The Special Check-up

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The Special Check-up

I wrote this story for Kennycomix IR stories submission, where you need to write and submit an IR [Interracial] story with your favourite anime series and characters involved. This is my first ever lemon, so please don't judge me harsh. I will make it as a multi chapter fic, with the reviewers choice of Bleach characters and situations and such. If this fic gets postive feedback from the readers.

Disclaimer - Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo. And the themes like interracial and bbc are involved in this fic. Please enjoy the perverted fic i concocted for your amusement and pleasure.

It has been over fifteen minutes, since he came for his quarterly check up in the squad 4 barracks. A special room has been allocated and it contained a table and few chairs, plus a bed big enough to have more than one person and quite as comfortable as well. And finally the room is attached with a bathroom and a shower for those who wish to wash themselves after these checkups. He had stripped himself of everything except for his underwear. Many soul reapers usually hate these checkups and mostly consider it as a necessary hassle. And for those who in case miss these checkups one too many times. They get a kind reminder, personally from the smiling demon of Gotei 13, Captain Unohana along with her VC Isane in tow.

Usually a squad's seated officer and a nurse will be present to take all the necessary tests and other details. But for a few people like him, get the special check up. This check up is done personally by the captain with the VC to assist her. No one disturbs them during these checkups. He had been waiting for this day for some time, as he and his fellow gang brothers always use these checkups to the fullest extent possible.

For it was the only time, they get to be with Captain Unohana. One of the finest and elegant women in the Seireitei nicked named as Captain Mom by most, due to her kind, yet strict personality and being the captain of squad 4 does lend credence to the image. But to himself and his gang brothers, she is better known to them as Captain MILF. That fine ass and tits makes any brother's dick go full mast, and always feel the need to ravage her and dominate her. Until she is reduced to a hot blubbering mess, saying words incoherently, tongue rolled out and panting and eyes rolled back, lying in their nut juice.

While it is near impossible to get close to Captain Unohana, unless she calls for you or these special checkups. The same does not apply for her VC Isane. She had started hanging around him and his gang brothers as she felt better from her height inferiority complex, as they were much taller and comparatively larger to her unusual tall stature. But soon she began to hang around their group for another reason; all it took was some sake and some compelling to stay the night with him to get Isane addicted to his and the gang's big black cocks.

Although, she hides her addiction from the rest of the soul reapers. She like the rest of the female soul reapers, at times give in to the temptation and have a wild night with him or anyone or two or more of his gang brothers. And if anyone had bothered to follow her in the nights where she secretly spends the night in his barracks with him and his gang brothers. They probably would have seen Isane and few other noticeable female soul reapers leaving the barracks quite early in the morning. Wobbling and holding onto each other, looking tired and dazed from being fucked out of their minds, barely clothed or sometimes not, leaving white trails of nut juice pounded and filled into all their holes by him and his brothers. Before shunpoing away to their respective barracks to clean themselves and get some rest, before they go back to their daily mundane routines or works.

Although this was neither a daily nor a frequent sexual activity engaged by his gang or the female soul reapers, it is often enough for them, not be bothered by the dry days. Plus if he or any of his gang brothers were in the mood, they could always get a break and go to the Rukongai and meet and pick up a chick from the nearby bars or go to the brothels to fuck silly a whore for a few kans. As when they were in their captains good side due to their diligence in the works given to them.

His mind broke from the reverie and came back to the present, once he heard the door unlock and saw captain Unohana and her VC Isane enter the room. 'How are feeling today, Tyler? ', Unohana asked him with pleasant smile and caring eyes, behind her Isane gave him a sweet smile to showing him he can tell any problems he has from the last time he had his check up with them. 'I hope all is well for you.' Unohana continued with her pleasant smile. Tyler returning the smile back to both of them, 'I have had no serious health problems from the last check up, although I did miss one or two days of my work due to over drinking. Other than that, all is well.'

Unohana smiled and kept the details in mind to be written later in his report and prescribe pills for his hangover. 'Ok, lets better start doing your health check up and don't worry it will be over quite soon.' Tyler smiled back reassuringly to both of them and said, 'I am ready for them.' Soon both Captain Unohana and Isane were busy checking Tyler and making sure they tested all the standard procedures tests and filed the test results in his report. Once all of these had been finished, Unohana informed Tyler, there was only one final test needs to be done to finish this check up. This test which make this very check-up quite special. The test which is only for him and his gang brothers; the sexual vitality and endurance test.

Although he and his brothers were always graded by Unohana A + in the end these test on their performance. He and his fellow brothers felt they need to set up a new bar in this test, this time. And Tyler made sure he made these intentions very clear to both the Captain and her VC. For which Unohana in response kindly replied, that she and Isane look forward to it. And went behind the screen to change their dress appropriate for this test, Tyler smiled mockingly as he watched their sweet asses as they went to change, and thought to himself, 'These hoes have no idea, what they are gonna get. They are going to be drenched in my nut juice, once I am finished with them.'

He saw both come out, wearing a wet white kimono; which still outlined their private details to him by clinging to their bodies. Tyler noted that Unohana had kept her braided hair in the back, instead of her usual style of keeping it front. He always liked to grab his women by their hair, when fucks them from behind or doggy style, and quietly approved Unohana's choice. He also could see the lust in their eyes, telling him to ravage and dominate them. While Unohana seems more composed, and was looking forward to see what he meant by a new bar. As Tyler was their first special check up patient; which is going to be conducted for the next few weeks. On the other hand Isane held nothing back as she freely ogles at Tyler's underwear. She had been told by the gang members a week ago, that they have a surprised planned for her captain and her at the special check up and for it to work, she needs to stay away from her nightly escapades with them for week. Although Isane was disappointed about the lack of sex with them, she said ok to it. And although she stayed away from them for a week and substituted with pleasuring herself, still it only helped her a little. She was already wet, anticipating what Tyler is going do with her and her captain.

Both the women moved to either side of Tyler and came close to his large body. Pushing their breasts, against his arms and chest and moaning very sensually showing their lust to him. Their hands went to his underwear, which slipped off instantly and thrown away as they began to jerk off his limp 9 inches dick. Tyler enjoyed their attention to him and he began to massage their breasts and then going down to do the same to the asses, as Tyler groped them. It felt so good. Soon both the women's clothes were discarded, as they were in foreplay with him. He squatted a bit, extending his thighs for both Unohana and Isane to rub their pussies on, as he was groping their naked body. Both Unohana and Isane were rubbing their pussies against Tyler's thighs, as he played with their breasts and butts.

After sometime, Isane decided to go down and give his half erect cock a blowjob to get it fully erect. As she began to work on his half erect cock, he began to give more attention to Unohana. Seeing the always elegant and well mannered captain Unohana act like slut, made him very horny. Tyler begins to french kiss Unohana and there was a battle of tongues during the kiss, where Unohana yielded to him. He then began to place kisses to her neck and going below to the valley of breasts. Soon he felt Isane bring his cock fully erect with a tit and blow job. All those nights of sex really taught Isane well on handling their cocks.

He then made both Unohana and Isane to stand next to each other and to push their breasts against his face, as he began to enjoy the feeling of these supple mounds in his face. he began to suck on them and at times nipping them, eliciting a sudden sexy moan from them. In the meantime, he was fingering them in their pussies, which slowly turned to them humping at his fingers. He then began to alternate between both women's breasts sucking and biting and stretches their nipples a bit, sending both the women over the edge. As they orgasmed to both the combination of his fingering and sucking at their tits.

As both women were lying on the bed close to each other resting from the first of the many orgasms, they are going to experience in this test. Tyler brought his big black nutballs right above their faces, signalling them what he wants next from them, both Unohana and Isane smiled pervertedly at his action. And began to suck and lick his ball sack and the musky smell from his dick, made their lustful mind go on an overdrive. Tyler enjoyed the sensation of his balls being licked and sucked by them; bring him close to his first ejaculation. But he had already decided his first one is gonna be inside a bitch, and he can cover them with his nut juice later. Looking down at both these women, he decided to whom he was going nut first.

Pulling Unohana up, he began to insert his dick inside her mouth. Unohana had thought to begin slowly considering the length and girth of his cock, but was in for a surprise as Tyler pushed his dick completely down her throat gagging her at the sudden force. Unohana took the whole length in as her nose is very close to the base of his dick, the musky smell of the dick once again assaulted her senses fuelling her sex addled mind. 'I am going to bust my nut in you bitch. Take it all.' Tyler ordered as he began to pump his cum inside Unohana. Unohana took it all in and felt it go down into her stomach, filling her up.

After sometime Tyler began to take out his dick from Unohana's mouth, while making sure he dropped his first load completely inside her. While some of the last few cum drops went inside Unohana's mouth, allowing her to taste it and savor it. And Unohana enjoyed tasting the thick, salty cum of Tyler, and felt glad that she skipped lunch today. As this will hold on well until dinner and she was happy and dazed and amazed at the amount cum he just spewed inside her, remembering the words he said in the beginning making her smile at what more he was going to her and Isane in this test.

Tyler noticed that Unohana has that far away dazed look with a smile on her face, when he and his gang brothers had came inside them and decided to let her be on her own for some time, as he turned his attention back to Isane. She had stopped licking his balls and was watching the whole thing waiting for him to pay attention to her. 'Well, she got it now.' Tyler thought so. As he pointed at Isane and then at the table and said two words, 'Bend over.'

Isane went to the waxed table and bent over it, her breasts pressing against the cool polished surface. She turned back to see, Tyler come near her stroking his cock. She shivered in anticipation, waiting for that big black cock to fill and stretch her pussy. She jiggled her ass, trying to tempt him to plunge his cock into her pussy and fuck her up. Unfortunately for Isane, he saw through her plan and already has plans of his own for Isane and as well as Unohana. He wanted Isane to beg for his cock and was ready to wait until she does. He wanted to remind Isane her place in this test - a submissive bitch, who wants his black cock inside her.

So instead of inserting his dick inside her pussy in a single push, he began toy her pussy with his cock. Isane at first confused as she turned her head towards Tyler, and she began plead to him. 'Please, Tyler. I want it in me. I want that big fat black cock inside me.' It drew Isane mad, to be so close and yet still so far. Tyler smiled at Isane wickedly, ready to show her who is the boss and who is the bitch here. 'Tell me, what do you want, bitch. I want to hear it loud and clear. Or else, you ain't getting it and i will leave you her dry, while i fuck the shit of your captain. I know it has been a week and you know you what it. So it out, bitch.', he lorded over Isane and she knew her position now in this situation and was ready for it. 'Please, I need your dick. I need that big fat black cock in me. I need you to pound me senseless with it. I wa...AHHHH!'

He inserted his full length into Isane's pussy in a single stroke, making her scream out in pain, her eyes nearly bulging out by this sudden intrusion. His dick is right inside her, kissing her womb and rubbing her g-spot. Tyler began to move his dick, setting his pace, and increasing the speed. Until he found a pace, he was comfortable with and was enjoying his fuck with Isane. For Isane the pain soon turned to bliss, as she felt that big black cock going in and out her pussy giving a heady sexual pleasure she waited a week for. And Isane was enjoying it as he kept fucking her on the table. His hands on her hips as he drove his cock in and out her wet pussy. The only sounds one would hear in that room, were Isane's moans as she felt each one of his thrust into her pussy, kissing her womb and the slight sound of flesh on flesh, when his hips comes in contact with Isane's butt at each end of his stroke.

After sometime Tyler saw that Isane was enjoying the fuck and knew it was time to step it up and bring it to the next level. He slapped hard on Isane's ass, and said 'Break time is over, bitch. Time to teach you back on how a brother fucks a ho.' Isane gasped at the sudden pain and the increase in pace. As Tyler began to pound his dick inside her and kept on slapping alternately on her ass. He had one arm behind her to balance them as he kept on pounding on Isane, making the table jerk along them. As his dick was now smashing her into womb and Isane was in a level above what she was experiencing first at the test with Tyler. If she could have seen herself, she would seen the perverted glazed look her face had, with her jaw still open and her tongue out mumbling words incoherently and her whole body jerking along with each of his thrusts as she was bent over on the table. Her breasts were getting rubbed along the table and he was thrusting his dick in and out of her. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh now can heard quite clearly and noticing how senseless Isane was and mumbling as he fucked her from the back, brought grin in his face. It felt good to dominate these bitches

Tyler felt his ball sack tightening; he knew it was time to nut one inside this bitch. 'Here it comes ho, and it is going to be a big one. Take it all, bitch.' He just shouted as he came a lot inside Isane. Filling inside her womb and pussy. And more was spilling out as Isane's pussy. As it couldn't handle the amount of cum, he just dumped inside her. With the final thrust and getting overfilled by his cum pushed Isane over the edge of her senses. Her mind now completely blanked out by the orgasm she was experiencing from his ejaculation, her eyes rolled up, her jaw wide open and drooling with her tongue out like a bitch in heat. She went into a semiconscious state, as Isane kept on mumbling of big black cocks and how they fill her all holes and more random things. Tyler then fucked Isane some more to empty the rest of his nut juice in her and as he took out his dick from her pussy. His cum just came out of Isane like a leaky faucet from her pussy, running down inside her thighs, staining the floor and forming a pool his jizz under her still leaking pussy. Seeing the state Isane is in after a single round with him, Tyler snorted at Isane. 'One week without him and his brothers cocks and now she can't handle single ride from me. Like she is some new bitch getting fucked, looks like we will have to teach her all over again.'

Leaving Isane lying on the table, he turned back to see Unohana awake and sitting on the bed. Unohana had come back to her senses, while was Tyler fucking Isane senseless and was watching the whole thing. She masturbated as she watched her VC's pussy getting destroyed by the big black cock. She was close to her orgasm; which Tyler noted and decided to help her out. He went down on Unohana and began to eat out her pussy, for Unohana it had been some time since someone done it to her, and was quite enjoying the experience. Tyler while licking Unohana's pussy, began to move his hand up and started groping her tits and playing with it and pinching her nipples a bit adding some more to Unohana's pleasure. As Unohana felt Tyler's probing inside the folds of her pussy, stimulating her bringing her close to her orgasm. And soon Unohana had one, when Tyler as he was licking her slit, went and bit on her clit and stretched it a little with his teeth. As Unohana came on Tyler's face, he began lap it up, after which she was breathing hard lying on the bed.

But Tyler wasn't ready to leave Unohana alone yet, this was the only time he ever gets to have his way with this MILF and he was not going to miss any minute of it. Slapping hard on Unohana's ass, he ordered her to be on all her fours. 'Bitch, get on your knees and arms and shake that sweet ass, that you taunt us with.' Tyler commanded. Unohana did like she was told to and with lust easily seen on that always kind face. She began to shake her ass to Tyler, at times jutting her hips in a to and fro motion. Tempting him, showing to him that she was ready and her wet pussy wants it. Tyler inserted his fingers into her pussy, probing it and when he took it out. He saw it was slicked with Unohana's pussy juice and began to probe her ass with it. That surprised Unohana a bit, gasped at the sudden intrusion of his fingers at her ass, but soon forgot about it. When he felt Tyler's cock probing inside her pussy, but not entering fully. Unohana was just getting into the mood, when all of a sudden she felt the cock which was probing inside her, being removed completely. Before Unohana could whine to Tyler for what he did, she felt him grab her hip and without any warning she felt Tyler slam his cock right into ass without any warning fully in one go.

Unohana's mind reeled from the sudden pain and shock to the sensation of being stuffed in her ass, as it had been sometime since she had been fucked in her ass. Her mouth was open in an 'o' shaped way and she was still trying to process, just what happened now. While Tyler on the other hand, enjoyed the hot, wet, tight sensation his cock was feeling inside her ass. 'The ho never knew, i was going for her ass, lubricating her ass for that very purpose.' Tyler thought to himself. His cock still wet from the last fuck with Isane and the probing of Unohana's pussy for that very reason, which helped him to insert his dick into Unohana's ass in one go.

He began to move his cock inside Unohana's ass to get used to the tightness. Unohana likewise slowly was getting used to the dark meat stick in her ass. Moving slowing accordingly to Tyler's thrust getting over the pain, as a heady sensation of pleasure soon replaced it. When Tyler felt like he got used to it, he began to increase his pace inside her ass. And Unohana accordingly moved to the increased pace. But when Tyler was beginning to increase it furthermore and was now ramming his dick in her ass. Unohana couldn't handle it and the heady sensation she was feeling was now blanking her mind leaving just the sense of sensual pleasure to her. She felt her arms weakening and going down to the bed, as she could not handle the assault to her ass. Seeing that Unohana was going down, Tyler pulled her back up using her hair braid as a support and continued fucking Unohana in the doggy position on the bed. And as a punishment to her lack of support he spanked her ass cheeks as he was pounding on them.

Unohana soon had fallen unconscious to Tyler's merciless ass pounding. She was still being held in position through her head by Tyler who has being using her braid as the support, while her arms hung loosely by her sides and her breasts moving forward and backward accordingly with each of his thrusts. Unohana face had the look of being fucked silly and her eye though open were rolled up, with her mouth open and was drooling as Tyler continued now at a frenzied pace indicating, he was close to cumming himself. While Unohana had another orgasm, since Tyler began fucking her in the ass. He came along with Unohana in her ass, adding more to her already pleasure addled mind. After which he let go of Unohana's hair braid, which allowed her to slump forward unceremoniously in the bed. She still had the fucked out of my mind face, and her body was still twitching slightly as Tyler now removed his now limp dick for her ass. Once removed from Unohana's asshole the extra semen came out more like fountain when compared to Isane, staining the bed with his jizz.

'That was quite the start with her.' Tyler thought to himself. He then saw Isane who was resting by the table and decided to do her again. But first he needed to get his dick clean and get it on full hard on mode again. It was then he suddenly got the idea. 'It's like hitting two birds, with a single stone.' He thought to himself. And he called out to Isane as he sat down in one of the nearby chairs. 'Bitch rest time is over, get ass your ass over here.' Isane came and stood in front of Tyler. 'Kneel.' He ordered her, which Isane did submissively. He then pushed her face to his now limp dick and commanded her to clean it. Isane dutifully began to clean Tyler's cock with her mouth and tongue. Her tongue ran along the length of his cock, as it grew erect under her through wash. It now stood like a rocket, glistening under Isane's drool, ready to penetrate any bitch who wants the D.

'You did a good job, bitch. Seems like all that training did not go wasted.' Tyler said to Isane, remembering the time he and his gang brothers teaching Isane, the first few times she spent the nights with them. 'Now for that, I am going to reward you.' Tyler told to Isane. 'Now turn around and keep your hands behind your head.' He brought her hovering above his erect cock and then slammed her ass straight to his ram rod dick, which then instantly penetrated fully into Isane's ass and the drool which lubricated Tyler's cock helped that job very well for that matter. 'Well, you got a nice tight ass, but it isn't good as your captain's.' Commented Tyler to Isane. His comment completely passed over Isane's head, as she looked shocked at what just happened. She had just taken his erect meat stick, into her ass. Without any foreplay or stretching, her face had a look like she was broken by that penetration. Her hands were still behind her head and her jaw was open as if she was letting out a huge surprised scream as her mind was still processing the sensation of having a thick black rod in her butt.

Tyler after getting used to Isane's tightness began to push her up and down like meaty sex doll. As Isane who was still hasn't come to her senses, did accordingly as Tyler wanted to do. Although it was a hassle at first for him to keep moving Isane up and down his shaft, while Isane remained unresponsive to him. But it soon changed as she came back to her sense and with the sexual pleasure and lust driving her. As now Isane was riding Tyler's rod like pro, with a hazy smile on her face and her tongue out drooling and falling out. Isane was riding out one orgasm after another, further befuddling her already hazy state, trying to get him to cum inside her ass. Tyler was busy groping Isane's breast, and playing with her tits when felt his nut sack tightening again telling him what he had to do.

Tyler suddenly got up catching Isane who riding his dick, by surprise. As she now is completely supported by Tyler, who grabbed both her legs and spread them out and his still erect cock pounding inside her pussy. 'Take it all, bitch. I am going to fill you up with my nut juice.' He hollered out and was cumming inside Isane's ass. Isane felt her butt being filled by his cum and felt some even leaking out already from here stuffed ass. Tyler stopped supporting Isane and let go of her, and Isane did not even notice it, as her body just slide down from his half erect cock and fall underneath Tyler and then few of the last cum drops fell on her stomach and underside of her breast. As Isane was still in the land of black paradise and where she was completely stuffed up and creampied by the big black cocks there, while Tyler stood over her. His dick still cover with his cum, which was dropping on the blacked out Isane.

Seeing that Isane was now out of commission and not feeling right to leave her on the floor. Tyler carried the blacked out Isane in bridal fashion to the bed, dropping her next to Unohana, who had been watching her VC's stuffed ass with a lustful face wanting to eat out Isane's pussy and ass where his cum was dripping out, forming a small pool of jizz on the bed. Tyler noticed Unohana's gaze at her VC, especially the way she was looking at Isane's pussy and cum filled ass. And knew what Unohana was thinking and decided to encourage her. 'What are waiting for bitch? You want to eat out this ho's pussy and ass. Go and eat it.' This was all Unohana need to hear, as she had then dived head first to her VC's pussy and ass, as well as licking the jizz coming out of Isane's ass. Also from the small pool formed in the bed, underneath Isane's asshole which was still leaking Tyler's jizz.

Tyler decided to watch for a bit, as Captain Unohana was over her VC Isane in a 69 position licking her pussy and ass out. Isane while still unconscious was instinctively moaning as her Captain was licking and probing her pussy and ass with her tongue. After sometime, deciding he had enough watching, he knew what he had to do next. There was one place his dick has not penetrated yet, and he is going to rectify that soon. Slipping next to Unohana, who was still busy licking out Isane's pussy and ass and playing with her tits. She soon felt Tyler half erect dick penetrating into her pussy, catching her by surprise. Unohana gave a throaty lustful moan, as she felt his dick going in and out of her pussy with Tyler lifting her leg up to have more access to her pussy to pound into. Soon she felt his dick increase size and girth as it became fully erect once again inside her pussy. Tyler now had increased his pace of his thrusts and pounding hard into Unohana's pussy and the head of his dick smashing into the head of her womb. Unohana was enjoying the whole thing thoroughly as she was being fucked out of her mind, by his big black cock.

Tyler knew he was gonna cum soon and he did inside Unohana's pussy filling her womb with his strings of his thick cum. But he was not finished yet, as both Unohana and Isane were still side by side from the 69 position. He took out his still cumming cock and stroked himself to cover them both with strings of his jizz. And then he looked at his handiwork with a proud smile on his face. Here in front of him lying on the bed covered with bits and strings of his cum were Captain Unohana and her VC Isane, who many in the Seireitei, probably even SS have lusted after. But they prefer to fucked and dominated by him and his gang brothers.

After a few minutes, both Unohana and Isane were lying next to each other on the bed. Both were still sore from the through pounding Tyler did with his cock to their holes, yet they both felt sexual satisfied from it and thought, this time was a new experience to them. And wondered, if Tyler's word was going to be true for the rest of the special check up this time around. It was then he interrupted their thought, 'Alright time for round two.' This brought an immediate reaction to both Unohana and Isane, as they looked at him stroking his still erect cock at them, stunned and confused. Both had only one thought in their minds, 'What? Round Two?!' They thought. 'Why the surprised face bitches, I did tell you both, that me and my gang brothers are going to make a new benchmark to this test.' , Tyler sneered at their faces. And went on to insert his dick in a single stroke inside a surprised Unohana's ass, while he brought the still stunned Isane under him to lick his balls and his cock as it passes in and out of Unohana's ass.

[Some time after.]

Tyler was out of the special check up room, feeling tired yet wonderful. He definitely set the benchmark for this test as he said in the beginning and knows quite well his gang brothers would keep up the same. And they were looking forward to the special check to do the same to both captain Unohana and Isane, when their turn comes. He did not even feel a tiny bit sorry to both the bitches, and then, he suddenly remembered IOU he gave to Isane's sister Kiyone, that was when he and his brothers decided to stop their sexual activities seven days before their special checkups came up. He knows that Kiyone would have spent the night with another one of his brother that time.

'Well time to pay her back, and with interest tonight. Bitch you are going to get wasted tonight. ', Tyler thought to himself grinning menacingly. 'Better tell Isane to tell her sister to come to my room tonight.' Tyler just paused himself remembering the state he left both captain Unohana and her VC Isane back in the special check up room and decided against it. 'It will be sometime before those hoes ever get around leaving the room. Sending a hell butterfly is a better choice.' he said to himself. Heck if he was lucky he could meet Kiyone while doing his work in the Seireitei and tell it to her in person. With these thoughts Tyler went back to his squad barracks to get some rest and then go back to do his duties assigned to him.

Back in the special check up room, Captain Unohana woke up remembering how she blacked out. She was made to do a handstand beside the bed and Tyler stood on the bed, pounding Unohana's pussy reaching deeper with each stroke. Unohana who lost control of herself then, now loosed her semi conscious state when she had another orgasm in that position. Unohana smiled a bit, as she thought 'Well, Tyler did keep his word. That was definitely a new benchmark for this test.' She looked down and noticed that the softness she felt all this while was not the pillow, but Isane's plump breasts, Unohana had an idea that Isane must have lasted longer with him compared to her.

As Isane does have her nightly rendezvous with Tyler and his gang brothers, like few other female soul reapers in the Seireitei. And if anyone ever bothered to look at them, they would have noticed the women walking with a slight limp and showing the general willingness to stand than to sit and looking bit tired in the morning. Breaking from her reverie, Unohana saw her VC Isane awake although still looking dazed. Obviously both were enjoying the afterglow from the sex the just had, Unohana spying the cum covered face of her VC. Feeling a bit playful she licked the cum from Isane's face, and as she was licking Isane's forehead. She noticed Isane while in her befuddled state, opened her mouth sticking out her tongue trying to lick something. Unohana soon got her answer, when she noticed a lone sting of cum dangling from her body, between the neck and chest. Isane even in the dazed state still managed to catch the string of cum and savouring the taste with a dazed smile, before swallowing it.

Unohana, who saw the whole thing, smiled and bent her head to french kiss her VC. Isane accepted the kiss from her Captain. If anyone had entered the room, they would have staggered back for two reasons. First, the entire check up room stank of sweat and flesh and sex and most definitely the smell of the cum which was quite strong. Second, they would have seen the erotic view of Captain Unohana and the VC Isane on the stained bed kissing each other, their nude bodies pressing against each other. It would have quite the sight to see these two beautiful women make out, were not for the cum which covered both the women from head to toes. Anyone would have mistaken it to believe a six men gangbang / bukkake taken place with each man getting serviced by the Captain and her VC twice over, and probably won't believe all this was the work of a single guy who abstained himself for seven days.

Later Unohana and Isane got the strength to get from each other and the bed to drag their ravaged bodies into the shower to wash the cum stains and sweat on their bodies. It was Unohana's idea to have the shower together. As she still felt kinky and to play around with her still dizzy VC who was bathing with her. Honestly, Captain Unohana's libido is the stuff of legends around the SS leaving a trail of worn out men and women because of her lust. 'Well, it looks Tyler did keep up his word, that was something. It had been quite some time, since I left this sore from sex. If what he said was true, we are in for some hectic weeks with the way the special checkups are lined up for the coming weeks. I certainly look forward to them, aren't you too Isane?' Unohana couldn't understand what her VC was mumbling about. 'What is it, Isane? I can't hear you talk, Isane.' She asked again to Isane, waiting for a reply, which never came.

The reason for Isane's current speechlessness is because she was bent over using the wall in front of her for support. As her Captain was fingering both her ass and pussy, while groping her breasts and pinching and stretching her nipples. Isane couldn't take it anymore considering the day she just had and surrendered to the mind numbing orgasm, which came thanks to her captain's ministrations. 'Out cold once again.' Unohana said to herself and pouted as she saw her VC slumping forward after experiencing another orgasm. 'Well, it can't be help.' She thought. 'Tyler did pound into Isane through and through, even I am surprised Isane managed to wake up from all that pounding inside her. Although she was still dazed, she still managed to wobble into the shower with me which is a surprise itself.' She thought. Unohana then mused about Tyler, 'Hmm... May be I should give him an early reminder about the check-up when the time comes again. Definitely, worth it, or maybe after the checkups are over. I should bring Tyler and some of his gang brothers over to have gangbang with me, Isane and Kiyone. I would love to see how it goes then.' Unohana smiled as kept the idea for a later date and then after a few minutes saw her VC waking up.

Unohana pulled Isane by her hair, and looked down at her slumped VC. Smiling at Isane with the kind smile she always has for her patients. Unohana chided her dizzy VC, 'It is not fair that only one gets to have an orgasm, while the other is left behind. Am I right, Isane?' Isane, who was still half awake, nodded her head submissively to her question and when Unohana pushed Isane's head to her pussy. Isane obediently began to lick Captain Unohana's pussy and tasted some Tyler's cum inside Unohana's pussy. When he nutted inside both Unohana and her pussy and ass; god knows, how many times. Unohana smiled as she was eaten by her VC in the shower.

[Later that night, outside his barracks.]

Tyler sneezed as he was waiting outside his barrack. 'Looks like someone was thinking or talking about me behind my back, well i have an idea who it could be. ' And smiled at himself thinking back to the check up and with Captain Unohana and the VC Isane. He got lucky as he thought, when went to deliver some papers to the squad 13 and met Kiyone in the process and managed to pass on the message to her. He then saw Kiyone coming and waved to her, she waved back. The two were talking for a bit, before going back to his room. 'How did the check up go today? You could have waited at least tomorrow, instead. Is everything Ok?' Kiyone asked with interest, knowing quite well she will be too busy and even wondered if she still will have the mental faculties to make any small talks later with him in anticipation of the sex filled night with him.

Tyler smiled at her concern. 'Even if they weren't originally sisters, both have some similar characters', Tyler thought to himself. Waved aside Kiyone's concern, 'Captain Unohana was impressed by the condition I was in, and the check up went well.' he answered to Kiyone's question. 'Now I did say I owe you an IOU a week ago, are you ready for it today?' he asked to Kiyone. 'You bet your big black cock, I am ready for it. Now pay up.' Kiyone replied with gusto and playfulness. 'We will see about that soon bitch, it is a long night and I promise you. You are gonna be wasted by the time, if you even manage to get out from my room early morning, if possible that is.' Tyler made this promise to himself, as he placed his arm over Kiyone's smaller body compared to her sister. And as they got into the barracks, he groped Kiyone's shapely ass, getting a surprised squeal from her, as they entered to his room.

As Tyler turned to close his door, he knew it was one of those days in the barracks. He saw his gang brothers already surrounded by some of the female soul reapers who visit this place to just to get fucked out of their minds and release the stress holding inside them, from their daily duties. Apart from the brother who got his special check up within a few days and those who have night duties. The rest of his gang brothers are already occupied giving company to the ladies and having some drinks and small talk, before things get hot and heavy. And some already in action with some of the female soul reapers.

He could some well noticeable female soul reapers in the present company. He already sees few of his brothers surrounding Rangiku who drinking sake and talking and letting them grope her. One of them quite boldly had pushed up dress and was already inserting his cock inside the bitch's ass. It looked like she brought her human friend Orihime this time, as she was with one of his brother, stroking the big black cock in one hand and a bottle of sake in another, chatting randomly. Before the guy got bored and took matter to his own hands and went right into business. By inserting his erect cock into Orihime's pussy and pounding it from the get go, effectively shutting her up. Tyler then remembered being Orihime's first big black cock. He fondly remembers that day he broken her and made her addicted to his and his fellow brother's cocks. In another corner Lisa and her sister Nanao were also present and Lisa always the pervert is already getting double teamed by two of his brothers one in her pussy and another in her ass, while Nanao was riding another brother in the sitting position, her head pulled back by the brother dominating her, as Nanao kept on riding his black cock. He also saw the new lieutenant of 9th division Mashiro with two of his gang brothers, creating quite a racket as they both began to fuck her from both ends on the table. Quite the lively one and also quite the screamer during sex that she either has a ball gag or her mouth is filled with a cloth which was her or one of their underwear which they wore that day or her favourite way is to someone always has their dick in her mouth gagging her as she both her face and pussy fucked.

Tyler smiled to himself as he closed his door, and looked to see Kiyone sitting on the bed already nude. Waiting in anticipation of how he is going to fuck to her today with that big meat stick. He went to Kiyone grinning, removing his clothes on the to his self with a shit eating grin, 'Man, I love my afterlife. '

+++++ THE END +++++


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