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The bed shimmied under the thrusts of the strange boy’s hips, but Masaki’s mind was far from the state of her mattress. She hadn’t felt this good before; not when her own fingers played with her pussy or when her friends – namely Kanon – fitted a vibrator to her clit. Those orgies – a secret from the Ishida family – were the most fun she had… until now.

“More! More!! It feels so good!” she slurred, drunk on the pleasure of sex, the thick cock stretching her out. The smooth phalluses her friends supplied did not fill her out like this, and the grooves of the real thing…!

Above her, Ichigo sweated with more than effort. His mom – or future mom? The facts were terribly muddled – had a filthier mouth than he’d ever heard her spoken. Her younger self, plump in areas he’d never noticed as a child; as a teen, closer to a man, his jaw drooped when he saw how stacked she was. She had shuffled so quickly out of her top, her buttons nearly popping out as her breasts strained free. “Do you like them?” she’d said coyly, lifting them up in her purple bra. Before he could answer, slack-jawed as he was, she unlatched the hooks and let bodacious breasts free. Huge! They were Orihime-size, though he felt bad comparing; felt worse when she applied his hand to one and told him to enjoy, and he complied.

Not long after that, touching devolved to kissing, and that led to her pushing him down on the bed, and he was granted the true filth of his mom’s mouth. “I’ve only done this on toys,” she said while rummaging around in his zipper. His pants were strangely tight, a different style than the slacks other boys wore. But she was not analyzing his attire; her goal was brought out rigid and ready.

Ichigo cursed every bit of his demolished manhood and restraint. He had resisted Yoruichi-san, shied away from Rangiku-san’s provocations, kept his eyes on the skies when a gaggle of giggling gals pranced around the beach, and only fucked Orihime when the mood allowed it. Yet, for his mom, for the center of the Kurosaki household, he banked and let his cock go into her giggly mouth.

She pumped up and down, holding his stem steady with a clasping hand. Orihime’s methods were always moist-sounding and accompanied with little grunts and moans, but Masaki had a fit of giggles that muffled and vibrated around his cock. Her tits wobbled and swished against the insides of his legs. In a rush of forbidden need, Ichigo rushed down his pants and gave his balls over to Masaki.

“They look so cute!” squealed Masaki, and then went to them with her mouth. She kissed them both, fondling and nuzzling the loose skin. She licked, kissed and sucked until his nuts were slick wet.

She pushed him down, snickering and saying that she wanted to try. “Try what?!” Ichigo blabbed out right before Masaki’s muff met his face. Her skirt veiled him and trapped the scent of her musk. The heady aroma dizzied him, leading his only sense of action to sideline her panties and put his lips to her wet gash. Her pubic hair rounded her mound, not deterring Ichigo in the slightest, though he was accustomed to the shaven plane of Orihime’s crotch. He’d no preference, however; he ate the woman’s cunt fervently. Beyond the screen of her skirt, he heard the noise of her pleasures, and he dragged his tongue more along the line of her sex. The flesh was plump around, swollen from arousal. She said she’d not been with a boy before, but his tongue slipped inside of her smoothly and bathed in her sticky essence.

She came from his tongue lashing her clitoris. He flicked over nub even as she quaked and shivered, squealing all the while and pulling on the tips of his hair. She was a screamer, though she had warned him they must use discretion. Quincies like Ryuken’s mom and Katagiri watched over her and would come in at their own discretion. Quick and silent…

She wound up on her stomach quickly after cumming. Once Ichigo sat up, cleaning his mouth with his hand, she flopped down, hiked her skirt up over her ass, and told him to hurry and mount her. Haste and no objections; Ichigo hadn’t yet met release, his incestuous encounter mounting the taboo lusts to complete lack of judgement. He mounted her, muttering that he had some experience for her benefit.

It wasn’t easy to admit that to his mom, but he leveled his cock between her splayed thighs, and she took his bulged cock into her, splitting the brunette meadow to unearth the pink treasures. Her virgin body tightened and resisted his plundering, though she’d be ruptured before when Kanon’s toy went deep. The boy she knew only as Ichigo plowed through her until bottoming out, tying to her cervical wall with a string of drooling pre-cum.

She squirmed beneath his solid weight. Just as he adjusted above her, she moved her hips to try to accommodate him. “You’re so big,” she drooled, eyes crossing. “So… big…!”

Ichigo gulped nervously. She really did remind him of Orihime. “I’m… I’m going to start now…” He kept from uttering ‘Mom’.

And thus, after a few practicing thrusts that got her initial squealing and heavy panting, he began pounding her, crushing his hips up against her ass, his cock arching into her tight twat. Each pull from her dragged out a wave of her juices to soak the mattress or her own dress. “More! More!! It feels so good! Mmm!” Eyes rolling back as spit rolled off the tip of her tongue, she bounced her butt back into him. “Fuck me more, Ichigo~!”

A filthier mouth than he’d ever heard her before; a younger voice, a younger mom, but still his. He couldn’t deny her at all. He pressed her arms down, restricting her, forcibly resigning her to only accepting the pounding he gave.


He held his tongue to keep from bleeding the truth to her. His phasing through time; that simple pass through the Dangai. To wind up here was pure coincidence.

He didn’t need to recount his adventures to this point, not when he was so deep in Kurosaki Masaki. Before even the old man got in her; unspoiled. He bowed his head between Masaki’s shoulder blades, and then murmured one word that she did not hear, not when she cried out and squeezed down on his cock. A deluge polished his solid length, but it was the crushing force of her pussy walls that unlocked the wash of sperm across her cervix and through to her womb. Could he possibly be planting himself in her with his seed as part of a paradoxical riddle? He didn’t care. Along with the taboo of incest, he banished the reason and confusion and continued his flooding of her innermost chamber unreservedly. Every ounce of him, he injected into her until the room was filled.

His tension drew him together, and a sigh made him fall apart. The heaving of Masaki’s body was squashed underneath his dead weight, but with the expulsion of energy, his heaviness was comfortable. She smiled with strands of her hair stuck to patches of sweat. “You did it inside of me, didn’t you?” Her shoulders lifted as she gave a small, girlish giggle. “You’re naughty,” she teased with a sly grin.

Not the term he would use; more abhorrent or despicable, words more appropriate for how he felt as he picked himself up to watch his cock slowly emerge from between her white-washed folds. His knob popped out last, with a thick strand of white still holding onto its place of origin. The larger volume was locked in her, seed nosing for fertile ground.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” he chastised himself.

The shrewd, taunting grin turned over to him. “Yeah. Auntie would get mad if she found out,” Masaki said.

Ichigo nodded numbly, staring at the point where his cum oozed out of her. Whoever this ‘Auntie’ was, she sounded like a strict and fearsome woman; Ichigo had bad luck with those women. But more than that, his cock had more to give.

Dammit. He thought he sensed someone outside. He decided, audaciously, to shove two fingers in Masaki’s still panting mouth before reinserting his cock into her snatch, sliding through his previous deposit and cramming it all back in. Masaki’s eyes widened in response, and she was thankful that his fingers stifled the resulting scream as he began to fuck her anew.


So this story may prove to be the blueprints to a larger story featuring this taboo pairing, as well as other 'Past' characters.  But, as always, I'm working on big projects at the moment.

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