Man's Best Friend

BY : PervyPaladin
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Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach nor do I indorse rape, kidnapping or any unwilling sexual acts. All things written are for entertainment purposes only, no money/profit is made off this story.

This is a fanfiction about an OC that my friend wanted me to make. For the record the character in this fanfiction and his Zanpakuto are of my design. This came from a "guy talk" we had at our weekly meeting, where if we could have one character from an anime as a slave, who would it be, and this story is my response to that question. (Also I should mention that I don't own Bleach nor do I indorse rape, kidnapping, violence against women, or any unwilling sexual acts. I actually find them to be several of the worse things you can do to a person. All things written are for entertainment purposes only, no money/profit is made off this story.)

Also when I write the story I will not describe Harribel mostly because you can just put her name into Google and see a picture of her. For the record, her base appearance will be the manga version that shows her underboob.

Now on with the Show


*Ting *..... *Ting* *Ting*


Two swords clashed, one was a hollow cleaver while the other was a katana with a green hilt and no guard. The two pushed against each other, small sparks appearing at the place where they met. Green eyes met blue as they glared at each other, and they pushed away, both sizing up the other.

On one side was the Arrancar Tier Harribel. The dark skinned hollow had been sent into the Japanese countryside to investigate a spike in hollow activity....well, she was the second Arrancar to come here but the first disappeared, the first had been the former Espada Cirucci Sanderwicci.

Now however, she knew the reason; it was the Shinigami in front of her. He wore a standard uniform with a green sash. He had a captains coat tired around this waist and had black saggy hair with blue eyes.

He smiled at Harribel's glare however, seems like he wasn't worried about facing her in battle.

"You know, I think we got off on the wrong foot. My names Hanzo, former squad 7 captain and current escapee from the maggots nest of the thirteen court guard. What's your name?"

She was silent and he looked side to side, "You know it's polite to give your name after someone gives you theirs."

"You don't need to know who I am, you will be dead soon enough."

He frowned "Well it's just my luck anyway; a second Arrancar this week after being off the grid for so long. I wonder if that makes me unlucky or lucky."

Her eyes narrowed "What happened to the other Arrancar?"

"Well well, that's interesting; you expect me to answer your questions but you don't answer mine," he fake pouted "that hardly seems fair."

She raised her sword, and took a stance, getting ready for combat.

He smiled and put his hand on the base of his blade.

"Dance, Mazopetto." 

The blade striated, becoming a single sided long sword, that had a small, bladed hook about 1/3 of the way down the back of the blade from the tip.


Harribel charged forward, trying to end the battle quickly. However, the captain blocked it without too much trouble. They clashed over and over and while Harribel was stronger than the Captain, he was able to keep up with her speed.


After another clash Harribel pushed him away but as he flew back several green chains shot out from his sleeve; they were tipped with a cylindrical arrow head and they wrapped around her left arm. She felt her Reiryoku getting drained almost immediately, however the drain wasn't that impressive when compared to her reserves. She cut the chains with her sword and shattered them.


"Wow, you're Reiryoku is impressive, my Reiatsu spiked and you don't look any different."


"You should know, you've been absorbing my energy this whole time."


He smiled, which seemed to irritate her further, "You noticed that did you? Normally Mazopetto's contact drain is so minor most people don't notice until they are almost beaten. But you must've noticed right away, am I right?"


Harribel's response was for yellow Reiatsu to gather in the hollow of her sword and for her to throw it at her enemy. He flash stepped above her and throw out a dozen of the chains, while none caught her, two were able to leave cuts. The fact that it cut through her Hierro surprised her momentarily, but she jumped away, avoiding more damage.


'Time to end this.'


Harribel went to release her sword and reversed her grip. Normally she wouldn't have used it on a weaker opponent but his ability to drain her energy could be troublesome and she had no desire to see what this Captain's Bankai was.


'Forgive me Aizen-Sama. But to end this quickly I most break one of your rules.'


"Destroy, Tiburón."


She wanted for the water to envelop her but it never came. She looked down at her sword, as if she was expecting it to change with her will alone.


"Destory, Tiburón!"


"Something wrong?"


She looked up at the Shinigami, who smirked at her frustration.


"What did you do?"


"Do you really want to know? *Glare* Jess, don't give me that look. You see; when my sword strikes a person it takes their Reiryoku; Shinigami, Hollow,.....Zanpakuto."


Harribel's eyes widened "So every time you hit my sword....."


"That's right, I wasn't taking your Reiryoku, but your sword's."


"But I'm no Shinigami."


"You do have the powers and shape of one though, and it seems like you have the weaknesses of one too. You won't be able to transform with your sword drained like that."


He charged forward, and cut her arm, and she could feel part of her energy leave her. He attacked again, and while she was able to block his strikes, she could feel small parts still being drained, though not as bad as when he hit her directly. 


'I can't get close to him, but at least it seems he can't absorb my long range attacks.'


She charged her cero and shot it at him. He dodged to the right and shot a chain at her. She tried to dodge but it seemed that she had been drained more than she knew, cause the chain wrapped around her left leg before she could use sonido. He pulled her down, and 'throw' her to the ground. She hit hard, her Hierro not strong enough to protect her anymore. She felt herself get picked up again and slammed into a nearby boulder and then pulled towards him. While she was able to avoid getting cut by his sword, it cut open her jacket, exposing the rest of her breasts and her hollow mask.


She cut the chain and jumped back, panting heavily. This Shinigami had been weaker than her, but because of his accursed sword, he was beating her. 


"You're the 3rd top ranked Arrancar? Not that tough."


"Shut up. It's only because of your sword that you're winning."


"True, but I'm not the one who looks like she is about to fall asleep."


"Bastard." She used her Sonído to get behind him and she tried to cut his head off. However, she wasn't as fast as she normally is and he was not only able to duck the swipe, but he reversed his grip on the sword and smashed the hilt into her stomach.


She gasped in pain, without her Hierro and Reiryoku, the blow did a large amount of damage, to the point where she fell unconscious, only staying in the air because of Hanzo's arm keeping her up.

"Well, well, well. This is quite an opportunity, isn't it Mazopetto."

He felt his sword nod in agreement and he flash stepped away to return home and avoid the patrols that would soon be here because of their battle.


'Wha...what happened?'

Was Harribel's first thought as she regained consciousness, she tried to put her hand to her forehead, in an attempt to calm her headache, but found that she couldn't. She looked at here her hand was; it was locked into a metal cuff. Looking around she noticed that she had all four of her limbs strapped into what looked like a metal X. She tried to break free but she couldn't feel any of her strength.

'What happened to my Reiatsu? I can't feel any of it.' She tried to summon any power but there wasn't a drop to be found. However this happened left her worried; even her natural hollow strength seemed to be gone.

'At least I still have my clothes.' It was true; not only were her pants and shoes still on but somehow her jacket had been fixed and had been zipped up.

She looked around; the room she had been left in was mostly empty, with cement floors and a few lights. The only furniture was the X she was strapped to, a folding chair with a side table, a long pyramid object, several large cupboards and a large sink with a hose.  

As she tried to pull away the large metal door opened and the Shinigami walked in. He was wearing the same thing as early but didn't have his sword.


"You bastard. What have you done to me?"

"What, is something wrong? Hungry? Thirsty? Are you itchy somewhere?"

"My Reiatsu Shinigami, what did you do to it? Why can't I feel my power?"

"Oh, that? I destroyed your soul chain."

"My what?"

"Oh right. You see, one of the most important 'organs' in a Shinigami's body is the soul chain, right where the chain of fate is on a soul. If the chain is destroyed the Shinigami loses all power."

Her eyes widened in shock, "B....But I'm not.."

"For the last time; a Arrancar is a hollow with the powers and body of a Shinigami. You're body now is nearly the same, the same strengths and weaknesses. Without your soul chain, you're powerless."

"T...That's not true! Damn you!"

He reached up and unzipped her jacket; causing her breasts to fall with the lack of a mask to keep them up.

"If that's not true, than where is your mask?"

She looked down in shock but throw her head back as he grabbed her breasts.

"Wow, they're so big they fill my whole hand."


But her cries went unanswered as he grabbed, pushed, pulled and pinched her breasts. Eventually he grabbed both of her nipples and pulled causing them to stretch out. She screamed in pain and pulled at her bindings but without her powers, she was helpless to the Shinigami before her. He let go and they snapped back into shape.

She lowered her head and panted, trying to catch a breath after that. Despite what a certain 5th Espada says, she had never really done anything to this degree, nor had she ever been with anyone. Everything this Shinigami was doing was new to her.

So when he undid her sash causing her pants to fall to the floor, she began to panic and desperately pull at the cuffs keeping her locked in place.

"Wow, no underwear uh. Well to each their own I suppose."

She looked away, embarrassed that this man was the first to see her private area, before looking him in the eyes, "I'll kill you once I get out of here."

He smirked, "Oh if you could I'm sure you would. But as of this moment, you're as helpless as a kitten."

He walked over to a cupboard, pulled out a long string and walked over to her. He tied each end to one of her nipples and began to pull it up and down.

"Stop it!"

He didn't stop, in fact he did something much worse. Grabbing the middle, he pulled it down to her clitoris and tied the two together. While her breasts weren't pulled down to painfully, mostly due to their size and the length of the string, it still hurt.

He grabbed the string that went from her clit to her right breast with a finger and pulled it before quickly letting go.

*Twang* "Ahhh!"

The noise that came from the string sounded almost like a guitar. He smiled as he did the same with the left breast. *Twong*

"Ahh! Damn you!"

"Now that's not very nice. You know I always wanted to learn to play a guitar, for now you'll have to do."

"D...don't you dare."

*Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*.

 Harribel bit her lip in an effort to stop herself from making any more noise but as he continued to play her like an instrument, she felt a burning in her lower area.

*Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*.

 As he continued she felt it worse and worse until she couldn't contain it anymore.

*Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*. *Twang*, *Twong*.

'I can't hold it...I'm....I'm going to....'

She came, a flood exploding from her pussy that flowed down onto the floor and down a nearby drain. She lowered her head, panting at Cumming for the first time. She knew of the act of course, she had walking in on Mila-Rose more than once, but she had never experienced anything like that before. He undid the string, placing it in his pocket.

"Well it looks like you enjoyed that."


The Shinigami walked to a cupboard and pulled out a box and walked back to Harribel. From it he pulled out two syringes and without warning her first injected them into her nipples.

"AHHH!!! What was that?!"

He just smiled and sat in the folding chair a few feet from her. She glared at him, anger burning brightly inside her, but as the minutes rolled along she felt a burning sensation in her breasts and a pained expression soon replaced it. She tried taking deep breaths but all that did was cause her breasts to sway up and down, giving her captor a free show.

Eventually the burning evened out but didn't stop. But as she was trying to get used to the burning, Hanzo walked over to her and slapped her left breasts, causing it to jiggle painfully.

"AHHH!! Don't do that!"

He didn't seem to be listening, as he raised his hand and slapped the other breast. He continued, sometimes slapping upwards or to the side but always alternating between the two. With each slap, not only did the pain increase but the burning got worse and worse. After a minute or so the burning got too much and her breasts felt like they were going to explode. It was at that moment did Hanzo stop and white milk shot from her breasts.  

Harribel watched as the white liquid slowly stopped, forming a small puddle under her. She stared with a shocked expression on her face as Hanzo walked to a cabinet and pulled out several items.

"What.....what did you do to me?"

He pinched her nose causing her to open her mouth for air and got a ring gag stuffed in for her troubles. He then taped two vibrator bullets to each nipple and one was taped right to her clit.

"I would worry less about what I did to you and more about what my plans are for you, which, spoiler alert," he leaned in close to her face as if he were telling her a secret, "is going to suck."


"Yeah yeah, keep talkin."

He turned on the five bullets causing her to moan but also to try and escape by franticly pulling at her cuffs.

"Well, I'll see you in the morning, try to get a good night's sleep."

She let out one last yell as the door closed behind him, leaving her at the mercy of the toys. For the prisoner, the night was long, the machines kept her from sleeping and she had cum so many times that she had lost count at this point. 

When Hanzo finally returned Harribel looked terrible. Barely awake she looked up and glared at the Shinigami.

"Hey there, did you have a good time?"

Her eyes narrowed but closed as she trashed in her restraints. After a few seconds she stopped and came, letting loose a flood.

"Alright, let's get you ready."


"Come on , this way."

He pulled the chain that was in his left hand as he carried a duffle bag over his right shoulder. Behind him was Harribel dressed in black leather garb; thigh-high heel boots, full arm gloves, and a collar. A pair of black leather cuffs kept her arms behind her, a nose hoof was attached to her face. A harness criss-crossed its way around her torso, her breasts in two 'open' areas and a padded lower area covered her pussy and ass.

(for reference it's the one in the Skyrim mod Devious Devices which is great BTW.)

He lead her outside, up some stairs and into a forested area. Behind her, above the prison she had been in, was a log cabin and around her were different utilities appliances, each customized to be something to torture her with. Above her was a large camo tarp, most likely used to help hide his living area.

He lead her to a metal water pump where the pump raised up from the ground and had a flat seat with a large anal dildo attached to it. He positioned her over it, unzipped the lower area and lowered her onto it. She flinched and he strapped her into it, first using two straps that tied around her thighs and two cuffs that tied to her ankles and kept her legs in place. By the time he was finished she was squatting with her legs tied in place. (think of a upside down T)

"Now squat down."

"Fuck you."

He walked to his bag and pulled out a riding crop and, without warning, slammed it down on her right nipple.



She grit her teeth and bent down. The resistance of the pump forced the dildo deeper into her and as the pump hit the ground a torrent of water came from the pump and into a hose that went to a large tub, similar in size to a large hot tub. Right after something triggered in the pump and pushed her back up, forcing the dildo even deeper until her returned to her starting position.

"Again." *whip* he said, whipping the left nipple.

She forced herself down. The experience was the same, only this time she was a little bit warmer in her loins.

"Again." *whip*

"Again." *whip*

"Again." *whip*

"Again." *whip*


"No, sorry." *whip*

She did it again and again, her seat becoming soaked with juices as she pumped more water. The whipping didn't stop ether, the lashes from the crop leaving her breasts red and sore.

"NO....No more!"

"Sorry dear but you have to learn your place. You're mine now, and you have to do whatever I want."

He pulled his arm back and whipped both nipples, the pain was the final straw for Tia and she arced her back as she came. She sat there panting, as the juices spilled on the ground, forming a puddle in the grass.  

He undid her legs straps and pulled her off the seat and onto the ground. He pulled her chain and Harribel, not wanting to get choked again, stood up on shacking legs.

He walked her to the tub, made her kneel beside it and forced her head to the ground. He grabbed a hose from the tub and inserted into her rectum.

"W..what are you doing?"

"Cleaning you out."

He began squeezing a pump and she felt the water she had pumped enter her intestines.

She tried to get up but he kept her from getting up by stepping on her back. She tried to block out the pain but the swelling was kept back by the harness, causing the latex to dig into her skin.  

After a bit he stopped pumping it and got up to his bag. Without him on her back Harribel was able to sit up and as she got her bearings he undid the hose from the plug and pulled her to her feet. He walked her to the tree line and forced her to kneel again. Aiming her ass to the trees he undid the plug and waited. The dark skinned prisoner tried to hold it in, to save herself from embarrassment or just in spite of the man she did not know. But she couldn't keep it in forever and as several tears traveled down her face, she let loose the water inside her. After she was finished he pulled the wet wipes he had gotten from the bag and cleaned her.

After putting the wipes in a plastic bag he pulled her back to the tub where he undid the harness and the boots but left everything else. He then pushed her in. Without her arms she panicked at first but she soon realized that the water came to just below her shoulders. As she coughed she heard a splash and saw that he had undressed and gotten in the pool too. She tried to moved away but he grabbed her chain and pulled her to one side. He chained her to a metal pole and sat her down on a seat, tying her legs so that they were spread out.

She looked away, embarrassed at the situation and at her own powerlessness.

She gasped when the jets that were on her seat started up.

"Like it? I built them to be more.....focused then normal water jets."

Harribel kept her mouth shut, too scared that should she open it, all that would come out are moans. The jets were hitting right in her pussy and ass, and the pressure they created wasn't painful. She tried to pull them closed, to do anything to kept from cumming again, but her body continued to betray her.

'Please..' she thought ' please not again.....I don't want going to..!'

She cried out as she came, her voice echoing in the silence and some tears started to form in her eyes. Seeing this caused Hanzo to smile.

"Amazing. I hope you're enjoying yourself, because we've only just started."

She looked at him fearfully, 'No..please let me wake up from this....nightmare.'


Harribel pulled at the chains keeping her hands in the air. She was in the basement again and the Shinigami Captain had tied her into place; naked and with a spreader bar keeping her legs open. In fact, the only clothing he had left on her was a ring gag that kept her mouth open.

He had also taped a small machine to her right thigh one that had wires coming from it. All but two of the wires had pads at their ends and the last two had a small metal clamp. The pads where are placed on different parts of her body; her breasts had two each, and one covered her pussy, ass, and stomach. She had one on each thigh and on each armpit. One of the metal clamp was pinching on her clitoris in a way what would have been painful before all of this and the other was clamped on her tongue that was poking out from her gag.

She was worried, this was just another of the many positons she had found herself but there was something in his face that said today was going to be different.

He had turned on the machine, causing electric shocks to surge through the pads and clamps. The pads weren’t so bad, though they sent tormentingly nice situation to her body. The clamps on the other hand…..


…were much more painful.

He had left her there, while he got a wooden paddle from a cupboard. He walked behind her and started to pelt her ass.

*Smack!* “AHHHHH!”

  “Oh. I’m sorry, did that hurt?”

He hit her again, and again and again, not stopping until she came, from the pain or the electricity, she didn’t know that this point. She didn’t know how much more she could take.

“Well you look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

She looked at him, her pleading eyes asking him to stop this.

He smiled as removed the pad covering her pussy and removed his pants.

“I know you’re a virgin.” Her eyes widened “Why do you think I’ve been avoiding that area this last week and a half?”

‘It’s only been a week and a half? Wait….’

She started shacking her head. She didn’t want to give this up, not like this.

He smiled and started to push his member inside her, causing her to snap her head back. Tears welled up in her eyes as the pain became unbearable. Blood started to flow as he entered her fully, and she felt his member reach her womb.

The electricity didn’t stop ether; she could do nothing but take all the punishment that he was giving her.

“God you’re so tight.”

He continued and Harribel felt the heat build in her loins.

‘No more, please I….I don’t want to lose my mind!’

The heat became unbearable and just as she came, she felt something even warmer enter her womb.

“Ah, that felt great.”

She looked down and watched as his seed fell from her and hit the ground.

He put his pants back on and patted her cheek. He pulled the pad from the ground and placed it back on her pussy. He turned to the machine and set the machine to the max setting.


“I’ll see you in a few. Try and stay sane…if you can.”

The door closed behind him. Harribel closed her eyes, but felt the tears leak from them.


Harribel shook as she felt her bladder fill. The Shinigami had put a stopper in her urethra and had been forcing her to drink water for a few days. She wanted nothing more than to remove the cursed rubber stopper but in her current position, there wasn’t much she could do.

Her body was covered in a black latex catsuit, with the only openings being one for her privates, one for each breast and her head, although that too had been given “accessories”. A large red waffle gag kept her mouth open and over her head a black latex hood had eye, nostril and mouth holes and a hole that kept her hair in a ponytail. Her arms and legs were folded into each other with leather binders, forcing her to walk on her elbows and knees. The ‘feet’ of the catsuit were actually heel boots, though she wasn’t sure what they were for.

To make matters worse a large anal plug with a fake dog tail was stuffed into her, which was vibrating just enough for it to be unignorable and a leather collar hung around her neck.

Her large breasts, made larger from the Shinigami’s teasing and shots, dragged along the ground, and it took her ‘walking’ as slow as possible to keep her breasts from lactating from the act. The only thing that wasn’t bad was the padded, rubber pads that were on the bottom of her elbows and knees and made her locomotion somewhat easier.

She was tied by a leach to a hook in the captain’s bedroom, she whined hoping that the little noise she was making could wake him up. Lucky for her, it was morning and the combination of her and the light did wake him up.

“*Yawn* Good morning.”

She whined again, after several days the pressure was building up and she could no longer take it.  

“*Whine* *Whimper*” ‘Please, please take it out. I can’t take it anymore.’

He got up and untied the leach, pulling her along as he walked to the front yard. Harribel had hoped that he was going to take her to the bathroom but as the urine inside her shifted around, she decided that she didn’t care at the moment.

He walked her to a tree and bent down to look at her, “So, do you want to pee. Come on, show me how you pee.”

Harribel lowered her head in shame but lifted her left leg. He smiled and pulled the rubber stopper from her.


Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she went, the relief that she felt was amazing and after going her elbows gave out, causing her to slump forward.

“Oh, how can I resist you when you present yourself like that?”

She didn’t know what he was talking about until she felt him enter her. After a while she felt herself push back against him.

‘It feels…so good.’

He grabbed her arm and turned her over, causing her to lay on her back. She looked up at him and he grabbed both of her breasts as handles.

She came but he didn’t stop, all she knew at this point how good this felt. After cumming several times, she felt him seed enter her, and her breasts exploded with milk.

She passed out, spread eagle on the ground. She came back to it as he grabbed her head and kissed her gag.

“Welcome to the rest of your life Harribel, you’re such a good girl.”

‘I’m…..I’m a good girl.’


After the Winter War


Urahara sat across from Hanzo in his back room. The former captains were discussing a gift that Urahara wanted to give.

“So, is the package ready?”

“Yep, all that’s left is for him to find it. Think he’ll go for it?”

“Oh, I think he will.”

 Next to them was Harribel, wearing the same pet suit but with a ring gag instead of a waffle one. She used her tongue’s new freedom to lick the pussy of Cirucci Sanderwicci. The former espada, was tied on her hands and knees and was supporting the table that Urahara was using as a coffee table. She was wearing nothing, but the belts tying her in place, a blindfold and a ball gag. She tried to shake as little as possible, as last time she had spilt her master’s coffee she had been punished.

She was so focused that she didn’t notice her master’s cheer each other for a job well done.


Ichigo walked into his first floor condo and sighed. He had moved out of his father’s clinic into a decently sized condo in a Saitama city, in one part to get out of Karakura. As much as he loved his family, them just seeing him depressed all the time wasn’t doing them any favors. And another was to attend Saitama University, the school was a bit small but it was a nice change from what he was used to.

He dropped his bag on his couch and went to the kitchen, hoping to get a glass of water but stopped when he saw the note on his table. He scowled as he remembered the hand writing.

“Damn Urahara, what does he want now?”

Dear Ichigo, it has come to my attention that you are feeling down. And I understand, so I talked to an old friend and got you a present. You’ll have to train her yourself, but she’s all yours. We left her in your closet, tied with a nice bow.

Love Urahara xoxo.”

“Train her, did that bastard get me a dog?”

He walked to his bedroom, one of only four rooms, including a kitchen, living room and bathroom. He opened the closet in and looked in but quickly closed it, a large blush on his face. He didn’t just see what he thought he saw….right?

He opened it again and conferred it. Inside was Yoruichi, naked and tied up. The thick ropes were biting into her skin and was digging into her vagina. A bright red ball gag kept her from talking and the blindfold and ear plugs made it so there was no way for her to know what was happening around her. Above her was a longer note, again written by the perverted shopkeeper.

A beauty, isn’t she? She’s all yours now. We know she likes to tease you so we thought that she would be that best bet, best served cold and all that. Train her how you like, without her spiritual energy she’s as helpless as an actual cat now. I built a smaller version of my training room under your bed, it should have everything you need to train her into whatever you want her to be, the button’s right under the third spring on the right side. I hope this lifts your spirits a little and remember; have fun.”

He dropped the note and looked inside the closet before closing it. He was somewhat ashamed to say but he was hard right now, seeing the dark skinned neko subdued like that. He walked to his bed and pressed the button. Sure, enough the bed flipped up and a set of stairs appeared.

‘Good thing my blinds are closed.’

He walked down and say that it indeed looked like Urahara’s place but was smaller and had some greenery to it. At the middle was several…..devices that Ichigo quickly figured out was for tormenting the woman upstairs. He walked to the cabintes and file folders that were there and opened one, inside was several syringes filled with a green liquid and a note saying they were for increasing breast size and lactation.

He blushed and looked through more; gags, outfits, ropes, chains,….everthing was here for him to ‘train’ Yoruichi. He walked back upstairs and opened the closet. She was unable to even be aware of his presence.

‘Never forget, trust your instincts.’

That’s what his Hollow had taught him, follow your instincts, no matter what. He reached out and grabbed her left nipple. She tensed up and shook her head, but he pulled anyway, causing her to moan into the gag before letting go and causing it to snap back.

“Go forward and never look back.” Ichigo’s eye yellowed for a second, not because of his hollow power but of him awaking his base true instincts. Was this what he wanted when he said earlier that he wanted more in his life….no….but was this what he wants now, is this what he needs?


He smiled a grin that would have made Grimmjow proud and he grabbed the bundled woman, lift her over his shoulder. She struggled as he walked down the stairs but he had too tight a grip for her to get free, the bed slide back into place as he continued down.

“Never look back.”





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