A Sexy Bleach Choose-Your-Own Halloween Adventure

BY : GroovyGondolas
Category: Bleach > AU - Alternate Universe
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Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach and I don't make any money from the writing of this story.

Hello and welcome to a (bit late, admittedly) HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE SPOOK-TACULAR!!

Instructions are easy-peasy, just read the story below and choose one of the options listed. If your instructions say (Go to #2) then go up to "CHAPTER LIST" in the upper left corner and click to Chapter #2. If they say (Go to ENDING #3) then you would click to Ending #3 and so on. If you are asked to pick an option and remember it, make sure you remember, your choices may be important later. 

Have fun! And make sure you make good choices! There are plenty of dangers when you are out and about on Halloween!


“Oh come ON!” yells your roommate through a mouthful of candy corn, “you can’t stay home all night! It’s Halloween!”

You roll your eyes as you take a chomp out of your piece of pizza. Unfortunately for you, your roomie is three ‘transylvania titty twisters’ deep and the conversation isn’t going to be over anytime soon. She unwraps a snickers and shoves it into her mouth. “You NEED to get out there! You were drooling all over the pizza guy for Christ sake!” she bats her eyelashes and pushes her lips into an exaggerated pout. “Oh mister pizza boy, I hope that hot, extra large sausage you’re holding is all for me. How about you come in and I can give you a nice, big tip.” She dissolves into wordless giggling, laughing at her own impression.

Hey,” you say defensively,  “you didn’t see him. He was super cute! Strawberry blonde hair, big brown eyes… and I couldn’t find my bag! I didn’t want to leave him freezing outside.”

Your roommate rolls her eyes and grabs a slice of pizza. “Whatever, desperado. If you’re thirsty enough to hit on underage pizza boys you should at least come out and meet people instead of staying here. What’s it going to be?”

            -Heck yes, let’s get this adventure rolling! (Go to #2)

            -Nah, I’m more of an indoor cat anyway. (Go to #3)

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