Breath Unto Me

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Title: Breathe Unto Me

Fandom: Bleach/Devil May Cry/Kuroshitsuji

Chapter: 1

Characters: Sebastian, Ichigo, Unnamed Idiot

Word count: 2293

Warnings: Nothing yet but some talk of brother on brother mating incest. This is key to the future chapters

AN: If you haven’t yet read Whisper to Me please go ahead and hunt that story down. It’s on Archive of Our Own, Adult-fanfiction, and Fanfiction dot net of course. This is a side story that introduces how the brothers come to join the rest of the world.


Please take note of tags and warnings. Also note after the main story that was a part of this world is only like 11 chapters, after that it’s fanservice. But we’ll get to that when we get to that.


Thank you.




Pulling his jacket collar up, Ichigo huffed at the world and his silently stalking guardian. Burying his nose into the faux fur around the collar of his jacket, he trudged towards his next stop. The world around him was a mess of white flurries, soft winds, and twinkling lights, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.


He was relaxing during the break in his last year of school with the option to do his last semester from home, which was making him happy. They already had plans forJuly. Those plans included heading back to Karakura Town to turn the world upside down for the idiots who had fucked with him.


But that would be later. For now, he was working on getting the last of his gifts. He was going to pick up the hairpin that he had ordered for Grell. His last one had been broken by a most troublesome soul that had complained about being sent to hell. Since then the Grim Reaper hadn’t had time to replace it, so Ichigo had decided to get it for him for his last gift.


Thus, he was trudging through the light snowstorm with Sebastian walking behind him, holding the bags that he had collected during the trip.


As they walked, Sebastian had looked highly amused at something or another. The demon knew that his charge liked the fact that he was walking behind him, watching over him, even as he stayed out of the stores.


Mostly that was.


Shaking his head, Ichigo just chuckled and pushed the door open as he stepped into the next store. He turned to watch as the stalking demon stepped into a provided nook close by. He nodded his head and wiggled his fingers at the other man.


Smiling once more, he closed the door behind him. He shook off the snow that had clung to his jacket and the faux fur, sighing as he tugged his thick gloves off. “It’s so damn cold out there,” he snorted, the older man behind the counter smiling at his still heavily accented English, nodding. “Do you still have that leather-bound journal that I saw when I was here last week? The one with the thorns around the edges and the odd shield on the front?” he asked as he walked up to the counter.


“Yes, I still have it. Are you going to buy it this time?” the man asked teasingly, well used to Ichigo and his odd shopping ways. He smiled broadly as Ichigo chuckled and nodded his head, stepping up to the counter. “Let me get it out so that you can see if it is indeed what you want. I don’t short change my customers, young master, especially ones who spend as much as you do and as often as you do in my store.” He smiled and walked into the back, the curtain hanging in the doorway swinging behind him. He found the journal that he had put to the side after Ichigo had looked at it, having a feeling that he would be back.


Smiling as the man left him, Ichigo pulled his jacket open enough to get at an inner pocket that he kept his wallet and information in, placing the wallet down. The man came back out with a smile on his lips, handing it over with a nod. Ichigo hummed as he took the journal and stroked his fingers over the leather covering, carefully undoing the leather throngs that held it closed, gently opening it to the first page. He smiled as he felt the slightest glimmer of power, having figured that it was an old Grim Reaper journal when he had seen it last.


“How much are you asking for it?” he asked.


“I’m asking for two hundred pounds for this one,” the owner said. Ichigo nodded his head with a smile, pulling out the money, and handing it over to him.


The man wrapped the journal up and tucked away into a small bag, the receipt placed into the bag on top. Smiling, Ichigo stepped outside of the building and handed it over to Sebastian, the demon placing the bag into one of the larger, more waterproof bags.


“The last place for today is a two in one stop for me. Since it is, can you take a moment to put the bags into the car? I’ll meet you down at Randil’s for some lunch,” he said, looking up at Sebastian with a cocked eyebrow.


The demon frowned as he tilted his head, nodding his head after he didn’t find anything nearby that they should worry about. “Very well, Ichigo. No more than fifteen minutes though, you got it?” he asked. Ichigo beamed up at him, nodding as he shoved a bit of his hair back out of his face.


“I can do that,” Ichigo said. He left his guardian to head back to the parked car as he readjusted his jacket and pulled on his gloves, heading for the last store. He just needed to get the hairpin that he had ordered nearly a month ago and his fixed fountain pen.


He was lucky that most stores were open for those last-minute pick-ups on Christmas Eve, and thankful that the gift he had ordered had come in on time.


Walking into the store, he smiled at the jingle of the bell, and removed his gloves as he shook his jacket off again, brushing the rest of the snow off. He paused at a tingle of power that was just on the edge of his awareness before he continued to move as if he hadn’t felt anything.


He frowned very slightly as he tucked his gloves into his pocket, pulling out the receipt that he had been given for his orders.


Walking over to a counter and the woman behind it, he smiled at her, glad that it was someone he knew, handing over the receipt. Taking the receipt, she smiled in return before moving to scan it, going to get the item with a nod to him. Leaning against the display case in front of him, he used the fact that there were posters with mirror frames lining the walls of the store to look around. He tilted his head and scanned the room to see who could be out of place.


He frowned ever so slightly to himself as he caught sight of a person who moved a bit too carefully to be normal. His guardians had made sure that he had been trained to read a person’s body language and that he had been shown videos from those Death Gods from various levels and places in artificial bodies. It was quite evident if they didn’t wear them often, tending to look stiff. It looked as if they were thinking about their next movement instead of the smooth grace that one who was alive had.


The man who had caught his eye moved a lot like those who didn’t often go out into the living world in an artificial body on the video. He moved too slowly, taking his time to reach for something and pick it up to look at it. Nibbling at his bottom lip, Ichigo reached into the outside pocket of his jacket and pulled out his phone with a thoughtful frown.


Flipping the case open, swiping over the screen to unlock it, he pulled up his messenger and quickly tapped out a message to Sebastian. With that done, he relocked it and closed the case, tucking the phone back into the pocket once more.


Smiling as the woman came out with the boxes holding the hairpin and his pen, Ichigo opened the one with the pin, taking his time to look over the beautiful piece of work. “It’s perfect,” he said. He laid the hairpin back into its case next to its mate and closed the lid.


“I see that you have one of our smaller versions of our hairpins in your hair. The longer ones of that set will be back right around the New Year,” the woman said, Ichigo smiling brightly. “I can put down a hold for one if you would like me to?”


“That would be nice. I think the dark metallic blue and gray ones this time,” he said. The woman nodding her head and filled out an order card for him.


“We have all of your usual information in the system, so we’ll just call you when they come in. Do you want me to charge the usual card?” she asked.


Ichigo smiled as he signed the paper, thinking about it. “Yes, thank you. I knew that there was a reason why I love this place so much.”


“I’m sure that it’s not just for the fact that we have hairpins and jewelry that you’re addicted to,” the woman teased. “Thank you for coming on in again, Mr. Kurosaki. Do say hello to your guardians' would you? And please tell Master Phantomhive that the piece that that he ordered will be coming soon, but there is a delay since the crafter who is fixing it became rather sick.”


“Ah, yes. I can tell you that Ciel-san did hear about that and he understands. He sent me with the message that the tip to the artist still stands and that he hopes that he gets better sooner rather than later,” Ichigo said. His words got a beaming smile from the woman as she wrote down the information to pass on. “Thank you for the lovely work. I’m sure that he will love these hairpins.”


“Oh, you’re very welcome. And thank you for coming in again, young master,” she said. She placed the boxes into a bag with tissue paper, handing the bag over with a chuckle. Tugging his gloves back on, he left, turning his head slightly as he walked out of the door. He saw the man that he had pegged for a God of Death put the card that he had been looking at down, preparing to follow him.


Pursing his lips thoughtfully, Ichigo left the store and tucked the bag further up his arm as he stood just outside of the door, fussing with his gloves. Stepping out onto the street after a moment, he looked up and down the street before he crossed the street to the other sidewalk. He headed to where he had no doubt that Sebastian was already waiting for him. It was just a small alleyway, out of the way and one of the many that they knew were laid around the city.


And perfect to be used to take care of their little problem.


Stepping into the alleyway, Ichigo sighed as he got halfway down it before he turned around to face the idiot who was standing at the entryway. His eyes narrowed. He was looking down at a picture, drawing a snort from Ichigo, shaking his head.


 “That picture that you have may be a few years out of date seeing as I have grown,” he drawled, tilting his head. “I can feel you, you know. You were there at my family’s murder, I know you were. I remember every signature that was there. I should kill you where you stand but I don’t think I will do that.”


What do you mean by that? You’re just an untrained little bastard. There’s no one here to help you now,” the Shinigami sneered. He stepped out of his physical body with ease, letting it drop to the ground.


Ichigo just sighed at him and shook his head as Sebastian dropped down behind the guy. “I swear that you guys really need to train yourself better when it comes to wearing those damn artificial bodies of yours. You gave yourself away, and my guardians really don’t like those who would put me in danger,” he said. He transitioned smoothly from Japanese to English as he shifted on his feet and looked over his shoulder. The Shinigami watched as the guy went stiff and slowly turned around, finding Sebastian standing behind him with glowing red eyes and a smirking sneer on his face.


They watched as he crumpled down onto the ground with a grunt, already out cold. Sebastian wiggled his gloved fingers, working out the kinks from punching the other in the stomach. “I am rather glad that I tend to wear gloves, especially when it’s so cold,” he drawled.


Ichigo just chuckled at him. “Well then, how about you find out what you can, and I’ll go move the car closer? After that, we’ll get some fast food on the way home. I’ll be driving this time, though. I think that you’re going to need some time to calm down before I let you back behind the wheel,” Ichigo said, walking up to Sebastian.


“Of course, Ichigo,” Sebastian chuckled as he handed over the keys to the car with a nod. Ichigo smiled, taking them before leaving the alleyway and heading to the car.


Once he felt that Ichigo was far enough away to not feel anything, he licked his lips and picked up the Shinigami by the back of his kosode, dragging him further into the alleyway. He would get his answers, one way or the other, but he would also leave the idiot alive. After that, he would wipe out all the knowledge of seeing Ichigo from his mind.


Then he would tell his mate what had happened, and they would decide what to do with young Ichigo while they removed the rest of the infestation of idiots from their city.


He knew that William and Grell especially weren’t going to be very happy with this bit of news. Those two were surprisingly protective of Ichigo.


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