Whatever Lola Wants

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Whatever Lola Wants




- 115 years ago –

Every day was the same.

She finished her weary days of newly appointed Taichou in my office, goofing off, drinking sake and crossing her bare legs under my desk and rubbing her feet on my Hakama, a small provocation that made me fucking crazy. I think she knew at the time how much I was dumbfounded by her, how I wanted her more than anything... Well, she never told me anything. Honestly, I'd rather leave it in the air.

Shiori, both beautiful and powerful (if I ever felt her Reiatsu weighting on me overwhelmingly as a Shinigami at the time, now imagine as a Vizard ... Of course I'm used to it, but she still surprises me), was educated like a damn librarian of the Living World. When we met, she told me she liked to read something called poetry

And I told her that I liked to hear a type of music called Jazz.

I remember she made a funny (and cute) face when I mentioned the unknown name to her.

"What? Ya never heard it? "


And I made sure to ask her to listen to some records with me.



She sat in front of the gramophone while the music was playing. I closed my eyes and let the harmony and perfection of Jazz invade my ears and mind. When I opened them, my beautiful Taichou had another funny (and again, cute) face.

"What is it, Kuwagima-taichou?"

"You really like this?" I made a face at her and stuck my tongue.

"Yes, I like it. I love it, by the way. So cult, yet she doesn't appreciate the real good music, tch… ". I joked, and she punched my right arm slightly, smiling. She and I were already a bit drunk with sake.

The music stopped and I had to change the side of the record to continue that wonderful lulling. It was a beautiful female singer that I liked, but I don't remember her name now. Brunette as my beautiful Taichou too.

The record played again, and this time I was kissing her. We did everything well hidden in my room in the barracks. The sound of Jazz served as the soundtrack for our second night together in that month.

I think that night happened the best sex we had, because it was in that futon that I decided to call her Lola.

"Lola? But why will you call me like that, you moron? "

"Don't you pay attention to the music, babe? It says 'whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.' "

"So what?"

"So I'm sure ya wanted me in your life since the first time we met. And here I am! Ya gotta have me in your hands! "

She slapped me. But she liked the new nickname.


This is just a short-fic because I'm not very creative lately.

Still, I hope you enjoy it. It's pretty simple, but written with affection, haha!


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