Masquerade Between Hell and Justice

BY : Karmira
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Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is the start to a LONG fan fiction based off of a group Bleach RP I am a part of, Bleach Unrated. In this RP, we can write about anything without worrying about censoring ourselves and our schemes. That means anything can happen, from the dark side of writing: torture, rape, mutilation, abuse, to steamy sex scenes. We have an unwritten rule about child abuse. With little to no boundaries, this is an intense ride, filled to the brim with complexities in OC characters as well as delving deeper into the canon of the Bleach universe.

Read at your own peril. 


We've had so much fun with it that it's been over a year since we started and we have over 1000 posts for a few of our favorite characters. It is worth it~

Dangerous posts are marked at the beginning of the chapter and when it starts for anyone who starts getting more than they can chew. Some of the dark scenes are that, VERY dark.

This fan fiction version serves a few purposes. Sometimes, it's easier reading than following all the links if you are curious. And we like hearing from our followers, looking for more ideas and maybe finding more devious players. Enjoy reading and if you have time, pop in and leave a comment. Or even an idea when you get further into the story. You never know. It may appear later.

Finally, NovaAlexandria's Prize of Victory played a role in the creation of our world.  I found the story, shared it, and the idea of an Unrated Bleach RP caught fire!  Thank you, NovaAlexandria!



A year of peace settled in for the Soul Society (along with Karakura town) after the Quincy war ended, the remaining Quincies faded from view, and Aizen was incarcerated once more. Juushiro Ukitake didn't die either, though he would have to spend nearly six months on bed rest. Most of Visored returned to Karakura after another war, leaving their leader Shinji Hirako as the only Visored captain, leader of the Fifth Division. Captain Sajin Komamura vowed he would regain his human form and vanished as well, leaving his division in the hands of his officers. The Captain Commander Shunsui Kyoraku left his old post, that of the captain of eighth division vacant, but he had his eye on a young man rising through the ranks of the tenth division, Third Seat Tsukiro Ashimitsu. Former protege of Shihoin household, set on revenge on the man who killed his family, Sousuke Aizen, wielding a blade of shadows and mastering Yoruichi's ninja arts, he could be either an asset or a weakness in the Gotei.

Meanwhile, Kisuke Urahara revealed another hidden card, Gin Ichimaru, alive after all. Kisuke and Yoruichi had saved him from death and Tessai had been nursing him to health. After nearly a year of drifting between life and death, the fox appeared before Central 46 for his crimes and was stripped of his rank, his life spared due to his part in saving Karakura town and the testimonies of Lieutenants Izuru Kira and Rangiku Matsumoto. Gin was sorted into the 13th Division, still under the resilient, kind life force of Ukitake. Unnerved by the words of those two, he chose not to stay long, taking mission upon mission towards Karakura town, until the white-haired captain let him stay there indefinitely. He disappeared into the shadows of Urahara's shop. Or he would have. If not for the insistent curiosity of another of the shopkeeper's friends. Kita Miyamoto. Human, she was all too persistent in acquainting herself with him. The self-exiled fox didn't have the heart to push her away.

But time never stood still long in Soul Society. Something always happened. This time, it was something even worse. Aizen escaped his cell. The commander didn't know how and knew he couldn't have done it alone. He filled more of the ranks and prepared for the first move. Two new captains emerged to take over for the Visored, a stern soul reaper of lightning and heir to a high noble house, Suisenro Koriyama, and an adopted daughter of a lower noble house wielding the power of wind and speed, Nori Mutsu. Koriyama took over the ninth division and Nori Mutsu took over in third division.

They all waited....

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