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                They were alone at last. It had taken quite a long time to properly thank every guest and the last of them lingered well into the night, not letting up on the banter and booze. Finally, the last of them staggered out and Orihime and Ichigo were able to retreat to the privacy of their new home. Sure, they had "kissed" many times today, but those kisses happened more to appease the rowdy crowd than to develop any real passion. Now, it was just the two of them and Ichigo was unsure of how to proceed.

                Their courtship had been a curt one, pun coincidental. Even while dating, they were not what one would call "affectionate". Ichigo was not a naturally affectionate guy, and coupled with Orihime's shyness, they might have held hands a few times, a few pecks on the cheek here and there, but nothing more. It wasn't that Ichigo was a dysfunctional male without needs driven by hormones, but he adhered by a strict moral code and his respect for Orihime was too great for him to truly take advantage of her blind devotion to him. After Rukia and Renji got married and everyone else started talking about family and marriage, it only seemed rational that they, too, would formally commit to each other in matrimony.

                Ichigo was reclining on the sofa, eyes half lidded, exhausted from the day's festivities. He idly looked around, wondering where Orihime had gone. When they got home, she had helped him onto the sofa and then politely excused herself. He wondered if they would consummate their marriage tonight. In all honesty, it would be a lie to say he hadn't been looking forward to this event. However, even when they were teenagers, he had refrained from picturing her when he sought release under the covers late at night. The fact is, he had always noticed her voluptuous body, which is why he never let himself ever get too close. The memory of her wearing the dress with the open cleavage was forever burned into his brain and recalling that memory always brought on a near-insatiable erection. In the end, he always turned to his stash of porn, instead of letting his imagination take him where he truly wanted to go. Now that she was his wife, he began to explore the idea of intimacy with her in his mind. He was finally going to see her... Naked. He felt an instant tightness in his pants. A slight pink danced over his cheeks. How was he going to initiate this? He considered getting up to actively look for Orihime but he had had his share of sake and was now overcome with fatigue. And arousal.


                Ichigo almost didn't hear her, but he felt her presence return and he could smell the faint aroma of honey, vanilla, and peony. Sweet, he mused. He wanted a taste. He lifted his head and immediately, his eyes widened and his member came up in full attention. Orihime stood before him in a thin, sheer, white lacy babydoll. One strap fell over one shoulder and the other hardly filled its purpose in keeping her slip on. Her breasts were pressed together, threatening to spill right out over the top. The hemline barely reached the top of her thighs and Ichigo could see the outline of her mound underneath. She wasn't wearing panties. Ichigo's mouth opened, but no sound came out. He began salivating as she hesitantly and slowly made her way to him. Sweat beaded across his forehead. No amount of training could have prepared him for this.

                "Or... Or... Hi...?" Ichigo stuttered as his face flushed red.

                Orihime was blushing too. Was this too much? She began regretting her decision to take up Yoruichi and Rangiku's offer to help her prepare for her wedding night. They had dragged her to a store that Orihime had been embarrassed to walk by, never mind go into, and had forced her to try on outfit after outfit, ooohhing and aaahhing until they were satisfied that this was the perfect babydoll that would suit her. She hadn't been convinced then, and now, she was outright mortified that she had made a horrible decision. She reprimanded herself harshly inside her head. Why haven't I learned my lesson? He hated that cutout dress that one time she dared to take a fashion risk. Orihime was so busy self-berating that when Ichigo finally put together a full sentence, his voice startled her and she jumped.

                "Orihime, you look... Beautiful." In his head, Ichigo thought she looked hot, sexy, simply delectable, but he did not want to embarrass her anymore than she already was. The tightness was beginning to turn into a dull ache and he had to shift on the sofa to ease some discomfort.

                Relief washed over Orihime when she heard those words. Her eyes closed and she smiled happily at Ichigo. She wanted to please him. Yoruichi and Rangiku had promised her that this was the way to a man's heart and she had listened, naive and inexperienced. They had showed her things that she never imagined in her wildest dreams that she could ever do, much less with Ichigo, the love of her life. Now, she would have to muster the courage to put their lessons into action. She knelt down between Ichigo's legs and sat down on her heels, trying her best to find a comfortable position. His very large bulge was directly in front of her face and she could feel her cheeks burning as she awkwardly moved her fingers to his belt buckle, clumsily picking at it, to no avail. You can do this.

                A look of worry briefly flashed across Ichigo's face and he started to panic. This was really happening. And Orihime was initiating. He felt tugging at his belt and he realized that she was trying to undo his belt, but failing. Of course she was failing. His member was fully throbbing in lust at this point and he would have trouble, himself, getting out of his pants. He put his hands over Orihime's wrists and gently pushed down to motion for her to lower them. He heaved his hips up a bit and pulled hastily at his belt, ripping the whole thing off and flinging it across the room. It clattered against the wall and when that sound subsided, the two of them could hear the other's increasingly loud breathing.

                Orihime made a movement to undo the top button of his trousers but Ichigo beat her to it. Before she knew it, the zip had undone and his full shaft sprang loose and stood erect in all its glory. It was huge. And thick. And a bit veiny... It intimidated her. She racked her brain for Yoruichi and Rangiku's lessons, but came up short. Her mind had gone blank and she was staring, wide-eyed at the foreign object before her. Instinctively, she leaned in closer to observe it in detail. As she closed one hand around his shaft near the base, she moved her mouth closer, slightly sticking out her tongue. I wonder what he tastes like...

                Ichigo tensed up at first contact. He could feel her soft fingers gently going around his cock. He knew it wasn't her intention to drive him crazy, but that was exactly what she was doing to him at this point. The way she was slowly leaning in made the anticipation all the more exhilarating. He forced himself to swallow and then he held his breath, waiting, desperate for more.

                Orihime heard him swallow. Am I doing this wrong? She looked up, her honey-brown eyes searching his face for subtle clues. She noticed that he was sweating and his breathing was irregular and his mouth was slightly ajar. She took that as a sign that he was waiting for something. What? Deep in thought, she hadn't realized that she had begun squeezing her hand. She heard a low groan escape Ichigo's throat. She tilted her head to one side, and gathering all of her courage, she pressed her tongue along the side of his member and took one long lick all the way to the top. At the tip, she was rewarded with a single drop of clear liquid. It was somewhat salty. She had never tasted anything like this before. She wanted more. She moved her tongue back down to the base and continued to lick in upward motions, harder, faster. Ichigo's loud panting encouraged her to keep going. She grew bolder and started to move her hand up and down while her tongue circled the head, desiring more of the liquid that she had tasted. Eventually, she took the whole head in her mouth, her lips stretching to accommodate the girth. She sucked, gently at first, then with more desire, harder.

                Ichigo had never experienced pleasure like this before. He knew pain, but he did not know pleasure. When Orihime started to suck on his head, he had to picture Kon to keep himself from cumming all over the place... All over her. The thought of cumming all over her caused his hip to jerk involuntarily, pushing his shaft deeper into her mouth. He grunted and clenched his fists. He wanted nothing more than to loosen the tension building up in his groin, but he also didn't want this blissful moment to end.

                "Orihime." Ichigo's voice was hoarse and low, barely audible. He reached forward with one hand and his fingers tangled quickly into Orihime's long locks. With his other hand, he gripped her hand that was moving, and brought it to a halt. He bent down and scooped her up so that she fell over his broad chest, her luscious breasts spilling out of the top of her babydoll. Hungrily, he put his mouth to one breast and started to kiss, nip, and lick at it. He rolled his tongue over her nipple and felt it harden. Her breathing became raspy and that encouraged him to continue. With care, he caressed the other breast in his free hand, while the other hand held onto Orihime's side, pushing her down against his cock, pressure climbing to intense new levels. He wanted her... So badly.

                When Ichigo lifted his head and Orihime could feel his hot breath moving away from her breast, she couldn't help but whimper. Before she could protest, his mouth had come crashing onto hers, his tongue pushing against her lips, seeking entry. Her lips parted automatically and their tongues moved against each other, eagerly exploring the other's mouth. For once, all inner voices within Orihime were silenced and her actions were now purely driven by her body's need and hunger. She began gyrating against Ichigo's member and his hand held her down, creating a fiery friction between the two. She could feel her nether regions getting slick with her moisture. And his. The thought of their juices mixing made Orihime moan aloud. The first of many to follow. She wanted him. She was ready for this.

                Ichigo couldn't take it anymore. He had to enter her. He put both hands over Orihime's hips and positioned himself so that he was just under her entrance. He nudged his cock toward her opening but Orihime's virgin flower wouldn't yield. He pushed again, a little harder. Orihime drew in a sharp breath. He didn't want to hurt her, but he was really beginning to hurt. He looked into Orihime's eyes and could see her lust.

                "Th.. This might hurt, Orihime." It pained him that he could potentially cause her pain.

                Orihime gripped her hands over Ichigo's shoulder and she nodded, kissing him passionately instead of responding with words. She was ready and she couldn't imagine sharing this experience with anyone else in the world. She felt the pressure against her inner lips. It didn't hurt, but it was a weird feeling. He still wasn't in. She tried to wiggle downward, and felt the tip enter, just a little bit. It felt like a small pinch, but the feeling passed quickly and she slowly continued to push herself against his hips. She felt his thick member enter, little by little, filling her wholly. By now, she was loudly moaning and a pleasant warmth soon replaced the odd discomfort. She loved the way Ichigo's face contorted in pleasure, his grunts gravelly and masculine and the way he gripped her possessively... Protectively. A strange sensation began to build in her lower abdomen. It felt like a coil was compressing against her. The feeling continued to build as Ichigo took over and was now in control. He thrust into her with urgency and lust, speed and momentum picking up with every slap of skin. He moved her up and down on his cock, enjoying the view of her breasts bouncing wildly before him. He couldn't hold it any longer.

                "Or.. Ori.. I.. I'm cumming." Ichigo pulled back and then pushed forward, feeling Orihime's vaginal walls constricting and contracting against him, and promptly emptied his load into her. Orihime had never experienced an orgasm before. When the coil finally snapped, she felt pins and needles all over her body and an indescribable wave of pleasure rock the lower half of her body over and over again, subsiding slowly. The two were now panting, sweating, and spent.

                "I love you, Ichigo," Orihime said, contently.

A/N: This was my first attempt at a lemon. Please do let me know what you think... Thanks! =)

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