Getting Dirty

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Getting Dirty


            “Good job today, Ichigo,” Ginjo told the newest recruit of Xcution from the bar.  In his hand was a half-empty glass of liquor, which made his compliments rather insincere.  And though he was pleased, Riruka was not so happy that Ichigo’s unchecked, strengthening power wrecking her favorite hamster cage when fighting against Mr. Pork, Mr. Chicken, and the newest addition of a hedgehog named… Mr. Hamster; Ichigo had complained that calling a hedgehog a hamster didn’t automatically make the cage appropriate.

            The explosion of Fullbring power was a spectacle that not even Yukio would ignore for his game, though Jackie seemed hardly impressed.  When Ichigo staggered up from the floor, weakened from fighting three beastly opponents simultaneously, Jackie scoffed and turned to Ginjo.  “Look at him, Kugo.  He’s so exhausted, after such a basic training exercise.”  Granted, it was three on one, but against pathetic dolls, she could defeat them with one kick of her Fullbring.  Ichigo, of course, was in earshot and wasn’t too pleased to have his efforts criticized.  She pivoted on her foot to face him and let him know that she was not afraid to say it right to his face.  “He doesn’t take this seriously.  He’s piddling around like a little kid excited about his new powers.”  She took a hard step towards the orange-haired teen to stare him dead in the eye; he, at least, had the nerve not to flinch or look away.  “Why should we have to wait for him to stop fooling around to take away our powers?”

            Ginjo waved a hand lazily at her in a gesture to cool her temper, unwilling to set down his drink.  “Oi, Jackie…”

            “I’m not fooling around,” Ichigo spoke up for himself.  “It may take some time, but I’ll…”

            “Take some time?”  Jackie’s fist caught the front of Ichigo’s shirt, yanking him.  Her eyebrows knitted, her full lips curling down to reveal her pearly teeth in a scowl.  “We don’t want to be cursed with these powers, do you understand?  Powers we’ve never asked for, that were birthed only through pain and blood.”  She growled weakly, her gaze dropping at the remembrance of the slaughter of her entire family and her brother’s blood spilling over her beloved boots.  Renewed anger boiled her blood, and she shoved Ichigo away.  Having nothing left to say, she aimlessly walked across the room and faced a wall.  She looked over her shoulder and told Ichigo he could leave.

            Of course, he wasn’t so sure if she was calling the shots, but Ginjo consented.  “Yeah, there’s nothing more to be done tonight,” the intoxicated leader of Xcution.

            “W-wait a minute!” Riruka suddenly blurted out.  A pink tint crossed the bridge of her nose when her large eyes glossed over at Ichigo.  “He…  Ichigo should stay!”  She threw her nose upward snobbishly.  “He made a mess with his Fullbring and destroyed my hamster cage!  He should stay until it’s cleaned up!”  She was proud of herself for coming up with such an excuse to spend a little more time gazing at him.  Pompously, she pivoted away from the mess to keep up her uninterested guise.  “And when he’s done… he can… have one of my donuts.”

            “Donuts?” Ichigo repeated, tilting his head to one side curiously.  His density to a woman’s feelings was rather astounding when considering that he picked up enemy intentions with one clash of the sword.

            Before a determinate answer could be given, hopefully one that would make Riruka’s heart leap with excitement, Giriko was already on the scene, kneeling with a brush and a dustpan.  “No need, Riruka-san.  I shall take care of the mess.  Ichigo-san may return home at his leisure.”  The butler suddenly froze when he saw that Riruka had cast her glare on him, an ominous and vengeful aura radiating from her due to her botched plans to spend more time with the orange-haired recruit.

            “He’s right,” Ginjo said, and then downed the final portion of his drink.  With a heavy, alcohol-reeking exhale, he nodded to the door.  “Just go home, Ichigo.  Get some rest, because your training only gets harder from here on out.”  He smirked at Ichigo and brought his glass to his lips.  When only ice touched his mouth, he gasped fretfully.  “It’s empty!”

            Ichigo sighed.  Muttering a goodnight to his ‘comrades’ and giving Ginjo a skeptic look when he snapped at Giriko to get back behind the bar to pour him another shot, he left the Xcution base to go home and take a shower and wash away all the sweat of a day’s worth of training.

            “Dammit, Giriko!” Riruka exploded when Ichigo was safely out of earshot.  The one-eyed Fullbringer kept his cool as he carried the rubbish of the broken cage over to the waste bin and properly disposed of them.  “Why’d you have to interfere?!”

            Giriko set aside the cleaning utensils to return behind the bar.  First, he went to the sink to wash his hands before handling anything else.  “Why does it matter, Riruka-san?” he calmly asked.

            Suddenly apprehensive, Riruka stuttered, not willing to admit the real reason of why she wanted Ichigo to linger.  “Be-because he needs to learn to clean up when he makes a mess,” she blabbered, hugging herself tightly and defensively.  “He can’t receive special treatment while on the team.”

            “If that’s so, Riruka,” muttered Yukio, his dull gaze never leaving his PSP, “then stop having Giriko clean up your messes when you pig out on cake and donuts.”

            A vein broke out at Riruka’s temple at the phrase ‘pig out’.  “What was that, Yukio?!  You keep talking like you’re a valuable member of the team!  You’re just a creepy kid who’d never leave his room!  You have no people skills whatsoever!”  She continued to ramble on, but her insults fell on deaf ears; Yukio was the most adept at tuning out her screeching.

            Jackie wasn’t much bothered by Riruka’s shouting as she was by the prospect of Ichigo and the time it was taking him to master his Fullbring.  For so many years, she had been impatiently waiting for a Shinigami to relieve her of her abject powers.  Now the time was finally at hand, and it felt like it was taking an eternity.  Having to rely on some boy…

            She scoffed and wheeled about.  In a sure stride, she headed for the door, though only Ginjo took notice.  He asked where she was off to.  “Out,” she vaguely answered, and that was all she would offer him.  Her attitude left much to be desired.  Ginjo just scoffed at her and took a sip of his glass again.

            “Ah!  It’s still empty!”

            Outside, Jackie wasn’t sure where she was off to in the night.  Maybe a cup of coffee at a café was just the thing to soothe her.  She headed to the closest coffee shop around, but then halted.  Her eyes went to the pavement as she considered her course of action.  Lifting her hard gaze, she amended her direction.


            Everyone was asleep.  At least, that was what Ichigo guessed.  His sisters usually stayed up waiting for him to get home, but tonight, they must’ve been exceptionally tired.  He was glad for that; they shouldn’t be losing sleep on his account.  And with his dad either in bed or at the clinic working late, Ichigo was able to take a shower without Isshin threatening to bash the door down while trying to get to the toilet after a stomach-upsetting snack, even though they had an entirely free bathroom in the clinic.

            With a white towel lazily tossed over his carrot-colored head, a white t-shirt and green pajamas, he headed for his room.  What a surprise that Kon wasn’t making a racket, as usual, though he had lately started to wander outside to go to the Urahara Shop – if only to catch a glimpse of the brazen beauty who sometimes ate her meals half-nude.  “Kon?” he lazily called when he opened the door to his room.  “You here?”

            “Who’s Kon?”

            Ichigo suddenly stiffened with a confused grunt and looked at the one who spoke.  Needless to say, he was startled.

            Who exactly did she think she was?  Showing up at his house, through his bedroom window, no less!  It was a surprise that no one in the house was roused when Ichigo cried out when he saw the woman perched on his open windowsill, lazily gazing out at the moon.  Scoffing at his childish reaction, Jackie Tristan looked at the boy Ginjo chose as the ex-shinigami to relieve Xcution of their accursed powers.  “As a shinigami, did you always scream when you were surprised?” she chastised him.

            Ichigo simmered with annoyance, bristling like an irate feline.  The door was abruptly slammed shut behind him and locked so that concerned family members – namely his father – didn’t barge in to find the strange woman lingering at his window.  “I didn’t scream,” he corrected her.  He threw the towel on his head off to the side.  “And what are you doing at my house?  How did you even know where I live?”

            “All the information Kugo has on you, and you still are confused?”  Jackie’s condescending answer made Ichigo only that much more irate.  She did not care.  Smoothly, she swung her legs into the room and used her Fullbring to effortlessly leap clear of the bed.  The sheets had been so neatly made; she wouldn’t want to disturb it.

             “Did Ginjo send you here to check up on me?”

            Jackie frowned at him.  “Kugo does not have to know every one of my steps,” she told him.  Shifting her weight to one side, she placed a hand on her hip and indolently observed the room.  For a kid with such a unique look, with his constantly knitted eyebrows and bright-orange hair, his room was surprisingly quaint and organized.

            Ichigo walked across the space and plopped down in his chair with a sigh.  With an idle gesture, he offered Jackie a more comfortable seating on his bed; she set herself down gentle, barely causing a wrinkle in his stretched-out sheets.  His eyes briefly ghosted over her body, though he was careful not to take particular notice of how low the vee of her shirt dipped down.  Aside from the recent scolding, the two of them had never actually exchanged words; he had just barely found out that her name was Jackie, and only because Ginjo said it.

            Eyes turning to the window, he asked, “Then what are you doing here?”

            “I came to talk.”

            Ichigo shifted slightly in his seat before his gaze rolled up to hers.  “About what?”  He believed that their brief exchange at the base had come to its end.  He certainly hoped that her otherwise even temper wouldn’t flare as it had back then.

            For a moment, Jackie didn’t make a single utterance.  Her gaze was piercing, studying the boy’s face before observing the rest of him.  He certainly had the physique of someone who was committed to effort, but she still felt he lacked the drive to meet the specific requirements Xcution had set for him.  It was more like he was doing it for his own childish pride than for a need to help others – the band of Fullbringers especially.  He needed some encouragement, something to show him that he had severe limitations at the level he was now at, and he had to overcome them to come to terms with the goal of Xcution.

            She locked their eyes with continued condescending demeanor.  To this, Ichigo only frowned deeper until he looked like an upset child waiting to be scolded.  “You lack control,” she bluntly stated, arms folding up underneath her plump breast.  “You lack control, and you lack conviction.  You’re simply using us as a way for you to regain the pride you once had in your powers.  It’s all about yourself.”

            “That’s not true,” Ichigo argued, but Jackie went on as if he hadn’t spoken a word.

            “As you are now, I am not even sure I want you to take these powers.  You’ll squander them, and you’ll wind up dead.”  Her lack of faith in him and his abilities was a bit unsettling.  He’d been in more life-or-death situations than she was probably aware of, and he’d always find a way to come out victorious.  The way Jackie’s eyebrows furrowed to give him a more intense look was quite unsettling.  His brown eyes quickly glanced to the side; his badge was within reach at the corner of his desk.  Perhaps he’d feel more at ease if it was in his hand…

            Sensing his defensiveness, Jackie moved swiftly, the crackling green light of Fullbring lunging from her fingers.  Before he could react, the light surrounded his wrists an instant before the metal at the back of his chair suddenly fanned out, as if it was a sheet of rubber rather than welded steel.  It latched onto his wrists and forearms before snapping back and solidifying, effectively binding his hands at the back of the chair as though he was now a part of it.  His fingers wriggled freely, but that was the only movement he was allowed.  If he had a better handle on Fullbring control, he could counter Jackie’s ability to free himself.  However, she had just proven her point that he wasn’t progressing significantly enough.

            “Oi!  What are you doing?!”  Ichigo pursed his lips after shouting, mentally scolding himself; noise meant something out of place, and something out of place meant snooping of Yuzu and Isshin.  Gritting his teeth, seething in frustration, he hissed at Jackie, “Are you really going to lecture me about misusing Fullbring after doing something like this?!”  He yanked against the constricting metal and got nothing from it beyond a few slight creaks from the chair and two very-sore shoulders.  Useless; he may have been strong enough to crack cement, but he was a long ways off from being able to tear metal.  If it had been Chad, he would’ve already busted free and politely, but forcibly showed Jackie the proper way out.

            Glaring, Ichigo’s gaze scoured the room.  Where the hell was Kon?  The animated lion may no longer be useful during Hollow attacks, but he could’ve at least been used for warning Ichigo’s friends about danger.  Damn him!  He probably stole away in Michiru’s or Mahana’s schoolbags again, figuring that Ichigo’s need for him was no longer urgent since he could not transfer to his Shinigami self.  Again, Ichigo mentally cursed the Mod Soul.

            “This is a demonstration of power and will,” Jackie mumbled in response to Ichigo’s latest complaint.  She had leaned forward, forearms neatly resting over her knee and bust on proud display; the globes almost looked like they had swelled and were threatening to pop a button of her blouse before spilling out.  Shamefully, it drew Ichigo’s attention.  “I am not ‘showing off’; this is the difference between us.  You can do nothing to an actual Fullbringer at play.”

            Ichigo frowned.  He knew nothing of the true dangers at hand – namely Tsukishima haunting his friends and threatening Xcution – but he was aware that something was happening, and his friends were refusing to share with him what they knew so that they could protect him.  After so long of being the one who did the protecting, he found it was a hard piece of reality that was difficult to swallow.

            Almost as fast as lightning, Jackie’s foot struck upward to his face, and her sole lingered solidly less than an inch from crushing Ichigo’s nose; his heart raced and his involuntarily thanked the heavens that she had surprisingly-good and trained reflexes.  Unconsciously, he made a mental note of how shiny and neat her boots were kept.  Not really the time to admire her apparel, he scolded himself, though she seemed quite flashy about it.

            Jackie kept her leg completely stiff while suspended in the air.  “You cannot protect yourself,” she chided him, slowly bringing her foot back towards her, setting it upon the bed rather than the floor.  “How do you expect to protect everyone else if you cannot do that much?  Right now, I could honestly kill you without any effort at all.”  Though Ichigo tensed, taking her words as a threat, she leisurely and carefully extracted her boot and set it on the floor, off to the side so that she wouldn’t accidentally clip it when her legs shifted.  As she brought her other foot up to be uncovered, the other already setting down on the floorboards, she went on, “On a whim, I have already restrained you.  What would you do if this was an actual fight against an actual enemy?  What powers will you call on when the enemy has the authority to do with you as he or she pleases?”  The second boot came off and was set to the side.

            “Eh?”  Her words hadn’t time to sink in, as Ichigo was currently wrapping his mind around the question as to why she was now making herself more comfortable.  Once more, she sat with her legs crossed in front of her, propping herself up by her arms.  Was she waiting for an honest answer?  He gulped and tried to think of something inspiring to say.  ‘You wouldn’t have caught me if I had my badge’ just wouldn’t cut it and would just lead her further in believing that he had no real talent.  His mouth opened once, but he immediately closed it and looked off to the side, silently admitting that he had no brave-hearted response.

            She had expected as much from a glory-seeking child.  “Tch.  You’re pathetic,” she scolded him, much to his deeper depression.  She wasn’t about to take pity on him; he was a fool.  Tsukishima would carve him in half the second he bowed his head to weep.  She would not take pity on him, but she would demonstrate how naïve he was to his vulnerability.  Like this, he could do naught but be exploited.  For the first time, he saw her smile, albeit a smirk, and it did not lift his spirits; quite the opposite, actually, and he tensed with a loud, dry gulp.

            With an idle flick of her forefinger, Jackie once again brought out her Fullbringer light.  Ichigo pondered what she could possibly have in store next for him until he saw the emerald sparks popping at his crotch.  Mortified, he watched the duo of buttons at his pajamas come alive and draw themselves through their holsters.  “What are…?!  Eh?!”  His entire body shook when Jackie bent towards him, keeping herself remarkably at ease even when setting her hands at his crotch, spreading the unbuttoned opening to finger the slit of his boxers next.  The sensation of her fingertips brushing against his groin made his breathing difficult and his face unbearably warm.  He yipped, every muscle within him locking in place when her finger caught their prize and brought it out.

            His penis was exposed for Jackie to examine.  He wasn’t rigid, but she could estimate that his would be one of the larger erections she had encountered.  He hung flaccidly in her loose fist, though she could feel blood beginning to surge through and harden the piece.  Ichigo fought against the impulses of his body, but it was fruitless.  “P-put it back!” he blabbered with no small amount of shame.  He tried to roll away by kicking his feet against the side of his bed, but Jackie was sure to catch him and wedge the back of his seat between his mattress and desk.  For all of his frustration and writhing, he could not stop his captured member from swelling.  To his humiliation, he grew in the hollow of Jackie’s hand.  She rhythmically squeezed and slightly pumped his stiffening cock until he was completely hard and presenting a proud seven inches.

            Jackie’s fist moved up to rub the pad of her thumb in circles just underneath his crown.  No foreskin, she noted, though it didn’t matter to her either way.  She studied the shaft a moment longer before her hand slipped down, once again fishing around beneath his pajama pants and boxers.  Ichigo grunted and tensed when she withdrew his scrotum, which was not comfortable when his hypersensitive testicles squeezed through the crotch openings.  Ichigo cussed aimlessly, not sure if he wanted to throw the profanity straight at Jackie while she had his most sensitive parts cupped tenderly in the palm of her hand.

            Delicately, she massaged his balls, rubbing them collectively with her palm and thumb before individually tending to the pair.  Ichigo stuttered, his top and bottom teeth barely unclenching as he implored her to stop teasing and let him be.  His whining was pitiful.  Did he think that he could get his way by crying?  “Stop it,” she snapped up at him, her fingers gripping his tender bits a bit more snuggly than he was comfortable with.  “You’re sounding like a child.”  She stood up smoothly and distanced herself by sitting back down on the mattress; the space between them was far too great for her hands – or mouth, Ichigo considered embarrassedly – to handle him.  Was that a good thing, he wondered?  It would be easier to decide if she was tucked away his genitals.

            Ichigo fidgeted, his legs trying to help him squirm out of his predicament, but at the same time, he knew he would only agitate the no-nonsense Fullbringer further.  He looked down at his exposed sex jutting treacherously from the partings in his clothes.  If he had some self-control, it would’ve showed Jackie that he was unable to suppress even the baser instincts of his body.  If this was a part of his Fullbringer training, it was unorthodox and embarrassing, though he doubted this would magically help him regain his Shinigami powers.

            She was being frustratingly tranquil and silently observant; at least her attention was not focusing solely on his crotch, Ichigo thought, though her indifferent attitude was becoming increasingly off-putting.  Just what wheels were turning in her head that would drive her to bind him to a chair and take out his genitals, and then sit back and stare at him?  At least Rangiku’s intense teasing was easier to understand and not so involved.  He simmered, lips drawn down in a shamed scowl while his shoulders tensed.  “Just what are you planning?  Is this some sick initiation or something?  Did Ginjo put you up to this?”

            Again with Ginjo.  Jackie chose to not even dignify Ichigo’s paranoia with a response.  For now, she was content with quietly watching his predictable reactions.  He wasn’t acting like some cocky brat, however; a stupider teen that was full of himself would no doubt start boasting the moment his cock was taken out, and if Ichigo had acted that way, he would’ve found himself on a painful flight to the other side of Karakura compliments of Jackie’s dirtiest boots.

            Sometimes, Ichigo would yell at her, ask her if she was even paying attention.  She mentally rolled his eyes; of course she was paying attention, as there was nothing else that demanded or called her attention.  “Just let me go if you’re not going to talk,” he growled, turning away from her.  Luckily, his cock had begun to flag from the lack of attention, even if he had stayed hard for quite some time after losing contact with her careful hands.  “This is…”  He stopped mid-sentence when a pressure was applied to his crotch.  His eyes had to glance down to confirm what he believed was pushing against his testicles.  The smooth, nylon socks glided against his scrotum, bumping either of his balls before rubbing up his wilting cock, supporting it when pushing it straight up.  A smirk formed with her luscious lips when her big toe’s probing against Ichigo’s prick eventually ejected a trace of pre-cum that had yet to make it to the tip.  Ichigo made a gulping noise when she nudged his cockhead with her toes, and with her continued foot-assault on him, it wasn’t much longer before his blood rushed in to fill and engorge his member to its full splendor once again.  Another splotch of pre-cum came forth to cause the initial bead to spill down his penis in a slow-moving, sticky stream until the ball of Jackie’s foot smeared it against the vein-riddled underside of his cock.  She stamped smoothly and ground the jutting muscle against Ichigo’s abdomen in a forceful, but satisfying massage.

            Too much for Ichigo to handle…  “Stop it,” he demanded once again, trying to fight off the blush overcoming his face.  Jackie obeyed and ceased the rotating motion of her sole, but she still kept him pinned beneath her.

            “Stop?  That is a demand of someone who has a right to give orders,” she spat reprehensively at him.  More pressure was applied to his dick until he was almost caught between her big toe and its adjacent were it not for her sock.  Like this, she ran her foot up the bottom side, cleaning up the transparent trail that had seeped from the head’s tiny mouth.  As he struggled to not make a sound, Jackie continued her jibe, “What powers do you have to make me stop?”

            So Ichigo’s initial guess was right; this was her screwed-up way of motivating?  Well, it wasn’t going to work on him!  He was better than this!  He was not that kind of guy!  He was… he was…  Ah~, that feels good…  Ichigo moaned softly, his will failing him for that one moment that had Jackie leering pompously again.  The battle with his own primal desires was raging fiercely within him, and outwardly, Jackie validated that sheer willpower was not going to be enough.  Already, he was tall and throbbing as her foot gingerly caressed him, the silkiness of her transparent footwear bestowing him with pleasures he’d not felt before.

            “Hn.  If you can truly raise your voice to me,” she teased, her normally-raised voice – at least, it was usually raised when speaking/scolding him – now an erotic murmur, “I will withdraw.  Until then, you are at my mercy.”  Her heel suddenly jabbed against the meaty spheres at the base of his cock.  Though it wasn’t an impact that caused real pain, Ichigo’s eyes crossed as though they had already been kicked up to his throat.  “Understand, boy?”

            He was nodding without a second thought, anything to convince her to take her weight off of his vulnerable testes.  Luckily, she was not on the sadistic side.  Her heel came away, and her toes resumed their leisurely work.  Small sounds of pleasure escaped Ichigo’s mouth as he watched her toes gracefully move along his weeping dowel.  His pitiful sounds and small spasms would be amusing if they weren’t so annoying to Jackie.  At the same time, she was enjoying this seat of power over Ginjo’s newest recruit.  She curled her toes over the tip, her thin sock becoming saturated with the globs of pre-cum, but she enjoyed the sticky feeling over her sole.  She rolled against his cockhead, fumbling the shaft like some sort of joystick.  Despite her careless antics, the carrot-head secretly enjoyed the random anglings of his sensitive member.  He balked, catching a moan halfway out his mouth to turn it into a strangled sound struggling in the pit of his throat.

            Jackie continued to pet the bound boy’s phallus, her sleek gaze lifting momentarily from her foot’s job to observe his facial expression.  His cheeks were flaming with excitement, his hard chest overworked with labored breath.  When his chocolate gaze slid up from the lovely abuse of his cock and made eye contact, the ebony beauty smirked at him like a she-devil: wickedly beautiful and full of sinful pleasure.  That single look was enough to make a pleasured sob echo from him, his body bucking once, but violently.  His voice shook as he moaned, hips gyrating slightly against her persistent foot.  Several times, when his modesty tried to reclaim his senses, he gasped weak protests, but Jackie’s foot carried on with its firm rubs.

            She poked deeply against the cushiony sac, lodging between his balls and pressing firmly enough to feel the tube of his urethra the led down from his shaft.  Only afterward did she finally comply with Ichigo’s pleas for her to take her foot away.  For just the briefest moment, Ichigo felt that he could give a relieved sigh and that Jackie had had her fill of teasing.  It was not that she was finished with him; she just wanted to regroup before continuing.

            Having no time to brace, Ichigo gurgled on his own pleasure when both of Jackie’s nylon-clad feet encased his thick member.  The smooth vice slowly crawled up before descending all the way down to his balls.  He throbbed violently in her grasp, producing more and more translucent goo from the tip.

            At first, she worked her feet slowly, practicing and memorizing the motions.  Ichigo hadn’t uttered a word – at least not an intelligible one – which was surprising and appreciated by the older woman.  Not that she needed to concentrate on something so simple; she just found his whining to be grating.  Confident that she had a perfect handle on his erection, Jackie firmly locked her toes around the girth and began to stroke up and down, mimicking the actions of a fist closed around him.  The exotic hold as well as the material of her socks had him melting with desire.  Her rhythm increased and slowed at random intervals to distribute a wider variety of pleasures.  In response, the shaft pulsed violently while his urethra bled more pre-cum from the tip to stain her socks.

            “Aren’t you going to fight back?” Jackie asked while plucking at the cockhead with a set of her toes.  The pitiful gaze lifted as though it took every ounce of strength within him.  The feet closed about him once again and jerked violently, causing Ichigo to exclaim much louder than he feared was appropriate at night.  Forget about Yuzu, Karin, and Isshin; people on the street and neighbors might’ve heard his cry.  “Or have you realized that this is out of your hands?”

            The teen’s teeth chattered noisily.  It felt like his balls contained bubbling lava ready to spurt forth in a grand explosion of white.  His throat endeavored to get a word out, either to respond to the beautiful Fullbringer’s taunts or just to test out and see if he still had the ability to speak – which he didn’t.

            A small sound – a chortle – vibrated behind her curved lips.  She caressed his cock, moving her feet alternately to tilt it and move it to and fro like a child at play.  “You’re so weak, Kurosaki Ichigo,” she mumbled to him; even then, he could not take his eyes from her feet coddling his erection.  She played with the pink helmet that was slick with organic lubricant.  His hiccupping breath and random twitching were clear indications that he was not to last much longer.  “If you were serious about improvement,” she went on, rubbing the underside of her toe against his slick head, temporarily corking the flow of pre-cum, “you would’ve found your inner strength already and gotten free.”  Her head tilted downward a little as her grin lifted.  “Or perhaps you want to stay helpless?”

            Ichigo shook his head almost violently in response, managing to blurt out a protest.  His feeble show of trying to wriggle free was much less convincing than his sudden declaration.  If anything, it seemed he was trying to mask the gyration of his hips with a writhing need to escape.  Well, he could play pretend a little longer until the proof splashed out, Jackie mused; to aid his obvious need for his climax, she lowered her soles to the middle of his shaft and clasped him in the arches of her feet.  He fit snugly there, and then she began to lift her feet up and down, attempting to match the rhythm of his hips – which now seemed to be working of their own accord since he still chose to act modest with words against this immorality.

            She had been stroking him for so long, so vigorously; he was hanging on by a thread of restrain that was being stretched far too thin.  He tried to steady himself with deep breaths while forcing his mind to wander to less erotic musings.  Unfortunately, there was not much he could think of beyond the unpleasant times spent in Soul Societies sewer system that could quell his roiling load.  It was a hopeless endeavor, stalling the release only by microseconds before he gave a sharp, defeated sigh.  A rasped ‘Dammit’ was the only indication he gave to declare his imminent release.

            Jackie, aware of his cock’s distending, continued to move her feet up and down, now at a more frantic pace since he was bucking erratically now.  Perspiration trickled down his scarlet face to either fall from his chin or trail down over his clenching throat.  If nothing else, he was an amusing little boy.

            Though subtle against the balls of her feet, Jackie could feel the passage at the underside of Ichigo’s cock convulse powerfully to expel its rushing contents.  Before Ichigo even had time to hold his breath and groan his release, the feet pounded down to his base – luckily missing his contracting balls – and increased the pressure around him.  A microsecond later, he came.  A loud exhale of satisfaction mixed with embarrassment accompanied the first thick gush that leapt from his cockhead and practically swamped the entire surface of the tip, oozing down as a trail of milky-white.  Though the initial burst’s leap was very slight, its successor sprung much higher, falling at a slight arch to splatter over the cuff of Jackie’s white jeans and the bottom of her shin.

            Each fired bullet of sperm was announced with deep-throated groans.  The haphazard sprays made a gooey mess, dabbing over Jackie’s pants and feet – which made her feet’s tantalizingly-slow pumps messily audible and sticky – coating his own cock and pants, and even some bursts made it to the floor after falling in between the small space provided between Jackie’s legs.  Even as the erection’s contractions ended and the surging seed subsided, Jackie went on stroking him, her dark skin complimenting the pale splotches that landed on her and made the footjob succulent.  He was still considerably hard, but she could feel that the circulation was ending after his load was spent.  With dying throbs, the rigid piece drooped like a wilting flower.

            As Ichigo struggled with swallowing down huge gulps of air after what was probably the most memorable ejaculation of his life, Jackie gradually took her semen-saturated soles away from his messy groin.  Wisps of Kurosaki seed dangled and swayed before dropping off to splatter below.  She drew her knees up to inspect the juices clinging to her feet for a moment before lowering them, smudging her footprints on the wooden floor.  A look of judgment and contempt swept up to him, and while still trying to steady his breath, Ichigo got the impression that his ejaculate landing on her feet and clothes, even though he had been left as a bigger mess.

            “Hn.  Pitiful,” the older woman scoffed, deliberately making a show of wiping her soaked feet on his blanket.  Ichigo sucked on his lips when staring at the gooey stains smearing across his bed sheets, but he was in no condition to complain while recovering from the obscuring haze.  When she was satisfied, she set her feet back on the floor and rose to her full height.  Ichigo wasn’t fooled into believing that she was done with him.  She stared down at him like a jailor scowling at a scoundrel.  With respite and fulfillment still flooding his veins like lifeblood, Ichigo hoped that he would have his hands liberated soon; hopefully Jackie wasn’t into ‘S&M’.

            His hands remained stuck while Jackie’s moved to the buckle of her belt.  Her fingers moved promptly, and the fastening came undone.  Next to be purged was the button, and then the zipper of her jeans.  Just as Ichigo began to stammer like a bowled-over youngster, she interjected to keep any impetuous idiocy from being yammered, “Since you continue to be stubborn, I will take more severe measures.”

            Ichigo flushed.  How was he being the one stubborn?

            “If I left this to anyone else,” she idly grumbled before bending in half at the waist, her thumbs hooking underneath the hem of her pants, “you would never progress.”  The skintight clothing descended to her knees, her firm and shapely thighs – as well as the black thong covering her crotch – dealing a harsh blow to Ichigo’s modesty.  With his eyes ghosting over her womanly parts – dangling cleavage, tight underwear, the smoothest and longest of legs – Jackie strode out of the white slacks bundled at her ankles.  Proud in just her low-collared shirt and thong, she studied the boy in front of her.  As expected, he couldn’t be convinced to pry his eyes away from her form, from her impassive face to her swollen breasts and then her crotch and legs.  She mentally smirked.  Just how flustered and loud would Riruka be if she witnessed Ichigo drooling over the woman whose curves she envied?

            “This…”  Ichigo cleared his throat and found it painfully difficult to shift his attention from Jackie’s supple form.  “This can’t be for training,” he said in a choked breath.

            Disregarding the question to move down to her knees, Jackie made the imposition of scooting in between his knees.  He attempted to keep them closed, but his resistance amounted to naught when Jackie forcibly wedged in between them.  When she had burrowed in and made herself comfortable, hands splayed over either of his thighs, she looked up at him, his arching penis less than an inch from her mouth.  He held his breath in anticipation, not even conceiving a possible denial of what could be promised.  “It’s a matter of willpower and the need to devote yourself to the fight.  If you want to escape, then escape without help.  You cannot expect to enter this organization and not get your hands dirty.”

            She took him into her mouth without even a twinge of hesitation.  The pungent taste of semen was welcomed by her rolling tongue; in response, Ichigo gasped softly, and then tried to remain as quiet as possible, which led him to bite down hard on his lower lip.  The cum was taken away from his shaft with long licks, cleaning him ever so slowly.  She nursed on the head for a bit, draining it of any excess droplets before bobbing down.  She could feel the cock slowly reawakening in her mouth, gaining firmness and length, which warned her to be careful as she sought to consume every trace of his recent ejaculation.  His moans from above her were heavy and encouraging, though he sometimes lost control and was a bit more vocal than what was safe while his sisters slumbered on the other side of the wall.  If someone came banging on the door, though, it would be his problem, for she would be out the window in an instant and leave the boy to answer with his gooey crotch on shameful display for his family to see.

            He was bumping against the back of her throat now, his shaft unyielding and strong.  With a bit of fortitude and reflex-control, she gulped down the first inch into her esophagus.  The undulating muscles that contracted in an effort to force him out only caused a tight pleasure to the tip.  Again, her throat flexed, and she took the second inch in.  She did this – much to her throat’s discomfort – until she was almost at the base; she had to amend her stance a little and bend Ichigo at a more obtuse angle, but the stiff member fit in neatly.  Though tilting it was a bit unpleasant, it did not take away from the pleasure of Jackie’s tight throat holstering him while her tongue stole away as much of his cum as it could.  His windpipe was totally unclogged, yet he seemed to have more difficulty breathing than the woman did, even as she bucked her mouth a little against him.  Her luscious lips held onto him like a seal, rubbing his sensitive organ while her oral muscle worked behind to lubricate him with saliva.

            Jackie winced a little, as it was becoming harder and harder to hold her breath.  With a loud exhale and strings of spit and a little bit of sperm branching between her lips and his cock, she pulled back and took a few steadying breaths; the hypnotic expanding and contracting of her chest was not ignored by Ichigo’s eye.  Of course he would look; Jackie was well-aware of her clothing and knew that even Ginjo had taken a few peeks from over his glass of alcohol.

            Her charitable bust, however, was not an issue at the moment.  Standing up, begrudgingly wiping her mouth with the end of her sleeve, she readied herself for the next step.  Perhaps this had gotten out of hand; perhaps she had gone too extreme, and perhaps she was under a lot of stress and perhaps she was venting on Ichigo.  Whatever the reason, she was excited.  Her core throbbed with heat and need.  This night, it seemed, would not have to end with the talents of her fingers.

            Ichigo grunted curiously when her hands came to rest on his shoulders.  “What are you…?”  He didn’t get a chance to finish when Jackie moved forward, straddling his lap.  The thong was still undisturbed in place as she lingered above his member.  If she had second thoughts, they were not there for long; Jackie settled down on his groin with ease and grace.  His throat reverberated with a groan upon feeling her heat through the thin undergarment.  Did she not care that she had missed some splotched of cum and that they were now sullying her black thong along with the apex of her thighs?

            Obviously, she did not.  She looked almost deep in concentration as she began to rock her hips, distributing simultaneous pleasure between them, though it would not be enough to quell the storm of need within his loins; she may very well have been in more need of it than him.  While gyrating atop of him, watching his young and red face twitch in unresolved pleasure, she recounted the last time she had coupled with someone.  It was a while, for despite how Riruka would disparage her choice of attire by stating what it implied – Riruka never actually ventured to the word ‘slut’, but she might as well to avoid the stress of trying and failing at being subtle – Jackie did not select random men to join her in bed.  Unfortunately, with Xcution on the move, she hadn’t much time to find a suitable person to help satisfy her lustful urges, thus her hand – and in one instance, her showerhead – had become her only tools to satisfy her.  Maybe she had lowered her expectations now that she was engaging this boy.

            Her lips tasted bitter and salty, her tongue even more so when she forced it into his mouth.  Ichigo hadn’t much choice but to swallow the lingering tang of his own essence, thinking that at least she wasn’t feeding him globs of the stuff.  And besides, the ride was well worth a little ‘exploration’, though he’d be sure to rinse his mouth out when Jackie took her leave.

            Jackie left Ichigo’s lips numb when she pulled back from the kiss; her tongue dragged away last.  He was left panting, his hips bucking of their own accord, and his face deeply flushed.  Even a blind man could see that he wanted her, craved her.  Giving any real contemplation to manipulating him now was just extra and unnecessary effort.  “If I release you,” she asked, her fingernails tracing his jaw line, “what will you do?”  She backed off of him.

            Fuck you senseless!  It was the first thing that came to mind, and Ichigo was devastated that it did.  He normally had more control of those perverted thoughts, but he’d never been driven so far before.  He could not find his voice, but his eyes made it easy enough to read his desires.

            There was a crackle and a metallic creak.  Ichigo’s hands were free, and it took him a moment to realize it.  In an instant, he was on his feet so that she could not suddenly change her mind.  As he brought them in front of him for inspection, wriggling them to help with circulation, Jackie strolled by him.  She fingered the edge of his computer desk, noting how it was kept so organized.  Rotating on the ball of her foot, she faced Ichigo again, her ass sliding atop the desk to take a seat, pushing back the mouse and keyboard of his computer.  The lamp at her side was turned to face the wall, casting her in an erotic shadow.  Like a paperclip to a magnet, he faced her, his mouth watering.

            “Don’t hesitate,” she told him, bringing a leg up to better expose her crotch to him.  She moved up further on the surface for better support.  After shifting a little and twisting her hips, she discarded her underwear so that Ichigo could stand witness to the glory underneath.  Her pubic mound had been liberated of hair, leaving her wet and hot snatch bare.

            Ichigo didn’t try to argue or put up moral defenses.  It would be a lie to himself and her to even try to act like he wanted anything other than to take her, on top of the desk, on his bed, on the floor, wherever!  The only reason he was not on her in a trice was because he first wanted to discard his pajamas.  Jackie watched patiently as he fumbled his way out of his clothes.  No need to get entirely undressed, she felt that she should say, but that was his choice.  He didn’t exactly have a feeble body after all.

            Completely nude while the woman still her shirt neatly zipped up, Ichigo pressed against her so that his hard cock pressed against the cleft of her vagina.  He ground his sex against hers, making a husky moan wrench deep in Jackie’s throat.  Either side of her waist was caught in his hands as he moved against her, heightening the anticipation while also lubing himself up with her essence.  He wanted to be moving inside her, and she’d be lying if she said she didn’t feel the same, but neither protested his dry-humping – though it was anything but dry.  Jackie clenched her teeth, eyes feebly gazing up at him as her body rocked a little in time with his thrusting hips.  She hated herself for moaning, letting him think that he was making her lose her hold on the situation – which was still rather true – but he made no indication of judgment or arrogance.

            “Here,” she whispered when she had had enough, needing the real thing.  Ichigo bent over her, his hands balling into fists so that his knuckles braced his weight on the desk.  Beneath him, Jackie’s hand moved out to take his cock.  She moved her hips a little, losing balance for only an instant when she brought a second hand down.

            Just what was she doing?  Ichigo looked down a moment before his cockhead was brought against her hole.  What shocked him, however, was that he was not being prepped to embed himself in the entrance that he thought and was used to.  “Th-there?” he stammered, as if Jackie had somehow made a mistake.

            The Fullbringer smirked at him while pulling on his dick, forcing more pressure against her asshole.  The mixture of various fluids at the head of his cock would provide some smoothness during the insertion, but since the puckered hole had yet to yield, Ichigo did not think it would work.  “Do you have any qualms, Kurosaki Ichigo?” she asked, her voice sultry and smooth; Ichigo wasn’t sure that saying ‘no’ was even possible in that moment.  She capitalized on his pause to grab his waist and draw him into her.

            It had been a while, she reflected with a pained wince as the tip slowly pushed through her sphincter.  Truthfully, she may not have been a nympho, but she enjoyed exploration, which led her to discover her enjoyment of anal sex.  It was not something she offered most of the time, usually restricting it to passionate and excited masturbation, but when she was roused enough – as she was now – there was little more pleasurable to her than her partner invading otherwise-forbidden cavities.

            “Ah…”  She shut her eyes, her face scrunching a little when Ichigo finally popped through, his bulging head lodging on the other side of her anus.  Ichigo’s bated gasps were hot against her ear, and his hips slowly moved toward her without the need for her guidance.  Taking her hand away from his waist, she now used it to spread her cheeks and ease the penetration.  Their combined fluids, as hoped, made him a bit more slippery when punching through her tight hole, but it was still a long and strenuous journey into her bowels.

            Ichigo moved as slowly and as carefully as he could to avoid hurting her.  It was his first – and possibly last – experience with anal sex, but he had heard that it was a painful experience, particularly without proper lubrication.  Well, Jackie was faring well enough without it, having taken in four inches up her backside and willing to take the rest without complaint.  Her body gripped him like a steel vice with firm cushions, the walls snug around him.  He rocked a bit to try to help her accommodate him, but it did little beyond helping with the embedment of the sixth inch.  The seventh inch was more of a struggle, and even Jackie whined some discomfort as he struggled to force it in.  He considered withdrawing entirely, but she told him to continue and she could handle it.  Even saying so, it did not sound like she could when he pressed all of his weight against her ass.  She cried out for the first time when his cock was fully sheathed in her rectum.  It squeezed him violently, undulating to force him out, but he stayed stuck deep within her, and the pressure only got more intense when she took her hand away from pulling herself apart for him to grip the edge of the desk with her other hand until her knuckles almost went pale.

            It was so unbelievably tight while wedged up her backside.  Ichigo shuddered, closing his eyes in concentration.  If he stayed like this, how long could he go before coating her insides with white?  Hours, minutes, or seconds?  He grunted deeply when her colon tightened around him.  Seconds was, perhaps, the more likely outcome…

            Ichigo waited for a moment for Jackie to catch her breath; she did so before even he had a chance to support himself against this shock of a new experience.  “Go,” she wheezed, following with a single nod.  Easy for her to say; Ichigo had yet to find his bearings.  He took a few more calming breaths before retreating.  It felt like a vacuum was trying to keep him in place as he drew back.  The suction was intense, making him groan out loud.  He didn’t draw out more than two inches before he was compelled to jab right back in.  Now was Jackie’s turn to be vocal from the suddenness of being completely refilled.  Weakly apologizing, Ichigo made a second attempt, and this time, he held better control of himself.

            The feeling of his hard, thick length sliding through her anus and regions beyond sent shockwaves of pleasure to Jackie’s brain.  She stared down, and though she was not at a vantage point to watch the actual retraction, she could still see his length pulling out from betwixt her cheeks.  Her vagina had begun to leak its nectar, which trickled down to coat the extracting penis; more lubricant for the re-insertion.

            Ichigo was over halfway out before he felt uncomfortable; he wasn’t sure if he she take out more than five inches, fearing that she might close up again and make every thrust as difficult as the initial one.  He pursed his lips and decided to head back in.  His back was erect so that he could look down and watch as Jackie’s tight anus accepted him once more.  This was a much more pleasant venture than before now that she had been stretched to accept his girth.  It was still rather a cozy fit, but he pushed into her quicker than before.

            “It’s in,” Ichigo said in breathless accomplishment.

            I can feel that, Jackie would say if she had been a bit snider.  Instead, she just nodded and gently moved back, indicating that she was ready for him to actually begin.  He did so, starting at a slow pace that gradually moved to a faster one.  He was still wary about harming her, so he kept in control, fighting down every urge that begged him to pound her as hard as he possibly could.  Their moans mixed in the air as he moved, his crotch slapping against her ass every time he made the quick thrust to force in the last of his cock.  The generous exposure of her breasts jiggled like jell-o with each thrust, her short hair swaying at the same time.

            After a time, when her breath had become short and quick again, Jackie said, “Do it harder… faster…!

            “Are you sure?” Ichigo asked after ceasing his movements.

            “Yes,” she replied.  To prove her urgency, she pulled on him.

            He would not refuse her.  His face brimming with determination, he planted his feet and took hold of her waist.  In her own preparation, Jackie lifted her legs to ride against his shoulders and help his drive.  She loosened a bit, but it would still take some grit; Ichigo could manage.  He finished pulling himself out as much as he dared, his cockhead just an inch from her widened passage, and then he drove into her, causing them both to cry out in pleasure.  Not being one to be overcome, Ichigo quickly went to work by drawing back out and shoving back in to earn a second exclamation, as though they were the only ones in the house.

            As Jackie requested, he fucked her harder and faster, and – to his delight – to no harm of her.  When she managed it, she voiced her approval of his actions.  Impetuous, she may have deemed him, but for right now, that was a good thing.  It had been so very long since she felt like this, vulnerable underneath a man as he strove to bring her to completion.  Her shins pressed tightly on either side of Ichigo’s neck, though it did not affect his pace in the slightest.  In a moment of weakness, she fell back, knocking the computer monitor to the back of the desk, flush against the wall.  Ichigo would’ve been concerned at any other time, but not now.  No harm happened to it anyway, so long as the desk wasn’t suddenly pulled forward, allowing enough space for the monitor to drop.

            However, with the fierce bucking of his hips, the desk had begun to rattle with each impact, often banging against the wall.  The folders, textbooks, and manga he had painstakingly organized had started to jar loose from their shelves and drawers.  Some fell, one book knocking over his pencil cup and splaying its contents all over the floor at his feet.  He didn’t care.  Even when his lamp lost balance and fell to the floor, the light bulb shattering with the collision and leaving them both to rely on the moonlight for vision, neither skipped a beat.

            Ichigo was lasting much longer than he had previously fretted.  She was still as tight as a sleeve around him, yet he had fought down the urge to release already.  His right hand slid up from her waist to come into contact with her chest.  He could not be blamed; Jackie was actually surprised that he managed to go this long without copping a feel.  She let one hold go from the desk’s edge to help him when he tried to free her bust.  The zipper was drawn down enough to provide enough slack for Ichigo to pull the fabric apart.  Not unexpectedly, she didn’t have a bra on to support her ample breasts, her tight blouse enough to contain them.

            Ichigo’s palm covered one, his fingers sinking into the cushiony mound, alternately squeezing and massaging and pinching.  Her hard, coffee-colored nipple was the primary focus of his thumb and forefinger, and the neglected tit’s peak soon became the object of desire for his mouth when he bent down.  Luckily, Jackie was flexible, her legs bending underneath his weight until she could almost touch her heels to her ears.

            While keeping his mouth latched on her breast like a hungry infant, Ichigo moved his hand down to the juncture of Jackie’s thighs to caress her drenched folds.  His calloused fingertips danced along her lips, sometimes entering her quivering entrance.  His thumb, however, stayed constant on her engorged clitoris, rubbing and rolling against it to help tighten that knot of white-hot pleasure bundling in the pit of her stomach.  To aid him as if she had grown impatient, she added her own fingers to play with herself as well while the cock dug repeatedly into her ass.

            Both danced on the edge of release, but Ichigo had less experience than his partner.  He had done more than what either of them had expected, and it was like a well-earned reward when he came.  “Rah~!”  He slammed his hips into hers, thighs pressing tightly against the mounds of her backside.  A hot jet sprung in and painted her bowels with white.  Upon receiving the third dose, Jackie met her own completion.  All of her muscles tensed and froze her in place.  Her contractions forced the fluids out of her vagina, staining Ichigo’s crotch.  She involuntarily bucked her hips, groaning as she rode out her orgasm while burning spurts continued to flood her bowels until Ichigo was drained.

            For the moment, both of them were still, panting, sweating, and reflecting on what had just transpired between them.  Fullbring and Xcution had all but eluded them for the moment.  When Ichigo softened, though, and slipped from her flooded depths, Jackie immediately composed herself.  She gave a harrumph, and leapt to her feet, shoving Ichigo aside; he crumbled onto his bed as weakly as an empty gigai.  He didn’t mind, content to just stare up at the ceiling and bask in this wondrous afterglow.  Remaining naked a while longer was just fine by him, though in the morning, he would have a lot to clean up around his desk.

            In the meantime, Jackie dressed herself wordlessly.  She did not look happy, but she also did not look unsatisfied.  As far as she was concerned, she just did a favor for a boy racing to his doom.  Sex was a good way to calm the mind, and therefore, keep Fullbring from going berserk.  Giriko had mentioned his worry that Ichigo would inevitably kill himself by being overcome by his newfound power.

            She pulled on her boots and then turned to the limp teen.  After giving a scoff, she headed to the window and opened it.  She was midway out before turning to him and imparting a few last words, “You continue your training tomorrow.  Be ready for it.”  And then she was gone, airborne with the boost of Fullbringer light.

            Ichigo’s chest continued to heave as he stared at the roof of his room.  “… Yeah,” he finally answered.

~~~A few minutes earlier~~~

            Bang!  “Ah!”  Bang!  “Ah!”   Bang!  “Ah!”

            The rhythmic pounding against the walls – along with the not-so-faint cries of Ichigo and a woman’s voice – had woken up the Kurosaki twins.  The violent thumping had caused a few dolls to shake loose from their spot on the wall’s shelf.  Karin groaned and tried to fall back asleep; Yuzu, on the other hand, sat up with her sheets clutched to her chest and a tomato-red blush on her face.  “Do… do you think it’s Orihime-chan?” she whimpered, looking over at her sister.  “Or is it Tatsuki-chan?”

            “Who cares?” grumbled Karin.  She turned away from the wall from where her brother was making such an embarrassing ruckus.  “Just try to go to sleep.”

            Yuzu swallowed hard before lying back down.  She stared up at the ceiling and tried to take Karin’s advice.  However, it was very hard to ignore the sounds of sex when they were coming from right next to her, separated only by thin walls…


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