All Hallow's eve

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All hallows eve

“Come on Midget! Are you ready or not?!” Ichigo called up the stairs as he stood at the front door impatiently, the bandages and make up of his Frankenstein’s Monster costume starting to itch already making him regret using his previous years costume choice again

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Keep your damn pants on!” Rukia shouted from the bedroom making Ichigo roll his eyes, for someone who claimed that she was different from human girls she took just as much time to get ready

As expected it was another good five minutes before Rukia came downstairs clad in her old Succubus costume, her lips painted a deep red and her eyes a bright slit-ed yellow via contact lenses “tiny Demon again? Real original Midget”

“This coming from the guy who’s been a Zombie five years in a row” the Kuchiki retorted as she checked her appearance in the hallway mirror, making sure her contacts were fitted perfectly and that her horned head band was still straight “you know you love this costume anyway” Rukia smirked looking over her shoulder at him and as expected he was checking her out “hey, eyes up here dumbass” she grinned all the while shaking her bubble ass for him to admire

Scoffing at her teasing Ichigo quickly looked away not wanting to give her the satisfaction of knowing exactly what her costume did to him, hoping that his baggy pants hid his stirring groin as he turned towards the door “come on let’s go already, I’d rather not be late because you were fixing your damn makeup” he stated before Rukia stopped him grabbing hold of his arm

“We don’t have to leave just yet do we?” Rukia purred as she ran her other hand down Ichigo’s chest “I still need to feed”

“Rukia we don’t have time for this” Ichigo growled as Rukia just ignored him, the Kuchiki sliding down to her knees as she began to undo his pants, it was the same every year ever since Rukia learned about Halloween, the Shinigami always wanting to get fully into her costume to truly get into the spirit of the season meaning that since she always dressed as a Succubus she always acted like one with Ichigo being her ‘victim’ “Orihime’s gonna be pissed if we’re late”

And as much as Ichigo complained about her doing so he never actually stopped her, simply scoffing thankful that they were the only ones in the house as Rukia pulled out his cock “just make it quick alright?” he told her to which she just smirked knowing that he was just putting a face on like always

Wrapping her hands around his shaft Rukia licked her lips as she felt him harden in her grasp, running her tongue along her fake fangs before leaning in to take the first few inches of her lover into her mouth humming at his thick meaty flavour, making sure to be careful with her fangs as she slowly lowered her head to take him entirely into her mouth

Gritting his teeth as the Kuchiki went to work on him, her little tongue doing wonders on his length eliciting a low groan of pleasure from him as she bobbed her head along him “fuck Midget, you’re getting better at this, if I didn’t know better I’d say you’ve been practicing behind my back” he grunted making Rukia smirk and pull away

“Well you are a heavy sleeper” she teased back licking around his cock head “not worried about being late anymore?” she smirked as she stroked him

“You started this so you might as well finished it” Ichigo retorted making Rukia smirk again, she could always see right through him knowing that he was loving every moment of what she was doing

Sealing her lips around his cock head Rukia moved her hands lower to pull down the tight corset of her costume to bare her breasts to him before returning them to his manhood, stroking him as her lips and tongue worked his cock head, her big violet eyes never leaving his face as she worked him towards his release

Gritting his teeth tighter Ichigo bit back another moan of pleasure as Rukia brought him to ecstasy near effortlessly, her hands continuing to stroke him as his cock erupted in her mouth filling it with his thick seed, slowly swallowing to enjoy its taste and texture as it ran down her throat like syrup

Wiping his brow as Rukia then proceeded to lick his manhood clean Ichigo expected for her needs to be sated “come on, you’ve had your fun but we need to get going” he stated to which Rukia swiftly proved him wrong, the Kuchiki standing up and hooking her thumbs in the hem of her thong under her costume, pulling it down her smooth legs before tossing it aside

“A Succubus is never sated from one feeding” Rukia breathed remaining in character as she then pulled up her corset to bare her thick bubble ass to her lover, looking over her shoulder at him as she then proceeded to walk away beckoning him to follow her to the living room

“Damn it Midget” Ichigo sighed as he watched her ass bounce with every step she took, she knew exactly what to do to rile him up and whilst he had the option of simply leaving forcing her to follow he found himself following her into the living room finding the Kuchiki laid out on her front on the couch, her legs playfully kicking in the air as she eyed him hungrily “you’re gonna be the one who explains why we’re late” Ichigo stated, fearing more Ulquiorra’s wrath for upsetting his woman than Orihime’s own annoyance

“I’m sure she’s used to this by now” Rukia tittered back shaking her ass again as she watched Ichigo’s cock visibly throb “now get over here and give me what we both want”

Unable to deny her statement Ichigo made his way over, Rukia biting her lip with a moan as she felt him climb onto the couch to mount her thighs, his thick cock pressing against her ass as he guided it to her tightest hole “fuck yes” Rukia hissed, her eyes rolling back as Ichigo slowly slid balls deep into her bubble ass making her toes curl and her groin bulge out “you know I love it”

Groaning with pleasure himself Ichigo lowered himself down to rest his weight upon Rukia’s back allowing his cock to sink even deeper into her ass, not that she’d ever admit it though but there was something about being physically dominated in such a way that got Rukia going unlike anything else, the mixture of submission and safety that came with Ichigo’s weight baring down on her making her core clench and ache even more than before

“You’re cleaning the couch when we’re done” Ichigo grunted as he thrust hard and deep into her making her squirm beneath him

“Oh just shut up and fuck me!” Rukia panted back clenching her ass tighter around him, her orgasm already building up show off her love of anal sex, her toes curling harder as she bent her legs to dig her heels into Ichigo’s lower back “harder! Deeper! I want your cum deep in me!”

Placing his hands on Rukia’s upper back Ichigo pressed her down harder to the couch, straitening his arms and back to push his cock even deeper into her ass making her mewl and keen into the couch cushions as she orgasmed hard moments later, her tiny body shaking wildly underneath him as he picked up his pace, panting and breathing harder as her ass squeezed him even tighter dragging him towards his own climax

“That’s it Midget, just a little tighter, almost there” Ichigo groaned through gritted teeth, striving towards his release much faster than he normally did but since they were essentially on a time limit he didn’t have much of a chance to slow down and enjoy it

Biting down on the couch cushions as her pussy clenched tight again, a second orgasm sneaking up on her moments after the first ended making her toes curl even harder, Ichigo following her into ecstasy moments later burying his cock as deep as possible as he filled her insides with his warm seed making her moan loudly into the couch cushions

Groaning out her name as he emptied himself inside of her Ichigo then collapsed on top of Rukia crushing her completely to the couch, not that she had any complaints about it though reaching back with one arm to clutch at his side, pulling on it to keep him in place as she enjoyed the feeling of his cum filling her insides “god damn Midget”

“Mmmm feel bad about complaining now? You were really going to give my ass up to get to the party a little earlier” Rukia smirked back to which Ichigo lightly chuckled in her ear

“Yeah, yeah don’t get too full of yourself”

“I’d rather be full of you”

“You are spending far too much time around Rangiku” Ichigo scoffed with a roll of his eyes “we should get going” he then added starting to pull away only for Rukia to press her heels harder to his back “Midget…”

“We can be fashionably late, Orihime will understand, I’ll ride you this time” she promised with a husky purr squeezing her ass tighter around her lover’s cock making him groan with pleasure

“Every damn year”

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