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“Hee-hee-hee! Looks like this turns the table, doesn’t it?” The Shrieker pressed in to the two troublemakers pinned underneath his Targets. “You dumb Shinigami, you all think that I fight alone. Ha! You’re not the only ones with friends! Hee-hee-hee-hee!”

Rukia cringed. If her powers had been restored – like they should have been a while ago – these froglike entities would have already been reduced to ash and the Shrieker would not be so chatty with his head carved in half.  She flexed her arm, but her Gigai corresponded to a human’s strength. “Dammit…!”

“Now then,” the Shrieker crowed, shuffling his wretched hands together as he took in the meal spread before him. Defenseless and ripe; like choosing apples in an orchard… or a pig from a pigsty! “Ahh~ which should I eat first? The boy has a lot of spirit, hee-hee! But he doesn’t look nearly as tasty as you, girl.”

Rukia could feel his break, hot and wet hovering over her bare legs. She pulled against the Targets, but they forced her back to submission. “Repulsive creature,” she snarled at him.

It put him in a delight to hear that. Those beady eyes glowing through his mask haunted over her. A small girl… yet her legs seemed to go on forever. He chortled to himself, his forked tongue lashing along the side of his skeletal teeth. That skirt of hers, her lithe frame… it called to his humanity – which had been distorted since life – and gave him a hunger that did not pang his belly.

“Dessert comes after the meal, I suppose?” He bowed across her, the tongue lashing out again against the side of her face, leading a snail-trail of saliva across her cheek. “You are hard to resist, but you can wait, right?”

Before he turned to the other, the oafish giant sprung up from underneath the Targets, driven by raw power. The Targets spun through the air around him and hit into the walkway walls, effectively felling them. Shrieker’s jaw dropped, letting loose a incredulous shriek. “What’s with this idiot?! Is he all muscle?!”

Chad swung to his enemy, fist cocked and ready. And it would have been a devastating punch had the Hollow not sidestepped in time. “What a pest! I can’t eat in peace until I deal with him… Huh?”

Equipped with the power to fight, Chad stood against an invisible enemy… invisible and imaginary. Nowhere near the Shrieker, he slugged and kicked the air.

“HE’S REALLY AN IDIOT!!” shrieked the Shrieker.

“Chad!” Rukia began urgently. “Kick-mmph!!” The Target perched upon her head turned, and its long tongue stifled her words as it darted between her lips. She looked down her nose to the repulsive tendril pilfering her tonsils. And without her guidance, Chad remained locked in a heated battle with thin air.

The Shrieker murmured. “Hmm… Maybe, I’ll get to have some fun after all.” He snickered, turning away from the harmless juggernaut to leave him to the paces. His wicked eyes narrowed on Rukia’s defenseless body. Her lips made a tight ring around the Target’s seemingly-endless tongue as it squirmed into her mouth. “I shouldn’t waste when I have the chance. Hee-hee…”

As long as he thought he was on the offense, the oaf behind them wouldn’t know any better. The Shrieker reached for the hem of Rukia’s skirt, slowly as he pinched the gray cloth, and then threw it up over her backside. “Hee-hee-hee~! Cotton white, eh?” He shoved a finger at her apex, digging against her crotch in a way that had her quake with muted hate sworn at him from behind the coil of tongue. “Andcotton soft. I haven’t felt such softness since grabbing that damn kid’s mom’s hair!”

“Pah!” In a deluge of spit and slime, Rukia unlogged her mouth long enough to rage at him – “Detestable monster!” – before the Target leapt in front of her, opened her mouth with its small hands, and stabbed its tongue back in.

“You flatter me,” the Shrieker snickered, “and it makes me want you more.” From his smooth groin, a slit of skin separated for the arrival of a meaty, grotesque pink cock; thick muscle and veins, gnarled like twisting to an end, and very big. It was larger than anything she’d seen before, though there was little she could say to it with a tongue floundering behind her lips. Slimy and insatiable; she couldn’t help recoiling when it seemed the freakish frog’s tongue would slither down her throat.

“You flatter me so much,” the Shrieker salivated, “that I can’t help myself.” His tongue lashed out against her underwear, leaving a dark streak where he had licked. The flock of Targets on her did well to restrain the impulsive kick at him; it would have made him upset if she had struck his shin. And the human did well keeping himself preoccupied with phantom enemies.

“Ha! Let’s see what you’ve got!” His wiry fingers caught to crotch of her panties and ruthlessly turned them to shreds, leaving her bared to his perverted gaze. “Ooh! You look so clean and pure. How you must be aching to be defiled!” Delighted with himself and her flushed cheeks, he peered closer, the Targets helping to widen the gap for his gaze. He touched her quim with some interest, inspecting the absence of hair. “You keep such a clean plate… Huh? Oh! It’s all here!” He cackled when he reached underneath her and felt the soft pelt of a triangle above her slit. “You keep it so nice and smooth. Could it be…” He hummed and caressed Rukia’s slim womanhood. “Are you trying to impress someone?”

Rukia huffed wetly around the coil of tongue, doing her best to draw away from the wayward claw. Damn these things, and this vile Hollow! And where was Chad? Currently saving an empty walkway from boredom. She reddened in the cheeks. Ichigo had been inside her last night, coitus after tiring work and endless bickering, falling in relief onto her. His weight was… tolerable. But the Shrieker… his presence alone stifled her, and dragging his fingertip along her petals closed her throat while tumbling her stomach.  She’d retch if the Target allowed her any room to make noise.

The finger finally struck into her, digging greedily as the Hollow made a noise of discontent and anger. “What’s this?! You’ve had a man in you, haven’t you?! I thought you’d be pure!”

How dare he…

“Pah. I won’t take part in someone else’s seconds,” he griped, his finger pulling out from her. Her tension made her entire body quiver, but his displeasure with her seemed a grace; she’d rather die than…

“Perhaps thiswill suit me better!”

Her thought of resolution was upended when she felt that slimy, forked tongue slither through the crack of her ass, pointedly testing the closed hole residing there. He slickened her up with several rounds of saliva, tittering to himself how thrilled he was. “I don’t normally find Shinigami women as cute or as weak as you. Normally, I have to devour them as soon as possible! But you! I’m glad I get to taste you!” Like a ribbon at the end of a gymnast’s wand, his tongue skillfully swirled at the tight dimple and whipped upward.

Then the tongue retracted, disappearing in his skeletal maw. “Mm! I don’t think I can wait any longer,” he said lowly, and briefly looked over his shoulder to the girl’s hulking companion. Dense as he was, there was the risk that he could interfere. And the Shrieker hadn’t the confidence to take him down on his own; not without some underhanded tricks.

His hand grabbed his grotesque, pink cock and took deadly aim. Motionless on the ground, Rukia could only widen her eyes in terror as it headed down for the slick asshole. How could she tell him that she had never had it there before?! Would it have mattered in the slightest? Or would it elate the perverse monster further?

She tried to close her legs and put up as much of a fight as she was able, but the Targets overpowered her human body with ease, one at each thigh, pulling her open and ready for their creator.

“Now we’ll find out how nice your screams are,” he jubilated when the head of his oily dick came in contact with her asshole. She sputtered something – a final call for mercy – and he heeded her with a sharp thrust to her rear. Despite the Target suppressing her by the hair, her head came up with a muffled shriek. Though the penetration had not yet occurred, the pressure threatening to rip her asshole open forewarned the pain that would come with it.

“Tch! How stubborn,” the Hollow grumbled. “Trying to keep me from enjoying your body? You’re terrible!” He used a mocking squeal, reminiscing the way his victims sounded at the end of his knife. But he did not become the notorious serial killer by giving up easily. No, the challenge was sometimes more worthwhile than the deed. And there was no way he would not break this beauty in.

The cock bore downward into her, and while she instinctively tightened to try to deny the intruder, it only made it that much more painful when he made it in. It felt like tearing when he finally pried her shutter open, first locking himself in with his tip. “Aha! Made it!” he gloated, now taking his hands onto her body. He howled in delight as he burrowed his massive cock up her rectum. Every ridge and groove shoved against Rukia’s stretched asshole, and it took a hard thrust for him to pass the threshold.

Rukia overloaded on combatting sensations. It hurt. Most of all, it hurt to have him building up inside of her, opening her anus past what she ever thought possible and then restructuring the narrow track of her bowels. She felt it all over, primarily at her womb. His size caused her small body to bloat down there and shift the arrangement of her feminine parts. It made her want to throw up. It also made her want to unhitch her school skirt so that she wouldn’t feel so stifled at the middle. This monster… Even if she wanted to condemn him, she couldn’t in this state, with or without a slithery tongue floundering at her gullet.

“Urk… Ahh!” The Shrieker shifted his pelvis, his bowlegged stance deepening to allow further penetration. “What an amazing hole! You actually can withstand me!” He cackled, throwing his head back after confirming he had pushed himself through to the bottom of his gnarled shaft. His commendation, however, should go to Urahara Kisuke, who designed a very durable Gigai; no normal human could withstand a plunge so violently deep and large. What praise could go to Rukia would be for her managing to withstand the pain without blacking out, though she wished otherwise. But blacking out meant certain death. She held on by will.

She looked dead, however; eyes big and open, staring off at nothing with her cheek resting on the ground, mouth complying to the reel of tongue. For a moment, the Shrieker believed that she had been ended prematurely until she twitched and gagged softly. “So you’re still awake? I want to hear you scream for me!”

SPLAT!! Without warning, his powerful hand came down and squashed the Target at her face to pulp and… leeches? Was there no end to how repulsive this Hollow could get? But it was a blessing to finally have the tongue in her mouth go slack so that she could spit it out. The other Targets stayed their hand despite their brother’s merciless death. But the Shrieker hadn’t cared about them, instead leaning over the coughing girl and curling his fingers around her skull. “You have such a lovely voice, I’d hate to miss the music of you enjoying my cock!”

Blanched with disgust, Rukia still managed to hold her contemptuous glower. “I’ll kill you,” she swore, and he cackled again.

“With what? You have no Zanpakuto, Shinigami. The only weapon… is buried in your ass!!” With great hysterics, the Shrieker began to move, withdrawing a significant amount before sliding in her backdoor again. No longer gagged, Rukia sounded out the deep, unwilful grunts that went with the pound of his hips. Her asshole still stung from the opening, but as he rushed deep inside, it stirred a fluttery sense in her belly. And the friction was not so bad; it burned, but in an odd, painless way. The illness she felt came from the malice of the Hollow, but that was not keeping her quim from flowering and growing wet.

“Dammit,” she swore aloud, chastising her fruitless training.

“Oh? Do you have something to say? I’m listening.” The Hollow plucked her from the ground, a hand effortlessly holding her around the midsection while the other caught her bottom jaw. “I’m listening intently.” Rukia just seethed at him, but could do nothing else but take the anal pounding. He switched his hands to hold her from below, opening her crevice to allow deeper, cleaner penetration, while flashing her cunt to the world.

If Chad would look this way…

If he did, he would not see a beast violating the transfer student; he’d see her levitating with her arms behind her and legs hoisted up at the knee while showing him her vagina… and a gaping asshole that seemed to take an invisible rod in and out.

“I like you,” the Shrieker wheezed. “I like you a lot. Maybe I won’t eat you after all. That kid in the parakeet can find me all sorts of tasty souls. But maybe I should go after women more.” The tongue that had licked her asshole to a sloppy mess now flicked across her face; slimy but rough. It passed along her lips, though she resisted him. “I could make a harem! Starting with you!”

“N-never!” Rukia refused.

“As if you had a say in the matter!” Upset by her simple refusal, the Shrieker pitched her forward, planting her on her hands and knees, and began to thrust earnestly at her insides.  “How dare you, Shinigami weakling?!”

Rukia panted and moaned in time with her assailant’s rhythm. He held her tight, and his grip was more palpable than his Targets’. She might as well be stayed by a steel vise. She flexed on his whim as he bore down on her, giving her ass a true punishment. In her downward dog position – as others without spiritual sight would see – her skirt had flipped up, showcasing her posterior which the Shrieker found delightful. “I can’t believe I almost ate you without enjoying your first! Shinigami women are more suitable for this than fighting after all!”

Again, Rukia was in no position to rebuke him, only take it up the ass and moan about it. It resonated in her, his slapping hips. She felt it in her moistened groin. Each collision shocked her ultrasensitive cunt, bellowing down into her womb where Ichigo’s seed had swam a few hours ago. Now this wretched creature meant to erase all sorts of pleasure from her mind to seat himself as her supreme experience. Admittedly, she liked submission; while loudmouthed and disagreeable, Ichigo suited that well for her. He hadn’t the experience or knowhow to dominate her, least of all like this!

“Ah~” The moan that escaped her was cuter than she meant it to be. But she meant to be wailing, cursing the Shriker’s existence, condemning him to damnation! Not curling her fingers and toes at the onset of climax. Her moans and the noise in her head had deafened her to the SQUELCH-SQUELCH!! of her asshole’s flogging and the Shrieker’s hollow hips colliding up against her swollen and dripping vulva. She had the presence of mind to only look beneath her, dragging her bangs along the asphalt to see the damage. As she had felt, the Hollow’s shaft was distending her front, appearing and backing out in time with her deep grunts. And beneath her widespread feet, a puddle of her own juices had started to form, growing drip by lengthy drip. And as the spasms within her became more frequent, the strength of her legs was put into question. She tried to keep them locked at the knee, just to keep from kowtowing in front of the fiend, but he was shoving her to such a splendid sensation!

“Keep…! Keep going!” she impulsively screamed, eyes screwing shut to deny reality to herself.

And at once, she was empty, as if the cock never existed, and there was simply a gaping hole between her cheeks. Her eyes opened at once, baffled and fearing that she had been driven mad during the earlier prospect of death. She had to wonder if she really yearned to be savagely fucked by a beast like this?

“I changed my mind,” the very-real Shrieker said evenly, stumbling Rukia’s focus further. He opened her legs, and she instinctively braced for another run at her ass, but felt the twisted tip align elsewhere. He couldn’t mean to…! “I think I can share this once!” Her pussy was more accommodating than her ass, though it made it no less painful when he stuffed his meaty cock into her twat. She screamed at once – “It’s so big~!” – before she was taken over by his dominating pace.

“As a Hollow,” he grunted out amongst his thrusts, “my stamina has certainly improved! I think I could keep fucking you for days! How fun!” He grabbed her by her armpits and took her to the air to fuck her along with gravity. Like a doll, she flopped on his shaft, legs and arms bouncing until he turned her around, forcing her hands to hold onto his shoulders and legs to grab around his sides for some manner of stability. “Would you like that, Shinigami?” He waited for no answer, licking across her face again while his glowing eyes grinned.

Her answer was a gurgle as she came on his mighty prick. All juicy and lubricated, he rolled his hips up to her. At one point, he fisted her wrists and held them skyward, letting her dangle atop his staff while waving his tongue beneath her arms; he’d since opened her blouse to do so, spectating on her small but adorable breasts and pink nipples when he ripped her bra off.

“I could fuck you for days…” He trailed off, sounding winded after taking Rukia through a wild ride. “… but, but I gotta collect that kid! And get something to eat!” He squeezed her cheeks, puckering her lips, and said slyly “But not you.” His pincerlike tongue wagged across her mouth. “But here’s something you can have!” With a squealy cry of delight, he began to flex, grunting as essence from some unseen source sped up his cock and unloaded into her womb directly; his tapered tip was well-suited to bypass her cervix almost like a corkscrew. His bullied out the orange-haired teenager’s and made the space his own dumping ground. “Ahh~! I haven’t felt so good in such a long time!” the Shrieker mused right before the giant tip of a sword ripped through his shoulder. His sleek eyes widened to see the sudden maiming. “­Wha-wha-wha-wha~t?!”

Rukia was dropped to the ground, groaning and dizzy and reeking of demon sex. Slowly, she collected the happenings around her: Ichigo had arrived on scene, the Shrieker was forced back, and Chad was standing nonchalantly at the side with he birdcage.

In combat, Ichigo swore hate at the creature, and the Shrieker shouted hate right back, but his was the weaker argument. Ichigo rushed through the Targets, using his hands as well as his blade to pummel the Hollow. For a moment, Shrieker staved off his impending doom with a tale of his life before death, the manipulation of the child, and all it ended with was a cracked mask and a blade from Hell impaling him.

But back with Rukia, when she recovered enough wits to contain as much nudity as she could with her torn clothes, she swung hard at Chad’s stomach; bruised knuckles and untarnished abs. While she nursed her throbbing fist with a tear in her eye, she asked him outright, “Where were you all this time?!”

Chad’s eyes were lost behind his hair as he stared forward. He seemed so solemn and wise, so defined by the light… until he said, “I couldn’t see through my hair…”

ccc During the fuckfest ccc

With his game turned off by the power, a little boy stared out his window to the commotion happening on the streets. A powerline pole had been knocked down, but that was hardly of interest to the child when he saw a dark-skinned hulk throwing jabs and kicks at the air while a small girl moved this way and that by hidden wires, flashing her pussy, ass and tits while moaning and squealing. And he thought right away, “Must be an expensive new porno…”


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