Echoes of the Heart

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9:30 PM-Sohma Yuki's Office- Sixth Division

I'm standing here in the dark watching as my fourth seat Sohma Yuki still working on the rest of my third seat Hinotori Suzuki's paperwork who is still in the Fourth Division due to a mishap during a hallow nest removal. I did order the young girl to do his work as well as her own work. Yuki didn't say a word and just did as she was told. I didn't believe Abarai fukutaicho when he told me Sohma Yuki would actually stay all night if she needs to complete the work and continue to work the next day. Abarai told me she hasn't been sleeping for at least four days and three nights and from the looks of it, this will be the fourth night. Damn, Unohana taicho is going to kill me if I don't step in soon and Abarai had also told me that Tetsuzaemon Iba thinks we work his girlfriend too hard and wants her to come home.

I walked into the office followed by Abarai fukutaicho. I believe I stood there for about fifteen minutes and Sohma Yuki never once looked up at us. I heard Renji sigh and step forward and he lifted up a heavy book from her desk and dropped it on the desk. And to my surprise, it didn't faze her. I looked closely at her face and I notice my fourth seat is actually asleep, but she was still working.

Renji sighs and murmurs,

"She's as bad as Hisagi if not worst even he doesn't do this. I guess I have no choice."

I watched in fascination as my fukutaicho takes the remaining paperwork, brushes, and ink pot away from her and leans close to ear and yells,


Yuki jumps up wide awake and blinks looking at her desk confused as panic is etched across her face. I heard her hum quietly,

"Taicho is going to Senbonzakura me if I don't get those papers filled by morning not to mention Abarai is going to kill me for not going to sleep again."

I sighed inwardly and schooled my face into an unreadable mask as I address my fourth seat,

"Sohma Yuki, these papers can and will wait until you have taken two-days off."

Yuki froze for a split second as she met my eyes and all she did was stand up with a curt nod and left her office with a quiet,

"Goodnight Kuchiki taicho and Abarai fukutaicho."

I could hear Renji mumble under his breath,

"Damnit Yuki doesn't know how to take a break from work like someone else I know."

I decided to ignore that last jab at me and we were off to the late-night Taicho and Fukutaicho meeting. Long night indeed.

1:30 AM-Taicho and Fukutaicho Meeting-Meeting Hall

I swear the old man is so long-winded and we've been standing here for four hours now.I'd wish he get to the point already. I wonder why no one has ever asked him this before, but I wasn't about to ask the question nor would I do it in front of my fellow taichos. I know Renji is just itching to say something.

I sighed inwardly as I look over at my fellow taicho and notice Mastumoto Rangiku fukutaicho and Tetsuzaemon Iba fukutaicho were absent and no one knew why not even their taichos. I could see Madarame fukutaicho looks like he's ready to either kill someone or something.

Suddenly I could feel my fourth seat's reitsu heading this way. I could hear Hasunohana barking viciously and growling ferociously at the guards posted at the door as she must've bit one of them because we heard a loud yelp. and the Meeting Hall doors burst open and Sohma Yuki came running in as the old man bellowed at her,

"What is the meaning of this, Yuki?"

To my surprise, Yuki ran and threw herself into Ukitake's arms and burying her face in his right shoulder. The heartwrenching sobs echoed in the suddenly quiet room as Ukitake held and gently rocked the sobbing girl.

To my surprise, I saw a few fukutaicho trying to help calm her even my own fukutaicho. I saw Zaraki taicho and Madarame fukutaicho step forward when Ukitake's reistu spiked dangerously at whatever she had told him.

At that moment, Tetsuzaemon Iba fukutaicho and Mastumoto Rangiku fukutaicho came running in. I watched as Ukitake taicho very gently pushed his adopted daughter towards Kyoraku taicho and very slowly stalked over to the two fukutaichos while drawing his zanpakuto but it was Yuki's voice that stopped him,

"Daddy, don't lose your cool over these asses. I beg you, please remember your position and where you are?"

Ukitake stealth his zanpakuto but didn't stop moving toward the two frightened fukutaicho. Once he stood in front of them with glaring eyes.

"You both should thank Yuki because if it wasn't for her neither of you would be alive right now. I'm warning you Tetsuzaemon if you so much as try and contact my girl. You're going to wish it was me or Shunsui or Unohana or Ichigo ripping you apart instead of Kisuke."

I hadn't noticed that I had moved forward, but there I am standing beside my fourth seat as I rubbed her back in a soothing way as she looked up at me sadly and in a choked voice full of sadness

"Kuchiki taicho, did I do something wrong to deserve this?"

I shook my head and wiped away her freshly shed tears as Renji swept her up in a huge bear hug and whispered in her ear,

"No, you didn't. And this isn't your fault either because he decided to be an asshole and fuck around behind your back and with Mastumoto of all people."

I watched as she sobbed into Renji's shoulder and my fukutaicho press a kiss to her right temple and I turned to see Zaraki taicho watching the exchange between his lover and my fourth seat with a wan smile.

Yuki regained her composure and Renji set her down and Yuki looked around with a horrid look etched on her face as she herself realized where she is for the first time. I could see the slow pink blush etched on her cheek as she bowed to us all in apologize.

I took my place as did the others as Yuki address us,

" I am so sorry about the rude intrusion soutaicho. I will take whatever punishment Kuchiki taicho shall bestow upon me."

I saw Yuki's eyes fall upon both Tetsuzaemon Iba and Mastumoto Rangiku. I saw her right-hand clench into a fist as she stalked over to her ex-boyfriend and slugged him so hard that he was implanted into the wall behind his taicho. I could see the smug look on her face as she turned with side-kick across Matsumoto Rangiku's face which sent her flying behind the wall where Ōtoribashi Rōjūrō taicho and Izuru fukutaicho stood.

Yuki bowed again and she was about to leave when Unohana taicho spoke up for the first time

"Yuki dear, what exactly did you walk into when you came home if you don't mind telling us?"

Yuki gave her an "I rather not talk about it in front of everyone" look but answered her politely and she recounted what happened in her office, and she had left. Yuki recounted how she had stopped to pick up some miso pork ramen for her dinner and Iba's favorite snack. How she went home to find Hasunohana at the gate and everything was dark.

The young woman gave a shuddering breathe as new tears welled up in her eyes as Renji came forward and he gently wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her right temple making an encouraging noise for her to go on,

"I turned on the lights I went into the kitchen to have my dinner when I heard moaning coming from our room and I thought Iba was sore from working or sparring with Madarame as I turned on the lights in our room I saw them fucking in our bed. I fled from the house and I ended up here wanting one of my fathers to comfort me and I kind of forgot there was a meeting ."

Yuki bowed once again and fled into the early morning with Hasunohana following her close behind.

The meeting was adjourned after this. We were sent home to rest.

The next morning I saw some of the subordinates from the Seventh, Eighth, and Thirteenth at Yuki's home packing her things with Ukitake taicho supervising the move. I looked over to find Hasunohana sitting outside of Yuki's office. I walked over to the office and I found Yuki working with Renji hovering over her while trying without any success to get her to get some rest.

I walked in and watching them for a moment and pity stirred my heart for the heartbroken young woman. I knew what heartache felt like and how it hurts so damn much. I want Yuki to deal with her pain and I don't want her to run from it. So, I went to speak with Ukitake taicho, Kyoraku taicho and Yamamoto soutaicho about what I wanted to do try and help Yuki. Kenpachi isn't going to like the idea, but if my hunch is right. He is the only one who can hopefully snap Yuki out of her funk.

Later that afternoon, I gave Sohma Yuki her orders from Soutaicho for a two-month mandatory vacation effective immediately. I saw Zaraki taicho glowering when Madarame fukutaicho had given him the orders for Yuki's transfer into his Division.

I just hope this will work and bring down the wall I know she'll put up to protect herself from the heartache.

To Be Continued!

A/N: This takes place after the defeat of Yhwach.

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