Bleach: Holiday Special!

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Halloween Special!


            The hunters were upon them, eyes set on eradication and the revered Snow Crystal.  Already, they had proven themselves a match for the whole collection of monsters dwelling within the castle, and now they had them on the run.  “Split up!  Reconvene at the crystal’s chamber!” commanded Dracula Uryu before the anemia dizzied him, leaving it up to the mummy… or pirate to lug him over his shoulder and dash him down a separate corridor.

            Following keen instincts and a nose, it was no wonder Toshi… Wolfman Hitsugaya reached the chamber of the Snow Crystal first.  They’d made it in superb time; the hunters rarely made haste whenever they attacked.  But now they’ve set their sights on the crystal!  There was no time to be lax!

            “We have to hurry and fortify our countermeasures,” he announced to his troop, only slightly winded from the four-limbed sprint.  “Abarai, you…”  He turned and looked to his comrades… only to see that no one had accompanied him.

            The proverbial draft of desertion swept the dust from the corridor’s empty walls.

            Damn Matsumoto!  Hitsugaya punched the wall, his eyes lost underneath the shadow of his furrowed brow.  It was all her fault, teasing and humiliating him in front of the others!  Of course no one would follow a monster that was more house dog than vicious wolf!

            Now wasn’t the time to lost composure, he told himself, steadying his breath and exhaling.  He wasn’t without his means.  He had his awesome ice powers to defend the Snow Crystal, and behind this chamber door were Hinamori and Orihime as reinforcements.  His spirits dwindled somewhat adding the ‘pumpkin monster’ to the equation…  But Hinamori was a solid force!  Together, they’d manage!

            “Hinamori!” he shouted, bursting into the chamber.  “Prepare for…!”

            The proverbial wind was waiting for him, casting from one end of the room to the other when he had naught but piles of jack-o-lanterns facing him.  Was he alone?!


            No, not alone, but he might as well have been, for none but Orihime pattered around the tower’s room, moving pumpkins from here to there, stacking and arranging in tribute for the gem locked away in the chest situated in the middle of the room.

            She looked at the wolfman and smiled at once.  “Toshiro-kun!  You’re back already?”

            “It’s Wolfman…!”  He caught himself before he could slip into her tempo and be provoked.  “Never mind that!  Where’s Hinamori?!  We have to prepare for a fight!”

            “A fight?”  Orihime’s head tilted.  “Hmm…”  Her stubby hand touched her chin as she thought, and then she said, “Momo-san’s not here.”

            “Not… here?”  Hitsugaya’s shoulder’s slumped.  It was starting to seem more and more like the curtains were closing on the monsters’ night.

            “You look sad.”

            He ignored her.

            Squeak!  Squeak!

            Instinctively, his pointy ears shot up, and his eyes went to Orihime.  No, not the ball!  “Fetch~”  Orihime had learned from Rangiku-san that nothing lifted a good dog’s spirits like a quick game of fetch.  And sure enough, Wolfman Hitsugaya gave in to the compulsive chase, barking merrily as his mouth went after the ball until he caught it with a pleasing squeeeee~.  Proud and fast, he returned it to Orihime’s hand, pleased to be praised and petted for his swiftness.

            “Stop treating me like a dog!” he screamed when his sensibility returned, his hackles raised.  But even when agitated, little Wolfman didn’t seem like much of a fright; Orihime didn’t even back away.  His instincts were too strong, though he always tried to resist them.  The wolfman was supposed to be one of the fiercest of the monsters, yet the dual-species came with certain vices.  His humanity needed to overcome the canine.  “Just tell me,” Hitsugaya pressed as he breathed in his composure, “where is Hinamori?”

            “Out there,” the nub pointed to the window.  “In the pumpkin patch.”  The pumpkin ghost stood up and drifted over to where she had pointed.  And out her head went, her hands holding the windowsill as she peered down at the pumpkin patch.  She leaned and leaned until her toes pointed downward.

            Hitsugaya watched her, face unreadable as an obvious tangle of thoughts tried to fix itself out.  But he could not suppress it.  Not now, not with…  “Why are you naked under there?!” the youngest monster exclaimed, green eyes shrinking as they zeroed in on the plump rump facing him like a peach.

            Orihime turned to acknowledge his outburst, but the embarrassment and modesty she should have had was instead swapped with an offended air.  “Boo,” she gave him, her arms crossing to make a stubby little X.  “Jack-o-lanterns don’t wear clothes.”

            “That…!  That’s doesn’t make any sense!”  Wolfman shook in place.  Like a thermometer thrown in a pit of lava, red crept up from underneath his wolf cloak until his head was all red and white.  A jack-o-lantern doesn’t wear clothes?  Her whole costume was one big, ambiguous mess of cloth!  She even wore shoes, he wanted to shout back at her to push the argument in his favor and maybe grant her some sense, but she’d already turned back around to continue her conversation with Hinamori.

            The moon rose again, and Hitsugaya looked away immediately, snarling that his fellow monsters were all stupid.  He should just banish her from the room!  Send her away, and he’d guard…!  He’d guard…

            His thoughts trailed off, for something had caught his attention; not his sensibility, but his instinct.  The scent was subtle, but very powerful to his nose.  Unless he was some strange non-Wolfman being, he would’ve never even noticed.  But the Wolfman noticed, the wolf overpowering the man as he turned his head like a spirit possessed him; the irresistible call of a full moon.

            Yes, a peach… if not a plump heart; Orihime’s ass showed off well as she conversed with Hinamori below.  Long legs, smooth from her ankles upward, were slender, but thickened at her thighs, and led up to an ass that any man or woman in the village… er… castle would love to grope and squeeze.  The cleft led down in a curvaceous line, but what drew Wolfman Hitsugaya’s focus – both eyes and nostrils – was the glen of short-trimmed fur; specifically, it was the line separating the orange patch.  The man in him resisted, but the wolf had greater instinct than he’d willpower.  He padded over on his hands and feet, following his sniffer, closer and closer, until…!

            “Kyaa!”  Orihime, so enthralled in her dialogue with neko Hinamori, hadn’t any idea what was happening behind her until Wolfman Hitsugaya’s nose and mouth shoved against her crotch.  She looked over her shoulder, down her bulky dressings to see just the bottom half of Wolfman sticking out; his upper body had already crawled underneath, his face already against her pussy and butt.  A hot shiver zigzagged up her spine and doused her cheek with hot colors; he’d inhaled so strongly her scent that she actually felt it.  In such an area, she was mortified.  “Toshiro!

            Wolfman Hitsugaya had caught the scent, and he had hounded it to its source.  Nothing more than indulging would suffice to him.  She hadn’t swatted his nose, shouted a firm ‘No!’, or kicked at his rear end as he tucked tail and scampered out of range.  Therefore, he was all set to go!  Breathing a lungful of her flowery musk, he stuck his tongue out and traveled to her gentle quim.  Without the blossom of arousal, he had very limited access, but the coddle of his tongue was encouraging.  One lap at her dormant clitoris made the whimper reverberate within her.  The scent was quickly growing stronger.  His tongue discovered the beginnings of a tasty moisture.

            Orihime leaned back out the castle window, shivering and holding in a string of moans.  Even from the ground far below, Hinamori saw that her compatriot was under duress.  “Orihime, is something wrong?” she called up.

            “Toshiro-kun…  Mmph!”  Her backside shuffled before she opened her legs more, letting Hitsugaya room to slurp more at her pumpkin pie.  “Toshiro-kun is licking me!” she finally cried out, arching her back and carrying the last syllable into a moan that carried into the haunted night.

            Hitsugaya vaguely listened to the exchange of these two troublesome girls, his ears picking up even scaredy-cat Hinamori’s voice from beneath the orange canvas.  “Shiro-chan!” she reprimanded him.

            “Wolfman Hitsugaya,” he grumbled against Orihime’s muff, and then opened up her love tunnel with his thumbs.  Where once flavor was so scarce now dripped with a succulence that Hitsugaya was eager to consume.  His tail puffed back and forth in an idol wag as he slurped and kissed Orihime’s cunt.

            Outside the window, the pumpkin girl gripped the sill and held on like she would fall otherwise.  She whimpered the wolfman’s improper name before shoving back to his face.  His tongue slipped and made a broad swath over her other hole.  “Toshiro-kun,” she gasped in shock, “that feels so good!”

            She felt his voice mumble angrily, but was nonetheless rewarded for her outburst when he began to lick at that smaller, more reserved hole.  A gaping mouth shakily turned into a gaping smile.  She’d gone deaf to Hinamori, who was asking if she was alright, as Hitsugaya continued to tongue her ass.

            Dogs sniffed each other all the time to know one another; Hitsugaya saw this simply as becoming… better acquainted.  He squeezed his face between her cheeks to get to the hole and lather it with spit.  Often, he would alternate and return to where the nectar flowed freely, but he had become partial to licking her pucker most of all.

            Perhaps it’d started during the game of fetch or the proceeding pat; maybe it was the scent he had followed that led him underneath the pumpkin’s brim; whatever had started it, his cock had emerged from its sheathe and stood proudly and readily and even painfully.  He growled softly at a niggling twitch.  He might have been granted the gift other canines did not have – opposable thumbs – but he did not want to stick to stroking himself to satisfaction.  He wanted to bury his bone.  Immediately, he leapt up from under Orihime’s dress and hooked his hands at her shoulders.  The difference in size – not to mention the bother of her huge orange costume – certainly complicated things; a good thing Orihime didn’t try to buck him off, instead only muttering his name while looking over her shoulder at him.

            Blind guidance and luck helped one of his eager thrusts hit the right cleft.  His heat transferred to Orihime’s with that subtle-yet-significant touch.  “No other choice,” lamented the overcome Wolfman before he slunk within her folds.

            “It’s going in!” Orihime jubilated as he split her around his shaft.  He wasn’t huge, but his predecessors had only been fingers.  He was going to give the pumpkin a good carving.

            He settled deep inside of her, both of them expressing contentment as he bottomed out.  There was a mild swelling at his base, a knot to help conception, but it was more prominent in his Daiurufu Hyorinmaru state; Orihime would not have to worry about being stretched too much… yet…

            Hitsugaya didn’t let the moment linger.  Though her channel was still in the process of accommodating to his size, he started to hump.  His hands guided her back over his shaft, but it was not smooth.  His beasty impatience and diminutive size were not a good combination, and her outfit didn’t help matters.  But as long as his cock shoved in and yanked out of her tight pussy, they both were sated.

            “Dammit,” cursed the fucking Wolfman.  “I can’t control myself during a full moon.”

            It was a crescent moon smiling in the sky…

            Hitsugaya, having finally leveraged Orihime in a deep bow to meet the height of his pelvis, kept smacking his five inches into her warmth, each one echoing with a very pleasant – or lewd, depending on one’s reservation – squelch.  His white, furry legs tickled her rear, and she told him so.  He wasn’t doing this to make her ‘feel good’, he would tell her; this was instinct.  He planned to rut her to completion, gifting her with a batch of equally-enthused sperm heading for her womb.

            It wouldn’t be long, after all.  His testes had already clenched, inexperience and excitement mingling to wrench the precious fluids through his passage to Orihime’s.  “Ah!”  The hands operating Orihime by the shoulders swung down and linked around her midriff.  “I can’t hold on much longer,” he wheezed, sounding like he was in the middle of combat.

            “Me too!  Me too!” Orihime chanted in reply, now moving back on her own to compensate for Hitsugaya’s sloppy pace.  She squealed, arms giving own so that she had bowed to the floor while Wolfman Hitsugaya arched.  Before she could, he released, plentiful, half-bestial spunk traveling up her chute to sow where he planned.  The heat ignited Orihime’s pleasure, and while she wasn’t quite sure what it was invading her deepest parts, she liked it.  It felt sticky, but so warm; or hot!  It scorched where it touched!

            Hitsugaya’s wolfy balls had not been drained yet.  If anything, these first wads were simply a precursor to his intent!  He continued to flood her, and overcome with the ecstasy, he threw his head back and howled at the moon.  “AhWooo~oo~YAH!!

            It was not the most convenient place to stand, in front of a huge, open window… not when hunters were on the prowl and had the power to demolish doors, sending huge chunks of debris and gales in the wake of the demolition.  Caught in one such flurry as the doorway was obliterated, Hitsugaya dislodged from Orihime – unwillingly, of course – and sailed outside, howling once again as he plummeted to the pumpkin patch… where Hinamori was supposedly waiting for an update on the ‘licking’ episode.

            “You are far too crass with your methods.”

            “What?!  Did you want me to pick the lock or something?!”

            Ryuken ignored the glare passed to him by his comrade.  His sights were on the room and the treasure within.  No crystal in sight, but that was a given.  Something so precious would not remain in plain view…  Or maybe he was wrong, he figured, looking at the very obvious treasure chest in the center of the room.  “It seems we found what we’ve come for.”

            “Wait!”  Isshin threw an arm in front of Ryuken, his stance unbending, his gaze dark.

            “What is it?” Ryuken asked, touching the brim of his white hat.

            “It might be a trap,” Isshin observed, and while that was a possibility, after having seen the clowns that they’d been chasing all night, Ryuken doubted they would be capable of any cleverness.  But Isshin was determined to protest.  “I think it best…”  When his solemn face came up, light passed over and showed his goofy blush and just how difficult it was to keep his mouth in a frown.  “We must do some interrogation!”

            Who could frown when the naked rear of such a lovely girl – or monster – was facing them?

            “Interrogation?”  Ryuken looked and saw Orihime, but he certainly wasn’t as enamored as Isshin.  “Are you suggesting…?”

            “C’mon!”  All sense of seriousness vacated Isshin as he pranced over to the gasping pumpkin girl who’d lost her chance to orgasm.  “Where’s your sense of fun?!  Consider it a reward!” he pressed, holding up a finger like the idea just occurred to him.  “A perk of the job!”  At once, he was kneeling at Orihime, carefully turning her onto her side but keeping one leg elevated so he might inspect her.

            Orihime gasped at this invasion.  “Wh-who are you?!”  She hadn’t ever gotten a good look at the hunters to recognize them by sight.  She just whimpered uncomfortably as she was turned on her side, her leg lifted and her drooling gash inspected.

            “Just a concern do-gooder” was his answer.  Carefully, he opened her hole and quickly determined that this jack-o-lantern ghost had been ‘used’ recently.  Judging by the hot semen that had begun to leak out – he was sure not to touch it himself – he wouldn’t have been surprised if his arrival hadn’t interrupted post-coitus; even her pink muscles quivered wantonly, beseeching a release that was kept from her.

            Well, Isshin would never have it be said that he left a damsel in distress, monster or not!  He wasn’t so sure about ‘sloppy seconds’, but he’d get over it.  But then it caught his eye that another hole was readily glistening.  He blinked a time or two, wheels and cogs turning before his thumb pressed at that particular spot.  She yelped, but just a little pressure was enough for the lube to help him ease the tip in.  The rim flexed, but she would yield if under siege.  Snickering mischievously, the older man made quick work of his pantaloons, shuffling down the hem until his abrupt distraction sprung out.  Thicker than Wolfman’s and longer, but Orihime did not have the vantage point to size up this intruder’s plot.

            Isshin’s grin was more wolfish than Wolfman’s as he scooted up behind the pumpkin.  His large hand held her right leg aloft, pushing up on the back of her upper thigh; she didn’t realize just how vulnerable it left her.  “Wha-what are you doing?” asked the concerned jack-o-lantern.

            “Now, now…”  Isshin nudged his cock in the right direction, and it made Orihime gasped suddenly.  She stammered, feeling the round weight against her backdoor.  “You don’t have to worry.  I’ll be… gentle.”

            “Kyah~!”  It did not seem that this ‘do-gooder’ had gentleness in mind when the round object jammed against her until her slickened butt opened and granted him access to her narrowest hole.  It had felt so good when Toshiro-kun had licked back there; having it pried apart was burning hot, tear-inducing painful.  Her hand nub tried to resist the onslaught of his hips, but he insisted that it was for the best.  A moment of leeway was enough for him, even with the girth and prolonged length, to dig up the tight tunnel.  Orihime wheezed and twitched, her taut butt turning this way and that, trying to get used to the feeling of being stuck in the backend.

            Opposite to her discomfort, Isshin was melting with searing pleasure, drooling with eyes crossed.  The quest for a crystal was nowhere near as satisfying as this; it had been better fighting his son than hunting the crystal.  The jack-o-lantern chewed on her bottom lip, holding back her whimpers while staring down, still unable to see where she had been plugged.  It hurt, but the rub promised it’d subside and hot pleasure would replace it.

            “Just relax,” cooed the monster hunter before pulling back his cock halfway, and then ramming back in, hard and deep!

            “Ah…!”  Orihime’s ambiguous, costumed body rocked back and forth as Isshin held her hips.  Her nubs grabbed onto the cracks of the stone floor, trying to brace for the impact of Isshin’s strengthening thrusts.

            “It’s been a long time,” wept the collared monster hunter, lamenting his late wife while plowing the young pumpkin.  Longer still since he’d been in this very particular ‘situation’.  The tightness of it; the resist to the push; the inexperienced muscles perpetually squeezing.  He wedged in, listened to her wail, and then withdrew; a steady if not stressful – for Orihime – pace.  But, as she soon discovered with a higher-pitched moan that almost turned to a gasp, when she would bear down on his thick phallus, it was easier to plant him and felt much better.  Perhaps, she thought hopefully while rocking with the stranger’s thrusts, the release she’d missed out on earlier would be rediscovered!  Her eyes squeezed tight, her teeth napping at her bottom lip.  What a joy that’d be…

            Her jaw was suddenly cupped, catching an open-mouthed cry of pleasure.  Her gray eyes turned upward to the interloper, and then her mouth was filled with a cock of less stature, more ‘elegance’ than the veiny one filling her rectum.  “No sense of class.  This is why it is such a pain to work with you,” Ryuken rebuked his partner, easing his dick through Orihime’s puckered lips.

            “Tch!  What kind of man would complain in a situation like this?” muttered Isshin.  He yanked Orihime’s butt against his lap; she yelped, a sound muffled against the cock in her mouth.  “Just shut up and enjoy the perks!”  Isshin then reached around the formless costume and made a grab at her hidden breasts; large things tragically hidden beneath her choice of clothing.  Well, it was enough to get ahold of one of those juicy tits, separated only by some flimsy fabric; his thumb could discern the lump that was her nipple.

            Orihime whimpered in lustful helplessness as the two men – hunters or not – manhandled her, both at an end and making her his own; the burly man behind her with the fantastic outfit crammed his thick length inside her with each thrust, opening her rectal cavity to suit him while the man in white held her face stationary and made controlled pumps into her mouth, rarely ever pushing deep enough to bury his entirety and make her choke a little.  Her eyes wandered constantly, incapable or unwilling to focus on just one set.  She secretly enjoyed watching the older man’s hairy hips crush against her rosy backside – Thump-Thump! went her cheeks – but she could make eye contact with the man in her mouth, even when a moonbeam often reflected on his glasses, but when she did see, his stare made her stomach flip.  Whoever he was, he was an intense man.

            Wanting to demonstrate her cooperation now that she’d found some modicum of rhythm between the two – ass back, mouth forward – she incorporated her own tempo to try to help.  Swishing her butt against Isshin had him crying out, squirts of tears spraying like sprinklers from the corner of his eyes.  He apologized to some woman that Orihime did not know.  Perhaps he’d mistaken Orihime for some other pumpkin?  She would’ve corrected him if not for the dick in her mouth.  An orange nub came up and curved its corner around it to make a fist at his base, stroking very slightly until she got the hang of the motion, working Ryuken into her mouth while resisting the stronger tug of the emotionally-confused Isshin.

            She was good like this; she was happy, being moved back and forth.  But it was not enough to satisfy Isshin.  “I can’t be selfish,” he hummed, and the hand that had held her leg crept downward to her apex, the callous fingertips scraping against her tender cunt.  She nearly bit on Ryuken when she squealed, but she luckily refrained from it, and the noise she made simply reverberating against his sensitive shaft.  “Careful,” he warned her regardless, once again cupping beneath her jaw, but now tilting her face so that she could only face him.  She whimpered again, this time to the coldness of his soul-piercing stare.  The cock in her mouth began to increase in tempo, as if moving to the song of her impatient, needy moans.  Isshin played her keys well, strumming her folds before her clitoris.

            The ache of unfinished business had started to flip, and the business was completed.  Her eyes scrunched up within the mouth of the jack-o-lantern face, her own mouth going wide around Ryuken’s cock, though he continued to thrust, angling instead for her cheek, harder and faster as he was taken by rapture himself with a hard curse at his own weakness.

            Of course, not surprisingly, Isshin made it to that point first, the flex of Orihime’s colon a sensation too welcoming to resist.  He let her pussy alone and kept her hips still so that he could fill them with his seed.  Like he was drowning, he choked and sputtered, and spat all loads deep within her bowels, filling up the young girl’s innermost parts; let the Wolfman have her first bastard!  “What a rewarding night,” droned the bearded father, eyes crossing upward before the lids shut, a goofy smile of elation on his face as he fell back.

            But Orihime was not done.  Nope, the moment it felt like Isshin would slide out of her, her butt subconsciously gave chase to keep him seated within the white mess he’d left.  She bucked a few times, churning his essence with his deflating rod, to continue the ride of her own heights.  Her mouth stayed agape, still crying out and panting while Ryuken gave his final thrusts between her gum line and cheek, his liquid pleasure inevitably overflowing from his tip, gushing in white bursts across her tongue and further back to her throat; an upcoming cry gurgled the load before going down to her stomach.  The rest of her climax was closed-mouthed, for she found a taste she did not want to squander.  What could be better than eating a tasty – salty and bitter – treat while on a sexual high?

            “Ah!”  Ryuken’s moans were sharp and self-chastising; to Orihime, he remained gentle, seething through clenched teeth as he pet her head and sent the last pearly drops down her throat.  “I’d… not expected…”  He groaned as Orihime carefully extracted him with a delightful pop!  She just smiled through her exhaustion and said, his cum sticking from the roof of her mouth to her tongue, “Trick or treat!”

            An odd one, Ryuken consented, in manner as well as appearance…

            “Ah!  It’s almost midnight!  Halloween is almost over!”

            Whose voice…?!  Ryuken, expecting an enemy, turned around, his dick wagging out of the front of his pants.  Both he and Orihime gleaned the treasure chest in time to see it burst open before a ray of light sped out the door and down the hall.  Confused, Ryuken wondered aloud, “Was that… the Snow Crystal?”


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