Dreaming of Ulquiorra

BY : citycat
Category: Bleach > Het - Male/Female
Dragon prints: 2028
Disclaimer: Tite Kubo owns Bleach and the characters used in this story. I do not make any money from this fanfic.

Orihime stood stark naked in front of the full-length mirror. The deep blush was most prominent in her face but it spread evenly over her entire body, casting a faint rosy glow over her creamy complexion. Instinctively, she put an arm across her midriff, clasping her fingers around her other elbow. It might have been an attempt to cover some of her body, but it only caused her large breasts to push higher, creating a still deeper cleavage. She looked into her reflection and met Ulquiorra's gaze staring intently at her. He was seated on a single wooden chair several feet behind her, slightly to the left. The arrancar's headpiece was noticeably missing, but his signature tear marks remained, giving him a somber and melancholic appearance. His ebony hair fell loosely around his white face coming to a rest just above his bare shoulders. Ulquiorra was topless, clad only in loose white linen slacks. Orihime could feel the intensity of his emerald orbs burning into her, causing her to reflexively squeeze her legs together and wrap both arms around either side of her body.  

"Don't," was all that Ulquiorra had to say. His tone was firm but devoid of any emotion.

Orihime turned around to face him head on. How did she end up here? Why was Ulquiorra here? She remembered him reaching out his hand and then the ashes. The ashes!

"How-?!" Orihime didn't get to finish because Ulquiorra was suddenly before her, an inch away from her face.

Orihime held her breath as Ulquiorra closed the gap between them. His nose was now lightly touching the tip of her own. She found it hard to keep up with his ardent gaze and quickly lowered her eyes timidly. Her gray eyes trailed down his slender neck to his protruding clavicle. Without thinking, she brought her fingertips up to the hole just beneath. She narrowed her eyes, curious about the void in him that made him what he was. She was gently tracing the edge of the circle when Ulquiorra's hand covered hers and placed it flat against his bare chest. She blinked in surprise at how hard it felt beneath her small hand. It wasn't lost on her that she could not feel the expected steady beating of a heart under her palm. She suddenly felt sad.

"Ulquiorra..." Her voice was just above a whisper.

Without warning, Ulquiorra dipped his head further, locking Orihime's lips with his own. She could feel his tongue gently and playfully pushing against her lips seeking entry. She found the courage to look back up into his green eyes. They shone fiercely, making her melt. Her mouth parted reluctantly and Ulquiorra's tongue began to explore the inside of her mouth eagerly. Orihime wasn't sure how to respond. Her tongue eventually started to push back, hesitantly at first, then with more urgency and passion. A warmth was starting to build deep within her core and she felt her lady parts tingle, sensations that were new and foreign to her. She felt a strong desire for something, but she couldn't quite put her finger on what exactly. Feeling brave, Orihime reached one hand up to tangle into Ulquiorra's midnight locks. With her other hand, she put it behind his neck, pressing him forward even closer. Ulquiorra took the hint and in response, clasped Orihime by her hips and pushed against her body. Orihime gasped when she felt a lengthy hardness pressing against her stomach. She had never been this close to another man before. Even when she had to study the cadavers at school, she would blush throughout the entire process and cover the private parts before proceeding to operate on them. She broke the kiss and stepped back gingerly.

"I don't understand what's happening." There was bewilderment in her voice.

Ulquiorra didn't respond to her statement. He didn't hear a question and he was too focused on undoing the building tension in his loins. He didn't know what he was feeling or if they were feelings at all. He just knew that he had the urge to take the woman in front of him again and again until he reached climax. He stepped forward, bridging the distance that she had created and cupped her face with his calloused hands.

"Onna, stop talking."

With ease, he lifted her by the hips and set her upon the chair that he once occupied. He fell to his knees and buried his head into her bosom. He inhaled her scent, marveling at how soft her skin felt against his cheeks. He gripped her breasts, kneading them as he suckled one nipple, then the other, lightly flicking his tongue across each of them, eliciting tiny squeaks from Orihime. He ran his tongue around the areola of one nipple and in swirls, all the way up her neck, coming to a stop when he reached her ear. He could hear the change in Orihime's breathing. He nibbled on her earlobe, slowly working his way around the outer shell of her ear. Alternating between tongue and teeth, he explored the creases of her ear until he heard Orihime's breathing turn to panting. Nudging her legs apart, he slipped one hand up to her private folds and with his middle finger, began to tease the line that was beginning to dampen.

Orihime felt her body arching to give Ulquiorra more access as he fondled her breasts and licked her neck. She couldn't begin to describe the sensations that she was experiencing. The warmth deep within was beginning to coil around against her core, pushing her sanity, causing her to lose composure altogether. Her breathing quickened and she had to stifle her moans. Not even realizing her own actions, both hands were now pawing at the front of Ulquiorra's pants. While one hand tugged down at the fabric, the other hungrily closed around the erect member. He was bare beneath the pants.

Ulquiorra let a low growl escape his throat when Orihime's fingers wrapped around his aching manhood. He needed release so badly. Instinctively, he slipped his finger into her wet entrance. There was little to no resistance as her body was revving to go at this point. He fingered her, slowly at first, then quicker, adding two, and finally, three fingers. He quickened his pace until he felt Orihime shudder and he could feel a flush of new moisture coat his hand. He withdrew his hand and heard Orihime sigh. He couldn't wait any longer. He got up, pulling Orihime up with him with one hand around her slender waist. He turned her around and bent her over the chair. She gripped the back of the chair with both hands and turned her head back to look at him, eyes showing a hint of fear.

Ulquiorra came behind her, forcing her legs apart with one knee. He leaned forward to kiss her. The way his lips pressed against hers so gently reassured her that he would not hurt her. He continued to kiss her as he slowly positioned his manhood at her entrance. She could feel the tip brushing against her labia and suddenly, it dawned on her that she was going to have sex for the first time in her life. Her body tensed in response, but just as quickly, relaxed when her mind focused on the soft tongue tangoing with her own. She was ready for this. Upon feeling Orihime relax, Ulquiorra took the opportunity to push the head of his large member forward. He grunted as tightness closed around his girth. He paused, then pushed forward again. Inch by inch, he pushed into her. When he was fully inside, he forced himself to stop so that the woman would have the chance to get accustomed to his manhood.

Orihime was no longer thinking anything. She let lust take over and mewled unabashedly as Ulquiorra entered her, deeper and deeper until she could feel him pushing against her cervix. When he drew back and pushed in again, this time with more force, she saw her knuckles go white from gripping the chair so hard. Unaware, she had moaned his name aloud.

Ulquiorra had to fight back the urge to pump into her savagely until he spewed his seed all over her beautiful body. Exercising what little restraint he had left, he found a comfortable pace and settled on slowly rocking his hips against her round buttocks. When he heard his name roll off her tongue, it was all he could do to not slam her against the wall and drive her senseless. He broke their kiss and bit down on her shoulder. He sucked gently where he had bit her, causing the fine capillaries under her skin to break, creating a small red mark where he had sucked. The idea that he had marked her excited him for reasons unknown to him and he quickened his pace. With more urgency, he pounded into her, his hands gripping her hips so hard that they left small bruises on her fair skin.

Orihime bit down on her own bottom lip when she felt Ulquiorra's teeth over her shoulder. She felt him pick up speed, thrusting harder and deeper each time. Her mind went blank. She might have saw stars. The coil in her core ripped free, spreading waves of pleasure throughout her entire body. She shuddered as wave after wave; intense titillating sensations rocked her from head to toe. She couldn't breathe. Orihime had never experienced anything like that before. She felt oddly satisfied and content and momentarily closed her eyes, enjoying the subsiding sensations.

Ulquiorra felt Orihime's vaginal walls contracting against his member and felt her body shudder again and again in his grasp. The increased moisture and her post-orgasmic tightness sent him over the edge. For a moment, he let go of his inhibitions and he didn't care if he might break her. He drove himself into her over and over again in a blind frenzy until he finally held her still, unloading into her.

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