Power Loss

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During the Reigai Crisis….
Dangai Precipice World

Ichigo ran as fast as his legs could take him. He felt his spirit energy waver as he made his way through the dark, ominous world but did his best to keep himself together. He had to go and help the captains; he couldn't afford to let his weakened spirit energy get the better of him. "Hang on, guys!" he said as he ran, wishing that he'd gone along with Kenpachi, Komamura, Toshiro and Byakuya when he had the chance.

Tripping over one of the bones of the dead Cleaner, Ichigo grimaced as he picked himself back up. "Dammit…" he grumbled as he got back up. He took a deep breath and started to run again, seeing the exit in front of him. "There! Hang on, guys! I'm coming!" With as much speed as he could muster he charged through the gate.


Looking around, Ichigo saw that he was standing on stone steps, a grassy field in front of him. "What the hell? This isn't the Seireitei!" Ichigo balled his fists and grit his teeth in anger. Wherever he was it was far, far away from the Soul Society. "Good job, Kisuke! I don't even know where I am!"

A voice came from behind him, startling the substitute. "Is that you, Ichigo?"

Turning around, he saw Captain Unohana walking over to him, a serene smile on her face although she did look worn out. "Captain Unohana? What are you doing here?" His hand went to his zanpakuto. "Are you the real Captain Unohana?"

"Why of course, Ichigo," the woman continued to smile as she walked over to the boy. "I was running from the Reigai when they ambushed me. Kageroza used his zanpakuto's temporal abilities to send me here when I was getting the upper hand," she sighed as she gestured to her side. "I lost my zanpakuto when I was thrown through the portal, so you can be assured I cannot harm you."

Seeing the worn out look on her face and hearing the truth of her words convinced Ichigo that this was the real Unohana. "Alright, so where are we? How do we get back to the Seireitei?" he asked while looking around.

Sitting down on the stone steps, Unohana shook her head. "I'm afraid that we're hundreds of miles away from the Seireitei. I cannot open a Senkaimon from here, Kageroza's doing no doubt and it would take days for us to run back. By the time we get there the battle would've been over…" she said mournfully.

"We have to do something!" Ichigo said, "We can't just stay here and let the Captains fight alone!"

"Very admirable, Ichigo," Unohana said as she looked up at the boy. "But given your present condition I would not advise you to return to the battle. Your spirit energy is waning and if you tax your body any further you'll lose it altogether. A deathmatch with Kageroza or any of the captain Reigai will surely cost you your powers."

Ichigo looked away and grimaced. Her words matched that of Kisuke's and Rukia's. "I know that, Captain Unohana but…I can't just stand by and let them fight alone! If they lose, they'll come straight after Nozomi!" He looked at the woman as she sat down and then looked at his hands, feeling his spirit energy take a sharp drop. "Dammit!"

Unohana frowned when she saw the boy wobble on his legs. "Ichigo, sit down for a moment and rest. You're no good to anyone if you drop." She gave a tiny smirk as she watched the boy sit down next to him, the small bracelet on her wrist clinking as she put a hand on the ground….

Ichigo turned to the woman with a desperate face. "Captain Unohana. When we were heading back to the World of the Living from Hueco Mundo you managed to restore my spirit energy. Can you do it once more? If I could use my Bankai's enhanced speed I might be able to make it back to the Seireitei to help the captains."

Unohana frowned as she shook her head. "That will not work again. I was able to do it last time when your spirit energy was stable. But now your body is unstable and it will make healing it virtually impossible."

Hanging his head in defeat, Ichigo slumped forward. "Then what…what am I supposed to do?" He thought of Nozomi and his friends. He thought of the captains who'd told him to remain behind and his decision to ignore their warning. "I promised everyone I'd help them but now I'm useless…"

Unohana's hand touched his shoulder, pulling him out of his depression. "On second thought, Ichigo, I think I do know of a way to restore your spirit energy. And I think it could even stabilize it as well," she said. Because Ichigo was looking the other way he missed the malicious gleam in her eyes….

"Really?" Ichigo's eyes lit up with hope. Seeing the woman's smiling face made his heart soar with anticipation at getting back into the fight. "But…why didn't you mention this earlier?"

Continuing to smile, Unohana patted his cheek. "Well, I was unsure if you'd be okay with the method I'd use to restore your spirit energy. I'm well aware that you've little experience in this sort of area." Standing up, Unohana shrugged out of her haori. "I can transfuse my spirit energy into your body through sexual intercourse."

All of the blood left Ichigo's face, leaving him as pale as a ghost. "We have to have SEX?!" he shouted, finding this to be way too weird.

"It's a bit hard to explain," Unohana said as she began removing her obi. "When two spiritual beings have intercourse, their spirit energy also becomes intertwined. However, I can use that bonding to infuse one person's spirit energy completely into another through this method."

Ichigo looked at the woman as she pulled away her obi and saw her smooth, elegant back as she removed her shihakusho. She wasn't wearing a bra so when she turned around Ichigo blushed madly when he saw her bare breasts. "Are…are you sure this is the only way?" he stared at the ground in embarrassment.

"What's the matter? Am I too unattractive to have sex with?" Unohana asked when she saw Ichigo's reaction. "Well?" she asked in her scary tone, making Ichigo flinch. Smirking, she walked over to Ichigo and began to undo the tie to his shihakusho. When it was loosened, she lifted his head up with a finger to his chin so that their eyes locked. "Last chance, Ichigo. Do you want my help or not?"

Taking a deep breath and knowing this may be his last chance to save his failing powers, Ichigo reluctantly nodded. Smiling sweetly again, Unohana pressed her lips to Ichigo's as she pulled away his top. Ichigo's hands went to her waist as she pulled him close, gasping as her breasts rubbed against his chest. As she slipped her tongue into his mouth she grabbed Ichigo's hands. Breaking the kiss, Unohana led Ichigo over to a soft patch of grass. Grabbing the tie to his obi, Unohana watched as his hakama hit the ground and licked her lips. "Ichigo, you certainly are healthy down there…" she whispered into his ear as she palmed his large cock. Smirking, she removed her own hakama, letting Ichigo see her bare snatch.

Ichigo gulped. "You uh…don't wear underwear?" he asked before she pulled him into another passionate kiss, moaning as she stroked him.

Unohana nibbled on Ichigo's earlobe while her hands worked his body to maximum arousal. "I like to be lewd when nobody notices," she breathed into his ear. Ichigo couldn't help the moans as her hands, softer than he'd ever imagined, touched his chest.

As Ichigo was laid onto the ground, he objected to Unohana's slow ministrations as laid on top of him and rubbed her beautiful body against his. "Captain! Shouldn't we hurry?!" he asked out of concern for his friends. "Is the foreplay really necessary?"

"I've faith in our friends," Unohana merely replied, the bracelet on her wrist clinking as she kissed his neck, rubbing her nipples against Ichigo's chest, feeling his body start to perspire and stick to hers. "And foreplay helps our bodies become accustomed to each other and helps the channeling go smoother. Besides, it's not good to spoil the mood. If you need another reason…." She slid down Ichigo's chest, making the boy moan uncontrollably as her nipples dragged down his chest before wrapping Ichigo's cock with her large breasts, "You'll enjoy my foreplay."

The young man clawed at the ground as Unohana moved her breasts up and down Ichigo's cock. "Captain Unohana…" he moaned weakly, feeling his spirit energy surge through him. Unohana smirked at Ichigos' reaction, both physically and spiritually and continued. Squeezing her breasts to make the paizuri tighter, Unohana could feel herself start to get wet as she leaned down, licking the tip with her hot tongue. She looked at Ichigo and could tell that he was close to orgasm. "Already about to cum, are we?" she asked smirking. "You must've been holding it in for a long time. It's not heathy to keep yourself from letting off some steam." She increased the speed of her breasts and her licking, licking the head like it was her favorite lollipop. "Go ahead and cum all over my breasts and face," she said with a slutty face.

"Captain! Cumming!" Ichigo grunted as he felt himself lose all control, his cock exploding all over Unohana's face and breasts, giving her a huge bukkake. "Ahhh!" he gasped, suddenly feeling weak all of a sudden.

Licking her breasts, Unohana gave a sultry purr as she licked up the boy's essence, knowing that the boy was ready for her little "healing technique". Cleaning her breasts and face, Unohana straddled Ichigo's lap and rubbed the head of his still-hard cock with her wet entrance, feeling it rub against her clit. "Mmmmh," she moaned, biting her lower lip to keep herself from losing control. That part would have to come later…. "Ichigo. Are you ready?" she asked with a kind, gentle face.

Nodding, Ichigo's hands went to her waist. "Yes, let's do it," he said, eager to get his powers back to normal and to feel what a real woman felt like. Smiling at the boy, Unohana slowly sank down on Ichigo's cock, feeling it stretch her tight cunt. Ichigo threw his head back and moaned. He'd never known that a woman could feel so hot…so wet…so…tight! "Captain Unohana!" he gasped weakly again, feeling something odd with his spirit energy. He could feel it intermingling with Unohana's. "I feel…weird…."

Smiling, Unohana leaned down, pressing her breasts against his once more and caressed his cheek. "That's just part of the bonding process. Just lie back and enjoy the ride, Ichigo. I'll take care of you…." She silenced Ichigo with a deep kiss as she raised her hips and started to ride him. Ichigo's hands went to her shapely ass as his cock slid in and out of her pussy. The boy moaned into her mouth, feeling dizzy as his spirit energy entered her body. Unohana's pussy tightened around him with every bounce and he tried to keep himself from going crazy. Unohana devoured Ichigo's mouth with her skilled tongue, her hands running through his orange hair tenderly as she felt Ichigo rub against her sweet spots. "Well, Ichigo?" she said as she broke the kiss, a strand a saliva connecting them. "How does it feel to be with a real woman?"

Ichigo lay on the ground panting, his whole world spinning as Unohana rode him wildly, as if the situation in the Seireitei was of no concern as long as she could fuck Ichigo. He hands held onto her tightly, squeezing her firm ass but he soon felt his strength failing him. He could feel his spirit energy entering her body but he wasn't getting anything from her. "Captain! What are you doing?" he asked her. "I thought…you said…you'd heal my spirit energy. But it feels like…I'm getting weaker…" he groaned.

Caressing his cheek, Unohana leaned forward until their noses touched. The woman continued to smile lustfully at Ichigo as she slowed her hips to as stop, giving a slight moan when she felt Ichigo press against her G-spot. She was silent as she stared at the boy…until her eyes crackled with violet electricity.

"You really are just a child. How gullible…."

Ichigo's eyes widened as a horrifying revelation hit him. This wasn't the real Captain Unohana. It was her Reigai! "You…you're a Reigai!"

"You really aren't that bright, are you, little boy?" the Reigai smirked as she leaned back, planting her feet on the ground. "Did it not occur to you as odd that I would appear in the exact spot where you came out of the Precipice World? Kageroza anticipated that you'd try to interfere so he manipulated the Precipice World to spit you out here, far from the Seireitei, where you'd be useless. He then sent me to deal with you while he and the other Reigai annihilate the captains." She started to move again, letting Ichigo watch as his cock was swallowed by her snatch again and again. "Ohhhhh! You're so big!" she moaned, her head rolling back. Her braid bounced along with her tits as she began to ride Ichigo hard and fast, feeling him press against her cervix. Being the doppelganger of Unohana, she rather enjoyed the feel of Ichigo knocking at the door to her womb. "Mmmmh! So good! I feel so good!" she moaned. Looking down, she smirked when she saw Ichigo's strained expression, feeling his spirit energy leave his body.

"Damn you!" Ichigo gasped as he lay there helpless, cursing his naiveté. "You're…stealing my spirit energy…." With every second of her bouncing he could feel what little spirit energy he had left leave his body.

"Remember what I said how I infuse my spirit energy into your body through intercourse. Well," she smirked evilly, making Ichigo shiver when he saw the look in her violet eyes. "That works in reverse. I'll strain your body until you've lost all your spirit energy." She put her hands on Ichigo's chest and increased her bouncing, rising up until only the head of Ichigo's cock remained inside her and slamming herself back down. "Don't be shy, Ichigo," she mocked the boy. "Let it all out. I promise you, it'll be the best moment of your life. And your last…."

Ichigo tried to shove her off of him, to try to fight back but he was too weak. His arms fell to the ground as his strength failed him. "Dammit…" he groaned, trying but failing to not enjoy the blissful feel of the fake Unohana's cunt despite the draining of his powers. "No…."

"Yes…" Unohana breathed, feeling close. She leaned back and let the sky hear her loud moan when she felt Ichigo start to rub against all of her sweet spots. "Ichigo, you're gonna make me cum!" she gasped, using her experience to squeeze Ichigo's cock, furthering her torment of the boy. She could tell from the pained look on Ichigo's face that he was near release too and decided to push the boy over the edge. "Let it all out!" she moaned, squeezing him with her tight pussy. "Give me everything!"

"Ah! AHHHHH!" Ichigo shouted as he was forced to cum, feeling the last of his spirit energy leave him and enter Unohana's body. "No…." he gasped as his head hit the ground. He was now completely powerless. He was no longer a Soul Reaper anymore; the fake Unohana had taken every last ounce of spirit energy from him.

The Reigai moaned as she got up, her pussy leaking white cum as she stood over the defeated Ichigo. In a bright flash of light, she watched as Ichigo was soon covered in a white shihakusho, signifying his powerless state. "How tragic, Ichigo. It would seem that you've completely lost your spirit energy. How sad," she said smirking. "I wish that I could keep you as my little toy but Kageroza's orders are absolute." Grabbing Ichigo by the throat, she lifted the poor boy up off the ground, the boy dangling in the air, unable to move from the sudden lack of energy. "Don't worry, Ichigo. You don't have to worry about your friends," the Reigai-Unohana said with malice in her eyes. Reaching down, the naked Reigai picked up her zanpakuto. Ichigo was afraid she'd kill him while he was in his weakened state but instead she pointed her zanpakuto away from her. "Remember how I said that I couldn't open a Senkaimon?" she asked with her sweet smile. "I lied."

Ichigo's face filled with terror as she opened up a Senkaimon. When it opened, he saw the Precipice World on the other side. "Wait…."

But the Reigai had no mercy. Turning back to the scared Ichigo, the Reigai smiled one last time at the boy. "Goodbye, Ichigo. Thanks for the fuck. It was quite fun." She hurled Ichigo into the Precipice World. Before the Senkaimon closed, she saw the Cleaner coming straight at Ichigo, Kageroza's doing. "I'll be sure to give your friends and Nozomi Kujo your regards. Maybe I'll give them a few details about how you died." Before the Senkaimon completely closed, Ichigo turned back to Reigai-Unohana, who began to laugh maniacally. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

That sound of Unohana's evil laughter was the last thing Ichigo heard before the Cleaner swallowed him….

To be continued….

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