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The skies were clear, birds were chirping, the sun shined brightly down the school she had once studied in. The gates of Sereitei Academy was decorated with banners, confetti and flowers welcoming the guests into the hall where the events takes place.

It was the day where the batch she was in, were having their high school reunion. She was excited as always since this is her fifth one through the years where she met up and bond with her classmates once more. Stabilising the friendship they had along the years.

Momo walked into the hall to be greeted by her old classmates and friends.

"Momo!" Rangiku beamed, hugging her into her very well developed chest, squeezing the life out of her. "I missed you! A trillion times I missed you!"

"Rangiku, she's going to die in suffocation if you don't let go of her," Rukia advised when she saw Momo in a dilenma.

"Oh, right!" Releasing her hold, Momo could finally breathe.

"It's good to see you again, Rangiku, Rukia," Momo greeted after gotten back her breath.

Rukia gave her a hug of her own, "I'm glad to see you again,"

Others approach with their own greetings as well as handshakes and hugs. Little by little, their circle was getting bigger as they all formed a big group while chatting about their current life. So far the reunion had been going well for Momo and her classmates.

"I still can't believe that you two are finally getting married," Momo referred to her raven haired friend and her red headed fiance, Renji.

"I know right?" Tatsuki, her tomboy classmate who was now a professional athlete said. "Even that dense Ichigo was already one step ahead of you and now he's a father. I thought you two would be the smarter pair with the feelings,"

Rukia and Renji blushed brightly, trying hard to refute her comment.

"Hey, do you see the hottie that was next to Soujirou?" Rangiku asked.

"Hottie? Where?" Tatsuki asked.

Momo squinted her eyes to the line of vision that Rangiku just pointed to. "You mean the one with the white hair?"

"Yes," Rangiku bobbed her head.

Ichigo eyes widened and gave a wild guess. "Is that who I think it is?"

All of their eyes snapped towards Soujirou who was talking to someone that they haven't heard for years. The only student who was the youngest yet the brightest among the batch.

"Toshiro, you have to come to the reunion this time. You've been disconnected from the batch for a long time, that work is the only thing in your mind,"

Toshiro grumbled under his breath at his best friend's lecture while rearranging the paperworks on his desk before answering.

"Soujirou, I'm a busy man. I don't have time for reunions or gatherings, especially with the ones in high school," He emphasised the last sentence.

Part of him was guilty that Toushiro was bullied at school that he had tried to protect him from, he was like a brother to him. And yet he failed to help him when he needed him the most. It was unfortunate that he was a year ahead of him and had to graduate early due to an enrolment of attending Cambridge University. Being the understanding friend he is, Toushiro support him to take his chance. They hadn't contacted until he heard the news of Toshiro's early graduation.

"Look, Toshiro. High school is in the past now, no point holding the grudge when all of us had grown up," Soujirou said, trying to convince his best friend. The man who owned an architectural empire, who only think of how to expand more.

"Think of it as a break from all the work. You've been dealing with projects for months, you deserve a little break,"

"I like to have my break at home, not mingling with people," He deadpanned which made Soujirou rolled his eyes.

"Come on, Toshiro. One gathering won't change anything, we're going to chat and catch up with old friends,"

"First, it will change something," He lifted his finger, Soujiro looked at him with confusion. "My schedule,"

"Of course that'll change-"

"Second, those people are your friends, not mine," He crossed his arms, eyes filled with nonchalance. "I don't have people call friends when I'm in high school, except you,"

He hasn't forget the things that made him decided to quit school early and dived into the architecture business at his youth. Soujirou tried. "At least give it a try to end the treads peacefully before decide to never see them again,"

Soujirou pleaded. "Just this once and never again, okay? Do it for me,"

The room filled with silence while he dwelled in his thoughts until he chose to spoke. "Does a punch as a greeting sound formal to you?"

He beamed of his friend consideration. "No. But you are coming right?"

"Do I look like I have a choice? You'll keep nagging until I go to the damn reunion," He muttered distastefully.

Soujiro stood up from his seat, happy about the fact his friend is coming with him.

"Well that's settled, let's get you change out of your battle suit. You look like a hitman ready to find his next target," He commented blandly.

Toushiro looked down at his black suit frowning at his friend's insult. "I looked fine,"

"Sure it looked fine when you're discussing with business partners. But to a reunion, that's big no," He refused to tolerate his friend unrepresentable outfit.

He ran a hand through his hair and gave a warning. "Fine, but this is the first and last that I'm agreeing to,"

Soujiro smirked. "Sure. Like I've said one gathering won't change anything."

"But seriously, today is the reunion? Now you tell me,"

He hummed. "Yes, because I'm not letting you have the chance to quit on me if I told you early,"

"How smart of you," He huffed.

"Thanks, I've been told that a lot."

Toshiro fought the urge not to roll his eyes as he followed his friend out the door.

Momo was caught off-guard when she met a pair of turquoise eyes. Like an instinct that made her heart race and palms sweaty for a no reason. He held her gaze for a while, her, waiting if he'll come her way. She actually thought he would approach her, but he turned his attention away and left the group he was in after informing his friend.

"Wow, I never thought Hitsugaya change that much," Rukia whistled.

"Yeah, he totally change his looks from a quiet child prodigy to a good looking genius," Rangiku admitted in admiration and glanced at her friend who was unusually quiet. What she saw amused her. Momo was caught staring at the white haired man. "And our Momo here seems to be interest in him,"

Momo's face was red when she was caught staring. "It's not like that, I was just surprised that he came. It's been a long time since I last saw him,"

"Uh-huh, then would you like to reacquaint with him alone?" Rangiku poke fun of her friend.


The group of friends shared a good laugh and teased Momo for a while. After having a round of conversation, she excused herself to get some drink.

As she approach the buffet table, she saw Toushiro holding a conversation with the bullies he had dealt with. And it ain't friendly.

"Didn't think you would appear at the reunion after the news of you dropping out of school few years back, Hitsugaya," Yammy admissioned.

"I vowed to never see your shitty faces again, but what are the odds, here I am greeting your asses here," Toushiro shot back with twice as venom as he had which made the bullies narrowed their eyes at him. They were notorious of bullies that were called Espada. The name they like to call themselves.

"Seems like that mouth of yours didn't change through the years, I see," Ulquiorra coolly stated, a glass of red wine in his hand.

"I could said the same as you," Toshiro crossed his arms, standing tall. "So what's the news from all of you? Being shitty as always I assume?"

Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at him, "Quite a tongue you've grown, last time I've checked, you couldn't talk,"

"I could talk, it's you who's deaf and dumb," He snapped.

"You better keep that runny mouth of yours shut before I might do something you'll regret," Grimmjow warned, towering him like he used to in high school. "I ain't going to be nice even though this is a reunion,"

But Toshiro remained unfazed. "You ain't scaring shit with that look, you looked like a constipated cat with dumbo the clown by your side,"

"Well, I oughta teach you a lesson about talking to a famous boxer right here, you dimwit," Yammy cracked his knuckles with Grimmjow growling beside him.

"You should watch your tongue, Hitsugaya. You can't win this if you want to fight," Nnoitra threatened.

"Who said that I want to fight? Your careers could be blown off in an instant with a snap of my fingers," He spoke calmly with a straight face.

They laughed. "What the shit are you talking about?"

He raised his fingers to count. "Yammy the boxer, Grimmjow the basketball player, Nnoitra the tennis player and Ulquorra the football player. I'm a very best friend each of your sponsors. I could have them pull out if you all disrespect me much,"

"So what? If you think your company can beat Whitefang then you should be sitting in the kiddie's corner. You shouldn't underestimate our sponsors,"

Toshiro smirked knowingly. "Do you know who is in charge then?"

"Of course we do. Kensei Mugumura, a former boxing champion of The Sereitei Championship nine year in a row. He was then retire to take over the company, Whitefang, after he announced unable to continue his boxing career when he was gravely injured during an accident," Yammy explained.

"Nowadays he is a huge sponsor in the sports world since he was a part it before, he was dedicated to his career,"

"Plus, nobody could compete with Whitefang,"

He looked at them amusedly.

"A lack of knowledge, I see..." He snickered, that made the bullies raised their brows. "Let me reintroduce myself once more, I am the current Chief Executive Officer of Hyounrimaru Corp., Toshiro Hitsugaya. And Whitefang is one of the subsidiary companies of Hyourinmaru Corp.,"

"You're lying. The Whitefang we know isn't a subsidiary company,"

"Then you know nothing of your sponsors, search Google for your answers," He shrugged casually and went to take a glass of champagne from the table. "But if I were you, I won't be taking any risks. Kensei is my cousin, after all,"

They gritted their teeth, seeping with anger, yet they made no move. They were afraid. Seems like he had won.

"If you'll excuse me gentlemen, I would like to have my drink in peace," Toshiro grinned victoriously with a tip of the glass. "I pray that this encounter will be the last."

Without a glance, he walked away from the bullies with proud strides. What she doesn't expect was, he was walking towards her direction. He was in front of her before she know, stood tall with his eyes piercing her.

"I'm certain that you saw what happen there," His head inclined to the group of bullies he had just face.

She nodded. Stunned that he took notice of her. Even more so when he said her name with his husky voice. It sends shivers down her spine.

"Momo Hinamori, I presumed."

She nodded again. She was staring at him with dreamy eyes and by the time she regained her conscious she was pulled away from the crowd, her hand in his warm ones. Momo could feel her heart beating faster for the first time in her life.

People said that reunion is a place where you find a closure for yourself. Usually, it is. Until Momo found her continuance with the grown Toshiro Hitsugaya who was strikingly handsome to resist.

In school, he possessed the lack of height that he was made fun and sported a nerdy look that made him a target of the bullies. Momo and him had formed a platonic relationship without notice when she had asked him for help tutoring her studies for exams. He was the young prodigy teacher praised as to why she chose him to be her tutor. It was just a few tutoring session that they shared. She didn't expect him to remember her. Sure, she had helped him a few times but he had her carved into his mind that surprised her. Even the phone number she gave him years ago were kept inside his wallet after he admitted that he hadn't have the courage to call her.

It was all chat and laughs, reminiscing the days in school before they were sent out to the society, making a living for themselves. That day ended with content as he gave her a killer smile before they departed in their separate ways. She was swooned by his looks. And boy does he have a growth spurt that surprise her and her friends. By the end of the reunion, she was bombarded with question after her friends saw the white and black name card she held in her hand. Momo told them they were just friends. But oh how wrong she is.

He wants to be more than friends.

First, she met Toshiro again, sharing their coffee together when they bump into each other. He offered her a ride to work which she accepted without second thought. Then it became a routine that her friends started to question, yet she replied with 'He was being nice'. Her friends doubt it in their mind but chose not to comment.

Second, Momo had been invited to lunch with Toshiro every now and then whenever he was on his break.

Her best friend, Rangiku snorted at the obvious interaction between the two, "It's practically a lunch date, Momo,"

"It's not a date, we just so happen to have the same time to eat lunch," Momo explained while she dotted down the details on the planner that her client requested.

"He's a CEO, he can have his lunch at whatever time he likes. Why is that he just so happen to meet your timeline every single time?" She accused.

"I think it's just a coincidence, nothing much," She shrugged.

Rangiku rolled her eyes. "Coincidence doesn't happen more than thrice, Momo,"

Momo smiled in uncertainty but gave little thought to it.

Third, they had gone over the physical boundaries of being just friends. A peck on the cheek, a kiss on the forehead, a touch of the fingers and the accidental bumps under the table. Occasionally, a bit of flirty and snide remarks here and there. Momo realised the fact a tad bit late when she instinctively kissed his lips. He was in the middle of bidding her goodnight when she does it after having dinner together and drove her back to her apartment. And boy does she looked embarrassed. With a quick goodnight, she closed the door behind her before he could recover.

Afraid of what she had done, Momo avoided him for two weeks. No calls, no text, no meeting. She had blocked him. But soon changed as he reappeared in front of her again that fateful night.

Toshiro stared off into space with his hands clasped under his chin, his face blank. Currently inside his office listening to the reviews Soujirou had gathered. But as his friend reported the long review, his mind was drifting off to other dimension. It ended up him not focusing and stared into nothing.

The lack of response had made Soujiro pause his report and glanced worriedly at his friend.

"Toshiro," He called out. "Are you listening?"

Toshiro looked up for a split second before he returned to his position. "Hn,"

He raised a brow. "What's on your mind? You've been unusually quiet these days and don't have a mood in anything,"


With a resign sigh, he placed the report on the table where he knew the man wasn't listening. He gave a thought for a moment of his friend's behaviour before he speak. "Is it about Momo?"

Just hearing her name catch the attention of the white haired man. It broke him out his trance with a "What?".

"It is her," He confirmed with a grin. "So what did she do to make you like this?"

Toshiro ran his hand through his hair, huffed frustratingly. "She's been avoiding me,"

Soujirou was intrigued. "Why?"

"I don't really know," He groaned, tapping his fingers on the desk. "After she kissed me that night, she's being avoiding me like a plague. Not picking my calls, my text and she didn't bother to greet me back when I saw her at the coffee shop,"

"Ooh.." Soujiro mind spun for a moment before he came to a conclusion. Finally, realising the reason behind his friend's dilenma. "Maybe she's afraid, Toshiro,"

"Afraid of what?" Soujiruo resist to facepalm himself of his inexperience friend's question. So much of being a prodigy of everything when he couldn't figure out a single girl problem.

"Duh. Afraid your rejection, of course," He stated simply.

"Why would I reject her? I like her, maybe more that I love her, why would I go do the stupid decision of rejecting her?" Soujirou fought the urge not to rolled his eyes.

Then he stood in front of the desk, straightened himself as he act like a teacher for his lovestruck friend. He slowly explained to his naive friend, "You see, my friend. Women are sensitive and delicate creatures. They sometimes do things instinctively by following their feelings. But when she was uncertain of the action she took, she would stepped back in fear and forced herself to move on when she couldn't find the solution. Much like men, but more reasonable. She must be feeling insecure of your feelings so she chose to avoid you until she could face you,"

He pointed his finger at him. "Now this is where you came in. You need to confess your true feelings to her and ease her insecurities that she held inside. You need to guide her,"

"How?" He wondered.

"Find a way to talk to her. Tell her how you feel, show your true self," Soujirou advised.

Toshiro was energise instantly by the hope his friend gave him. Immediately, he thought of a plan. "I think I have an idea."

"Good! That's my boy!" Soujirou said dramatically.

Unfortunately, it went down the drain when Soujirou reminded him of a couple of meetings he needed to attend to before he could execute his plan.

"Sorry, I forgot," He smiled sheepishly of his forgetfulness before giving the man a sympathy pat on the back while he glared heatedly at him.

"There's always time, I'm sure of it," Soujirou assured his friend.

"Hey, Momo. Are you alright?" Momo heard Rangiku asked when she noticed the stiffness of her figure. She and her friends were currently seated in a round table with four small arc shape sofas around it. She was occupying a couch while her friends occupied the others, Rangiku on her left, Rukia on her right, Inoue sat across her. A small get together with just girls inside the 5-star hotel bar.

Giving Rangiku a smile, she answered her question. "I'm fine, it's just that I haven't relax for awhile,"

Because she's been busy not to remember a certain white haired man that was spinning inside her mind. And the bad thoughts that had her worry with anxiety. Momo have heard gossips that were regarding women who dated younger guys that was not pleasant news. Each couple have their own conflict about money, sex and relationships, but most of all was the age gap that sparks the fights. It was a common issues, yet she was afraid to take the step forward. She wouldn't want another heartbreak that took her about months to recover, that was why she chose to ignore the feelings growing inside of her. She let herself drown in work, trying to avoid the heart longing for Toshiro and distance herself from him. It worked for awhile until she was exhausted to the core of trying to forget him. That was why she chose the night to relax herself with her friends.

"You've been busy with work like crazy," Rangiku said before downing herself a beer, eyeing her friend curiously. "I'm glad you took the time off for tonight,"

"Did you finished all of your work yet, Momo?" Inoue asked.

Momo answered with a half truth. "I'm done with the most of it, just a few minors that I can hold until the flower decorations arrived,"

"Then that's good, being a wedding planner isn't all funs, huh?"

"Tell me about it," She took a gulp of her drink, before she started another topic about the recent news of Rangiku's promotion.

They catch up with their lives and enjoyed the rest of the night together.

In between dizzying twirls, she danced the night away with her friends while the music blared loudly in the background. Relieving the stress she was having as she danced with strangers. Upon spinning once again, she caught a flash of green orbs that quickly made her head move to look at it again. It sparkled in the light of the darkness of the bar that was truly mesmerising in her mind. She squinted to look at it as it was a few meters away from her and when she saw it clearer, she found the pair belonged to who Momo could describe, the fire in her lions.

"How does he know I'm here?" Momo muttered to herself while she halted her movements and stare questioningly at the gorgeous man again just to make sure she wasn't delusional.

He stared back at her and she could feel her face flaming up. Even in her intoxicated state, she knew him very well.

She quickly whirled around, her back facing him. Ready to escape.

"I have enough drinks for the night girls," Momo informed her friends, resisting the urge to turn around. "I'll go get some shut eye in my room, see you girls tomorrow."

Her friends nodded as she eased away from the dance floor and she swore she could still feel his eyes following her out the place.

His target had moved. Turquoise eyes never leaving her figure.

"Hold my beer." Toshiro pushed his drink to Soujiro's hand, who was busy flirting with the ladies that gathered around the table. Before his friend could react to his odd behaviour, he had stood up from his seat and left the counter. Soujiro could only grumbled of being left alone at the table with two drinks in each hands.

Toshiro followed her out. Quite luckily, he managed to chase after the woman he had been wanting to talk for weeks. It was like heaven's above had seen his troubled mind and decided to help him. He was surprised to see her on the dance floor when he was persuaded by Soujiro to have a drink at the hotel bar tonight. The possibilities to meet her here was a one to million percent and yet he got that one percent. He felt like Lady Luck was on his side tonight.

Maybe this was the time they could finally meet and talk.

Momo ransack her small purse to find her wallet and keys to her hotel room as she was walking towards the elevator. Never minding the footsteps behind her. With the ding of the elevator, the elevator door was opened and stepped into it when the people inside exited. When she turned around inside the elevator, Toshiro was in front of her and the elevator door automatically closed behind him.

Neither of them move, her breath was caught in her throat while he bore his gaze at her. Momo looked away and gulped, fearing to meet his eyes.

"Which floor will you be taking?" He asked after he turned to the panels.

"I...Uh, the 15th floor," She said with her face flushed as she stare at his muscular back. He pressed the 15th floor before he shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants. The company of the man in front of her was always comfortable. But tonight, she was jittery and twitchy. It made her self doubt about the decision of why she chose to avoid him in the first place.

The elevator door opened with another ding and shown that they arrived at the floor. They went out to the hallway with Momo guiding him as they reached the suite. Letting herself in with the key, she placed her belongings on the side table before she sat on the edge of the bed like an innocent child ready to be scold. Her head was puzzling with different explanation on how to let him know of what she had done that day.

"Did I do something wrong, Momo?" was the first thing she heard before she could collect herself. She looked up to see his heart broken face that made her heart clenched.

"No, it's not you, it's me," She quickly answered, before her face confront with guilt and her eyes wandered down to her clenching hands. "I'm sorry that I kissed you that day,"


"It's because...! I...I... Um..." She stammered while she was trying to get her confession out. Momo swallowed and calmed her racing heart that was beating inside her ribcage. She had spent weeks alone trying to figure her feelings for him, rehearsing the confession lines every day just to find the courage to tell him the truth.

While she was too absorbed in her mind, she didn't notice him taking small steps towards her, knelt in font of her.

Momo snapped back into reality as she felt her chin being lifted and was met with his cool lips. Her eyes widened before he pulled away with an emotion that made her warm inside.

"I really really like you, Momo, " He confessed. "Even more so that I am sure that I'm in love with you. And I fell in love with you even more when you kissed me that day,"

"You love me?" She whispered, her eyes watered with joy. Not believing her ears.

"A hundred percent yes," He stated firmly, his eyes with a smouldering gaze that melt her.

She coughed the blush on her face. "But then people would said that I took advantage of you,"

"From the situation we're in, I think it's the other way around, love," He chuckled.

"Not that," She tried not to smile at his endearment he used and turned serious for a second, "It's just that our... age gap,"

"Is that what's bothering you?" He realised until now she was afraid because of the people who will looked at them with different eyes. Just because they were three years apart. He was twenty-three, she was twenty-six. They were still young, in their mid-twenties. It was perfectly normal for him if they date, yet she felt insecure.

Is she worrying about the public that will see at them with different light? Or gossips that will spread false rumours around them? Maybe this is what his best friend was talking about. Momo had her own insecurities that needed his assurance.

Quite timidly, she nodded. "What if one day you'll find me boring and you go find other young women who could adjust to your lifestyle? I'm just the plain old Jane who love her career more than anything, I'm worried that I'll be the one neglecting you-"

He gave a hearty laugh, which she didn't find anything funny. Seeing her face had turned grim, he hastily choked down his laugh.

"I'm sorry, but I think it's safe to say that we're in the same page," Toshiro caressed her cheek with adoration, he took her hand in his, " Because I was worried I'll be the one who was boring you, with me working for six or five days, sometimes a week without break and I need to be up early for most days, and be back by seven. Or you would find me childish because of my age-"

Momo lifted her lips to a small smile understood his meaning.

"I thought men like their woman in the kitchen more than work?" She questioned, trying to make sure he wasn't lying.

"We're in the twentieth century, Momo. In this modern world, I think women are qualify to be working even after they're married," He explained, then he kissed her palm. "Am I that childish to you?"

"No, no. Don't say that. You're way more mature than any other older guys I've dated and I believe you have exceed my expectation than any other men," She said in a low and hush voice, her finger trailed down his chiseled clothed chest to his beating heart. "It's like you're the only one,"

"Is that your way of saying that you're fine with this?" He inquired.

Without answering, she wrapped her arms his neck and kissed the hell out of him. God, he could die in right now. Her fingers massaged his scalp, he grabbed her waist tightly and kissed her with equal vigour. Momo stared back, her face full of awe after the breathless kiss. It wasn't frequent she find a man so irresistible and a package full of testosterone as she gave him a once over. Toshiro almost groaned out loud when she looked at him that way with a pair of not so innocent honey brown orbs.

Her face flushed, her mouth turned up, her dazzling eyes pierced his soul, her body glowing in the dim light in the room. Everything about her was intriguing, attractive and seductive. How he wished to feel her body and roam his hands against it. He let out a deep breath, his hand reached to tuck the strands of hair that slipped out from behind her ears. His face slowly descended over her. Hesitating to act without her permission.

Momo shivered, closing her eyes due to the sensations she was feeling in the moment. Momo thought she was going to die, by the heat spreading through her body. No turning back, it's now or never. The alcohol in her veins gave her courage to look him in the eyes with anticipation and seduction.

"Take me,"

Flames were ignited inside Toshiro's eyes with a flick of her words, his lips were quickly descended down on hers and closed the remaining gap of their bodies. With a quick work on their clothes, they were in their birthday suit within a minute. Each caress and touch lingered all over her body as Toshiro done skipping stones on her, making her wet for him. It fueled his desires when her moans rang through his ears when he touched her with his hardened shaft. He entered her after she gave a nod as permission and she was clenching around him so tightly that his vision turned white. Toshiro moved his pace while clutching her waist maneuvering their positions, pounding into her tender spot that made Momo responded willfully and her body glowed lustrously. The fundamental feeling that is hard to define but the couple experience it like never before. The fact they were connected were the only thing kept them form going through the night. 

Lustful cries and moans could be heard inside the suite as the two raced to reach the humid point where their thirst could be quenched.

And that's the first intimate connection they have.

When they decided to sleep, it was past four in the morning, energy completely spent that made them remained in their positions. He was pleased and he was sure she was too. Outside the window was the peaceful pitter patter of rain humming quietly making the atmosphere more comfortable.

"Hmmm…" Momo slurred as she forced her body to snuggle closely to Toshiro's warm body while he pulled her to him and trailed kisses down her spine.

He grinned from behind her back as she sighed in pleasure. Although he was more than willing to go for another round, but he knew he shouldn't pushed his luck.

"Sleep, Momo. Or you'll be up for another round again," He ushered softly, not wanting to tire her out even more.

She had a smile on her face when he gave her a kiss on her hair. Loving the way he touched.

"I love you," Momo whispered the words unconsciously, loud enough for him to hear before she succumbed to sleep. A smile bloomed from his face when he heard it, he stroked her hair lovingly and spooned her from behind. Knowing things will be okay from now on.

Toshiro wasted no time to properly court her after the coming week. Knowing that she wanted him to work for it (despite he had already heard the confession that she didn't know about), and yet he decided to play along with her. In the name of love, they were testing each other's patience, anticipating who will be the one to slip first. Momo swore he had wore a smug look (instead of a heartbroken face that she expected) when she told her that she needed space and wanted to go slow with the flow, which surprisingly he agreed instantly. It was like he already had the something up his sleeves yet he didn't show. He accepted her terms and conditions, without a single word of oppose.

For Momo, it was strange now to imagine her life without Toshiro. In the morning, he was there with breakfast. In the afternoon, he took her to lunch or made lunch together at her place. The same goes for dinner. He showered her with surprises every now and then, romantic dates, unique presents, it was overwhelming sweet for a stoic man to do so much for her. Momo tried her hardest not to pounce at him every time he does that. In the end, her clothes said different on the bedroom floor after a week of courting and she had lost.

People were talking about the young bachelor had change for the better when the media had caught him buying flowers for his lover and made a fact that the young bachelor was pretty much taken. Gossips, news discussing of Toshiro's lover and yet he paid no comment on it. Until a courageous reporter asked a question on his press conference about the newly built building under his company.

"Sir Hitsugaya, are you in a relationship right now? Who is the lucky woman that made the billion dollar bachelor fallen in love?"

"This is a press conference about the newly built 'Spiral', not a personal conference," His assistant reprimanded the reporter.

Toshiro waved off his assistant concerns, "It's alright, Kenji," He turned to the reporter, his eyes sharp like a tiger, "I will answer your question this time but do not make the same mistake again,"

The reporter swallowed and nodded, "Yes sir,"

"I am indeed in a relationship," He announced that made the room gasped in surprise, recording the scoop into their phone, "but I refuse to said anything about my lover as to respect her privacy."

It was on the entertainment headline for weeks and Momo was sure that he was referring her as his lover, unknowingly. It made her giddy and warm inside.

Everyone noticed her change, her friends were the one who picked up quickly. They started their very own interrogation that made her blurt out his name. Which they reacted strongly to the name, Toshiro Hitsugaya. The well known youngest and the most successful CEO in all times. Rangiku was the one who decided to rub the fact on her face with a 'I told you so' look. The others had their jaw dropped, eyes popped out their sockets and shock to learn that their friend was seeing him instead of dating him. They looked like she was going to be chew out when she told them they haven't even had a tittle to begin with. Thankfully, Rangiku convinced the others that they let Momo have her own pace until she was ready. Until the next day, Rangiku dragged her out to have the talk.

"You and him have something going on but you said that you're not dating him?! What is wrong with you?" Rangiku was the first to burst out.

Momo winced. "I thought you said that I should be going in my pace yesterday,"

"I said that to get the others pressure off you. Until you tell me what is going on with you and him, alone, which I chose today," Rangiku glared, "And you are going in a rather slow pace than I expected, why?"

"I don't know... I just.. I mean, we go to movies together and other stuff..." She trailed. "He's being nice and sweet-"

"You haven't answer my question, honey," Rangiku narrowed her eyes.

"Well...Um," She fidgeted in her seat. "I told him I need time to adjust...?"

"And he agreed?"

She nodded.

"Without any objections?"

She nodded again.

Rangiku groaned in frustration. "God, Momo. You have a combination of heaven and hell, handsome looking Samaritan at your bidding, that you chose to ignore, and not acknowledging the fact he loves you, tell me what in the world is wrong with you?"

"I think you've been asking the same thing twice,"

"Make it thrice," She corrected with a straight face, "because really girl, what is wrong with you?"

Momo whined. "I don't even really know what is wrong with me, Rangiku-San!" She sighed, placing her forehead on the table, "He's like a dream come true, like a too good to be true kind, but I don't know why I choose to avoid it. It's like I couldn't believe myself that he is real,"

Rangiku watched Momo for a minute, not saying a word while sipping her tea. She wished the girl would finally find someone good for herself, and she knew Momo deserved the best. Momo's last relationship ended long ago in a not so friendly matter, that's why she understood her hesitation and insecurities emitted from.

Rangiku put down her cup and nodded, "Okay, I get it... Look here, Momo. You're not the only attracted here, and better yet he had confessed to you first. From what you've told me, he's been trying hard to get your recognition and he's been smitten about you for years, I think he's not the one who will give up love easily. It's a miracle to find a man who would have such commitment these days,"

Momo looked up to her friend, pressing her lips together.

"Give the man a chance, he seems like a decent guy, plus the fact his best friend is Soujirou are bound to be good. And it's obvious that he has the hots for you," Rangiku looked at her friend suggestively, "which I'm guessing that you've already done the deed with him,"

Her face was beet red. "How did you-"

"I saw you and him in the elevator that day at the hotel," Rangiku smirked.

Momo covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. "Kill me now," she mumbled.

Rangiku waved off her comment. "Let's skip to the main point for now. You and him are perfect together, we both know that he is absolutely hands down for you. What's there to not like about him?"


"Okay, wait, let me ask you a different question that will solve all your problems. Are you happy when you're with him?" Rangiku interrupted.

She smiled, her cheeks still red. "Yes,"

Satisfied with her answered, she encouraged her with a smile. "That's the answer you're looking for."

"But...but what if he goes find other women that are younger than me? More prettier than me, know, 'fresh' than me,"

Rangiku fought the urge not to roll her eyes. "Momo, you're a confident beautiful grown woman that can outrun any young chicks these days. Believe me that he wouldn't say no to you," She flared her arms in exasperation. "He is in love with you. You're practically a goddess in his eyes,

"You're exaggerating,"

"I'm telling the truth," She crossed her arms and stared at her. "What's there to be afraid of?"

Momo took a deep breath, then started slowly to make up her mind. "Thanks for listening to me, Rangiku-San. You're right, I have nothing to be afraid. "

"Honey, I'm always right," Rangiku winked and nudged her, "Now the next time when you see the guy, go pounce on him, he would gladly accept it."

"I think I've done it more than once already," Momo laughed sheepishly, her face dusted with pink.

Rangiku gave a pat on her back. "That's my girl!"

Momo had just gone out from work and went back in the cozy comfort of apartment while contemplating on what to eat for dinner. Evening descended as Momo were spending her time having a bath after a day of tiring work. Sat in her bathtub, enjoying the lukewarm water against her skin, it rippled and swayed as she moved. Then her mind wandered of to a certain man who had been haunting her.

He had to leave for Italy to have a meeting with his business partners that was gathering there for a launching event of a building. As the head of the company, his presence was needed. And so Momo was left alone for three weeks with the absence of his existence. She truly missed him.

After finishing her relaxing bath, she dried herself up and decided to have a takeout for dinner. Just when she finished putting on her undergarments, her doorbell rings. She went for the door after she wrapped herself with a towel, wondering if it was her friends decided to drop by. They did told her that they'll be visiting her these days, because they want to know the juicy detail of her and Toshiro.

Momo sighed in defeat, might as well get over it, the sooner the better. Here she was hoping the man of the topic will be at the door. So much for hoping too much.

The doorbell rang again as she hasten her movement.

"Just give me a minute!" She went to open the door while she let down her hair to dry it, and speak of the devil he was here, "Toshiro!" Her prayers were heard.

He was sporting a dark blue pants with similar colour of the open suit, three buttons of his white dress shirt undone with a sliver white necktie loosened. His turquoise eyes sparked with amusement, his hair in their usual messy spiky ways that made him extremely pleasing to see.

Thankfully, she found her voice to utter. "What are you doing here? Aren't you suppose to be in Venice?"

"The event ended quite early than expected, so I decided to fly back here to see you," Toshiro let his gaze down to scan her body until he stare at her with hooded eyes. "I never thought this is the first sight I would be greeted after a long flight. Guess I should've done this sooner,"

Feeling a bit self conscious, she put her arms around her chest and looked away. "Don't look at me like that,"

Toshiro lifted a brow, taking a step towards her, and stopped a few inches from her. "Like what?" He smirked.

She fidgeted, she knew he was baiting her.

Then he lifted her face up with his thumb and index finger, stealing kisses from her. "T-Toshiro..."

"I'm supposed to ask you out for dinner," He muttered against her lips, grabbing her waist and taking a step inside her apartment. "But I'm honestly trying not to have you for dinner instead,"

This is becoming unexpected. He was meant to ask her out, have a nice conversation over dinner, and take her home while he kiss her goodnight by the doorway. Not the other way around. He was greeted by the sight of her half naked, with a towel wrapped around her body, showing the drips of water sliding down to the crack of her cleavage, her hair tumbling down attractively on her shoulders, and her face that was flushed with red that made her more arousing. All in all, she took his breath away with a lot of skin visible.

Momo whimpered in delight as he gave her a deep kiss that made her knees buckled. Toshiro caught her, wrapping his arm around her waist properly, crushing her against his hard body. Carefully, he manoeuvred them to the living room after closing the door with his foot, mouth occupied each other's. She won't deny anymore, she really finds him irresistible, it made her feel giddy and aroused that she couldn't suppress. Their kiss were fervent, it wasn't long before he carried her onto the edge of the sofa. Then tumbling on it with him on top of her, his arms on each side of her head. Momo held onto his shirt as he invaded his tongue inside her mouth, meeting her own that elicited a surprised moan from her.

As they were busy making out heatedly, Momo didn't notice she was close to falling off to the floor while she pulled him more, kissing him fiercely. Within the second, they toppled down the floor with Momo on top of Toshiro. He groaned in pain when he hit the floor hard that left his back tingling, and it doubled when another body covered his own. When his vision was welcomed with a beautiful face, he knew it was worth the fall. Her towel slipped off to reveal her lacy undergarments when Momo pushed herself up against his chest, her hair cascading down messily, it made him more harder to resist. Toshiro knew that if their positions were reversed, it won't be able to save the last bit of restraint he have and things would go out of hand. So, he let her decide on what to do next with his hands rest on her waist, not moving.

They stared at each other for awhile after they parted their lips for the last time, it made Momo completely sure about her feelings for the man underneath her. His eyes mixed with desires and emotions that overwhelmed her. Before she could let herself kiss him again, she buried her head in his shoulder to catch her breath.



"Are you hungry?"

"Sexually or physically?" He asked cheekily.

She slapped his chest with a fierce blush on her face, "Physically, and don't go making perverted jokes, " Then her face changed into concern when she noticed that he sounded tired, "Did you have something to eat on the plane before you get here?"

"No, I was asleep through the whole flight," He answered while absentmindedly twirled her hair through his fingers.

"So you didn't eat anything? Gosh, you are such a worrier. Stay here," She gotten herself wrapped in her towel before she remove her body from his and headed towards her bedroom to put some clothes.

He stood up from the floor and looked around the apartment to where she disappear from.

"Is curry okay with you?" She appeared with an oversized T-shirt and black sweat pants, she asked while she passed by him heading towards the kitchen. Guess tonight she's not having takeouts.

"I think you look better with lace," He commented instead, leaning his elbows on the island. She glared. He ignored it and tilted his head in question. "Wait. Aren't we suppose to get dinner?"

"We are, right here. I'm cooking curry rice for dinner," She reached for cabinet and pulled out the ingredients to cook. "You're too tired to drive, and I'm not going to let you exhaust yourself when you deserve rest. I'll call you when I'm done cooking, go and wait at the living room,"

"Sure, but you still look delicious than curry," He insisted.

"Toshiro," She warned.

"Okay, okay. I'm going,"

Then she turned around and started cooking while he decided to get some rest on the sofa. He was out for a second when he laid in a comfortable position.

Momo was tempted not to wake Toshiro when she saw his peaceful features but she knew that he needed nutritions and energy. Ever so slightly, she ran her hand through his hair while she called out softly.

"Toshiro, wake up,"

He stir awake, turquoise orbs began to show as he opened his eyelids. Momo smiled, "Come on, sleepy head. You need to eat,"

Toshiro complied wordlessly. They ate their dinner happily and washed the dishes together. They played around for a bit, splashing water of soap, bumped hips and teasing remarks. Just when Momo put back the last plate to the cabinet, Toshiro wrapped his arms around her from the back. Then he turned her around so that she could face him before he captured her lips into a fiery kiss.

"T-Toshiro, ah, aren't you supposed to go get some rest?" She stammered as he sucked on her neck.

"With the image of you wearing laces is only going to let me stay awake," He nibbled her ear. "I think I need a few hours to erase it from my mind,"

"With sleep?"

"No, with you," He smirked sexily that made her shivered in anticipation of his next words. "I need you stark naked to replace the image of you wearing lace,"

"How is that better?" She crossed her arms.

"Because I'll be dreaming about you everyday to lull me to sleep," He joked and Momo hit his arm playfully.

"You're such a pervert," Momo uttered and burrowed her head at the crook of his neck. "But I love you," She whispered.

He grinned. "I know," He placed a kiss on her forehead. "I love you too,"

Momo smiled lovingly. "So... does this mean we're official?" She started slowly.

"I thought we're already official," He said matter-of-factly.

Momo paused, "Wait. Since when?"

"Since the night at my place, and on the media," He furrowed his brows, confused. "I thought we established that we're official, aren't we?"

"Y-You never asked me to be your girlfriend! And you didn't said that it was me on the media,"

"Do you want to be mention in a thousands of people presence?"

"No... I don't like attention,"

He confirmed. "Well, if I asked you to be my girlfriend and lover would you say no?"

"Of course not!"

"Then it's settled," Toshiro concluded. "We're dating,"

Momo gaped at him. "That's a bit too fast," She stuttered, "Since when did you get the idea we're already officially dating? I know we have sex-"

He cut her off, "There's a difference between sex and making love, Momo. I want to make love with you,"

"You mean that?"

"I mean it, Momo. We made love more than once, its perfectly normal for me to think that I'm yours and you're mine since the beginning of that," He answered genuinely.

God, how lucky she is to have such a wonderful man! Her eyes watered as she lunged towards Toshiro, wrapping her arms around him. Which he stumbled before he balance himself with Momo in his arms.


She mumbled. "Thank you for tolerating me, Toshiro,"

Toshiro embraced her in return. "It's the least I can do,"

Momo cradled his face before she kissed him, the feelings that bottled up was finally spilling out. His breath was caught away as she kissed him with such passion. He groaned against her lips and kissed her back with eager force, her hips made contact with his as he growled in pleasure. Holding her hips from making contact against him desperately, he breathe heavily.

"I'm not going to let you sleep tonight if you keep doing that," He rasped.

Momo gave him a wry smile, "I'm fully prepare that I'm not going to sleep tonight since you're here," she kissed his earlobe that sent an electricity down his spine, "because I know we'll be burning calories together all night,"

"Good Lord, you're going to be the death of me," He said before he captured her lips again.

Deepening the kiss, he tightened the hold on her waist while kissing her senseless. Biting and sucking into her neck fiercely afterwards. Then he hoisted her up on to the counter, he stood in between her legs, pressing their bodies together. Toshiro drew back to discard his shirt, revealing his muscular built that made her hot with want.

Then he ran his hand inside her shirt, palming and pinching her clothed perky breast. She whimpered as she was sensitive by the touch he made, writhing in pleasure while his other hand busy pulling down her sweat pants. He will deal with her breast later. Once her pants and underwear were removed, his fingers made their way inside her wet cunt and started their work. Toshiro covered her mouth once more when he pushed a finger inside of her, making Momo squirmed while he move in and out. Momo felt the building pressure of the coil in her stomach each time Toshiro's finger thrust into her, adding another finger when he felt her getting tighter until she came.

Exhaling and inhaling after they broke apart, Momo stared at him from her half-lidded eyes, clearly showing her wanton desire for him. Drinking his appearance as she let her eyes traveled down to his already hard shaft that was caged inside his pants. Impatient, he unbuckle his belt, unzipped his trousers and removed his boxers to reveal his member. Then he rubbed himself with her private organ, signalling that he was ready to take her, now and then. She gave him a nod before he pushed himself through her entrance, where she let out a moan. She was wet, tight and hot. Toshiro felt her muscles clamp against him, accommodating his girth when he urged onwards.

After a few stroke and thrust, they become more eager to increase their speed and depth, especially Toshiro. Relishing the way her cunt clasped around him, the sound of their skin slap together, the perspiration sliding down his forehead. She threw her head back gasping his name, her hands clawing his shoulder, her legs squeezed around his waist as he pounded into her. Under her lust-filled lashes she studied his sweaty form, his muscles working as he moved into her ever eager matching her own rhythm.

Momo could feel herself getting close with each thrust and moan, reaching for her climax, instinctively arched her back when she called his name for the last. Toshiro soon came after, accepting the blissful feeling Momo had gave him, gritted her name and leaned on her shoulder. They heaved together, pausing for a moment to collect their breath before Toshiro detach himself from her.

Toshiro smirked at her disheveled state she was in. Her shirt was rumpled and lifted revealing her lacy bra with perk nipples, below her was completely exposed in the aftermath. He was no different, his upper body was naked, his trouser along with his boxers were half down at his thigh except for his unclothed member.

"Shall we move to the bedroom to start another round?" He suggested, hovering over her again and felt his hand trailed her back. She could see the lust in his eyes.

She could feel her head becoming light at the intimate contact they shared. "Yes, please," she answered before he slanted his mouth over hers.

It took a minute and a half to notice that her surroundings had change from her kitchen to her bedroom. Her back landed on the soft mattress of her queen size bed, her shirt and bra were removed along with his trouser and boxers. His eyes admiring the body before him, that thrilled her with excitement. She gasped when she felt her right nipple was brought into his mouth, suckling and nipping while his other hand fondle her right. Momo could only concentrate on the sensations he gave her.

Once he was satisfied, he went down her thigh to the cavern between her legs, lapping her and drive her to her high. His head was between her legs, his breath fanning her most personal space and it made her head spin when his tongue touch her. His tongue stroke, taste and explored her cave that let out a few mewls from her lips. She let out a release scream, she threw her head into the pillows, her hands curling into his hair as she came down from her high. He licked her juices clean before he placed his hardened member in position and in one swift thrust he filled her. He was a tremendous presence evading her, stretching her and adjusting her to him while they moved. Her breath turned into rasping and uncontrollable pants, her senses in white frenzy and her mind drown in pleasures with each thrusts he made. He jerked and released inside of her, following her own when he cried out his name repeatedly.

Just when she thought he was finished, Toshiro lifted her off the bed, pressing her back against the headboard so that she was forced to twine her legs around him. She cried out in astonishment, the jolt of impact slammed back into her again and it was overwhelming. He rocked her against the headrest, driving in harder and faster as he could. Momo dug her nails into his back, he took one of her hard peak inside his mouth as he pounded into her breathlessly. His thrust was getting erratic, gripping her bottom to match his thrust.

Going over the edge, Toshiro thrust one final time, spilling his seeds inside her as she clenched tightly around him while mingling her juices with his. His hands gripped her hip to hold her in place while they ride through their climax. Followed by a few pumps he was saving, he gritted his teeth letting out a grunt after he was satisfied. He went to kiss her tenderly when he pulled out of her, collapsing onto the sheets together.

Sweaty and exerted, he draw her close to his body and laid down on to the bed, cuddling. Momo wrapped her arms around him, pressing her forehead against his bare chest before she looked up.

"You really outdid yourself,"

"I guess our pre-relationship help us more than we thought," He grinned.

Momo giggled, "Never doubt it," She pulled him down for a kiss, "You made me so messed up that night and I was starting to have a lot of malfunction self control when I'm with you,"

"My effort paid off, " He chuckled huskily. "I mean it when I told you that I want you, only you,"

She had a smile on her face, staring into his adoring and beautiful eyes that made her felt love. "I love you."

"I love you too." He smiled softly, kissing the top of her nose. He pulled the comforter around them, securing Momo inside his arms before they drifted to sleep with smiles on their faces.

The years passed as they went through without difficulties, and on the second year of dating, Toshiro propose to her. It happen when she was at her client's wedding site in the Bahamas, overviewing the preparations before the ceremony starts. Toshiro had pulled her to the side after finished reviewing the site near the beach at sunset. In a blink, he went down on one knee with a diamond ring in hand popping the million dollar question. Momo bursted into tears as she threw herself at him, replying his question with a snotty 'yes' which he earned himself an earful for ruining her makeup. But was worth it when she beamed blissfuly at him when they attend the ceremony of her client's wedding. Her smile can never been more wider and the ring shine even brighter at her own wedding.

Everything soon came to place afterwards. She got married and have children of her own with her loving husband.

As she watched Toshiro adored their precious children inside their respective cribs, Momo could felt nothing except pure euphoria. Her husband went to coo their daughter when she awoke from her slumber, her honey brown orbs shared the same traits of her mother's that clashed with his own as he stare at her with glee. Curling his finger for their daughter to grasp when she reached for him, a heart-wrenching smile bloomed on his face that made Momo filled with pride and joy of the tender loving scene.

The gap that she worried was long forgotten, only to be replace by a seamless connection of love.

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