The son of Zone-Tan and his Soul Reaper

BY : blackthorn2004
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'It was some time in the afternoon, what appeared to be a teenage boy with silver hair and purple eyes was walking through the streets. He wore black pants, a grey t-shirt, and a black sweater. His name was Talon. He walked inside his small house and into his room, upon laying down on his bed the boy closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Some time had passed until the boy fluttered his eyes open, he widened his eyes as he felt weight around his stomach area and looked down to see a black cat with golden eyes staring up at him. Talon tilted his head in confusion, the cat copied his movement, also tilting its head. Talon let out a small smile and pet the cat behind its ears having it let out a purr, closing its eyes in contentment.

The cat opened its eyes and stared at the boy, "What is someone like you doing in my house?" Talon said. The boy had sensed that this cat wasn't human, rather a Soul Reaper. The cat smiled through the expression of its eyes, it then shape-shifted into a dark-skinned woman with purple hair.

The Soul Reaper still had her golden eyes, she stood naked in front of the boy as she smirked at him. "I just wanted to meet you, since you're an incubus." she said.

Talon smiled at the woman, "My name's Talon, what's your name?" he asked.

"Yoruichi." the woman said. Suddenly she held the boy's arms, pinning him to the bed. "Word has spread that a demon was having sexual relations with a few women around here." she said.

"Did you come here to destroy me?" Talon asked.

Yoruichi smiled comfortingly at him, "No. From what I heard those women enjoyed their time with you. I just want to know how good you really are." Yoruichi said with a smirk. The woman suddenly crashed her lips against his, Talon widened his eyes in shock then closed his eyes and returned the kiss. He then forced his tongue inside Yoruichi's mouth and twirled it around having the woman moan into the kiss.

Yoruichi then broke the kiss and stared down at the tent underneath the boy's pants, "Looks like somebody's excited." Yoruichi said then rubbed the bulge having Talon let out a groan.

Yoruichi moved down and pulled the boy's pants and boxers down, she smirked when she saw the boy's member. She then took the member into her mouth and moaned.

Talon let out a groan as the woman began to bob her head up and down, she then twirled her tongue around his dick. "Ah, fuck." Talon moaned. Yoruichi then released his member then positioned herself above James's member she was about to lower herself onto him when suddenly Talon sprouted four black tendrils from his back. The tendrils wrapped around Yoruichi's arms and legs, she widened her eyes in surprise as she was lifted off the bed.

Talon smirked at the woman then got up off the bed and moved behind the woman. He then positioned Yoruichi on her hands and knees, he then got back on top of the bed, behind Yoruichi.

He stared down at Yoruichi's gorgeous ass with a smirk, the Soul Reaper stared back at Talon in surprise. She then heard him let out a lustful growl having her widen her eyes then gave him a smirk. "You like what you see?" she asked the incubus.

The incubus gave her a nod, his member grew hard as he wanted to plunge into her. Yoruichi giggled at the scene then gave her thick ass a shake. The woman moaned when Talon placed his hands on her bum, then ran his hands over it.

"So beautiful." he said, giving her butt a squeeze. He then placed his cock between her ass cheeks, Yoruichi moaned at the feeling.

Yoruichi gave Talon a buttjob, moving her hips up and down along his shaft sending pleasure to both of them. "Fuck! Yoruichi your ass feels so good." Talon groaned. He then shoves his member inside of her ass having Yoruichi scream in pleasure as the incubus's cock went deep inside of her tight anus.

"Aaaahhhh, fuck me! Fuck my ass with that cock of yours!" Yoruichi moaned. Talon moaned as he thrust in and out of Yoruichi, her ass bouncing against him which had his dick grow harder inside.

"I-It's so big...So deep!" Yoruichi moaned, she rested her arms on the bed as she moaned crazily.

"AH! OH FUCK! OH FUUCCKK!" Yoruichi moaned as she climaxed, her cum squirting onto the bed. Talon moaned as he shot his warm seed into Yoruichi's body, both collapsed onto the ground breathing heavily. Yoruichi smirked at the boy, "It seems that the rumors were valid, in this case." she said.

Talon smirked at the woman then crashed his lips onto hers, Yoruichi returned the kiss then wrapped her arms around the boy's neck, deepening the kiss. The both of them then moaned as they kissed passionately.'

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