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Chapter One:

Winter had come to Karakura Town, a thick blanket of snow and ice lay across the paths and roads, decorating the trees and rooftops while the windows were etched with various Jack Frost patterns; the sky was a dirty white shade, threatening even more snow and coldness around them all.

Ichigo was walking home from school, his fur lied jacket hugging his toned physique as he exhaled each chilly breath, defined by the visible whiteness clinging to his breath. His cheeks were pinked from the bitterness of the wind and there were some snow flakes stuck to the material of his coat; his grip on his satchel was tight as he trawled towards the Kurosaki's Clinic.

As he reached the gate, an overly familiar feeling of being followed made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, and he looked around quickly, seeing nothing but a flicker of blue light in the alley across the road; he frowned faintly and took a breath, turning his back on the alley and heading into his home.

Over the past two months, the number of Hollows in the area had dipped to an all time low, and the amount of time Ichigo was called out to do his Shinigami duties was lessening. It hadn't gone unnoticed that in fact this dip in Hollow activity coincided with the sensation of being followed, and he was beginning to wonder if it was connected.

He headed straight up the stairs to his room, closing the door behind him before he threw his satchel down on his bed and began moving the wet layers of his jacket and pants. He stripped off completely, flexing each toned muscle as he moved; he got changed into a long sleeved black vest with the number '15' printed on the back in dark red, and a pair of khaki green slacks.

Ichigo took a breath and closed his eyes for a moment, running a hand down his face to sooth the anxiety in his heart, he then shook his head and went downstairs to see his sisters. Yuzu was already in the kitchen cooking and Karin was at the dining table doing her homework; both girls looked up as their brother entered and smiled.

“What's up?” he asked as he sat opposite the darker haired girl; he leaned over and groaned, “Ugh I hate that stuff.” he commented at her studies.

“It's not that bad Ichi-Nii.” she rolled her eyes and continued working, glancing up at him after a moment, she spoke with a hushed voice, “You've not been leaving the house so much at night... Has something happened?”

He blinked momentarily before snapping out of his surprise, Karin had confronted him about being a Shinigami five months ago, he still wasn't used to it, “Just the opposite... Nothing is happening at all.”

“That should be a good thing right?”

“Mm... It would be if it didn't worry me.” he shrugged it off and sat back, flashing a smile as Yuzu carried him over a hot cup of tea and a bowl of chicken noodles, “Thanks Yuzu, you're a star.”

He ate his meal eagerly, his sister's cooking was forever improving, he slurped it down eagerly and quickly, thanked her for it and headed back up to his room with his hot drink. For the rest of the evening he worked on the assignment he had been given by his teacher.

It was nearly one in the morning by the time he got into bed, setting his alarm and settling under the toasty covers, he rolled over and faced the window, letting out a yelp of shock as he saw a face at the glass, he blinked and it was gone however, a frown settled on his face and he settled down more comfortably, closing his eyes and eventually falling into a restful sleep.

A scream pierced the night, and Ichigo bolted out of bed, stumbling in his disorientation and becoming knotted in his bedsheets.

'That scream was from Yuzu's room!' he thought in panic, untangling him self from his sheets before he ran towards his bedroom door as another scream echoed through the house, this time it was Karin and he began hearing a loud commotion from the girls' shared bedroom.

At the exact moment he was going to open his door, it flew open and knocked him back, a searing pain shooting through his skull from the impact; he covered the gash with his hand and looked up to see who was barging into his room. Though he couldn't make out a face from the darkly robed figure, he clearly saw blood splatter out in the hallway, there was a limp hand showing from around his bedroom door and panic set in.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?!” he roared, scrambling to his feet and grabbing his combat pass from his desk, he couldn't tell whether this person was human or something else at the moment but he couldn't be left unprotected.

He saw a flash of silver, a blade, coming towards him. Ichigo forced himself to relax, fighting was something he could deal with.

The strawberry side stepped and dodged what appeared to be a normal dagger; he then jumped back as his attacker lunged again, he ducked and rolled to the side, grabbing his bedsheets and throwing them at the person before him as he grabbed his desk chair and hit them with it as hard as he could.

His attacker crumpled on the floor and he panted gently, dropping the chair before he moved around the still form on the floor; he let out a sharp cry of shock as his ankle was grabbed and he was yanked down onto the floor.

Within seconds he realised his attack had been pretending to be unconscious and was now straddled over him, wrestling with his long arms to try and pin him down fully. He grunted slightly and attempted to throw the smaller person off him, his combat pass clattering to the floor in the scuffle. Ichigo let out a frustrated roar and suddenly head butted the other person, he could almost see the stars circling their head as they collapsed for a second time.

He doubled checked that they really were unconscious this time before grabbing his pass and running from the room, he stopped almost straight away as he saw the hand he had seen belonged to Isshin, bile rose in his mouth and he staggered back, his father's body had been completely mangled, it appeared Isshin had been attempting to protect the entrance to his son's room.

'W... Why... Why wasn't he protecting the g-girls... Oh god the girls!' Ichigo pushed himself away from the wall and forced himself to pass the corpse of his only remaining parent, blood spattered the walls of the hall and made him feel sick and faint at the same time.

The young man came to the door of his sister's room, it was already open, he slowly looked around the corner and let out a strangled wail, covered his mouth with his hands as he fell to his knees, his mind fracturing where he sat as he stared at the wreckage of their room, and of their bodies.

They had been viscously mutilated, almost completely ripped apart. His two beautiful little sisters.

A scream of rage and fury and insanity left his lips as his combat pass exploded in his hands, and his soul quite literally fell from his body; he stood up and balled his fists, grabbing handfuls of his hair as he stared with wide eyes and the evil in that room.

Without warning, a black film began to spread across his sclera, his irises turning brilliantly gold; his tanned skin turned the purest white, as his orange hair began to lose its vibrant colour. A howl left his lips as he began clawing at his chest, feeling like his heart was being ripped out physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Reiatsu began to flow out of him like ripples of black and red water, billowing around him and forming a cocoon around his body.

Everything turned quite at that point, the cocoon suspended Ichigo from the ceiling, having trapped him in a coma like state of protection against the outside world. It was at that moment a second black clad figure emerged from further down the hallway, drawing a dagger and attempting to cut into the cocoon, only to be tossed back by the strong thick substance protecting the one inside.

A curse left the lips of the killer as their counterpart lurched out of Ichigo's room holding their head. They stood together for a moment and shared a silent conversation through their eyes, the one who had tried to kill the strawberry nodded a few minutes later and descended on his abandoned body, intending to make it seem like he had died in their attack as intended.

Then they went to leave, treading blood into the carpet without a care in the world, plodding downstairs and heading for the front door they had entered through.

They never expected for someone to be waiting for them though. Someone who was very... Very... Pissed off...

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