Snake Fangs and Panther Claws.

BY : Zarakiswolf
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Disclaimer: Bleach and its Characters other than Nakkita and any other OC's belong to Tite Kubo. I do not make any money off of this story. Belle is an OC created by a dear friend used with her permission.

"Nakkita, I have special orders for you today." Captain Tosen says quietly.

"Yes, sir?" I reply, coming forward, though I know he can't see me.

"You are to stay with me on the Execution Grounds. You will witness the execution of Rukia Kuchiki and tell me what happens, as my eyes do not see."

This startles me a bit. "Sir, are you certain that Lieutenant Hisagi wouldn't be better for this task?"

"He will be there too, barring any more attacks from the Ryoka, but your voice is far more pleasant to my ears."

I nod, ignoring the subtle flirting from him, as I usually do. Perhaps it's not really flirting so much as a compliment. I don't take compliments very well. "As you will, Captain. I will follow you wherever you may lead me."

"Do you truly mean that, or are you just saying that because you believe that is what I wish to hear?"

"I mean it. Captain, may I speak freely?"

"You may."

"Since coming to squad nine, you have taught me the difference between honor and savagery. That it is alright to be afraid during battle. There are so many things that are important that I likely would never have learned under some other captain's guidance. I'm sure you've noticed, I'm not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. Even Lieutenant Matsumoto is smarter than me." I sigh.

"I do not believe that for an instant. I have explained to you before, you are much smarter than you let on, but because of your history, you play stupid so as not to attract attention to your skills. Don't even think that I can't see that."

"I don't think you can see anything, sir." I mumble.

"What was that?"

"I said I don't think there's anything about me to see. I attract enough unwanted attention so I do play dumber than I am, but I assure you, I am dumb."

"An airhead, perhaps, but not dumb." he teases.

" you plan to leave the Seireitei?" I ask slowly.

"Why do you ask?"

"Well...oh, it's nothing. I'm just being silly again, that's all."

A gentle knock on the office door before it opens is the only warning we get before Captain Komamora steps in with his Lieutenant. Iba nods at me in greeting. "Kaname, it is time, my friend. Are you ready to proceed?" Captain Komamora asks softly. I've often wondered why his face is hidden in the large helmet on his head. Many women seem to think he's horribly disfigured under it. I think maybe he's hiding something more important than that.

"Yes, Sajin. I am ready. Shuhei and Nakkita will come with me." Captain Tosen says clearly.

"As you will."

I follow the Captains and their lieutenant's out of the office. I'm the shortest one in the group, a mere 5 feet and two extra inches. I'm a curvy, airhead with an hourglass figure that many men in squad 9 try to hound me for a date over, but I often refuse. The men I know are just not my type. Sure, they're fun to flirt with, but...well, I want something else. My love for sake is well known in the Seireitei and, quite often, gets me in trouble with Head Captain Yamamoto. I may have set fire to a couple buildings on accident a time or two during drunken escapades.

"I feel that loathsome barbarian heading this way...and he isn't alone." Captain Tosen says after a few minutes of walking.

"Several of the Ryoka are with him. Surely he didn't catch them. He would be more likely to kill them than take prisoners as he was ordered to." Captain Komamora growls.

"Shall we go dispose of the problem?"

"Captain...please don't hurt Captain Zaraki. As much of a barbarian that he is, without his influence, squad eleven will go berserk." I beg softly, causing the group to halt. The men turn to stare down at me.

"I forgot that his child has taken a liking to you. What a pity. I will promise not to kill him, if he has betrayed the Gotei Thirteen." Captain Tosen says softly.

"I understand. Thank you, Captain."

Shuhei, my only true friend in the squad, ruffles my violet hair gently. "Between you and me, Nakkita, I don't think Captain Zaraki would go down that easily." he whispers.

"I don't either but it's worth it to try to avoid a bloody battle, isn't it?"

"Very true. Come on, my heterochromatic friend."

I pout. I hate being called out for my eyes. My right eye is an emerald left, however, is the color of amber. Everyone always pays attention to my eyes. They think it makes a good bragging point, claiming that having a girl with two different colored eyes is "unique". I find it to be a hassle. It's not like my eyes do anything besides see, just like most other people's eyes do.

As the men begin moving again, I follow along quietly. Yachiru, the "daughter" of Captain Zaraki, is also his lieutenant and perhaps my best friend, even though she is only a child. Her antics cheer me up on days when I curse myself for yet another screw up. Captain Zaraki doesn't seem to mind me, though he doesn't seem to like me either. How did he put it? Ah yes. He tolerates me for Yachiru's happiness but if I ever become a problem, he will squash me like the idiotic pest I am.

"Kita-chan!" I hear Yachiru call as we get to where Captain Zaraki is. He has 4 Ryoka with him, along with his 3rd, 5th and 10th seat officers.

"Yachiru, what are you doing with the Ryoka?" I ask, rather confused.

"We're helping them find Ichi because Kenny wants to fight him again."

"Disgraceful. You have betrayed Soul Society, Kenpachi Zaraki." my captain snaps.

"Tch. Nakkita, run along. You four, come at me. Let's get this battle out of the way. You might be good enough for a warm up, anyway." Captain Zaraki grumbles. "The rest of you get lost or I'll slice you up too."

"Nakkita, you are dismissed. Stay with that group and detain them once they reach their destination. We can end these pointless battles all at once." Captain Tosen orders gently.

"Yes, Captain."

"Yay! C'mon, Kita!" Yachiru happy screams, grabbing my hand and dragging me away. Captain Zaraki grabs my shoulder, glaring down at me.

"If you arrest any of them, I'll kick your ass, got it?" he snarls.

I swallow and nod. Yachiru drags me off again. This is going to be interesting, to say the least.


I stand, watching Ichigo fighting, rather badly, with Captain Aizen. Captain Aizen had apparently faked his own death and is trying to steal something called the Hyogoku from inside the body of Rukia Kuchiki. None of that concerns me, really. I watch as Captain Komamora attacks Captain Tosen and, in a stupid move, I run forward. I'm suddenly surrounded, just as Captain Tosen, Captain Aizen and Captain Ichimaru are, by a yellow light. I look around, rather panicked.

"Easy, Kita-san. We're kidnapping ya. Takin' you for an adventure!" Captain Ichimaru says playfully.

"Nakkita, do not try to exit or you will be destroyed." Captain Tosen commands as I lift my foot to take a step.

"Captain, how did you know I was trying to escape? And what's happening? I'd like to get off this ride, please!" I say, rather moodily.

"I know you too well. Stay still. You will come with us. That is final."

I catch Captain Aizen gazing at me in a calculating manner and sigh. "If you plan to kill me, why not just do it now? Less hassle."

"Aww, now where's the fun in that, Kita-san? It's all fun and games now." Captain Ichimaru chuckles.

"Kita! I'll have Kenny come rescue you! Don't die. Save the good fights for him, okie?" Yachiru calls, waving as if I'm just going for a walk or something.

"Yachiru, I'm not going because I want to! I want to stay here!" I snap.

"Relax, Nakkita. I'll be there with you. Obviously you're useful or Sosuke would have left you here, you silly goose." Belle, Captain Aizen's bedmate and possible lover, calls from his side.

I wrinkle my nose. I had never liked Captain Aizen. Something about him had always made the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck raise. I made it a point to avoid him at all costs. Belle, however, I'd considered a friend, as she'd never been mean to me. Maybe I would be ok. I look back down at Captain Komamora and mouth the words "Help me!" at him. His subtle nod calms me, letting me know that he will not leave me abandoned with these madmen.


It's been a week already and I'm weary. Captain Tosen allows me to stay by his side as much as I wish to, which is a lot since I'm creeped out by that fox Gin and the calm Aizen. Speaking of Aizen, I grip my Captain's sleeve, winding the cloth between my fingers, a nervous habit I've had since waking up in the Rukongai as a child. Tosen doesn't seem to mind, as he never yells at me. Aizen is doing something bad again. There are several creatures, once arrancars, now something he calls Espada, that surround the Hyogoku as it begins to shine brightly. Quite suddenly, what was once a pather looking arrancar now is...I cut off my thoughts, swallowing.

"What is wrong, Nakkita? Are you afraid of our new ally?" Tosen asks me gently.

"He's pretty." I say before slapping my free hand over my mouth. My eyes don't leave the sky-blue haired and azure eyed Espada. Part of his mask, the jaws of his panther form, covers the right side of his face. There's a hole in his stomach, the very hole that makes him a hollow being.

"What is your name?" Aizen asks softly from his "throne".

"Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez." the man replies clearly.

"Welcome to my circle, Grimmjow. I expect great things from you, number six. Your battle prowess is well known by some of the Priveron Espada."

"I'll prove I'm the strongest, one way or the other." the new Espada snorts.

"He sounds like that Barbarian Kenpachi." Tosen sighs, sounding a bit sad.

"I don't think so. He's different." I reply.

"Nakkita!" Aizen calls for me.

I step in front of him, close to Grimmjow, who eyes me shrewdly. "Yes?"

"Take our new friend to a room and get him a uniform, would you?"

"Yes, sir." I begin walking away, glancing over my shoulder at Grimmjow. "Please, follow me." I say softly, hoping my voice doesn't give away that something is amiss.

"Are you afraid of me, girl?" he snarls, stomping in my direction.

"A bit. I'm sure I'll be more afraid when I see you fight. You're reiatsu is far stronger than mine, after all." I admit, as we finally get out of the room into one of the many long hallways.

"You should be. I can smell you're a soul reaper, just like those other bastards back there."

"I assure you, I'm no threat to you. The male soul reapers might be, but I'm not. I may like fighting, but I lack the strength."

"You're like a damn kitten. Too damn soft," he growls. "What's to stop me from pinning you to the wall and having my way with you before I kill you?"

I swallow again. "Nothing, I don't suppose. I'd rather you didn't though."

"Why's that? And who the fuck says I care what you want?"

"Well, I'm just not ready to die yet." I shrug. I hear him grumbling a few threats and profanities, which makes me smile. All too soon, we reach a room and I guide him inside. "This will be your room, obviously. There's clothing in the closet, if you care to wear clothes."

"No, I figured I'd walk around naked, you dumbass." he snarls.

"Well, you are a cat. I didn't think you'd like clothes." I shrug.

His hand grabs my shoulder, the tips of his fingers digging in roughly before turning me to face him. "Are you saying because I'm a cat you get to talk down to me?"

"No! Not at all. I didn't mean to offend you. I simply meant that cats don't normally wear clothes so I thought maybe you wouldn't want to. Here in your room, you don't have to but you must in the halls."

He glares at me awhile longer. This gives me a bit of time to study his face. My heart seems to want to beat faster, for some odd reason, and my mouth is quite dry. He's a fine specimine of a male. Lean and yet muscular, where the hole doesn't interrupt his abs. His azure eyes are hot with his rage and I suddenly feel like a mouse. Then he puts his foot in his mouth. "The fuck is wrong with your eyes?"

"I was born this way, you ass." I snap before dragging my shoulder from his grip. "I'm leaving. Sleep, get dressed, whatever. Don't follow me unless you put on some hakama at least."

I storm from the room and head for my own on the other side of this castle, known as Las Noches. I'm stopped half way to my destination by one of Hallibel's fraccion, named Apacci. Her eyes are like mine, though instead of green, her right eye is blue, the left amber with a red ring. "What's got you in a tizzy?" she asks.

"The new number six. He's an ass." I growl.

"Aren't most males?"

"Good point. Did you need something?"

"No, I'm just hanging around, waiting for the meeting to be over. Lady Hallibel sent the other two off on errands so I'm bored."

"I see. I'd stay but I don't really think that'd be a good idea in case the cat comes out of his room on the war path."

She laughs uproarously. "I'll hold him off for you, if he does. It'll give me something to do anyway."


****Grimmjow POV****

What an annoying woman. Pretty, sure, but annoying. Apparently her eyes being 2 different colors in a thorn in her side. I'll make sure to use that against her when she pisses me off next time. How the fuck did she figure out I wouldn't want to wear clothes here in this room? I'm not that damn obvious, am I?

I explore the room a bit. There's a bed in one corner that's big enough for two people, if I wanted to share, which I don't. In the room off of this one is a bathroom with a shower, no bathtub. Good. I hate water. There's a closet with a few white uniforms in it and some whitey tighties to match. Fuck that shit. I'll go commando.

****Nakkita POV****

I lay on my bed, reading, as I normally do when trying to wind down to sleep. My mind, however, has other plans. It keeps throwing Grimmjow up randomly, replaying the scene in his room, imagining how I could've answered differently, etc. Every time I think of that stupid cat, my body feels funny. This is ridiculous. Maybe there's something wrong with me. I pull my robe on tighter and, after marking my page, put my book on the nightstand. I head for the Espada I know might be able to figure out what's wrong with me. I knock on the door to his lab and greet him when it opens. "I'm sorry to bother you but...well, I'm having a weird problem and, since you're the smartest person I know, I thought you could help me figure it out."

Szayallaporo smiles. "Of course you can, but it comes at a price. I will work for Aizen for free, not you."

"What do you want?"

"Blood samples."

"Ok. How about we talk while you get your samples, deal?"

"You're just so easy to get along with. Sit on my table and tell me what troubles you."

I hop on the table, making quite a lot of noise since I'm so short. "Well, I'm having random issues with my heart and my mouth."

"Oh? What issues, exactly?"

"Sometimes, my heart beats so fast and hard it feels as though it's going to burst from my chest and, at the same time, my mouth gets dry like the sand outside."

"Hmm, that is strange. Is there anything you're doing at the time this happens?"

"Thinking, I suppose." I shrug, watching him as he preps my arm for the blood draw. I flinch a bit when the needle stabs me, but don't complain.

"About?" He asks, his honey colored eyes regarding me with a bit of malice.


He looks stunned before he begins to laugh. "Oh dear. Here I thought you'd be thinking about something important and yet you're thinking about the cat. Does he make you hot, my purple haired girl?"

"Hot? No, my temperature feels fine, thank you." I deadpan.

"You actually think I'm going to believe that? You really are an airhead." he snickers as he pulls the needle from my arm.

"He's handsome but a total jerk. Eye candy, nothing more." I growl.

"I see. Eye candy perhaps, but I think you want some of the cat's cream."

I blush and cough, choking on my own spit. "The hell did you just say!?"

"You heard me. I wouldn't blame you, if you did. It's not like you could reproduce with him, so you wouldn't need protection. However, that would be an interesting experiment." he says offhandedly.

"What would?"

"Seeing if a soul reaper could take the amount of abuse we arrancars dish out for sexual gratification."

"Arrancar...get horny?"

He smirks. "Yes. And most of the mating isn't consentual except under certain circumstances. I wonder if you would be willing to let the cat take you?"

"In your dreams. I've had my fill of men who can't satisfy me, thank you very much." I roll my eyes.

"Is that so? So you're not pure?"

"Hell no. Life's no fun without some fun, is it?"

"Good point. About your problem, quite simply, I think what you're feeling is attraction. Let him plug that wet hole of yours and see if it helps."

"Gross! No way."

"Is it gross because it's an Espada? Or because he's a feline?" he snaps, seeming offended.

"Because I don't even like him and he doesn't like me, so it's gross."

"You make no sense. Go away." he orders, pointing to the door.

I sigh and leave, forgetting to ask what he needed the blood for.


"Nakkita, I'd like you to go with Ulquiorra and Yammy today." Aizen says, quite seriously.

"Uhm...not to be rude, sir, but is that a good idea? I'm not exactly strong and I'm pretty stupid too. I might mess them up accidentally." I say quietly.

"I'm not sure what you mean. You have shikai and I've seen you be smart."

"I think you're trying to give me a pep talk and it's not working. I'd just be in the way."

"Nakkita, you will go. That is final." Tosen snaps, the first time I've heard him do so.

"Yes, sir." I mumble, getting to my feet.

"Ulquiorra, don't let Yammy harm her." Aizen orders.

"Understood." the black haired, green eyed Espada says.

****Grimmjow POV****

I storm from the meeting room after number 4's presentation. The little purple haired mouse had left beforehand, looking pretty green around the gills. I follow her scent to her room. I won't admit it to anyone else but she smells good. It's a sweet smell, like vanilla and spicy like cinnamon. When I get to her room, she's puking her guts up, from the sound of things. Damn she's pathetic. Walking to the bathroom door instantly confirms my suspicions.

"The hell did you run from, mousey?" I tease, a smirk on my face.

"Go away, kitty." she snaps, using the damn nickname that bugs me the most.

I lean on the doorframe. "Make me."

Instead, she pukes again. This woman is stronger than she lets on so I'm curious what's got her sick like this. After a few dry heaves she manages to flush the toilet. "Yammy. What he did, killing all those people." she finally admits, trying to get to her feet. Her legs shake as she holds the wall, walking to the sink. "Go away, Grimmjow. It's not like you really care. You're just here to make fun of me, as usual."

I watch as she brushes her teeth, my lip lifting in a snarl. "You don't give me orders, bitch. I'm going to stay here just to annoy you."

She spits. "Whatever. I'm going to bed." she grumbles, pushing past me. This is the first time she's touched me. Normally it's me touching her, forcing her to look at me. She won't even lift her eyes to mine anymore after that first day. True to her word, she strips down her white shihakushou, pulls a robe on, and lays down. "If you're going to stay, then come over here."

"Why should I?"

"I don't want to be alone."

"You are alone here, you dumbass. Why the hell should I care what you want?"

"You don't, I guess."

The tone of her voice bothers me for some stupid ass reason. She sounds so damn pathetic. I growl at her before sitting next to her on her bed. To my surprise, she smiles a little and begins petting my arm. This doesn't last long, as she closes her eyes to sleep. What an idiototic little mouse. How the fuck can she sleep with a predator like me so close to her?




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