Marking territory part 2

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Marking territory part 2

“Did you see Kurosaki Gym class today?”

“Yeah, god he looked good today”

Rukia’s attention perked up at the sound of her fellow classmates gossiping in the shower cubicles next to hers, having just had Gym class at the same time as Ichigo the boys and girl’s classes ended up taking their lessons next to each other with Ichigo’s class doing callisthenics whilst the girls class ran laps around the yard where the boys class were exercising meaning that Rukia’s class mates had a constant view of Ichigo

Normally comments on Ichigo’s appearance and physique didn’t bother Rukia as she knew that he was extremely attractive to other people, in fact she found it almost flattering since she was the one that had laid claim to the one that so many desired, the one that got to be held by him, kissed and fucked by him whilst her fellow students could only dream of it, constantly wanting to just let slip what she was able to do with him just to see the looks on her classmates faces but she always resisted to keep up her refined appearance

Despite this however Rukia had noticed that Ichigo was getting more sociable with his classmates, beforehand being simply courteous when they interacted with him but now he was more open to conversation with those outside of his friend group and whilst she was confident that he wouldn’t stray she had noticed him jokingly flirting with other girls to appease their need for attention

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to remind him who owns him” she smirked internally turning off the shower and proceeding to get dried and dressed, having spent more time in the human world Rukia had found herself getting more and more adventurous sexually, dropping her initial ‘frigid’ opinion of intimacy and sexual relations to the point that she even surprised herself with the thoughts and ideas she got now when out and about with Ichigo, the worst being getting the urge to invite him into the dressing room of a clothing store when she had dragged him to the mall so she could get new summer clothes

Since it was a free period after gym class Rukia was free to act on her plan immediately, hurrying straight towards Ichigo’s last class room finding him hanging outside of it talking with Chad, the Kuchiki simply taking Ichigo by the wrist as she continued to walk literally dragging Ichigo out of the conversation leaving him awkwardly apologizing and telling Chad he’d see him later

“What was that about? What’s going on?” Ichigo asked expecting Rukia to tell him about a Hollow attack but since she was purposely excluding Chad he wasn’t entirely sure on it

“Just come with me” Rukia replied simply as she led him towards and up the stairs leading to the school roof

“The roof? Lunch was two periods ago” Ichigo pointed out as they had spent their lunch hour on the roof with every else like they always had, when Rukia didn’t respond Ichigo turned around to find the Shinigami shutting the door and blocking it with a pipe that was lying nearby for a make shift lock “what’re you doing?”

“Let’s just call it being spontaneous” the Kuchiki smirked back as she sauntered towards him beginning to undo her blouse, she could have told him why she was doing this but knowing Ichigo he would have just called her stupid and resisted her and at that moment she’d rather be able to go through with her plan “take your pants off”

“Up here? Seriously?” Ichigo asked seriously questioning his girlfriend’s mental state at that moment, yes no one could see them as long as they stayed away from the wire fencing that surrounded the roof but anyone could hear them if they got loud enough

“What? Are you scared?” Rukia teased as she let her blouse fall to the floor before moving onto her bra, unhooking it as her hungry eyes bore into Ichigo’s soul letting him know that she wasn’t going to take no for an answer

“Scared? Hardly” Ichigo scoffed quickly to protect his pride “you’re just loud as hell”

“You like it when I’m loud” Rukia retorted as she unclipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor before finally pulling her panties down, stepping out of them to stand naked save for her socks and shoes, standing with a hand on her cocked hip Rukia couldn’t help but smirk as Ichigo swallowed thickly at the sight of her

Clenching his teeth Ichigo weighed his options, he was nowhere near the kind of guy who would actively seek public sex not wanting to ruin his image at the school but on the other hand he couldn’t deny that the idea was appealing and the fact that Rukia had outright barricaded the door made sure that no one could come across them

“Ok fine” the redhead sighed making Rukia smirk as she then reached forward to undo her lovers pants “just keep it quiet”

“I could say the same to you” Rukia retorted with a quirked lip as she sunk down to her knees releasing his manhood from his pants “now to remind him exactly why this dick is mine” she purred internally wrapping a small warm hand around Ichigo’s length before licking at the tip several times

Humming at his heady taste Rukia then took the first few inches into her mouth whilst stroking the rest, her lips stretching around his girth as she steadily took more of him into her tiny mouth “let’s see any of those other girls do this for you” she thought as she then moved her hand to completely throat her boyfriend’s cock, humming and moaning around his shaft as her tongue worked the underside of it “god your cock tastes so damn good”

“God damn Rukia” Ichigo groaned gently cupping the back of her head as the Kuchiki nuzzled her face to his groin, the feeling of her little tongue working his cock sending shivers of his spine as he struggled to remain upright

Noticing this Rukia smirked around his cock suddenly taking hold of the back of his knees and pulling hard, knocking Ichigo off balance making him fall flat on his ass “ah bitch! What the hell was that for?!” he exclaimed with a wince before Rukia simply shut him up by getting on her elbows and knees and taking his cock back into her mouth

“So easy to please” Rukia couldn’t help but titter internally as she pumped her head along his cock, before they became lovers their fights would last hours or even days, both of their prides preventing either from backing down but now that Rukia had full access to Ichigo’s body whenever she wanted she could end arguments instantly

Sucking harder on her boyfriend’s cock Rukia then pulled back for air, panting heavily as she wrapped both hands around his shaft stroking him fast and fluid “your cock tastes so fucking good” she breathed speaking both truthfully and to inflate his ego as she hungrily lapped along his length before moving lower to tease his balls with his tongue “does that feel good? I want your cum in my mouth”

Groaning as Rukia went back to sucking on him Ichigo felt his release swiftly building, her dirty talk was definitely improving and her heated breathy tone showed that she was just as turned on as he was, his hips slowly bucking as he tangled his fingers in her hair, holding her head down as he gradually reached his climax

As Ichigo came Rukia let her eyes flutter closed as she relished the thick salty flavour of his cum, letting her mouth fill with his seed before hungrily swallowing every drop of it, her core clenching with arousal at the taste of him almost having a miniature orgasm from pure arousal alone

“Holy shit Midget, what brought that on? You’re friskier than usual” Ichigo panted wiping the sweat from his brow

“You think we’re done?” the Shinigami then smirked placing a hand on his chest to keep him down as she moved to straddle his lap, her other hand guiding his cock to her dripping slit before starting to tease herself with it, rubbing the head along her slit before beating it against her clit biting her lip at the little shocks of pleasure every action caused “you like that? You want your cock in my tight little cunt don’t you?”

Dumbstruck Ichigo just nodded, Rukia had never said cunt before and with her still almost regal tone to her lust filled voice it made it all the hotter when it left her lips, watching how she continued to tease herself for a few moments longer before finally easing herself down on his length

“God yes, I love your fucking fat cock” she breathed as she held herself down relishing the feeling of his length and girth stretching and reshaping her pussy to suit itself, sitting back she rested her hands on Ichigo’s thighs looking down at admire the bulge in her groin that his girth made, biting her lip as she felt her orgasm getting close already

Rolling her hips Rukia then began to pump them up and down, steadily rocking her cunt along her boyfriend’s cock making them both moan with pleasure “fuck Midget” Ichigo groaned as Rukia moved her hips faster “you’re so tight”

“Damn right I’m tight, I’m the only one who gets your dick!” Rukia exclaimed as a jolt of ecstasy shot up her spine momentarily forgetting that she didn’t want Ichigo to know her motives for the action, luckily Ichigo didn’t seem to notice as he reached up to grip her sides, holding her with almost bruising force as he began to thrust up into her making her bounce harder on his cock “oh yes!  That’s it! Harder! I’m going to cum!” she cried out also forgetting to be quiet

Gripping her sides tighter Ichigo rolled them both over to take control of the situation, pressing Rukia to the floor and angling his hips forward to push his cock as deep as humanly possible setting off Rukia’s climax, his large hand covering her mouth to muffle her scream as he reached his limit inside of her, her toes curling in the air as his release joined herself filling her spasming core to the brim

Simpering against Ichigo’s palm as she felt his seed fill her Rukia then let out a gasp of exertion and pleasure when he released his grip over her mouth, the Kuchiki letting out hot little pants as Ichigo then pulled out of her cum packed cunt “damn Midget, you’re taking after Yoruichi a little too much lately” he smirked as he did his pants back up

“As if you’re really complaining” Rukia retorted with a roll of her eyes as she sat up, enjoying the feeling of his warm cum inside of her

As Rukia got up to get dressed Ichigo watched her for a moment before deciding that he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut “so you’re the only one who gets my dick huh?” he asked with a smirk making Rukia flinch slightly realising what she had said in the heat of the moment

“Well yeah…that is how relationships work right?” she replied trying to play it off but Ichigo was having none of it

“You sure? It doesn’t have anything to do with the girls at gym class right?” he probed with a shit eating grin on his face loving how Rukia’s face flared up with both embarrassment and annoyance

“What? Of course not!” Rukia snapped back before turning her back to him crossing her arms with a huff “can’t a girl do something for her lover without being interrogated?”

“You were jealous” Ichigo teased walking around to childishly pinch Rukia’s cheek to which she just as childishly bit at his hand, a human trait she had picked up but refused to acknowledge “well you don’t have to worry Midget, those girls have nothing on you” he then reassured her as she proceeded to put her bra back on

“Damn straight” she smirked back “didn’t hurt to remind you who’s claimed you though” she added giving his groin a playful cup and squeeze as she walked by him to unblock the door and leave

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