Hands On Instruction

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Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez was sure that this was a mistake. He sighed and looked at the door to the classroom. He was early, which considering how long it had been since he’d been in school, that was probably a good thing. He didn’t want to be nervous, but here he was, worried more than he wanted to be about walking into a college classroom for the first time at twenty-two. Grimmjow screwed up his courage though, and walked through the doorway into Freshman level biology.

Las Noches College sat in a small suburb of St. Louis. It was on the other side of the river in Karakura, a new suburban community that had sprung up in the last few years. Las Noches was a small college that had a general studies program, a nursing program, and a criminal justice program. Grimmjow had come to Karakura to get away from his problems in St. Louis, and to do what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to be in law enforcement, though he didn’t know where.

Considering the juvenile record he had, as well as the close shaves as an adult, a lot of his old friends would have laughed at him. He’d come here to get a fresh start, though, and that’s what he was doing. His step sister Nelliel and his step brother Wonderweiss lived together in this smallish community, and had invited him to come live with them after the incident that left him hospitalized for a month last year. Nel was an art teacher at the college, and she had suggested it as a good place to start, if only to get his basics down.

Still, he’d been out of school for four years, and he’d barely graduated high school as it was. And this class would be the test. He had always excelled at everything except science, specifically biology. He had actually only passed in high school because he copied off his friend Nnoitra’s papers. He had a feeling he was going to struggle. He found his way to a seat near the professor’s desk. The class had two parts, the lecture and the lab. He’d managed to arrange the lecture right before the lab so it was good for him. Also, they had the same prof so that was even better. He sighed as he slumped in the desk. He tried to make himself as small as he could but he felt eyes as soon as people started coming into the classroom.

At six foot one and almost one hundred eighty pounds, Grimmjow was not easy to miss. He also still had his blonde hair dyed baby blue. Nel had insisted after he moved in that he go back to coloring it like he had when he’d been younger, before he’d started getting in trouble. Of course, the amount of tattoos that he had didn’t help people not notice him. He sighed and tried to ignore it as people filled up the classroom.

He looked up as someone dropped a bunch of papers and books onto the teacher’s desk at the side. He looked up and saw a young looking guy with bright orangey red hair. He was wearing a suit without a tie, so he must be the prof, but he looked way too young. He tilted his head to the side and smirked. This might not be such a bad class after all…

“Ah, hi, um, welcome to Biology 101, lecture,” he said as he moved up toward the white board and wrote the class number on it. He smiled as he turned back. “I’m Ichigo Kurosaki, and um, you guys get to be my first class. So…ah, that’s either really good or bad, depending on how you look at it,” he said and Grimmjow could see the slight blush to his cheeks.

“So, um, I guess I should welcome you to class, and I’ll pass the syllabus out, and I’ve included a rough schedule. Some of you are in the lab following lecture, but not everyone, so you’ll have to coordinate with the other professor, Dr. Urahara, about anything that might conflict,” he said as he handed a stack of papers to each person in the rows.

When he got to Grimmjow, Grimmjow couldn’t help but drop a wink at him. He stared for a second and turned toward the front again, clearing his throat. “Alright, so now I’ll go over the syllabus…”

After class, Grimmjow walked out and pulled out his phone to text Nel as he walked to the lab.

Yo, Nel.

Hey baby bro. How’s classes so far?

Good. Bio 101 wasn’t bad. Going to lab now. Young prof.

Oh! The new Bio teacher! she answered. Yeah, he’s kinda quiet though. His father’s some big shot doctor in St. Louis.


Grimm…you aren’t thinking what I think you are thinking?

Why would I be thinking anything?

I know you. He’s a sweet guy. Don’t mess with him, okay?

Grimmjow sat down in the lab, again, close to the front. If I mess with him, he’ll enjoy it.


What? I think he’s cute. He has a nice ass.

I thought you were over that phase?

Phase? Is that what we call being bi now?

There was a long pause and he knew why. Nel had always had a hard time accepting the fact he was bi, trying to tell him he’d pick one or the other, doubtless when he found a nice girl to settle down with.

I’m sorry, that was wrong of me to say. I’ll see if I can’t find out anything for you, as an apology for being an ass.

Whatever you want to do. He put the phone in his pocket, a little annoyed.

He looked up as the Prof came into the lab, again, carrying a whole armload of stuff. He figured might as well try and get into his good side now. Before he dropped the whole armload of stuff, he hopped up and went over.

“Yo, Prof, lemme help,” he said and reached for some of the books Ichigo was carrying.

Ichigo looked at him and nodded, not smiling but looking a bit relieved. “Oh, thanks, I still haven’t got down what I need and don’t need yet…” he said and put the stack down before turning and taking the other stack from Grimmjow. Grimmjow made sure to brush his hand as he handed it over.

“Ah, thank you,” Ichigo said, looking up at the taller student. Ichigo stood about five eleven or so, but Grimmjow’s slight height differential seemed a lot more the way he was standing.

“You know, I go from that class to this, if ya want I could help you carry stuff between. I don’t mind,” Grimmjow said with a shrug as he glanced behind him, looking uninterested.

Ichigo blinked. “Oh, well, uh, if you want, I guess, until I figure out what I want to do…I haven’t gotten my office set up yet, so it’s all a mess…” he said as he ran a hand over his hair. Grimmjow smirked. He kind of had that mad scientist look, his hair all over the place.

“Yeah? Well, I don’t wanna seem like I’m trying to be teacher’s pet or anything, but I got nothing to do after class ‘cept wait for my sister to get done with her classes over in the art building. If you don’t have another class, could help ya out?” he said with a half smirk.

“Oh, that’s not necessary, I mean…” he started.

“I mean, it comes at a cost, though,” Grimmjow said and crossed his arms over his chest.

Ichigo’s eyes widened a bit. “Ah, cost?”

“Yup. See, I figure I can help you out, in exchange you help me, because I suck at biology,” he said with a shrug. “Plus, I’ve been outta the school loop for a few years and I got a feeling I’m going to need all the help I can get.”

“Ah,” Ichigo said, breathing out. “So tutoring. That’s what you mean.”

Grimmjow wondered just what he thought he meant other than tutoring. He shrugged. “Yeah. Plus Nel has like classes all day on the days I have your class and lab, and then I got nothing else.”

“Nel?” he asked, tipping his head to the side. “The art instructor?”

“Yeah, she’s my step sister,” he said.

“Oh…” he said and nodded. “Uh, sure, you can come up after class, then, my office is on the same floor as hers, actually,” he said and nodded. “But, um, we need to start…”

Grimmjow smirked and sat down, satisfied with himself.

At the end of class, Grimmjow got up and helped his Prof collect his things and followed him up the stairs to the second level where the faculty officers were. He walked behind him and realized he annoyingly cute fucker had a cute ass. He resisted the urge to reach out and smack, with a lot of effort on his part. He’d be jerking off to that image later. He passed his sister’s room, seeing her sitting inside as he went by. She looked up and saw he was walking behind Ichigo and shook her head. He shrugged and smirked at her as he headed down the hallway.

He followed the young teacher into his office and looked around. “Fuck, man, this place is trashed…”

Ichigo put his stack down on the desk. “Um, yeah, the Biology teacher last year was a bit…uh…messy, and I just got this job last week. So it…has been a rush, you know?” he said and tried to stop a stack of paperwork from falling.

Grimmjow smirked, watching as he lost the fight with the stack and sighed. “She was quite the hoarder, I don’t even know what half this is…”

“Well, Prof, tell me what I can do for you?” he said as he walked up, getting slightly closer than necessary.

“Ah, you can call me Ichigo, I mean, ah…close…” he muttered as he realized that Grimmjow was standing right by him. He blushed a bit. “Oh, um, yeah,” he muttered and escaped around the desk.

Grimmjow knelt and shuffled the scattered papers together and put them on the desk, noticing that he was seemingly very nervous at the moment.

For about three months, it became Grimmjow’s routine. He’d stop by Ichigo’s office before class then walk down to lecture with him, helping with his things, then help him to the lab. After that, he’d go up to his office with him and either get help with his studies, or help Ichigo with the disaster area of an office. Grimmjow was patient though, and the more he was around the professor, the more he wanted to slam him over his desk and fuck the hell out of him. He was taking his time. At least, he was, until he overheard a discussion among a group of other students in the class…


“What? You have to be kidding!” Grimmjow heard as he was sitting in one of the study alcoves. It was Tuesday, so he hadn’t had Ichigo’s class. His interest was piqued a bit, but he didn’t care really what they were talking about.

“You mean that young biology teacher, right? The new one?” Grimmjow’s interest level was now fully on the speakers. He glanced behind him at the next table. It was a group of four young students he wasn’t familiar with.

“I swear, it was him. Honestly, with that red hair? No missing him.” The first one seemed self-satisfied by whatever he was telling the others.

“So was he like, with someone?”

“Yeah, like a date. With a dude.”

“So he’s gay?”

“Not surprised, he’s kinda faggoty.”

Now Grimmjow felt his nails digging into his palm. Those rude little mother fuckers…

“Well, what did you see?”

“I was out with Carol, you know, I’ve been trying to get in her fucking pants forever, but the bitch is a prude. Well, I happened to look over and I see the biology teacher having dinner with this other guy. Didn’t think anything of it, you know. Two dudes can have dinner, but this guy he was with kept reaching over and touching his hand, intimate like. And he kept pulling his hand back, like he wasn’t quite into it. You know how bitches are, so apparently he is a little bitch and his date was trying to get him to put out.”

There was a bit of snickering between them and Grimmjow thought his hand was bleeding. “Then what? Was the guy good looking or a dog?”

“What does that matter?”

“I’m curious! I mean, he’s not a bad looking guy, girls are always swooning over him. Won’t they be sad.”

“Ah, he was all right. Some guy with long brown hair, another Asian dude. I did hear when I walked by him say something about not being interested in starting up again with him, something about not being in the mood for resuming their positions, whatever that means.”

“Ah, so he’s a long-time fag.”

The first one snorted. “I’m guessing once you like taking it up the ass, it doesn’t change. Anyway, but the guy with dark hair kept trying to do shit for him and he kept putting him off. Like this guy was putting moves on that professor like smooth shit. I haven’t seen straight guys pull off things like that. Slick bastard, like making him eat from his spoon, telling him what to do and shit. So I’m guessing the prof is a nice piece of ass or something.”

“Wonder what that’s like…”

“What, fucking a dude? What are you a fairy now?”

“No! I’m just wondering if it’s the same as fucking a chick in the ass.”

There was silent moment. “You’ve fucked a chick up the ass?” one of the others said.

“Yeah, fucking awesome if you can get a chick that lets you. Tighter and feels better.”

“Maybe that’s why gay dudes like doing it, I mean, the pitching, not the catching.”

“Why would anyone want to take it up the ass…”

The four continued pondering the wonders of anal sex for a while, but Grimmjow lost the conversation, instead stewing on the fact someone else was trying to move on his professor. He pulled out his phone and texted his sister.

Yo. Busy?

No. Between classes, what is it?

You ever find anything out about him?

You mean Professor Kurosaki? Not really, he doesn’t talk much to anyone. He did have this dark haired guy come by asking about him, though, but he was in class. Tsukishima or something I think. I just overheard the secretary say that he was good looking.

Grimmjow waited for a long time before he answered. Is he dating the guy?

A long pause. Okay, so because you’re my little bro I talked to the secretary. Apparently, the deal is this Tsukishima and Ichigo dated in high school, but haven’t seen each other since college. I guess he has been coming up a bunch and asking him to lunch and picking him up. Suzie says she doesn’t think he’s too into it, but he’s too polite to turn him down so he goes with him. But here’s the deal, this guy told Suzie that it was just a matter of time before he got him back, something about being his property or something like that.

Grimmjow frowned at that. His property? His mind went back to the things he’d seen his professor do. He tended to listen when he was told what to do pretty readily. He tapped his phone against his lip. Could be into that sort of stuff?

Thanks, sis.

Grimm… are you going to do something stupid?

Grimmjow wondered if she would consider following him the next time this guy picked him up stupid. I don’t think so.

Oh my God, Grimm. All this for a piece of ass?

It’s not like that, dammit! Why do you think I just want to sleep with him?

That’s what you do want, right?

Yes, but not just that! I like him, okay.

Are you jealous?

Shut the fuck up.

He shut the phone and growled under his breath. Was he jealous? Three months of getting to know the guy, and he still didn’t know anything because he didn’t talk about much except for school and class. Well, he was going to find out what the deal was with this other guy. He was not going to be beaten out of his interest by some ex. He put too damn much effort into working this guy, and something really bothered him about the guy saying he was his property.

After he got done with tutoring the next day, Ichigo had said he had an appointment, but he’d see him later. Grimmjow noticed he didn’t look enthused about it as he put his suit jacket back on. Grimmjow smirked, noticing that his slacks today were a bit more fitted than normal, and he could see his ass a bit better. As he left, Grimmjow followed, seemingly going the other way, then doubling back. He came around and saw Ichigo was talking with a man in a suit with dark hair and hands shoved into his pockets. He paused at the corner and listened.

“Hey,” Ichigo said. Grimmjow noticed that he ducked his head when he spoke, though. “I didn’t expect you to call again, Tsukishima.”

“Why not? You always eat frozen meals here, you should get out more, come on. I told you, you have to eat better,” this Tsukishima said and Grimmjow’s eyes narrowed as he put his hand on Ichigo’s lower back and pushed him toward the door. He growled under his breath. What was with that possessive attitude?

They ended up walking to a nearby café, and Grimmjow followed at a distance, pulling his hoodie over his head to hide his hair color. He got seated to the other side and watched. What he saw meshed with what the other students were talking about. This Tsukishima kept touching him, hands, arm, anywhere he could and leaning in. He’d do things like offer him some of his food, and when Ichigo turned him down he’d insist and Ichigo would take it. About halfway through the meal, Ichigo got up and headed to the restroom, and Grimmjow saw that his face was flushed. He followed, noting that the Tsukishima bastard was looking a bit smug. It was a small restroom, only three stalls and two urinals and a double sink. There was a lock on the entry, though, and as Grimmjow came in, he latched it behind him. Other than his professor, it was empty.

Ichigo was at the sinks, washing his face off. Grimmjow wasn’t sure but when he looked up he looked a bit freaked out. He put a hand on his shoulder, startling him into looking up in the mirror.

“Grimmjow?” he asked, eyes going wide as he focused on him.

“Yo,” he said with a smirk.

“Ah, what are you…” he started but Grimmjow gripped his shoulders and spun him around. He slammed him back into the stall wall beside him and put his hands on either side of his shoulders.

Ichigo’s eyes were fixed on Grimmjow’s in shock. “So, Prof, why you go out with a guy you ain’t into?” Grimmjow asked, not moving at all.

“What?” Ichigo asked, eyes flickering toward the door out.

“I locked it. Don’t worry. Now, my question, why you keep going out with a guy you ain’t into at all that keeps pushing you around?” Grimmjow answered. “I saw the way he was. Don’t lie to me.”

“I…why…what do you care what I do?” he asked suddenly. “I…”

Before he could react, Grimmjow leaned closer and slid his leg between Ichigo’s and ground against his thigh. “Because I have spent three months tryin’ to figure out how to ask you to go out, and this guy can do it without a second’s though.”

Ichigo gasped, feeling Grimmjow’s erection through his pants against his leg. His face went completely red. “So I thought, maybe you only like pushy guys and that was my problem. I was tryin’ to go slow and easy, but looks like I should have been a bit more…forceful…” he said, leaning closer and speaking into his ear. He felt that he was on the right road, though, because he wasn’t the only one hard now.

“Ah,” Ichigo breathed out and looked at him. “He’s…my ex…we dated…a while…”

“Yeah?” Grimmjow said, grinding his leg into Ichigo’s crotch harder. “And?”

“He…he came by and asked me…to dinner…I couldn’t turn him down, he…insisted…” he said and for everything he was saying, Ichigo could feel dampness already spreading in his pants.

“So you like to be told what to do, huh?” Grimmjow muttered in his ear. “Like to be dominated, do we?”

The almost inhumane sound that came out of the trapped professor was all the answer Grimmjow need. “Please, he’s waiting…” he said. “He’ll get mad…”

“So? You’re mine now. Got it? About time he realizes that, don’t you think?” he asked. “I just didn’t know how much you wanted me to take possession of you.”

Ichigo’s eyes went wider and he nodded at him once. “Okay,” was all he could manage.

“We’re going back to yer office. When we get there we’re gonna have a little talk about this, understand me? And then, you’re gonna get on your knees, and suck me off like the little boy slut you are, and then if you’ve been a good boy, I might reward you. But for now, yer gonna go out there, and tell that bastard at the table, that you aren’t interested, and walk out that door,” Grimmjow said and stepped back.

Ichigo stared for a minute before he nodded, standing and escaping out the bathroom door quickly. Grimmjow licked his lips and quelled his arousal. One of two things were going to happen, he figured. He’d walk out and he’d be sitting at the table with his ex, or he’d be waiting back at his office for him. He let out a long breath and chewed his thumbnail for a minute. He hoped he’d been right. If he wasn’t right, he could damn well get expelled for sexual harassment against a teacher…

He left the bathroom and noticed that the table was vacant now. So, either Ichigo had left, and this guy had gone too, or they left together. He supposed he’d have to go back to the professor’s office to find out.

Grimmjow walked slowly, not really in a hurry. If he was waiting for him, he’d be fine to wait. He was almost to the stairs when his phone buzzed. He opened it.

The hell did you do?

Grimmjow bit his lip. Shit. This was either really good or really bad. Nothing much.

You did something.

Why do you ask?

Your biology professor just nearly ran me over with a look on his face like he was about to have a heart attack.

Grimmjow smirked. Did he go to his office? And was he alone?

Yes, to both, what the hell did you do?

Nothing yet, but I’m about to get a fucking blow job from him in his office and maybe suck his skinny ass off, so don’t come in for a while.


He pocketed the phone and walked leisurely up the stairs, opposite from his sister’s office, just in case, and then opened the door to see Ichigo was standing at the windows looking outside. He didn’t move when the door opened and closed. Grimmjow moved to stand behind him, putting both arms around him from behind to rest his hands on the front of his hips.

“You did what I said,” he said softly, running his hands up to his chest.

“I don’t…I mean…”

Grimmjow turned him around and saw the utterly confused look on his face. “What’d you tell him?”

Ichigo swallowed. “That…I couldn’t do it anymore. Then I just left.”

“Did it feel good?” Grimmjow asked, running a hand up the side of his face. “To tell him to you weren’t interested?”

Ichigo nodded. “I wanted to. Before. I just…I couldn’t.”

Grimmjow was starting to understand. He couldn’t tell him no until Grimmjow had told him to do it. “You had the strength to do it all this time, you know. Even though you didn’t realize it.”

Ichigo nodded. “When we were in high school, he…he was the first guy I dated, and he was…forceful.”

“What do you mean?” Grimmjow asked, putting his hand under Ichigo’s chin and tilting his face up. “Forceful?”

Ichigo licked his lips. “Tsukishima…didn’t take no. He told me that I…I was his and that I had to do what he said and I was stupid and a kid, and I just…let him.”

“Just how old were you two?” Grimmjow asked, a bit concerned.

“I was fourteen.”

“And him?” he asked, narrowing his eyes at him.

“A little older.” Ichigo looked away when he spoke and Grimmjow knew that there was more.

“How much is a little?”

“He was eighteen, almost nineteen,” he muttered, looking a bit ashamed of it.

“What?” Grimmjow said.

Ichigo turned away, sighing. “See, you think it’s terrible too.”

Grimmjow reached out and spun him back around. “No, what I think is terrible is this Tsukishima took advantage of a kid, is what he did. But you aren’t a kid now, you’re what, twenty-six?”

Ichigo nodded. “And you’re twenty-two, and it’s the same thing, so I don’t know…”

“Wait a damn minute, there’s a huge fucking difference between me and you now and you and that fucking asshole then. I’m not a kid, just because I’m younger than you don’t mean shit now. After twenty, all bets are off, Prof,” Grimmjow said with a sigh.

Ichigo bit his lip and looked away again. “I just…he said I couldn’t ever be with someone else because of him. I let him own me…I did whatever he wanted even when I hated it. I just…when he called I couldn’t say no.”

“What do you want?” Grimmjow said and led him over to the sofa. He flopped into it and pulled the older man down beside him.

“I don’t know,” he said and tried to look away again.

“Do you want me?” Grimmjow said and watched him carefully.

Ichigo started to blush a bit but was still looking away. “Um, yeah, I like you a lot.”

“And I like you, so I want you too. Now, that’s settled, what do you want between us?” he asked and watched him. “I mean, I’m perfectly happy to just turn your happy ass over that desk and fuck you until you scream my name, but I get the feeling you need more than that.”

Ichigo blushed again, this time feeling the heat from his face. Grimmjow leaned over and cupped his face and pulled it around to face him. “Come on, strawberry boy. Tell me. You got all hot and horny when I got all in your face. You like that? You want me to make you mine in every sense of the word? I’ll gladly take it. Put a collar ‘round your neck so the world knows who you belong to…”

At the words Ichigo’s breath caught. Grimmjow leaned in close. “You like that, don’t you? People knowing that you’re mine?”

“I don’t know why, it’s messed up, why would I get excited over such a thing, and…” he said and Grimmjow realized there were tears in his eyes. He sighed and leaned back.

“Silly boy,” Grimmjow said softly. “Come here,” he ordered and Ichigo looked up, not sure what game he was playing. But he crawled up onto his lap anyway. His heart was hammering in his chest. Grimmjow reached up and brushed his hair from his face. “It’s okay to need something like this,” he said and slipped his hands up the back of Ichigo’s shirt. “You stood up to Tsukishima, right? Because I gave you the strength to do it. It was there, but I helped you find it. Now, is that a bad thing, baby boy?” he said and ran his hands up and down the smooth flesh of his back.

Ichigo shook his head. “I guess not.”

“Nah, it isn’t. So, we’ll do this. Me and you. We set the rules, okay? You tell me what you like, I’ll tell you what I like, then we make each other happy. It isn’t bad, right? To make each other happy?” Grimmjow moved his hands around to rub underneath the front of Ichigo’s shirt. He slipped up and began to play with his nipples as he spoke to him. The small gasp made him happy. “There you go, baby boy,” he muttered. “You gonna be my baby boy?” he asked as he began pinching and rolling the nubs in his fingers.

Ichigo couldn’t speak at the moment because he was too concerned with the pleasant sensations from his nipples. “Ah,” he breathed and couldn’t say anything else.

“Remember what I said you were gonna do when we got back here?” Grimmjow said.

Ichigo nodded slowly and locked eyes with the cerulean in front of him. “On your knees, baby boy.”

Ichigo slid off the sofa to the floor as Grimmjow pulled himself free from his jeans and reclined on the sofa with his legs spread wide. Ichigo swallowed and moved forward to take him into his mouth. Grimmjow hummed as he watched Ichigo lick and suck on the head. He wasn’t huge, but he damn sure wasn’t average. Ichigo leaned up and took him down about halfway. Grimmjow growled and buried his hand in the back of his messy red orange hair and shoved him down the rest of the way. Ichigo jerked a bit at first, but Grimmjow felt his cock slide down Ichigo’s throat easily enough. It seemed he had a little experience with taking a cock like this.

“There you go, good boy,” he muttered as he let Ichigo start doing the work without him holding his head down. “Good boy,” he muttered as he felt the building sensation in his stomach coiling down through his body. He always felt it in his toes it seemed as he grabbed both sides of Ichigo’s head and slammed his hips up into his face a few times until he came down his throat hard. He growled then pulled Ichigo’s head up. His face was red and his eyes were watery but he looked otherwise fine.

“You okay?” Grimmjow asked, brushing his hair away from his eyes.

Ichigo nodded slowly, clearing his throat. Grimmjow leaned forward and pulled his face into a deep, long kiss. Finally, he pulled back and glanced down to find Ichigo was hard himself. He smirked.

“Lay on your back here,” he said and Ichigo nodded, almost without thought, as he laid on the sofa. “There, spread your legs,” Grimmjow said and reached up and undid Ichigo’s pants to slide them off. He found his hair was just as orange colored down there as on his head. “You certainly aren’t lacking down there,” he muttered, taking Ichigo’s cock in his hand. Ichigo moaned and Grimmjow leaned forward to slip his mouth around him.

While he occupied his mouth with his cock, Grimmjow slipped his hand down and thrust a pre-cum coated finger into him. Ichigo arched and whined a bit as he began working his finger in and out of him. He was tight, so it was obvious he hadn’t been fucked in a while, but he wasn’t super tight. He came up off him and looked at his flushed face.

“Does my baby boy use toys?” he asked with a smirk.

Ichigo turned a shade redder, but didn’t say anything. Grimmjow smirked again and slipped two more fingers into him at once. He gasped and let out a low whine. “Do you have a few toys for your ass, huh?” he muttered as he began fingering him deep and hard. He was squirming against him with each thrust that slipped against his prostate. “I bet you like vibrators, don’t you, baby boy?” he muttered, looking down to see his fingers slipping in and out of him easily now. “Thick vibrating plug, slipping in here, plugging you up and stretching you open wide, huh?”

Ichigo was about to go just from this, he knew. He covered his face with an arm as Grimmjow leaned down and sucked him hard. He felt Grimmjow grip him around the base, stopping him from cumming. He whined as he felt him slip his pinky into him widening him even more. He couldn’t stop moaning as he kept sucking him, and then started to swallow him. When Grimmjow let go he went over hard. Grimmjow sucked him dry as he kept thrusting his fingers into the quivering, hot flesh. He was huffing deep breaths and Grimmjow leaned up and pulled him into his arms.

He was panting and muttering nonsense. Grimmjow held him, stroking his hand over his head and back as he seemed to cling to him desperately. He finally seemed to come out of the fugue and looked up at him.

“Ah, that was good…” he whispered.

“You want to do this, Ichigo?” he asked, still stroking his head. “I promise you, I know a bit about it, had some friends down in St. Louis that did this stuff. Few times I played along, right, but if you need it this much, I’ll learn everything I can for you. I didn’t mean it to happen, fuck. I just…I just wanted to go out or something…then look what you did…” he muttered.


“You sure that’s where he is?” Nnoitra said with a frown.

“Yeah, sure, he’s in Karakura. Started going to that school and shit,” Aaroniero said with a shrug as he sipped his beer.

The St. Louis bar was busy as always on a Saturday night. Nnoitra narrowed his eyes. “That fucking bastard thinks he can walk away.”

“Seems that way,” Zommari said as he gave them a sleepy look. He was high as usual.

“What are we gonna do about it?” Nnoitra asked with a frown.

“Kill him,” Aaroniero said as he ran a hand through his hair. “He fucking flipped on us. Totally done with his ass.”

“Well, only the boss got put away,” Zommari pointed out. “I mean, he coulda put us all aways.”

“Still, he could come back and put us away at any time. He’s gotta die,” Nnoitra muttered and sipped his beer.

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