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Thunder broke out obnoxiously throughout the dark cloudy sky. Some streaks of white lightning wrapped around the clouds, but mostly the thunder made its presence known around Karakura Town. The vibrations of the sound of thunder shook the walls of the Karakura police station. Some of the cops and detectives that work near the windows glanced outside in curiosity from the gloomy storm struck day.

A young mid-20s woman sat at her desk typing away on her important report. Her long slender fingers with black polished nails clicked away from her fast typing. Some of her close colleagues were starting to get irritated from the noise but kept their comments to themselves as they knew by now to never interrupt her concentration. She had long red hair that was pulled up into a messy bun that sat at the nap of her head with some loss hair fanning her face which she would sometimes put them behind her ears from time to time. Her violet color eyes shone like the brightest amethyst inside a jewelry store waiting to be picked on the next sell. She had on black rim square glasses sitting on her small button nose. She mostly used them when she was at work since her job was mostly in front of a computer or reading over reports. She paused in typing to release a long tired sigh from her dark red painted heart shaped lips. She pinched the bridge of her nose as she closed her eyes to think to herself and to rest her eyes for a bit. The previous case was a disaster as her detective she worked under had to clean up a gore fill warehouse of dead bodies or what body parts they found and figure out what took place. She guessed correctly that the notorious Pantera Yakuza had something to do with it since their fingerprints were everywhere within the warehouse.

Pantera Yakuza were the untouchable criminals within Karakura town as they did what they wanted because they paid the big wigs at city hall and chief of police a hefty sum of money. The leader of the gang and known as the Panther King was Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. She releases a slight groan from just the thought of him. She swears he change his original name to this formal name because it sounded close to Grim Reaper which was just childish. Any records of his true original name were all destroyed or disappear from the birth records department.


“Okinawa-san, we got him. Well... more like he came willingly and calmly. He in room 3 of interrogation. Kurosaki-san wants you to go in first to get the basic questions from him. Hopefully having a pretty girl like you questioning him would open him up about the current case.” A man with short jaw length black hair with a purple tint spoke calmly while looking down at her with his dark violet eyes.


The redhead woman was taken back from the request before releasing another tired sigh. She slowly stood up to her full height of 5’7 from her desk chair. She strengthens her black pencil skirt and fixed her lavender color button up sleeveless blouse. If she would have known she would be interrogating someone today she would be dressed with a blazer, but it was rare Ichigo Kurosaki, the detective she worked under, allow her during interrogations. She bent down slightly to move the mouse of her computer to save her documents and lock her screen. Last time she left her screen open, Ichigo went through her organize document folders and messed up a ton of other things. Even though he is her boss, she pretty much threatens him to never touch her computer again since she had a bit of OCD about her documents and filing process. She now locks her computer as she didn’t trust his promise of never touching her computer again. She picked up her legal pad and a couple of documents about the current case along with her favorite purple hearts design pen.


“It sounds like your trying to flatter me, Yumichika-kun. Are you trying to butter me up for Captain Kenpachi and Ichigo-san since I really don’t like interrogating suspects? My internship for this job doesn’t allow me to do y’alls jobs.” The red headed woman spoke with a serious tone as she pushed in her chair under her desk and faced the fellow detective.


“Woman, you know I would never sass you about your beauty since you’re the only gorgeous female in this department. I thought I would be stuck with ugly people for the remainder of my career here, but then you showed up and made my life worth living again.” Yumichika said with a smile on his lips as relief came out in his words. The young woman slightly smiled as she shrugged her shoulders.


The young man before her always came to her in the mornings to express his dislike on someone's appearance. He actually told her what certain colors and hairstyles looked good on her. He always made sure he wore the nicest clothes he found at Express Men. He was her personal fashion guru and honest her best friend in the whole department. She enjoyed his brute honesty on any subject they spoke about. She walked passed him in her black high heels and started heading towards the interrogation rooms. Her heels clicked against the white tile floors of the office building as she kept her eyes focus forward. She barely started working at the police station as a detective’s intern/secretary for over two years now. She wants to be a prosecutor so she can put criminals like Grimmjow in prison once and for all.

She stopped in her walk when she noticed Ichigo Kurosaki stood outside the interrogation room she was supposed to report to. He stood tall at his full height of 5’11 wearing black slacks and a white button up shirt with his black leather gun holsters on. He also wore a loose black tie that was soppy made around the collar of his shirt. His odd hair color of orange was in its normal spiked mess. His built was slim, but muscular enough to catch any woman’s attention. She almost got caught by his attraction when she was placed as his intern, but his personality was too annoying for her taste. Plus she soon learned he was happily married and had a son. His strong brown eyes looked towards her and he gave her an off smile from her arrival. She noticed he wasn’t one to smile too much as it didn’t match his stubborn attitude and him smiling just didn’t look right. Don’t get her wrong he was a nice guy and cared a lot on everybody's well-being, but smiling just wasn’t his thing.


She approached him as he towers over her, “Okinawa-san, great you got my message. I just need you to get the basic info and maybe a couple of case questions that you think he might answer once you get him open up. I know you’re not allowed to enter interrogation sessions or perform them, but you’re the only woman I know that doesn’t allow flattery or flirtatious remarks blind your work ethics. Aw man, I’m sorry. That came out wrong didn’t it?”


She looked at him a bit taken back and smiled from his kind words. “No, Ichigo-san. I take my work seriously since I’m trying to become a prosecutor. Being a woman in this line of work is hard as is, so I will take your words as compliments. I will see what I can get out of him. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity of learning more about the job.” She bowed to him in respect which threw him off a bit. His peach color hand wave in front of her before it went into his messy orange hair.


“No, thank you for all the work you do to make my work easier. I wish more people took their job seriously like you do. The Captain allows you fifteen minutes with him before we come in and finish the interrogation. Do know he is not cuff down, but we will be viewing y’all through the monitors. If he tries anything towards you we will stop him before he can. We are in the next room after all. Good luck.” The orange haired detective explained calmly towards her which she nodded before she took a deep breath. She actually felt a bit nervous as she was going to be in a small room with a free dangerous man with just a security camera watching them.


Ichigo patted her bare shoulder lightly to give her confidence before he opened the door for her. She silently thanked him with a nod before stepping into the white lighted room that houses a metal table in the middle with two chairs on opposite sides. On the left side of the table sat a tall muscular figure with light blue spiked hair. He sat in a pure boredom form on his chair. He wore dark green cargo pants with a black gold studded belt and black combat boots. A black tank top with skulls and white splatter words saying Death is You. He also had the number 6 tattoo on his bare right upper arm that faced her. Her body froze as a sudden lust filled chill ran down her spine when he turned his gorgeous face towards her. His predator eyes were a light blue that pierce her being, his face was sharp, and his confident seductive grin made her panties wet with need. She wanted to curse at herself for being captured by the dominant predator before her. She stopped herself from fanning herself with her hand as she moved to sit at the empty chair on the opposite side of the table. She placed her documents and pad down before sitting down completely. She released a silent sigh as she was thankful the metal chair was cold.

She felt his icy blue eyes upon her form as she prepares her legal pad for much needed notes for her questions towards him. She kept reminding herself that the man across from her was a cold blooded murderer and wouldn’t think twice about removing her from the face of the planet. She cleared her throat and licked her dry lips. Before she could start introducing herself even though she didn't want to give him her full name, she heard his deep voice first.


“Take them off.” Her purple eyes shot up to his blue ones in confusion as a smudged grin formed on his lips.


“Pardon?” she questioned as she wanted to see she heard him right.


“Take them off. Last warning.” His deep voice repeated.


“Take what off?” She had to ask as she wonders he dares to order her to take off a piece of clothing while knowing they are being monitored.


“Those ugly ass glasses. Why wear something that doesn’t go with your hot appearance?” He leaned back in his chair while placing his hands behind his head.


“I will not. I didn’t come here to please your needs. So shall we begin…?” She narrowed her eyes towards him as she picked up her pen and sat up straight in her chair. He just kept watching her with his predator eyes.


“My name is Kaya Okinawa; I will be just asking basic questions and one or two questions about the following case you were brought in for.” She introduced and explained calmly towards him as she had no time to spare to allow him to affect her the way he did.


“Ms. Okinawa… I’m all yours. Just be gentle...unless you prefer playing rough instead.” He grin grew bigger as he leaned forward on the table. Kaya squirm a bit under his dominant stare as an image of him pinning her to the table and ramming her from behind suddenly appear in her mind. She closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose as she tried to clear her mind of the naughty thoughts. She cleared her throat as she opened her eyes. She heard him chuckle as he probably knew he was having an effect on her.


“Is your birth name Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez?” She started her first question.




“Were you born and raised in Karakura?”




“Are you the leader of the Pantera Yakuza?”


“Who else could it be?”


“Mr. Jaegerjaquez, yes or no answers only please.” She said with a bit of irritation in her tone.


“It’s Grimmjow, kitten. I rather hear you call me by my first name in that pretty voice of yours. I bet my name would sound even better coming out as a moan too in your voice.” He closed his eyes as if he could picture it.


“Please refrain from calling me anything besides my name, Mr. Jaegerjaquez. I am on a tight time schedule with this interview. If you please just answer my questions in yes or no answers only. That will be much helpful.” She explained as calmly as she could.


Grimmjow open his eyes and he stared at her with seriousness this time. “No, I will not refrain from anything I say. I speak what I please and your bullshit questions are starting to get on my goddamn nerves. I didn’t calmly come here for you to treat me like some fucking preschooler who got in trouble with pouring all the glue out of the damn bottle. If you could get to your major questions now I would gladly appreciate that. I myself am a busy man and I would like to get this fucking shit over with now.”


Kaya sat in her chair in shock as she didn’t expect his behavior to change so quickly from a flirtatious pervert to an angry madman. She stared at him in silence as she now understanding the true face of the notorious Panther King.


“Okay, Mister… I mean Grimmjow, Were you and your men at the Mill Warehouse between the hours of 8pm to 11pm on Wednesday night?” She looked at her legal pad to break eye contact with him.


“Yes.” Kaya look back towards his icy blue eyes as he kept staring at her with a blank face.


“Would you like to get a lawyer before my colleagues come in and finish this interrogation?”


“No need for one.” He smirks after answering the question.


She was about to end her interview, but before she could the lights went out through the whole building and the automatic doors of the interrogation rooms lock down from the sudden power outage. A sudden gasp left her lips as she curse that she was trapped within this room with a Yakuza boss. Soon the emergency generator light kicked on and flooded the room with enough light for her to see Grimmjow hasn’t move from his spot. He looked amused from the sudden predicament that had fallen. A loud bang from the door made her jump in her chair. She looked towards the door and walked towards it.


“Okinawa-san, are you alright in there?” Ichigo voice yells out towards her.


“Yes, Ichigo-san. What happen to the lights?”


“It seems the storm cut our power out. The generators only power the lights. The doors are going to remain lockdown till the power is back up. You have to sit tight till then. Can you do it? If not, I can see we can pry open the doors from out here.” Ichigo’s worried voice came through at the end as he knew who was trapped with her inside.


“I believe I will be fine till the lights come back on. Right… Grimmjow?” She turns to face the blue haired man who just smirks towards her.

Thirty minutes seem to pass by with no electricity still within the police station. Kaya and Grimmjow sat in complete silence as they waited. She hasn’t tried to ask him any more questions as she would like his answers to be recorded instead. She took a deep breath as she wonders how much more the power outage would take. She flinched from the sudden shriek of the metal chair Grimmjow was sitting in. He scooted back in it before standing up. He released an annoyed growl from the back of his throat as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He pulled a single out and place it on his lips before putting the pack back in his cargo pants. As he pulled his lighter out, Kaya quickly stood up and stop him.


“Please don’t light that in here. One: I’m allergic to the smell of tobacco. Second: you will set the fire sprinklers off. I do not wish to be soaked to the bone.” She looked at him calmly with her purple eyes.


“One: I don’t give a damn. Two: I’m in desperate need for a smoke. And lastly three: maybe I want to see you wet.” He grinned as he pulled the cig from his mouth and rest it behind his ear. He put his lighter away before approaching where she stood near the table. She watched him as his approach was like a predator ready to pounce on its prey.


Kaya just kept her eyes on him as she wondered what he might do next. Grimmjow stood close to her body as she could feel his body heat. His icy blue eyes bore into her amethyst eyes. She could see his mischievous and lust coming through them. She gasped softly as she felt his fingers slowly glide up and down her exposed arm. She shivers in need as her skin prickle with goosebumps from his touch on her. She watched his face move down to hers and stops about an inch from hers.


“I see you don’t mind me touching you, kitten. Would you like me to touch you in other places as well?” A grin spread widely on his face. She narrowed her eyes at him and step back away from him.


“Don’t call me kitten. Plus I don’t like you touching me. Please go sit back down in your seat, Grimmjow.” She looked away from him while rubbing her arms that he touched. Laughter erupted from him as he moved towards her again. This time he quickly grabbed her hips and pin her back to the table.


“Kitten, don’t lie to me. Your body knows what it likes and right now it likes me touching you. I bet it wants me to fuck you hard on this table.” He seductively whispers in her ear. His hand moved up to her face and pulled her glasses slowly off her face and tossed them across the room. She wanted to bitch him out, but she kept quiet as she felt his fingers glide over her cheek and move back down her body.

Kaya felt shivers run down her spine from his touches as she squirms against his hold. “I-I…” her mouth went dry as she couldn’t think at the moment from his closeness.


“Do you want me to fuck you, Kaya?” He questioned her as he purr out her name. He started putting light kisses on her jawline and neck. She felt one of his hands slid down her thigh before moving back up from under her skirt. She sucks in some air from his hand movement.

“Kaya… what do you want?” He questioned again against her skin as he kept kissing her neck. He groaned in need as he felt she was wearing a thong underneath her skirt.


“Ah…” she moaned out as she felt his hand squeeze her ass cheek and press her body closer to his. She could feel that he was hard already.


“Tell me what you want, kitten.” He growled out in need. His patience was quickly wearing thin as he was about to fuck her without consent.


“I want you, Grimmjow.” She breathes out finally as she couldn’t hold back her need anymore. He was driving her body wild with his mere small touches. She didn’t care anymore that she was still at work.

Grimmjow grin against her skin. He unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor before he used both his hands to pick her up from the back of her thighs and sat her on top of the metal table. She squeaks from the sudden coldness against her butt cheeks. He released a small chuckle before he roughly kissed her lips. She gasped against his sudden kiss which he used to deepen the kiss. She kissed him back with the same rawness as their tongues battle for dominance.


            Kaya released lust filled moans against his lips as he moved his hands up her thighs and squeezed both of her ass cheeks and press her even closer to his hard on. She broke their kiss to get much needed air and proving he won the tongue battle. He chuckled once again as he kissed her jawline and down her neck. He bites and sucked on her skin leaving his marks all over her neck.


“Remove your blouse before I rip it off.” He growled out as he moved his right hand up to her hip then dip it down to her most sensitive spot. He slipped in his fingers into the inside of her thong then rubbed his index finger against her wet folds.


“Damn, kitten. Were you wet before I started touching you? You’re fucking drench right now.” He groans out against her ear.


Kaya’s face lit up bright red in a blush from his words. He now knew from her just seeing him from the beginning his very appearance made her wet. She moved her fingers to her blouse buttons and quickly undid them. She sighed in release as she felt the cool air in the room brushed against the exposed skin of her chest that her black lace bra didn’t cover and her flat stomach. Her body was shaped like an hourglass as her ass was decent size and her breast was a single D cup. She removed her blouse completely off her torso and let it join her skirt on the floor. A shiver ran down her spine as she heard a throaty growl fell out his lips as he looked down at her breast. A huge grin formed on his lips as he used his other hand that was originally on her ass and used it to grope her right breast roughly. He even pinched her nipple through the bra which caused her to hiss quietly in pain. He removed his hand from her breast and quickly moves it to her back to unhook the bra. Goosebumps form on her skin as he set her girls free. She allows her bra to fall to her pile of clothes.

Grimmjow’s icy blue eyes locked onto his new targets as he quickly dip his head to capture on her mounds into his watering mouth. He groaned in pleasure from the taste of her skin as he gorge on her right breast and flicked his tongue over her hard nipple. His eyes watched as she moaned in pleasure while letting her head fall back. His hand went to her hip and held it as he plunge his right index and middle fingers into her wet pussy at once while using his thumb to rub her clit.

Kaya gasp out and moaned loudly as she gripped his shoulders. She bet she would have drawn blood from his shoulders if he had taken off his shirt. She closed her eyes while running her left hand into his blue hair and grips it tightly. She let out a silent scream when she felt him bit her nipple roughly. She tried closing her legs apart from his sudden invasion, but he made sure her legs rested on each side of his hips and the hand he placed on her hip had moved down to her thigh and grip it tightly. Her hips buckle against him as she felt him thrust his fingers in and out of her folds slowly. She heard how wet he had made her from the slicks of them moving forward and back.


“Fuck, kitten. You’re tight with my fingers.” He breathes out after he popped her breast out his mouth. He move to its twin and gave it the same attention he gave the first one. He sucked on it and bit her nipple twice that earn him moans and hisses from her.


“Stop biting them…” She hissed out as she gripped his hair tightly again then roughly pulled his head away from her breast. Her boob made a pop noise once out of his mouth. She looked down to her nipples and noticed the tiny specks of blood on them.


An angry deep growl came out of him which caused her to look towards his determined/irritated blue eyes. He quickly grabbed her wrist of the hand that grip his hair roughly and moved his face close to hers. A shiver of fear and pleasure ran down her spine as she didn’t dare break eye contact with him. She gasped in pain as his grip on her wrist tightened as she finally released her grip on his hair.


“Be careful, kitten. I’m that fucking alpha you don’t want to piss off especially when his favorite toy is roughly taken from him. I dare you to try and stop me from marking what is mine again. Do you understand me?” His hard voice pours out in his dominance. She could only answer with a quick nod of her head as she was too afraid to say the wrong thing.


“Good girl. Now give me one of your sweet tasting kisses.” He ordered softly as he lightly brushed his lips against hers. She felt him release his death grip on her wrist and softly smooth the area with his thumb. She leaned in and kissed his lips lightly then giving another kiss with her need for him. He returns her kisses while pulling his fingers completely out of her pussy.


Kaya whimper towards him when she felt his withdrawal which made him grin and chuckle in playfulness. “Don’t worry… I’m not done with you… far from it actually.” He breathes out against her lips before taking a small step back. He looked at her flush slightly sweaty body and smiled in lust.


Grimmjow kind of didn’t believe he was about to fuck a hot as hell detective within a police station while being suspected for murder. His lust filled smile turned into a full on smirk. Well, he can cross this off his bucket list of random fucks, but somehow he knew after fucking her it won’t be a one-time deal. Somewhere deep in his mind he had already claimed her as his and only his. He didn’t care if she had a boyfriend or husband even though he doubts she had one of those. When he read her body language while she was preparing for their little interview, he could tell she is a strong, independent, and loyal female. He even overheard the carrot top detective give her praise before he allowed her into the room. He could definitely be able to use a woman like her to benefit his gang on future cases or just for his own personal needs. Yeah… he likes the thought of just using her for his own personal needs.

He placed both his hands on her breast which she released a soft mewl noise and fondled them gently. He loved the noises coming out of her mouth and slowly becoming drunk off them. Usually he doesn’t give much foreplay with the women he fucks, but if he wanted to hear more of her moans he had to do it with her. Plus, for some odd reason he didn’t want to leave much of a scary imprint of himself in her memory. He definitely wants to make sure her body only craves for him from now on. He moves back close to her whimpering body and brushed his lips against her left cheek then nibbles her left earlobe.


“Lie back on the table, kitten.” He whispered in her ear as she nodded back slightly. He help her lay back on the metal table and groan as she release a gasp moan from the sudden coldness of the metal on her bare back. He saw her nipples harden from the coldness as well. He watched her with his lust filled eyes as she moved her hands up to her beautiful red hair and released it from the bun she had it style in. She looked like an angel lying in her own blood which turn him on more, but also wanted him to look away. He never wants to picture her again laying in a pile of her own blood again.


“Grimmjow…?” She questioned softly towards him as she noticed his hesitation. She wouldn’t picture him on backing out on a willing fuck all of a sudden. She herself would get super pissed off if he did suddenly backed out now. She needed her closure and he was the only one able to do it. She was about to sit back up till she felt his hands on her hips. She watched him shake off his hesitation and leaned down to her stomach. His icy blue eyes bore into her purple eyes as he placed light kisses on her belly and moved downward. She releases quiet moans as she closed her eyes from the pleasure. She inhaled sharply as she felt his long slender fingers entwined in her thong straps and slowly moved it down her hips. She lifted her hips to help him remove her thong. She opens her eyes and watched him look at her soaked black lace thong and grinned towards her.


“I’m keeping these, kitten. They will be my trophy.” He snickered as he balled them up and placed them in his back pocket. “To think you would so boldly wear a thong like that to work. I kinda want to change profession just see what other types of thongs you have up your sleeves.”


He grinned down to her before he reached over his head and pulled off his tank top. He tossed it to the floor while not take his eyes off her. She moaned and grip the edge of the table as her hands itched to touch his bare muscular chest. Her eyes ran over his exposed skin and noticed he was well built in muscles and he sported a six pack. She also noticed scars on his chest and another number 6 tattoo that sat where his heart is. She wondered if he had a fixation with the number 6 to have two tattoos of it.

            She flinched in a startle then moaned out as she felt his hot tongue lick within her folds of her pussy. She squirms from the sensation and her hips buckle towards his face. He chuckled against her skin as his hands quickly grabbed her thighs and held them in place.


“You taste good, kitten. How dare you make me want more of you?” He groans out before licking her again but much slower than the first time.


“Grimm...jow…” She moaned out his name as she felt her body shiver from her need of him.


“That sounds nice… don’t quit that, babe.” He glanced towards her while he places her legs to rest on his shoulders while he kneels down between her legs. He ran his left hand slowly up to her thigh and grips it while he used his other hand to run his fingers along her wet folds. This caused her hips to buckle again in need.

He started placing light kisses on her inner thigh as he inserted his index and middle finger into her hot core while using his thumb to rub her clit. His two fingers thrusted into her in a steady rhythm which made her to release the most pleasing moans he ever heard escape her lips. He watched her closely with his icy blue eyes as he enjoys watching her reactions against his torture on her body. Kaya’s body shiver in waves of pleasure as her back arched and she grip the edge of the table with her left hand while she moved her right hand over her breast. Grimmjow smirk against her inner thigh before he bit it and suck on her skin to leave a mark. She groaned out from the pain of his bite.

He started to feel her pussy walls to tighten around his fingers as he knew her orgasm is close. He stops his thumb’s torture on her clit just to use his tongue to take over. He rolled his tongue over the bundle of nerves before nipping it a little with his teeth. She released a hiss that soon turns into loud moans as he sooth the pain of his bite with his tongue. She moved her right hand down over her stomach and slowly ran her fingers into his soft hair. She let out a small giggle as she heard him give her a warning growl when he felt her fingers tangling into his hair. No way was she going to rip his head away from her this time. She was enjoying his attention too much to stop him now.

She felt her body temperature rise which made her body feel sticky against the metal table. Her legs started shaking as she felt her orgasm nearing its peak. Grimmjow moaned against her pussy lips as he sucked on her clit as he was becoming drunk off her taste. His fingers started pumping in and out of her faster.


“Grimmjow…I-I...coming…” she moaned out the best she could as her body shook.


“Do it, kitten.” he groaned against her skin as his hand on her thigh gripped it roughly. He glanced towards her as he wanted to watch her reaction. He bit her clit once more to see it would push her over the edge.


Kaya moaned out loudly as her whole body shook in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she finally came hard. She breathes heavily as she was seeing bright stars from under her closed eyes. She never had such an orgasm like this one before. This isn’t her first rodeo, but damn did he make her feel like a virgin being eaten out for the first time. Grimmjow quickly removed his fingers to lick up her dripping juices. He released a sound between a moan and groan as he enjoyed his feast. He licked her clean of her juices before he stood back up slowly. She finally opened her haze purple eyes and looked towards him. She release a small whimper as she watched him licked his dripping fingers clean. His lust filled blue eyes landed on her face and grin as he caught her watching him.

He smacks his now clean hand on her free thigh hard which earned him a squeak of pain from her. He gripped both thighs and scoot her to the edge of the table. He releases her now sore/bruised thighs and feather glides his fingers up her body. Moans escaped her lips as her body still shook from the aftershock of her orgasm. She gasped as she felt his thumbs rubbed her nipples slowly before one of his hands move towards her neck while the other went back to her hip. She gasped suddenly when his hand on her neck grip the back and sat her up. Her face was now a few inches from his. Her jewel like eyes bore into his icy ones. He leaned down and kissed her and nibbles her bottom lip. She kissed him back and open them for him which he quickly deepen the kiss. She moaned against his lips as she tasted herself on his tongue and lips. She felt herself become wet again from their kissing alone. She placed her hands on his bare warm chest. She felt his body shiver from her sudden touch which gave her more confidence to run them down slowly. He bit her bottom lip hard which caused her to groan against his lips. She broke the kiss to pant for much needed air. She used her black nails to trace the outline of his bare abs.


“You playing with fire, kitten. You might get burned if you keep doing that with your fingers.” He warned quietly while kissing her neck hungrily.


“I think it's already too late for that. That fire has already left many marks on my body.” She said sharply as she undid his belt and his pants. She just heard him chuckle against her neck. She hissed in pain as he bit her neck hard. Once she got his pants undone, she snaked her hand into them and gripped his hard on. He released her neck to let out a groan of pleasure.


She noticed his dick was nicely thick as her hand barely wrapped around it. She moaned quietly to herself as she slid her hand along his length. He had to be about 8inch long and the thought of that made her wetter and squirms in need. She rubbed the tip of dick slowly and flicked it with a nail. He released a low moan as his head drop towards her breast. She moaned softly as she felt his tongue licked and flicked her right nipple causing it to harden from the touch. His hands gripped her hips while his body shook in pleasure as he enjoyed her hand.

            Grimmjow looked up towards her with a feral look in his eyes while he bit her nipple. She released a hiss of pain as she narrowed her eyes down to him. She paid him back by scrapping her nails along his hard dick. He growled once he released her nipple and stood up straight and pushing her closer to his body.


“Kitten… I guess we are going the rough route.” He declared as he gripped her wrist of her hand she had in his pants and made her release him. She gasped in shock as he let his pants fall to his feet and rubbed his hard tip against her wet pussy. He smirked at her quiet moan before it turned into a louder one when he impels his whole length within her. She quickly grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails into his skin as the sudden intrusion felt so good.


“FUCK… so tight and… so good.” He cursed in a moan as he closed his eyes. Her tight walls made his dick right at home. He started pumping in and out of her roughly.


Kaya release moan after moan from his thrusts. She wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them there. She place light kisses on his neck between her moans as she moved her hips to match his rhythm. She gasped as she felt him grip her ass cheeks as he quicken up his movement. Sweat coated their bodies and noises of their fucking and moans were all they cared about. Grimmjow spiked hair started to stick to his forehead while he felt small drops of his sweat run down his face and back. The room started to smell rich of sex and sweat.

He moaned against her ear as he felt her walls tighten around him which caused his dick to swell more within her. Her moans were becoming louder and a grin spread across his face as he wondered if anyone could hear her outside the room. He must be fucking her good for her to forget where they were at the moment. He didn’t give a shit if the power came back on and the carrot top cop barge in on them. He would probably be arrest for rape, but how he saw it one can’t rape the willing and she was very much willing right now.

Her body shivers as she felt her orgasm building up very quickly. She closed her eyes and pressed his strong sweaty body closer to hers. She dug her nails into his back which she heard groans out of him and felt his pace quickly much more within her. Her breaking point was near its edge,


 “I’m… I’m… Grimmjow!” She screams not caring who heard her as her orgasm hit her hard and she saw the bright stars again.


Grimmjow grip her ass roughly as he kept thrusting into her. He moaned loudly from how tight her walls became from her orgasm, but he kept thrusting within her so she could ride out. He wasn’t ready yet to bust his nut in her. After a couple of minutes, she came down from her blissful orgasm and panted heavily against his shoulder blade. He places small kisses on her neck as he slow down his thrusts a bit. It's a great time as any to change positions, so he did it quickly. He pulled her off him and picks her off the table. He turned her around and bends her over the table with her torso laying on the table and her ass facing him. She seemed shock from the sudden movement and position, but a moan escape her lips as he thrusted back into her from behind. He spread her legs apart enough with his knees and held her hips in place with his left hand while his right hand rested on her back to make sure she stayed down on the table.

Kaya moaned in pleasure as this position made him feel bigger within her also feeling the coolness of the table felt good on her hot skin. His thrusts were long and hard within her. He looked down to her body and smirk as he enjoyed this position the most. He felt the most dominate this way and he enjoys watching the women he fucked this way wilted underneath him. She closed her eyes and released louder moans. She couldn’t believe she felt another orgasm building up within her. A low moan escape flow out of his mouth as he felt her pussy walls tighten up once again around him.

He gritted his teeth and let out a growl as he noticed the lights came back on within the room. Their time had run out and he wanted to curse. The last thing he needed right now was being forced off her without finishing. He picked up his pace and grips her hips with both his hands. His orgasm was close and so was hers.


“Grimmjow!” she moaned out his name loudly as another orgasm shot through her body. Her toes curl as her body shook. She just heard a low grunt from behind her as he felt him thrust a few more times within her. She felt his hot seed pour into her. She panted heavily as she slowly opened her tired satisfied eyes. She glanced back towards him as she watched him panting heavily with his eyes closed and sweat falling down his sexy face.


Kaya gasp in shock as she finally noticed the lights in the room were back on. Oh no. She sat up slowly and looked up towards the security camera that recorded interrogations and noticed that it hadn’t clicked on. She breathes a sigh of relief as she didn’t need her being fucked recorded. She stopped breathing as she heard the room’s door unlocked itself. She looked towards the door and noticed from the corner of her eyes that Grimmjow looked towards it as well.

“This will be interesting…” He chuckled out in.

The door of the interrogation room slam open and Ichigo and Yumichika rushed in to save their coworker from being trap with Yakuza boss for over an hour. They had rushed in, but abruptly stopped when they saw the scene before them.

“Oh my…” Yumichika said quietly as his whole face turned bright red.

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