Reviews for Prize of Victory 2

BY : NovaAlexandria

  • From ANON - gollumsfriend on December 10, 2015

    Just rereading this again and noticed for the first chapter 6 you mention Karin sitting next to Grimmjow and slipping into jinzen, the technique he taught her so long ago. For the paragraph to make sense, she'd have to be sitting next to Ukitake since he's the one who taught her.

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  • From ANON - Tiny plot hole on November 12, 2015

    Hey Nova! I've actually read PoV 1/2 and all its 'side stories' multiple times, and I love your writing as well as Black Foxs'. Anyway while rereading PoV 2 yet another time, I kinda noticed that Szayel never got injected with the serum to counter kyoka suigetsu'a illusions. And as Aizen has used it on him before (the episode with gin regarding Abisara's punishment), how did szayel manage to see and rescue Karin during the grimmjow/ichigos battle with aizen?

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  • From ANON - bright on May 04, 2015

    Was reading this for a long, long time. Still missing seeing a new chapter every week. Hope all is well with you and yours, hope you're still writing.

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  • From ANON - sarah on April 26, 2015

    I can't believe pov 2 is over! I had stopped reading for a while (school work life got in the way) but Grimmjow's official return in the manga brought me back! I can't wait to catch up!

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  • From ANON - The Last Quincy on April 05, 2015

    Only one thing I wished I could have seen happen. That was for Grimmjow and Ichigo to give Aizen some 'justice' to his 'weapon'. I thought once they both realized what happened, one or the other would make that part of his body pay the price for all he had done to his victims, especially to Karin. Oh well, still one hell of a story and I think we'll miss seeing you write, unless you two have something in the works. Please just don't do the 1000 Year war or whatever the current arc is called, it sucks. Hope to see you guys in action soon.

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  • From bug_trevor on February 18, 2015

    So I've finally reached the end. This 2nd half, was more intense and gut-wrenching than the first, and you promised it wouldn't be as dark. :P

    Seriously though, in lieu of repeating much of what I said about the first half of the story, suffice it to say that it is very well written. I really do hope you keep writing stories, and even if I'm not reading and reviewing them, know that I'm rooting for you to have the success that you deserve. You have a wonderful way with words, and that goes for your co-writer also. So here's to your continued success and maybe some day, I'll see your name on a published work, I think you could do it. Thanks for the wonderful story. Have a great life. :D


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  • From ANON - Victory on February 15, 2015

    as with finishing any of your works, I feel a little empty inside that it's over. I know you mentioned there will be more… I await it with trepidation

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  • From ANON - Yume111 on February 08, 2015

    I have just finished both parts of Prize of Victory in basically one go courtesy of a flu that has kept me in bed for the last days.

    Well, wow

    When I opened AFF to look for some Bleach fics to spend some time, I really didn´t expect the first one I opened to be such an epic tale that had me hooked from the first page and kept me reading patiently chapter after chapter and following everybody´s, yours, the readers´ and the heroes´ path over the last couple of years until its (current) conclusion.

    I can hardly give you a full review on every aspect worth mentioning, but I would like still like to say a few things.

    First off, from this reader´s point of view, you really know how to tell a story. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen, I felt with the characters and part of me lived the story with them.
    That´s a skill even some good writers lack, but I think you have it in spades. I have been an ardent and voracious reader most of my life, but I can´t remember ever reading such a long tale without needing breaks in between or getting bored at some point, or stuck for a while.

    The fact that I already knew and liked the canon characters helped of course. I am on/off currently on Bleach fan. The entire set-up for the story is not new, but what you do with it is quite amazing, spinning the the tale from a simple Grimmjow-Karin piece, that in itself already works very well, to a larger and larger patchwork of first isolated narrations of the various Shinigamis´ fate until it all slowly comes together into a tale of courage, love, endurance and hope of quite epic dimensions, quite worthy of Bleach in its best moments and even surpassing it in some ways, with all due respect to Kubo sensei.

    I really like what you did with the canon characters. While it´s quite hard to say who would or would not do what in such an extended story spread out over so many years, I think you have not only juggled such a huge number of leading and supporting characters quite admirably, you also kept everybody in character for the most part and given them development or lack thereof as would be appropriate for each of them, you´ve deepened quite a few of them in ways that completely make sense to me. Some such deepenings make so much sense that I already find it hard to remember which parts are actually Bleach canon and which are the parts you added.
    That´s especially true of some "old" favorites of mine such as Gin (poor guy, not that I wanted him to suffer), Starrk, Yumichika, Unohana and Byakuya.
    I also really liked the kids of your creation, especially the original trio, no quintet. They are original, nicely fleshed out and alive and quite charismatic while they´re at it.
    I will have a hard time remembering they don´t exist outside your story...too bad really....

    While you really seem to know your Bleach and incorporated it well,I also loved the numerous small details and entire "systems" you needed to invent to make the story work (the "mating" and its workings comes to mind, what the kids would look like), the way Aizen would set up his society etc. etc. There is so much detail to enrich the story in enjoyable ways.
    As for the larger scale, the plot, I think that was extremely well done and thought out, from the first hintings of a larger scale to the small workings towards a change finally resulting in the alliance to attack and bring down Aizen.
    I really liked how you did the chapters describing the attack itself, I thought those extremely well written. Well of course they were very very satifying too :o) but they were also well written as in easy to picture and follow, even the more complex scenes.

    As for the sex and the gore... Well I enjoyed the sex when it was consensual, there were some, eh many truly hot that was nice...
    The rape and torture.....that was a little hard to take, very hard at times, especially with characters I really like. It was slightly easier with Szayel because he had done some slightly sadistic or at least heartless dishing out himself. Still very hard. And not that I don´t like him, I do. Just not a favorite.
    I still read most of it since I imagine it had the purpose of making us angry and understand the changes the characters went through.
    It worked with me, I ended up slightly tense and nervous whenever Aizen made an appearance.

    I also enjoyed the flow of the writing, the varying POVs, the pacing and the wry humor, especially in the choice of words sometimes.

    Well nothing much I can think of to add now.
    I haven´t been able to do your work justice with just a few sentences I realize, I just wanted to express my appreciation to you both!

    So thank you very much - I have truly enjoyed reading your story! Very much looking forward to whichever follow-up stories you may come up with...

    Oh and my best wishes for you and your baby!

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  • From ANON - JessesanMan on January 30, 2015

    Whew! I finished reading it, finally. Definitely one of the best fanfics I have read. It was quite a ride and I enjoyed every minute of it, opinions on shinigami fertility aside.

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  • From ANON - Jin on January 21, 2015

    Great bit of porn with plot - I'm very impressed you managed to keep at this for so long and still wrap everything up in the end. I'm surprised, but interested to see where you're going with some of the more unconventional pairs in whatever comes after, particularly since you leave a lot up in the air with Uno/Gin/Zaraki and Byakuya/Yoruichi.

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  • From chevenga on January 19, 2015

    I haven't read the last 20 chapters or so (I'm saving them to binge on now that the story's complete), but I wanted to say thanks for sharing this epic tale with us all. I've been reading from the beginning, and along the way you've inspired in me joy, fascination, rage, tears, regret, hope, and all sorts of other emotions -- even visceral hatred for Yammy. Your writing skills have matured immensely over the course of the story. Like with all the best fanfiction, your story has deepened and expanded the Bleach characters in my mind. Best wishes for you with the new kid, and I hope to see you and Black Fox posting more stories in the future. Thank you!

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  • From ANON - Leanne on January 16, 2015

    Truly a awesome story I loved it so much and can't believe its now over you and Black fox did a incredible job and were just awesome! Thank you for the wonderful story I will re-read it again in the future X3

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  • From ANON - elarhy on January 15, 2015


    I got into this story halfway part 1 (you had just published chapter 47), and have enjoyed every new chapters sincerely. Congratulations on writting 2800+ pages to you and BlackFox,and thank you for sharing this story, i can only imagine writting that many pages, that many subplots and characters, and manage to get each chapter to read well and be interesting (few time i got the feeling of nothing happening for build-up )and yet, to have the main story and the overall story feel coherent!

    I hope you get around to sharing all the bits that did not make it into the story.

    Also, congratulations on the new little one, i hope all goes well and soon you have a healthy new baby with you.

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  • From ANON - Shelygirl on January 15, 2015

    108- wow. That's a lotta words. Great job, the both of you. Most of it was wrapped up nicely. I enjoyed the secondary characters afterwards; they were interesting. I didn't really get what you were hinting at with Ryuuken. Is he really sick (with cancer?) or is this a Quincy sternritter thing? And what did Grimmjow see? Was it stress? Or was she pregnant or something? So is Yuzu a 30 yer old virgin? -all a bit confusing. If you make any short side stories, I'd be interested to see who Jushiro ends up with and Byakuya, too. Oh, and I love how you finally described what Franque looked like. I don't remember a discription other than his hair before, so thanks for that. This was an enormous endeavor and you should be proud of yourself for completing this unique story. Thank you, again.

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  • From ANON - Penryck on January 14, 2015

    I first want to say thank you so much to Nova and Blackfox for bringin us this amazing wall of text that is part 2 of POV. I cannot express in words enough how much it has become my world. I don't regret seeking out POV again on a whim only to find that it had a sequel, which was back in June or so. This fic hurt so badly but has improved my life very much so too. I'm very, very much looking forward to getting more lore and story for this series. Prize Of Victory is a series that just can't die, it would leave too big of a void. I'm in love with all this story is.

    And next, my thanks and admiration to Kain and Darkstar for being mega reviewers that I look up to so much. Really looking forward to more Forge by Darkstar. I promise to get chapter 10 reviewed on Friday since I'm off that day. I want so bad for Darkstar to be allowed to write filler stuff for this series, it would make my year. I'd fucking kill to see them be the one to write the history between Soifon, Ggio, and Yumichika. I have all the faith that they would do it amazingly. If you, Nova do not wish to do it nor does Blackfox, please dear Glaux let Darkstar do it if they want! I will already be singing praises for future material but if you let Darkstar help, you'd have nothing but my gratitude forever. (Lol if Kain wanted to beta I'd just about die of happy because team effort of the best kind)

    So Tesla's cub is indeed male, as I thought, and named Eddy. I love it so much, just as I hoped. I hope things won't get rough for him when the new cub arrives. Speaking of which...goddamn, Tesla has been one lucky and busy swine. Good on him,and good on Tatsuki. They have established greatness. I'm like fully sure that, had Soifon survived, she and Ggio probably would have gotten a head start on cub #2 by now. Probably as soon as Tesla announced his good news, if not before. That den would have ended up a zoo. Hehehe.

    I AM IN LOVE WITH HOW PRECIOUS SURRY IS, OH MY GLAUX. I am naturally drawn to weasel family stuff and yes an adorable little ermine child. I love love love that little monster. I hope he grows up to be super cute and sweet. I want the best life for him. Very, very in love with how he & Eddy are part of Avispona's devious little group. They, plus Katsurou and the other cub who I peg as Toshiro's cub, also being in on it is so great. This group is one that runs like a future pack made up of friends. Seireitei will be theirs someday. Looking forward to it.

    Then there's Avi herself, my previous beloved feline cub. I'm so happy that she is turning into something of a hellraiser. Ggio seems to have faith that letting her have the run of the place is okay, which is great. Though I'm sure he has heard some horror stories already. I'm sure Soifon would be proud of her daughter. And of her mate, oh my Glaux. He got an education and a very fitting job. I'm so proud of him, I know that much. Both he and his cub have warmed my heart with every step and I so badly want more of their story. So damn sad that Soifon isn't here to enjoy how great things are now. But I know she will one day see Ggio again. You can't escape some people that you're just meant to know.

    Thank you Kain for passing me the review baton here, I'm honored. Just sorry that I got this up so late. Blame my job.

    Let it also be known that I'm proud of Sun-Sun so much too and am glad she & her rooster are still together. I wonder how long it will be before they decide that procreation is their next move. (I totally have a gender and name picked out for their cub. Daisuke, a boy.)

    Starrk has been getting lucky too oh shit. I just hope Lilynette won't be teaching those pups anything bad. Poor Starrk won't be getting sleep ever again either way. AND HANA, BELOVED HANA. She is doing so well! All of my pride this day.

    I did not expect to love Katsurou but holy shit is he cute. Looking forward to more on him someday!

    Thanks crew, I love you all and am ready for more! When you have time, of course! Gotta admit I'll miss Kain and Darkstar a lot now that this fic is over.

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