Mama's Little Helper

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Hanataro’s hands shook as he cleaned and returned the gardening tools to their proper place in the shed.

“I can’t do it.” He muttered to himself. “It’s not right.  I…I mustn’t!”

But he knew he would.

When Third Seat Iemura Yasochika caught him asleep leaning on his broom, Hanataro thought it was back to the sewers for sure.  It was lucky for him that Captain Unohana just happened to be walking by while Iemura was chewing him out.

“With respect Iemura-san.” She interrupted with a gentle smile. “Perhaps hard labor is not the answer here.  Perhaps Yamada-san could benefit from guidance and mentorship.  Hmm.  I know.  Have him report to my quarters tomorrow morning.”

Both men’s jaws dropped at her suggestion.  Still Iemura’s hands were tied.  The Captain’s word was law.  All Hanataro could do was shiver in fear. 

He needn’t have worried.  The Captain worked him hard, but the tasks were not too difficult.  She put him to work doing household chores, maintaining the grounds around her quarters and doing low level administrative tasks that had been falling by the wayside like inventorying supply closets.  None of it was as hard as his usual punishment details and he was learning a lot from the captain who spent at least part of her day talking to him and showing him things like medicinal plants and her collection of rare surgical manuals.  He was actually enjoying his time and wished it would never end.  Everything was going so well.  Right up until that one night…

It started innocently enough.  He didn’t mean to do it.  He’d simply been walking home after finishing up the evening chores.  The night air was cool and fragrant with the moon shining down lighting his way.  He was looking forward to his bed and thinking about what he was going to do tomorrow.  The captain had already retired for the evening and her room glowed with candlelight.  He smiled as he passed by looking at the glowing paper panels of the shoji door to her quarters.  He hoped she would have a good evening as well.  That’s when he noticed something odd.  He stepped up on the engawa, the outside wooden floor, to take a closer look.  He was careful not to make any noise.  He didn’t want to disturb the captain, especially if it turned out to be nothing.  Sure enough, one of the shoji panels had a hole in it, probably made from a windblown twig.  He made a mental note to fix it in the morning.  That would have been that if some movement hadn’t caught his eye.

He didn’t mean to do it.  He really didn’t.  He would never EVER think about spying on his captain.  He was simply acting on instinct when he looked though the hole to see what was moving.  What he saw transfixed him.  Captain Unohana was brushing her hair.  He’d never seen her with her hair unbound before.  With her back to the door, she gracefully pulled the hairbrush in slow, smooth stokes, her hair a cascade of black silk falling from the brush to land against her back.  He had no idea how long he stood there watching as her fine boned hands worked her tresses, her body gracefully swaying back and forth in time to the brush.  It was only when she put the brush down that he realized what he was doing.  He quickly and quietly got off the engawa and scurried home. 

“I’ll fix it tomorrow.” He muttered to himself. 

Except he didn’t. 


He hated himself for what he was doing, but he found he couldn’t stop.  Every night before going home he found himself drawn to the hole.  Some nights he was able to resist.  Some nights he gave in to his weakness.  It gave him an undeniably erotic thrill even if there was nothing to see.  One night he saw her writing a letter, a frown of concentration on her face as she worked.  Other nights she might be getting things ready for tomorrow, puttering around here and there.  One night he caught her with her robe loose and partially removed, her neck and shoulders exposed.  She was rubbing liniment into her stiff, aching shoulders, sighing and groaning with pleasure as the ointment delivered hot relief.  Hanataro’s crotch throbbed as he imagined being the one to rub her shoulders feeling her soft skin and smelling her hair as it led to further, deeper intimacy. 

That night he ran home, tears of shame rolling down his cheeks for daring to think of his captain that way.  Later, he cursed himself as he lay in bed for violating her trust and vowed he would never do it again.  He resolved to fix the hole in the door first thing in the morning.  He promised he would remove the source of his temptation and return to living honestly even as he stroked himself to climax thinking about her exposed neck and pale, soft shoulders. 

He truly meant to fix that panel when he reported to work that morning.  Right after he finished another task.  Then another.  Then another.  Now here he was at the end of the day walking home, the soft light from Captain Unohana’s room beckoning him one again. He struggled to keep his head turned away, struggled to keep his feet moving forward.  He stopped.  Just one more time wouldn’t hurt.  Would it?  He would fix that hole tomorrow before he did anything else and he would never spy on the captain again.  So one last time couldn’t hurt?  Right?

What he saw took his breath away.  He was just in time to see Captain Unohana undressing.  With her back to the door, she had already removed everything except for her underwear.  Hanataro drank in the sight as she took a moment to stretch out the kinks.  Her fundoshi barely covered anything, her full hips and round buttocks mesmerizing to watch.  After a few moments of that, she reached up to the sarashi binding her breasts.  He heard her sigh once it was off, rubbing her breasts and murmuring with relief.  That was it.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  If he didn’t leave now, he was going to explode in his pants.  He was off the engawa and ready to dash home when he heard it.

He wasn’t sure at first.  It was a very small sound.  A little whimper that barely reached his ears.  Then he heard another.  And another.  He wondered if she was simply putting liniment on her shoulders again, but these sounds were distinctly sexual.  A gasp and moan confirmed his suspicions.  The captain was pleasuring herself.  He could just picture her lying on her back on her futon, one hand rubbing at her clit, the other pinching her nipple with her eyes closed in concentration.  Then he realized he didn’t have to imagine it.  Turning around, he looked at the door. 

“No!” He muttered shaking his head. “No, I…I can’t do it!”

And yet his feet seemed to have a will of their own as he found himself back at the peephole. Heart thudding loudly in his chest he peered through and saw…nothing.

Suddenly the door slid open.

“Caught you.” Unohana announced grabbing him by the lapel.  Hanataro yelled with fright as she threw him into the room. He landed on his back, the wind knocked out of him.  The captain, dressed in a black silk robe, stood over him scowling.  He was sure his heart was going to stop any second.  

“Seventh seat Yamada, I am surprised at you.” She lectured. “When I felt your reitsu leaking near my door I had hoped it was for a legitimate purpose.  You do understand your control gets worse when you’re distracted?  Right now I’m sure all of Soul Society can detect you.”

“I’m sorry!” He blubbered covering his face. “I, I, I didn’t mean to do it. I..I couldn’t help myself.”

“Sorry is insufficient in this case.” She retorted.  “I see now my advocating a gentle punishment was a mistake.  Just look at how you’ve repaid my kindness.  Just, just…look…at you.”

Huh? Hanataro thought.  Why did she trail off like that? Opening his eyes, he could see her staring, a look of surprise on her face.  Following her gaze, he saw she was locked on to the bulge at his crotch.

“Kyah!” He yelped covering himself. “I, I’m so sorry captain!  I didn’t mean to show you that.  I can’t help it!  I..I’ll come back tomorrow and take my punishment then!”

Struggling to get off the floor, he was shocked when Unohana placed her foot squarely on his chest and shoved him down again. 

“Not so fast.” She said. “I can’t help but notice you seem to have an unusual condition Yamada-san.”

Terror battled with arousal in Hanataro’s chest as his captain’s foot trailed down his body to rest over his trapped erection.  She began to rub her sole on it gently making him whimper. 

“Tell me Yamada-san. Have you ever had this examined?”

He nervously shook his head. “Um, uh, there’s nothing really wrong with it captain.  If you’ll just let me go I’ll, AH!”

She shut him up by pinching his cock with her toes.  Gripping him strongly now, she worked her foot up and down reducing him to a panting mess. 

I’ll decide if there’s anything wrong with you boy.  As a physician, I believe you need a thorough examination immediately.”

To his dismay, she took her foot off of him.

“Get up and strip.” She ordered.

“But captain, I, uh...” He stuttered.

“Yamada-san.” She interrupted with a terrifying smile. “I said get up and strip.

“Yes.  Of course.  Right away.” He squeaked.

Shakily, he managed to stand up. The captain was staring at him with hungry eyes as he clumsily disrobed. 

“The fundoshi too Yamada.” She prompted when he hesitated.

With a gulp, he pulled his underwear down.  Unohana’s eyes widened at the revelation.  She’s seen many men in her long lifetime, but few this well hung, especially on someone as thin as her seventh seat. 

“Oh my.” She exclaimed. “I can see this is going to need a closer examination.”

Sinking to her knees, she grasped him with gentle hands.  He shivered at her touch as she cupped his balls and ran her fingers along his shaft.

“Impressive girth as well as length.” She mused. “You are right Yamada-san.  Everything seems to be functioning normally despite your unusual size.”

“C,c,captain…” He forced out through clenched teeth.

“I wonder if it gets any bigger?” She playfully teased. Gripping his shaft, she began to stroke him.

“Captain!” He wheezed.

“Is something wrong Yamada-san?” She coyly asked. “Do you want me to stop?”

Hanataro couldn’t answer. With a gasping moan, he shot his load across the room.  Unohana watched wide eyed as spurt after spurt pumped from his huge dick.  After a while, the flow slowed, then stopped.  She looked up into Hanataro’s embarrassed eyes.

“I, I’m sorry.” He stammered.  “I didn’t mean to do it.  I, I just couldn’t stop.”

She arched an eyebrow at him. “You mean to say my touching you a little was enough to get you off?”

Hanataro didn’t think it was possible to feel any more shame.  His face turned from red to purple. 

“I, uh, I’ve never, um, you know and, uh, your hands felt so good and um.  Um.  I’m sorry.”

“Yes, you certainly made a mess in here.” She gently scolded.  “And look at my robe.  You’ve stained it.”

He started to apologize, only to freeze as she took it off.  He was treated to the sight of her magnificent breasts as she looked up at him seductively.  Even though he came only a minute ago, he could feel his cock throbbing back to life. 

“I can see you’re going to need some endurance training to make sure this never happens again.”

Slipping her robe to the floor, she leaned forward to seize his stiffening dick.  Hanataro literally couldn’t believe his eyes as her tongue flicked out to lick the last few drops of cum from the tip. 

“I haven’t enjoyed myself like this in a while.”She said before taking him in her mouth.

She wrapped her tongue around him swirling it back and forth before bobbing her head up and down.  Little grunts and groans of pleasure sent vibrations through his cock as she eagerly sucked him off.  He couldn’t believe this was really happening.  There was no way his captain could be doing something so lewd, so dirty with a lowly subordinate like him.  Yet there she was, beautiful lips wrapped around his dick, pale voluptuous body exposed before him. It was more than he could bear.

“C,c,captain! I’m gonna cum!”

He thought she would pull away to let him release. Instead she kept her lips sealed on his prick as he exploded once again.  She swallowed down every spurt moaning with pleasure.  When he finally stopped gushing, she sat back on her heels wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. 

“Better, but still too soon.” She declared. “If you’re going to make any progress at all, we’ll have to keep going.”

“I, uh, OK, well, um I guess so, but I don’t think I can.” He muttered.

She gave a sidelong glance at his wilting erection. “Ah yes, I expected that would happen.”

Rummaging around in a nearby chest she produced a large blood red pill with a skull embossed on the front.

“Here, take this.” She offered.

“An energy pill?” He responded. “I, I’m not sure if…”

“Take it!” She ordered.

Trying to hold back a whimper, he snatched the pill from her hands and choked it down. 

“Wait a minute.” He said after swallowing. “The color. T, th,that was a captain level pill!”

“Was it?” Unohana archly replied. “Oh, I didn’t notice.”

Hanataro was sure that wasn’t true, but there were other things occupying his attention at the moment. He could feel the pill taking effect, its power surging through his body.  It flowed downward and outward though his body making his cock rock hard in seconds throbbing with need.

“Captain...” He whined reaching out to her.

“Not to worry.” She said taking his hand.  “I’ll take good care of you.”

Leading him to her futon, she pushed him down on his back.  He squirmed in anticipation as she stepped out of her loincloth.  He couldn’t believe he was actually seeing his captain completely naked, the dark curls of hair at her crotch barely concealing her glistening wet pussy.  Straddling the youth, she guided his hard on into her snatch lowering herself on him.  He was concerned when she hissed and bit her lower lip. 

“Captain, are you OK?” He asked.

“Don’t worry.” She replied in a strained voice. “It will take me a moment to get used to this.”

Despite the discomfort of stretching herself on his enormous manhood, she wiggled her hips to fit him in inch by inch.  Even so, there was no way she could take it all in.  After finding a comfortable resting place, she took a moment for her body to adapt before slowly pumping up and down. 

“So…thick.” She moaned closing her eyes.  Leaning forward, she rested her body against him, covering him in warmth and softness as she pumped faster and harder.  Hanataro had no idea what to do. He never in his wildest dreams imagined he would be losing his virginity to his captain.  Having actual sex was better than he’d imagined, her pussy gripping him tightly as she used him.

“Captain, I, I don’t think I can hold on.” He cried.

“Concentrate Yamada.” She urged. “Focus on your partner. Try to hold back.”

He tried.  He ran various medical dose calculations though his head as he tried to ignore the incredible sensation of his commander riding him.  Even so, he lost control when Unohana peaked.  Leaning back to drive her hips even faster, he could see her panting and moaning, hear her cries growing higher and closer until her entire body shook.  He came harder than ever, his orgasm blanking his mind.

“Much better Yamada-san.” She panted collapsing on top of him.  “Now let’s work a little more on your foreplay.”

“M,my what?” He asked. 

And then her lips were pressed against his, her tongue plunging hungrily into his mouth.  Hanataro’s eyes widened in shock.  She’s taken his virginity and now his first kiss.  It didn’t take him long to get over it though.  Soon his own eyes were closed as he explored her mouth as well.  With the energy pill still coursing in his veins, he rocked his hips up and down, enjoying the feel of her clamping down on his still stiff dick. She took his hand, guiding it to her ass.

“Here.” She panted. “Touch me here.”

He happily complied, reveling in the sensation of her firm flesh in his hands. 

“This feel amazing captain.“ he groaned.

She put her finger over his lips. “Mama.” She corrected. “I want you to call me Mama.”

“Mama?” Hanataro gasped. “Isn’t that a little…”

“Mama!” She insisted with a scowl.

“Y,y,y, yes.  Of course.  Mama.” He whimpered. 

She lifted her breast to his face.  “Now does baby want a suck?”

“Um, yes.” He nervously answered.

“Yes what?” She prompted.

“Yes…Mama.” He said taking the hint. “B, b, baby wanna suck.”

“Good boy.” She crooned shoving her nipple into his mouth.

Sucking away at her tit, he couldn’t believe his good fortune. He was pounding away at his captains pussy, her magnificent ass filling both hand, her stiffened nipple in his mouth, her moans filling his ears.  If there was a heaven better than this, he couldn’t conceive it.

“Flick it with your tongue.” She panted. “Nibble on it.”

“Yes Mama.” He mumbled around the ample flesh filling his mouth.  Did she get tighter when he said Mama?  She switched breasts on him, making him lavish attention on the other one.  Her hips pumped harder and faster, driven by her lust.

“Enough.” She announced.  “I want you on top.”

Hanataro nearly groaned with disappointment when she dismounted.  He couldn’t imagine how things could possibly get any better.  When Unohana lay down next to him on the futon, he clumsily began to crawl on top of her.

“Not like that.” She corrected. She pointed between her legs. “Kneel down there.”

Confused, Hanataro did as he was told.  He was still unsure what to do as Unohana put her feet up on his shoulders.

“Now move forward and put it in.” She instructed. “I’m going to let you do the work this time.”

Nodding, Hanataro pulled her towards him as she guided him back inside.  Instinctively, he started pumping his hips. 

“That’s it.” Unohana breathed.  “Harder.  Faster. Fuck Mama good.”

He didn’t need much encouragement.  Gripping her luscious thighs, he thrusted vigorously making her body rock.  Watching her writhe in pleasure, her breasts jiggling in rhythm, her hands clutching the futon,  her moans filling his ears, it was almost too much. 

“You like this?” She panted, her eyes glazed with lust. “You like watching Mama getting fucked?”

It was still shocking to hear her talking dirty.  A thrill ran down his spine at her filthy language.

“Y,yes Mama.” He gasped.

“C,mon.” She growled. “You can do better than that. Tell me what you like.  Tell me why you like fucking me!”

She wanted HIM to talk dirty?  Was it possible to feel embarrassed during sex?  It sure seemed so.  Still, he couldn’t deny her, not with her looking at him so intently. 

“I, I, I like…f, f, fucking your, um, p, p, p….”

“Pussy, boy.  Say it.  Say you like fucking my pussy!”

“I like fucking your pussy Mama!” He blurted out. “I, I love fucking your pussy.  It’s so tight.  It feels so good.  I love your body.  I love your face.  I, I don’t want this to ever stop.  Oh no, I, Im gonna cum again!”

“Pull out boy.” She ordered.  “I want to see it.  I want to see you cum.”

He barely pulled out before erupting.  Unohana watched enthralled as thick strands of sperm splashed over her body some reaching as far as her face. 

“Oh no.” Hanataro squeaked. “I, uh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Don’t apologize.” She said taking her legs off his shoulders.  “Grab those tissues over there and we’ll keep going.  You still have much to learn.”

With the help on the energy pill, they kept at it all night long.  The captain seemed insatiable, always eager for more.  Hanataro learned a great deal as she showed him exactly how to please a woman.  He was amazed at many different techniques and positions there were to the act of lovemaking.  Over and over he brought her to climax as he increased his skills.  Dawn was beginning to make the shoji panels glow when he could feel the pill’s effect fading.  It happened as he was pounding her from behind.  He gripped her hips tightly and redoubled his efforts to finish before the energy boost was gone. 

“Yes, yes!” She howled as he thrust into her. “Fuck me!  Fuck Mama good with that big cock!”

Hanataro was beginning to see spots before his eyes.  Coming down from the pill was taking its toll.  He had to concentrate to keep his hips pumping, to keep pleasing his captain.  He was finally rewarded with the sweet sounds of Unohana’s orgasm.  He slumped over her back as darkness claimed him.

“Captain.  I…I love you.” He gasped before passing out. 

Unohana rolled over causing his limp form to flop onto the sweat soaked futon.  What a night!  She knew she should feel guilty at using the poor boy like that.  On the other hand, someone so naturally gifted should certainly be encouraged to get the most out of it.  It wasn’t her fault she was getting all the benefit as his instructor.  She smiled as she ran her hand down his slight frame.  She would let Third Seat Iemura know that Hanataro was now assigned as her personal servant permanently.   Oh yes, she thought staring at his rapidly softening manhood, she was going to enjoy her new toy to the fullest. 

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