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I don't own Bleach sadly. :( If I did it would have been yaoi all the way and all of the boys would wear far less clothing (evil leer) hehe. Read and enjoy and please review. Tell me what you think, even if it’s a “Hey bitch I love it :) I love feedback. But please be constructive cuz we all have the same goal which is to write fan fiction and share it with the world so help a girl out :) This is what happens when I watch Miss Congeniality and read a whole bunch of Yakuza inspired manga while paying homage to Ben& Jerry's Ice Cream. Thus is the result of my madness. Short first chapter but more coming soon!

Summary: Renji Abarai owner of Zabimaru Auto Shop was Byakuya Kuchiki's secret (male) lover. Yes. The Senbon and Sakura Bros, Byakuya Kuchiki. Since the first day Renji met the stoic and graceful man he has been helplessly in love. When Kenpachi Zaraki, a seven-foot monstrosity comes blazing into his life, Renji is literally stuck between a rock and a very hard body. Will Renji keep heartbreak company by continuing his affair with the Kuchiki heir or will he find a romance steamier than a red hot engine with this brash, crass and totally badass Yakuza Lord Kenpachi Zaraki.

Renji cuddled closer to the warmth that surrounded him. He was so very happy. His lover called last night saying he was flying back into town and wanted to catch up. Byakuya was always one for sweet words, Renji's toes curled and his stomach clenched at the memory of the tender and sweet lovemaking he had experienced. Actions always spoke louder than words and last night had proved that Byakuya truly had feelings for the vermillion haired man.

Renji felt the blankets shift and the bed move as his lover left the bed, walking to the bathroom. He admired the way the moon caressed Kuya's pale creamy skin and made it stand out in the dark room. As Byakuya closed the door, leaving him in the dark room, Renji thought about their taboo relationship.

Byakuya's wife Hisana was a very beautiful, quiet and elegant woman. She never really left their house from what Byakuya told him and she seemed quite content with it being that way. In other words Hisana was everything that Renji was not. Not that he was jealous, he was just envious of Hisana. Every night he returned to THEIR house, to THEIR room and THEIR bed. He thought about the dilemma he had been facing all week. He finally made his decision, he was going to go through with it. His sanity depended on it.

Of course Byakuya had been to Renji's house many times over their 3 year affair but, Renji had never been to his. When he asked why Byakuya replied that since Hisana never left the house it would be quiet difficult and they could risk getting caught. Renji couldn’t help but concede after that.

When Byakuya was in the city they would go to a very prestigious hotel called Las Noches. It was very private and very exclusive. Every time he would arrive or leave he was fixed with disgusted and haughty looks from the other patrons. They looked at his ripped up jeans and band t-shirts as if he was an infectious disease. Byakuya was always the first to arrive and the first to go. At first Renji was elated at their relationship but lately on he just felt like a cheap whore. But Renji was determined that one day Byakuya would see him as his one and only, unconditionally.

Only three people knew about his affair; his best friends Ichigo and Shinji and his pet snake Hebi. They had many things to say about their relationship. They all said that Byakuya was never going to leave his wife. Shinji and Ichigo expresses their concern with the possibility that Byakuya didn’t really care for him and that this was only going to end in heartbreak. And Hebi well she just flicked her tongue and looked at him with disappointment in those yellow eyes. Renji couldn’t let himself be swayed by their opinions because they were strictly that, opinions. They didn’t see the look in Byakuya's eyes when he looked at him, or the way he treated Renji like a crown jewel so they didn’t know any better. They couldn’t. Right?

The door opened, breaking Renji's trail of thoughts.


Renji flinched.

"Byakuya please we've been through this I think we are long past last name basis. What would people think if I went around calling you 'Kuchiki-sama'? Renji joked half-heartedly, he knew it was going to be an uphill battle with Kuya and his straight laced, strict and stuffy upbringing. But damn he didn't think it would be this difficult.

"They would think nothing of it because it is the proper way of things."

"Well those people aren't me Byakuya."

"That is a fact that I am well aware of."


Renji took a deep breath to calm himself. He was Renji Abarai. A few harsh words shouldn't hurt him. But why did his heart feel constricted inside his chest? Renji sat up and looked his lover straight in the eye. “Byakuya we need to talk, and I don't think we should put it off any longer."

Byakuya walked to the bed and pulled a silk robe on, he then turned and looked at Renji.

Renji could feel his heart going a 1000 miles a minute, his hands were beginning to sweat and his body was beginning to heat up. "Byakuya, these 3 years have been some of the best in my entire life. “Renji took Byakuya's hand in his and looked at the slate gray eyes that were focused on his." You make me feel like I’m worth something. Ya know? I know that with your cases and being the President of your own company, things can be sometimes difficult. And I appreciate every minute that we get to spend together." Renji's eyes started to tear up, so casting his eyes to the ground he continued.

"But lately I feel like a prostitute who doesn’t get paid. I feel as if you don’t really know your true feelings about us. About me." Renji clenched the hand not holding Byakuya's into the duvet tighter and tighter. He couldn't let these tears fall.

He waited for a response. A denial. An agreement. Anything.

Byakuya slipped his hand away from Renji and stood up. Walking over to where their clothes were he began to dress. Renji stared at his retreating figure. Not knowing what to think. What is he thinking? Is he leaving? Is he going to stay? Did I say something wrong? Did-

Renji was ripped away from his thoughts as something was thrusted into his face. His clothes. He turned wide mahogany eyes onto Byakuya waiting for anything.

"Abarai-" Renji cringed again. Something was wrong with Byakuya's tone. It was cold. Like when he was talking to a criminal in the courtroom. Impersonal. Detached. It was wrong. So very wrong.

"I think you are growing too attached or clingy as others might say. I think it is your lifestyle and because of that you are feeling the way that you are. If you are looking for love... you are looking in the wrong place. You see, I would never leave Hisana for you. If you must know why it is simply because you are a man, Hisana is my wife and two men shouldn’t be together. It’s actually quite disgusting...” Byakuya turned impartial gray eyes onto Renji's frozen form.

Renji was in shock. And that was a severe understatement.

"Too attached.... Lifestyle... wrong place for love... never leave Hisana for you...Two men shouldn't be together... DISTGUSTING.

Renji recoiled. Sure he'd had people call him names and thrown slurs behind his back and to his face. His own foster parents kicked him out after he came out to them... So why did his heart hurt so badly? Why did he want to give up when Byakuya said those things?

"I think it would be best if we ended this here..." Renji's world was blown off of its axis. Thrown off into a dark abyss and then swallowed by a black hole.

Renji opened his mouth but nothing came out. He tried again and managed something similar to a dying animal. He gave one last attempt.

"W- what?" Renji stuttered

"I think it would be best of we ended this here." Byakuya spoke again while leaning against the door and crossing his arms nonchalantly. His eyes pinning Renji with a look that simply said 'Don’t make me repeat myself again.'

"But why?"

“Because Abarai this isn't appropriate. It’s not right. Two men shouldn't be in a relationship. I think you are a charismatic and impressionable person, who has a lot of maturing to do still. But our lifestyles are completely different. We could never be together because we belong to two different worlds. “Byakuya looked at his watch and sighed.

Renji could feel his heart breaking.

Everything was falling apart.

“The room is paid for already and check out is around 2 in the afternoon, you are welcome to order room service if you like. Have them put it on my tab. I will send someone to collect my things from your place later on in the week. I’ll let you know on a date and time. Goodbye Renji Abarai." Byakuya opened the door and spared Renji one last look.


The door closed without a sound but to Renji it was if a nuke had gone off right next to his ears. They were ringing. His chest was tight and he couldn't breathe. He pulled his knees to his chest and laid down in a fetal position. He did something that he promised himself he would never do for anyone.

He cried.

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