My Nelliel

BY : Nelliel3
Category: Bleach > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction, I do not own the rights to bleach and I do not profit from the making of this story

Nelliel stood outside her penthouse door trying to find her key. It had been a long week at work and school and she was thinking takeout, Netflix and maybe a bubble bath sounded pretty good tonight instead of going out with her friends like every other weekend. Just as Nel found her key she heard a loud bang from the penthouse down the hall from hers that made her jump! She looked up realizing it was just the couple fighting down the hall again. It would seem that judging from the screams she heard almost every damn night that the girl couldn't keep her legs together and her boyfriend's friends was her main weakness, Nel smirked at her train of thoughts letting herself in. She turned on the living room lights looking around the penthouse that she shared with her best friend Tier, who Nel had been friends with since forth grade and now worked with down at the strip club. She wondered where Tier was? "she should be here by now she left the club way before me" Nelliel said as she took off her six inch heels heading for the table where the answering machine set, she pressed the play button and went into the bathroom starting her water. Just as she was taking down her long green hair she heard Tier's cheerful voice coming from the machine. "Hey it's Tier i just wanted to let you know that I'm staying with Starrk tonight, We are leaving out for the beach tomorrow ,  I'll call you when we get there!!!! i love you Nel bye. "Ugh" Nel hated being alone she frowned looking into the mirror at the scar that ran from her hair down to her nose between her eyes. She turned away from the mirror not wanting to see it and remember. She sighed undressing looking down at her body. Nel had never really thought she was pretty even tho lots of people were always telling her that she was beyond pretty! she had a hourglass figure and big D sized breast that she thought was without a doubt her best feature, oh and her 3 she turned looking back over her shoulder smiling at the 3 in the mirror that started just below her shoulder blades and ended right before her panty line, she didn't know how or when she had got it but she loved it!! Nel looked up seeing the scar again as the smile slid from her face and she sighed once more as she got into the tub laying back closing her eye as she remembers that awful night two years ago.... 

Nel had just left the club and was halfway to her car when the bottom fell out, starting to pour down rain. "Ugh great just fucking great!!" she'd say to herself, taking off her high heels about to make a run for it. When suddenly out of nowhere something would crack her across the head, as she fell to her knees she'd look up trying to see who or what had hit her? But all she is able to see is blackness as her eyes roll back into her head before falling face first into the rocks. Nel come to just as her attacker threw her into a car and drove away, as she started to cry and beg for her life. He would tell her "shut the fuck up bitch, you deserve what you're going to get tonight and if you play nice My Nelliel i just might let you live." He would then hit her over the head again, laughing evil as blood squirted from her head splattering all over his face and all she could think was"god please let me die?" Before she'd black out again.

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