had shivered a little, she paused and stayed absolutely still, listening to see if there were any changes in the noises outside of the door. But no, she had still been able to hear Kon's snoring and Ichigo's murmurs.

So she had continued, groping herself and shivering a little every time. But then as her groping continued and became slightly faster and her breathing started to become faster, she felt that this wasn't enough. She wanted more so she took the next logical step.

Lifting the waistband of her pyjama trousers, she slipped her hand inside, resting her hand on top of her underwear. The feeling had been slightly different and she shivered once again as she repeated the groping motion. If it felt nice with fabric between her fingers and the source of all her heat...then what if she were to...?

Deciding that she wanted to, Rukia moved her hand upwards slightly and slipped her hand into her underwear, her fingers skimming past the small patch of hair that rested at the top of her triangle. She moved her fingers down, shivering constantly and was surprised to find that she was wet. Rukia's eyes widened as she moved her finger, slipping it among her folds, her wetness quickly soaking her finger.

She couldn't help but utter a small moan and she paused again, listening to see if she had woken up Ichigo or Kon. But she hadn't and after a moment or two she continued, her finger sliding up and down, sending little tickles through her. But as she did so, she noticed that there was one particular area that made her feel particularly good. So she brought her finger up to connect with a small nub she found at the top. She slowly circled her finger around the nub, closing her eyes at the wonderful sensations it sent through her. She didn't want to stop this.

Rukia sighed as she touched herself. She felt great. It tickled and yet it felt so incredibly good that she simply had to continue. She didn't notice that as her passion built, her body responding to the attention she was paying to her clit, her breathing was becoming faster and more laboured, her chest heaving as she continued, her hips starting to move in a natural rhythm to increase the friction and increase her pleasure.

She could feel another sort of stirring within her. Her clit was slightly swollen and her finger slipped and slid around it easily, the flow of wetness only increasing. Rukia moaned quietly, aware that she mustn't make too much noise. But the feeling was irresistible and each touch was becoming more and more wonderful until finally she reached her climax and she let out a quiet groan as she shook, still managing to move her finger slightly, the touches to her sensitive clit sending shakes through her body. She had felt then that it was time to stop and had removed her hand, lying there in the darkness, now able to hear Kon's snoring once again now that she had come out of her own world and back to reality.

Her finger was still wet. Rukia peered down at it and brought it closer to take another look. It was shiny and slick with her juices and the smell was somewhat inviting. Curiously, Rukia lifted the finger to her mouth and licked the tip. She then smiled and licked the rest of her finger clean. She was sure that she would be doing this more often.

Perhaps there was something wrong with the gigai. But for some time she hadn't particularly cared as she grew more adventuruous, several nights a week spent pleasuring herself. She had experimented with squeezing her breasts, feeling how soft and round they were and then using her finger and thumb to circle and pinch her nipple as her other hand worked furiously on her clit. She had also experimented with shoving a finger inside herself as she came, liking the way her inner muscles clamped around her finger uncontrollably as she shivered and shook. She had become very familiar with this body of hers. Not that she was complaining or anything for whenever she finished she always lay there breathless for a few moments before falling into a comfortable, satisfied slumber. But as it had gone on for a while, she considered asking Urahara about it, although of course, not in such a direct way.

She had told him that she had become more comfortable in her body. Urahara had smiled slightly, almost as if he knew what she was talking about and remarked that he had warned her about the use of soumafixers, making it easier to connect with the gigai. The more she connected with the body, the more flesh and blood it became and the more human she became. Rukia had nodded at his brief explanation, resisting the urge to scowl at him. It made sense of course.

But even now, she couldn't pleasure herself, seeing as Kon was sleeping in the cupboard not too far away from her. The cupboard had probably muffled her moans and she didn't want to risk waking him up. She had felt also that she wanted something more. Reading those books had given her an idea. She needed someone else to help her, someone else to use to gain those delirious heights.

Kissing is just like saying hello, she had said once. Well, she could think of one person who she wanted to say hello, how are you and have a full conversation with. And that person was Ichigo.

She had a perfect plan that she had been constructing for a while. Not knowing what Ichigo looked like underneath his clothes except for that flash of chest she had seen, Rukia had been unable to fantasise about him. But she intended to find out.

In his bed, Ichigo slept, unaware of what the girl in the cupboard was thinking of.

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