Take my hand, Isane

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Take my hand, Isane


It starts-

Ichigo sat staring at the remains of ryujinn jakka pondering the future, his mind lost in its own world but snapped back with a tapping. "Come in" he hollered to be heard, he wasnt suprissed to see rukia and renji enter his chamberswith friendly smiles. "hey, did you bring the sake?" he asked with a smile of his own, "of course, what do ya think im a dumb ass or something?" renji said with a hint of annoyance. "you really want him to answer that?" rukia said with a smirk "ah can it rukia" he said ploping the sake bottle on ichigos desk. ichigo smiled as he listened to his closest friends jab at eachother, he could hardly believe they were really getting married in one month.

as they sat drinking together head captain ichigo kurosaki listened to them chat and answered a few questions they asked about the wedding. "so, have you guys decided on were your going for your honeymoon?" he asked with a smile and relaxed leaning back "well we were thinking about going to the world of the living and visiting mt fuji" renji said. "I see, well i want you both to take your time, thats an order" he said and sipped his sake. "you know ichigo, I think head captain yamamoto would be proud of you, youve done really great getting things back to normal" rukia said with a smile and saluted her friend who was more like a brother to her. "thanks rukia, i couldnt have done this without you guys" he said and saluted them.

it had been a few years since ichigo had stoped the war and saved the soul society, uryu and orehime were married and expecting there first child. renji and rukia were getting married, even chad had found a woman to love, even his sister karin was dating captain toshiro hytsugya. he was happy for them all but he was also lonely, his life was incomplete and hollow, setting the dual zangetsus on his back ichigo left the barrecks of squad 1 to wander, his lietenent waited for him, his dad. "i can always tell when somethings on your mind, you cant sit still" isshin said following his son. "can it dad, im in no mood, and stay here, i need to be alone" he said and with a burst of shunpo he was gone, his dad shook his head "that boy, even now, hes still hot headed and impulsive" he said putting his arms up and his hands behind his head before turning and walking back into the barrecks.

(end chapter one)

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