After the Defeat

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Starrk woke up to a surprising lack of pain and a strange, empty feeling inside.

The lack of pain was surprising because he should have been almost dead. He’d known when the shinigami had cut him in half that he might survive, or he might not. He was incredibly strong but that had been a bad, bad wound. He certainly should have been in agonizing pain at the moment.

The empty feeling inside, though, didn’t surprise him at all. It did bring a few tears to his eyes as he contemplated his loss. Lilinette… her soul was still with him, but they had completely merged in their efforts to bring down Kyoraku Shunsui. She was lost somewhere in the depths of his soul collection. Would he ever be able to bring her out again? Starrk didn’t know. Just the thought made him feel sick.

“Primera, if you would do us the courtesy of waking up?” Starrk opened his eyes to see a familiar and rather disliked arrancar above him. “Thank you.”

“Szayel.” Starrk said his name before glancing around. “…Where am I?” The room he was in vaguely reminded him of Szayel’s lab, but much smaller and more sparsely supplied. The scientist was clearly making himself at home in it, though.

“Our backup fortress.” He said and Starrk stared. He’d never heard of such a thing. “Aizen did in fact consider that defeat might occur. Our kami was badly injured in the fighting but managed to fake his own death and escape here, bringing you with him. There are a few other survivors among the Espada… Halibel survived but her fraccion did not. Grimmjow is alive, but he has been taken by the shinigami.” Starrk shuddered slightly. That might be a fate worse than death. “That was exactly why the existence of this place was kept a secret. So no one could betray it in the event of a catastrophic failure.”

“Oh. That makes sense…” Starrk sat up, running a hand over his chest. There was a rather impressive scar there but he was definitely alive. “So what are we doing now?” He asked. It sounded like Aizen’s forces had been decimated. “Are Gin and Tosen alive?” Not that he liked either of them but they were allies. Szayel shook his head.

“No. You, myself, Halibel and Aizen are the only survivors of power. We do have a good assortment of numeros but they’re only useful as labor.” He said with a sniff and Starrk swallowed, hard. That was… ghastly. What were they to do? “We also have a shinigami prisoner that Aizen also managed to retrieve from the battlefield. There are some plans surrounding him. You should report to Aizen immediately, Primera.” A not so subtle reminder of his rank. Starrk took a deep breath before nodding.

“Yes.” He had no desire whatsoever to sleep. All his friends… gone? It hurt, even if many of them had not been at all close to him. Leaving the room he went to find Aizen.

His lord and master was easy to find. He was examining some kind of report thoughtfully, in a rather comfortable room. It was nothing like his old throne room, a place clearly designed for comfort rather than intimidation. Aizen looked up with a small smile and Starrk was struck by how drained he looked. Despite the power that still shone around him, it was clear he’d taken a huge setback.

“Ah, Starrk.” Aizen set down his report with a small smile. “Please, take a seat.” Starrk was more than willing to do that. He still felt quite weak, even if he was in no pain. “As you know, we have been handed a rather large defeat.” He said and Starrk nodded. “We need to rebuild our forces. But as you know, I combed all of Hueco Mundo just to find the ten of you.” He said and Starrk held back from pointing out he would have had quite a few more powerful hollows if he hadn’t allowed them their usual infighting. Los Noches had run on a survival of the fittest system. Which did have the advantage that only the strong survived, but it meant their overall numbers had been diminished. “I have decided to take a different tactic this time. Starrk, we are in a pocket dimension.” Aizen sounded pleased with his own cleverness and Starrk blinked. “Created by the power of the hogyoku. We can live here indefinitely. We are going to concentrate on replenishing our forces and training as we wait for another opportunity to construct the Oken.” He said and Starrk nodded. That sounded logical. “However, going to Hueco Mundo will expose us to danger for some time. We are going to concentrate on breeding.”

“…?” Starrk looked at Aizen, trying to decide if he was serious. After a moment he decided he was. “But… how? I’m an Alpha.” He said cautiously. “As is Halibel. Szayel is not but he never has a heat cycle.” Szayel was technically a Beta but something was wrong. The scientist himself vastly preferred not to be burdened with heats and cubs so he’d never attempted to find out why. Aizen smiled, amused.

“Yes, I know. That’s why you and Halibel have both been altered by Szayel to be Beta’s.” He said and Starrk stared, his mind going into shock. He was…? “You will be breeding with the shinigami I have captured. Szayel has determined the crossing should be feasible and I’m quite interested to see the results. We have nothing but time now, so we will use it.” Aizen finished and waited patiently for his warrior’s brain to reboot. Starrk blinked several times before shaking his head.

“I, er… I’m a Beta now?” He asked weakly and Aizen nodded. “…How does Halibel feel about this?” Starrk didn’t know her well but he knew her well enough. She was quiet but highly dominant in her little group. He was willing to bet she would absolutely hate this.

“She was less than enthusiastic about the news.” Aizen said and Starrk nodded. He’d expected as much. “I hope you won’t be giving me quite as much trouble.” He said it lightly but Starrk caught the warning in his voice. He bowed his head.

“I will give you no trouble.” He said quietly. Making a fuss just wasn’t his nature, but also… “I’ve always wanted to have offspring. No Beta could ever accept my power.” He said sadly. “Truthfully, if I had ever been given the option of becoming a Beta to bear my own children I would have taken it.” This was something of a dream come true to him. Except… “I am not happy about the thought of mating with a shinigami. Which one is it?” Briefly, Starrk wondered why none of them were being mated to Aizen. But he strongly suspected their overlord was uninterested in sex with anyone. That was if he was even capable of breeding, with the strength of his own reiatsu.

“Kyoraku Shunsui.” He said and Starrk stiffened slightly. Aizen noticed it and smiled. “You will have a prime opportunity to avenge yourself on him.” He said and that made the Primera wince. Many hollows would enjoy such a thing but he was not one of them.

“No. Why did you pick him?” He couldn’t help the resentment that entered his voice. Aizen shrugged, slightly.

“He was the best available. I could only reach Hitsugaya, Kyoraku and Soi Fon. Of the three, he was clearly the best.” He said and Starrk had to nod. The tiny taichou was too young and while they could mate to a female, Soi Fon was clearly much less powerful than Shunsui. “I don’t need to tell you how strong he is. He should sire some very powerful hybrids.” Aizen said and Starrk nodded again. His logic was unassailable.

“Will we enter heat normally? How will this occur?” He asked and Aizen was more than happy to give him the details. Their heats would have to be triggered by Szayel. He would administer a special drug in order to incite them. Then they would last for a week, roughly. Szayel had not managed to replicate the ability to recognize a successful conception so the heat had to run out naturally. Then they would be tested to see if they had conceived. If not, they would be given enough time for the drug to fully leave their bodies before trying again.

“You and Halibel will rotate so Kyoraku can give you his full attentions.” Aizen said with a smile and Starrk shuddered a little at the thought of it. Did Aizen particularly dislike Shunsui? He was beginning to think that he did. Perhaps that had played in the target selection. “Halibel will begin. Your turn will be in a week. See Szayel for help with handling him.” That was a clear dismissal and Starrk bowed his head for a moment.

“Yes, Aizen-sama.” He said respectfully before leaving the room, his mind in turmoil. He was going to bear his own children and mate with Kyoraku Shunsui to do it?

It was a lot to absorb.

For the next several days, Starrk avoided visiting the shinigami.

Eventually, though, he decided he had to. Part of it was morbid curiosity. What had Halibel done to the man? Although she wouldn’t kill him and the medics would be tending to him. Still, it probably wouldn’t be nice.

He was dead right about that. Starrk swallowed as he looked into the cell that was currently housing the shinigami. There were no comforts in it for him. Just a cold stone floor and the heavy collar of seki stone that was restraining his powers. The man was badly beaten, as well. Starrk could see the black and blue marks on his exposed skin, the signs of abuse. He had to be in severe pain.

He opened the door and the clink of metal on metal made Shunsui look up, wariness and fear in his body language. His eyes seemed to dull as he saw the Primera. As Starrk stepped inside, he managed a tiny smile. Starrk saw there was a partially healed gash on his face, as well as a livid black eye. Smiling had to be painful for him right now.

“You survived.” He said and Starrk nodded. “Have you come to take your revenge?” He asked and the Primera shook his head before kneeling down beside him.

“If it would bring her back, I would torture you with a glad heart. But it never will. And that seems like a poor way to honor her.” He said and there was a flicker of surprise across the shinigami’s face, before he understood. Then he looked down.

“I’m sorry.” Shunsui said softly and Starrk just nodded. Then he reached out to touch the man’s chin, moving his head so he could see the bruises more clearly. As he did, he noticed the marks on Kyoraku’s throat. He had been choked, and violently.

“So am I. Has anyone told you why this is happening to you?” Starrk asked. Not to his surprise, the shinigami shook his head. “Aizen has decided that the remaining Espada will be used as breeding stock, to replenish his forces.” Shunsui’s eyes widened as Starrk continued, sadly. “Halibel used to be an Alpha, a dominant. Alpha’s do not bear children. Aizen had Szayel alter her to be a Beta. This is a very unnatural thing and she is not happy with his commands.” Starrk hesitated before adding the rest. “Her fraccion died in the battle. They were her lovers and two of them were Beta’s.” He said and Shunsui just looked at him steadily for a moment.

“Are you trying to make me feel compassion for her? My sympathy is quite limited at the moment.” He said quietly and Starrk sighed, looking down.

“No. I just want you to understand why it is happening. And why, when Halibel is done with you, you will be satisfying me next.” Starrk said softly. It took a moment for Kyoraku to understand but when he did, he looked shocked.

“But you are a man! How…?” He asked and Starrk winced before explaining.

“Alpha and Beta status has nothing to do with gender. I, too, was an Alpha before Szayel altered me. Alphas are far more common than Betas. Now I am a Beta and when my heat is triggered, I will breed with you to produce my offspring.” Starrk said softly and Shunsui swallowed, looking sick. “I am sorry. I have always desired pups, but not like this.” The thought of raping this man repulsed him. And it would be chemically assisted rape. Starrk hesitated a moment before standing. “I should go.” There was really no point in his staying here. He could feel Shunsui’s eyes on his back as he left the cell.

In four days time, it was his turn to receive the shots that would activate his heat. Starrk accepted them passively before asking Szayel about the drugs he could use to make Shunsui more compliant.

“We have several options. Halibel favors this one but I doubt you will care for it. It works by causing the body to become extremely sensitive to any stimulus, including both pain and pleasure.” Szayel said cheerfully as he displayed a light green vial. Starrk winced as he thought about the bruises on Shunsui’s body. Amplifying both pain and pleasure… oh yes, Halibel would enjoy that. “This is something I think will suit you better… it’s a blend of a light aphrodisiac and a powerful intoxicant. It will affect your future mate like alcohol, but far more powerfully. Combined with the aphrodisiac he should become quite receptive. It’s never been used before and I want to see if it will work.” Szayel offered him a dark blue vial and Starrk accepted it.

“It sounds perfect. Thank you.” He was definitely willing to test out the drug for Szayel. It had to be safe – the scientist would never want to damage their only shinigami – and if it worked the way he said, it would be ideal. “Can you show me how to inject it?”

After a few quick lessons on proper injection, Starrk was ready to complete his duty. Going to his rooms he entered his bedroom, expecting what he would find there. It was still slightly shocking to see a naked man chained to his bed. Starrk hardly used it – he preferred his cushions – but he could see the utility, now. Kyoraku was chained spread eagle, the chains leading to the bedposts.

“Now I know why the bedposts had those rings. I couldn’t figure it out.” Starrk said wonderingly and Shunsui looked up, glaring at him. That made the Primera almost blush. Then he took a deep breath, steadying himself. Walking up to the bound man, he drew the cap off the needle. He saw Kyoraku tense and tried to reassure him. “This is not the drug Halibel has been using. It’s something Szayel thinks will be gentler, an intoxicant laced with an aphrodisiac. You should feel no pain.”

“Is that supposed to make me grateful?” Shunsui asked him evenly and Starrk sighed as he gripped one strong arm and injected it as Szayel had shown him.

“No. It is only information.” He said softly and saw the man look away. “…” Starrk looked at the other things he’d been given a bit worriedly. The bottle of lubrication… how exactly was it meant to be used? Did he apply it to Shunsui’s cock or inside his own body? Or both? The thought of having another man in his body was almost terrifying. Swallowing hard, Starrk opened the bottle and tentatively squeezed a bit onto his fingers. Reaching behind himself, he carefully touched his body. He’d never once played with this aspect of himself and it felt incredibly strange as he eased a finger into that opening. Was it supposed to feel this way? He didn’t like it…

Grimacing, he tried to spread the lotion inside his own cavity. Finally giving up, he turned his attention to Shunsui. From the slightly dazed look on his face, the drug was taking effect. But the aphrodisiac was weak… glancing down, Starrk saw only the beginning of an erection. He needed to help the shinigami along.

“Stop… that…” Shunsui moaned as Starrk began touching his body. The Espada swallowed, feeling fear and lust as he explored the hard muscles. He nuzzled Kyoraku’s chest, pausing to lick a nipple. Shunsui made a sound and Starrk looked up, worried, but then saw the chained man had liked it. He went back to licking that little ring of tissue before moving to the other. Once in a while he did masturbate and Starrk had touched his own nipples. He knew this should feel good.

“Nanao.” Shunsui murmured and Starrk was actually glad to hear it. “Nanao-chan…” If the shinigami’s mind was retreating into fantasy, Starrk considered it a huge plus. Going down he paused on the shinigami’s belly, nuzzling the hard muscles there. Then he went further, pausing to look at the hard length pointing up at him. It was… large. Easily as big as his own, possibly a touch girthier. Starrk swallowed, unable to imagine how that would fit inside him. “Please suck it Nanao-chan. Please?” Well, since he’d been asked so nicely…

Starrk took the head of that huge erection into his mouth, slowly sucking on the firm flesh. The taste was odd, salty and a bit bitter. He wasn’t entirely certain he liked it. Deciding he would worry about that later, much later, he opened his mouth and tried to take in more. From the groans and senseless babbling above him, it felt very good.

But as pleasant as this was for Shunsui, Starrk needed something from the man. Pulling away from his cock he moved up his body, seeing those dazed grey eyes looking at him. Swallowing hard, Starrk gripped Shunsui’s cock and used the lube, spreading it over that straining flesh. Then he lined it up to him before easing himself down.

“Argh!” Starrk choked back a small scream as Shunsui jerked his hips upward. That cock slid into him only with difficulty and Starrk shuddered, a cold sweat breaking out all over his body. He was caught in a web of agonizing pain. What had he done wrong? Wasn’t this supposed to feel good? The heat should have ensured it… if he had been a true Beta. But he wasn’t. “Ah… hnnn…”

“Nanao, oh kami are you a virgin? So tight…” Shunsui said in a blissful tone and Starrk rested his hands on the man’s chest, struggling to accept the invasion of his body. He whimpered quietly as Shunsui kept moving against him, enhancing the pain he was experiencing. “My lovely Nanao-chan…”

If he had been enjoying the experience, it might have been too short. The drug had completely lowered Shunsui’s inhibitions and he came to his peak quickly. For Starrk, it seemed to take forever. The searing pain was gradually dulling, becoming more of an ache when Shunsui erupted inside him. Starrk cried out in surprise and pain as his battered insides were suddenly doused with hot fluid. The reiatsu shot was welcomed by his body, at least, and Starrk forced himself to relax and accept it. If he closed off his reiatsu a conception wouldn’t happen and his pain this night would be for nothing.

Shuddering in reaction, he pulled himself off the other man’s body. Breathing heavily, Starrk glanced down at himself. He was unsurprised to see blood on his thighs. His hierro inside was almost non-existent right now, thanks to the heat. Shunsui was still mumbling about Nanao and Starrk hesitated before gripping his chin, forcing the shinigami to look at him.

“In case you’re wondering, the answer is yes. I was a virgin.” He said quietly, wondering if Shunsui would remember the next day. He doubted it. Pulling on his clothing he summoned the numeros. They would get Kyoraku out of his room, cleaned off and returned to his cell. Then they could do this all again tomorrow. Starrk’s lips twisted in an expression that was not a smile.

He couldn’t wait.

“Szayel…” Starrk hid his face for a moment. “Can I ask you a question?”

“If it will get you to stop hovering in my lab? Absolutely. What is it?” Szayel asked as he examined a beaker. Starrk almost lost his nerve but forced himself to keep going.

“Are you… sexually experienced?” The pink haired arrancar froze for a moment and Starrk hurried on. “I need help. I’m not… is it supposed to hurt so much? I don’t know if I can stand this…” The thought of enduring a night like yesterday for an entire week every month until he conceived… Starrk honestly didn’t think he could take it. He would eventually crack under the strain.

“Hurt so much? Whatever are you talking about?” Szayel said as he set down his beaker. Flushing, Starrk did his best to explain. “…You were a virgin? Why didn’t you mention that?”

“It’s embarrassing.” Starrk said defensively. No normal hollow was a virgin. He’d found it easier to just pretend to be aloof rather than admit he was frightened. “Besides, there were no Betas in Los Noches powerful enough to take me.” He could have engaged in love play with some fellow Alphas, but he hadn’t seen the point of it. Szayel sighed, rubbing his forehead.

“Starrk, anal sex is not necessarily easy. A Betas body is more flexible than an Alphas. If an Alpha wants to engage in such thing they must prepare themselves adequately.” Szayel lectured him. Under normal circumstances Starrk would have found that annoying. Right now he was staring at the scientist like he was a personal savior. “You need to stretch yourself out. Do you want a demonstration?”

“Uh? I, uh… y-yes?” Starrk said faintly, wondering what Szayel meant. The scientist nodded and fetched a bottle of lube and a toy that looked suspiciously like a penis, to Starrk’s eyes. “Wait, are you going to do it to me or…?” Szayel smiled before shaking his head.

“Oh no. As lovely as you are, I prefer my own perfection.” He said, perfectly narcissistic. “You can gape at my beauty.” Starrk winced but didn’t contradict him. Szayel was about to give him a very visual lesson on how to please himself with a man. It behooved him to be grateful.

The next half-hour was incredibly embarrassing. Starrk learned a great deal about what he’d done wrong, though. He hadn’t stretched himself at all, just smeared a tiny bit of lubricant inside. Clearly he needed far more than that. He also hadn’t known about his own prostate. Stroking himself was rather obvious and Starrk thought he was an idiot for not doing it. But he’d felt like he was being torn in half. Would it really have helped? When it was over, Starrk thanked Szayel as sincerely as he could before beating a retreat. Would he be able to do that to himself? But he had to. It was that or suffer more pain.

“Is there something wrong?” Kyoraku asked. Starrk that was a bit rich from the man chained to the bed, but he was certainly noticing how the Primera was delaying giving him his injection. Starrk fiddled with the lube, struggling with himself. “Was I that bad in bed?” He wondered and Starrk gave him a damp eyed glare.

“Yes! You were awful.” He said and Shunsui lifted his head, his eyes wide. “It hurt like hell and I… just leave me alone. I’ll get it this time.” He muttered before he braced himself and began working on his own hole. This time he gave himself far more attention, spreading himself and struggling to get more fingers in. “I… hate… this…” He growled, loathing every moment of it. He could feel the growing need of the heat, the powerful desire to mate, but it wasn’t translating into physical pleasure. That was just sickening and Starrk almost hated himself. Was this how sex would be for him? A nasty chore that he completed for the sake of duty? Disgusting.

“You know, I think I do have some sympathy for you. Were you a virgin?” Shunsui asked quietly and Starrk looked away, refusing to answer. With the vague recollections the shinigami had, that was enough. “I see.” He sounded sad for some reason. Starrk took a deep breath before gripping his arm and giving him the injection.

“It doesn’t matter what I feel. This is Aizen-sama’s orders.” He said firmly as he waited for the drug to take effect. “I must do this.” There was no choice at all.

That night went better. It at least didn’t hurt as much, although it was not at all pleasant. No blood was left on his thighs when it was over. Starrk still felt worn and drained by the experience. Sex couldn’t possibly be like this for most people. Was he some kind of freak?

The rest of the week gradually grew more tolerable as Starrk learned how his body reacted and how he could gain some pleasure from Kyoraku Shunsui’s member. Although what he liked best was still the foreplay. Touching the shinigami’s body, feeling the hard muscles and the warm skin, smelling his musk and tasting his cock, was still a great pleasure for him. If he had been free to do what he wanted, Starrk would probably have sucked Shunsui off while touching himself. That was a very pleasant vision.

On the final day of the heat, though, Starrk had a breakthrough. Szayel had told him about his prostate and where to find it, but Starrk had been starting to think it was a myth. Stretching himself out was so distasteful that he’d never managed to find it and Shunsui’s cock never seemed to do it either. Until today. Starrk really wasn’t sure what was different. Something in the angle? The fact that he was so used to lubing himself now? All he knew for certain was that as he slowly slid his hips up and down, working with Shunsui’s rhythm, Starrk felt a flush of pleasure as that hot, throbbing erection seemed to ghost across something inside. Something that felt shockingly good.

“Shunsui… uh…” Starrk moaned before acting on instinct. He leaned back, resting his hands on Shunsui’s knees as he deepened the penetration. Shunsui surged against him and Starrk drew in his breath sharply as that spot was scored a direct hit. The pleasure was intense this time and Starrk reacted like a man starved for air. He plunged his hips down, desperate for more of that delicious contact. All he wanted from Kyoraku now was more. More heat, more pleasure, more more more…

“Nanao!” Shunsui moaned and Starrk wondered. Had she been his lover, or had he only wished she was? Who was she? Then that heavy member inside him found his prostate again and Starrk whimpered, freeing one hand from Shunsui’s knees to stroke himself. He did that feverishly, gasping as he felt his orgasm approaching. Pressure was building inside him, coming to a completion…

Starrk came first, his body tightening sharply as he found his pleasure for the first time. Shunsui cried out as he felt the way Starrk’s body clamped down on him, milking his cock. The shinigami came a moment later, unable to withstand the extra stimulation, and this time Starrk took the reiatsu infusion as easily as breathing. It felt right and natural, accepting that power in the middle of orgasm.

“Ah.” Starrk murmured, resting his hands on Shunsui’s chest as he slowly came down from his high. “Is that how it’s supposed to feel? Is that how Betas feel?” He asked wonderingly as Shunsui just murmured something incoherent about how beautiful his Nanao-chan was. That made Starrk sigh as he slowly pulled himself off the shinigami’s softening member. “I wish I could be the person you want.” This was very cruel to Shunsui. Again, Starrk wondered if Aizen had a personal grudge against him. Shunsui was falling asleep now and Starrk hesitated before leaving him. He could be returned to his cell in the morning and even with the chains, the bed would be more comfortable.

Tomorrow, he would be serving Halibel again. He could have some comforts for now.

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