The Ties That Bind Us

BY : KaiBlueOtaku
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Disclaimer: Bleach and all its characters are owned by the talented Tite Kubo. I own only my story, and am merely borrowing them to tell it. I receive no payment for my writing.

SUMMARY: Renji Abarai and Shuhei Hisagi are close friends.  But is it possible there’s more than mere friendship there between them, simmering just beneath the surface?  What will come ultimately of the changes happening between them, and what effects will it have on those around them?

                DISCLAIMER: Bleach and all its characters are owned by the talented Tite Kubo.  I own only my story, and am merely borrowing them to tell it.  I receive no payment for my writing.

                WARNINGS: A fair amount of coarse language, especially after Grimmjow makes his appearance in later chapters, because we all know what a mouth he has on him.  This is M/M Romance, and has mature, adult lemon content.  Later chapters, there will be a threesome, so that will be M/M/M and I will also list this story with a Voyeurism warning, because there is a known spectator to that scene.  You have been warned.


A/N:This is my first MSlash piece. My Author Notes were originally very detailed and apologetic that this wasn't good Yaoi, and then someone very kindly pointed out to me the difference in the two genres, and now I'm done apologizing.

I wrote this story first and foremost for myself, so I am crafting it as I see fit, and not to conform to some arbitrary set of rules concerning relative power levels of the partners, and other, more vague and difficult-to-define specifications.

They're people. And they're in love. And that's all that matters here. So, I'm telling that story, and if you're expecting some kind of formulaic plot that follows a genre standard, you might be disappointed.

Then again, if you go in with no expectations, maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised.

It was pointed out to me that Shuu is a little submissive in this chapter; never fear, he bounces back in the second chapter, and it's explained.

So, please enjoy, read and review. No flames, but I do welcome constructive criticism, if it is kind and gentle in its presentation, and also PM's. Do keep in mind that this is my first MSlash piece to be published. The first one I actually wrote to completion is Desgarron, which will probably come as the third or fourth chapter of this story line, so that I don't end up with a problem again like I have with two of my other stories, Urahara's Arrancar Rehabilitation Center and Pina Colada Espada. (Those should have been published under a single, over-arcing title, because PCE comes two weeks on the heels of UARC, and follows the story line exactly.) I would re-issue them together under a single title, but I really don't want to lose all the comments and such I have already on them separately, so, there they sit. But I will avoid making the same mistake again, with this.

This follows in the story line of my personal AU,though I've made pains to have it work just as well as a stand-alone piece. If you want to understand why, in later chapters, that Hallibel and Grimmjow are human, or learn more about the back story of any of the characters within my AU setting, here is the order of my other stories: Resolution, Urahara's Arrancar Rehabilitation Center, Pina Colada Espada, and then the others are side-plots and back stories that you can read in any order, they are not consecutive within the time-line.

Thank you for reading, please enjoy.

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                “Oh yeah…  That is sooo good…”  Renji grinned at Shuhei as the darker-haired man angled a small mirror, displaying his handiwork in the form of some touch-ups to Renji’s black, angular tattoos.  “Those look great, Shuu, thanks.  Nice and dark.”

                “It’s the ink,” Shuhei said with a smile as he laid the mirror on a nearby desk.  “I get a special kind.  It’s more expensive, but it gets a really deep black, so it’s worth it.”

                Renji pulled at his shoulder gently and eyed the touch-ups.  “Thanks again, I owe you one.”

                Shuhei waved his hand dismissively.  “It’s nothing, Renji.  Anything for a fellow tattoo enthusiast.”

                “Hey…”  Renji draped his shihakusho (*1) over his shoulders like a cape, shivering as the cold, silky fabric glided over his sensitized flesh.  “I could touch yours up for you too…”

                Shuhei froze stock still.  “Oh…  No, that’s ok.”  His voice became quiet and soft, and he looked away as he drew a stuttering breath.

                “Oh, c’mon,” Renji urged, elbowing him playfully.  “Let me return the favor.  It’s not like I haven’t worked a tattoo gun before.  Besides, have you seen how faded this is getting?”  Renji ran his finger across the black outline of the numbers “69” emblazoned on Shuhei’s left cheek.  “C’mon…”

                Shit…  Shuhei stiffened under the fingertips that brushed across his face so nonchalantly.  “It’s not…” he began, but Renji gave him a scathing glare, and the smaller man, wanting desperately to not have to explain himself, withered.

                “Don’t be an asshole, Shuu,” Renji scolded.  “I’m trying to repay you for the favor.  I won’t take no for an answer.”

                Shuhei turned and began sterilizing the tattoo gun and changing the needle, mumbling, “Ok,” as he tried to steady his breath.  He handed the cleaned device to Renji, and lay back on the couch in his living room, bracing himself.

                The gun buzzed to life, and Renji’s fingertips rested gently on Shuhei’s cheek as he traced over the lines.  The dark-haired man fluttered grey eyes and drew a jagged breath.

                “You ok?” Renji asked, and Shuhei grunted in affirmation.  “Does it hurt?”

                “Yes…”  Shuhei shuttered his eyes and forced his breathing to slow to a deliberate, metered pace.

                Renji pulled the needle back and wiped at the specks of blood welling up with a clean rag.  “Hey…  What the hell?”  He inspected the gun.  “Shuhei, there’s no ink left in this…  Did you forget to reload it?” 

                Pale fingers closed over Renji’s hand, and deftly switched the machine off, pulling it gently away and sliding it into the case.  Shuhei stood from the couch and crossed the few steps over to the desk, where he laid the device down, his back to his friend as he struggled to compose himself.  Shit…  This isn’t how it was supposed to go, he thought to himself, fighting to still the tremble he felt in his shoulders, hoping that it wasn’t as visible as he felt it was.

                “Hey,” the red-haired Shinigami called from behind him.  “I’m sorry if I hurt you…”

                Shuhei gripped the edge of the desk tightly, his fingertips blanching as he endeavored to ground himself somehow.  His own voice sounded distant and raw to him, almost alien to his ears as it somehow came out of him, against his will.  “I like it,” he said in a husky tone, before he could stop himself.  His face grew instantly hot, knowing he couldn’t take the words back now that they had left his lips, and he would most likely have to make an explanation for himself now.  He was glad that his back was toward Renji, because he didn’t want his friend to see his embarrassment.

                “Huh?” Renji sounded confused.

                “I like it,” Shuhei repeated very softly, bowing his head shamefully, closing his eyes tight.  “I…  I like the pain.  I tried to…”  He gave a breathy chuckle, and shook his head.  “…tried to tell you…  I’m sorry.  I didn’t…”

                “Are you ok?” Renji asked, his hand coming to rest lightly on Shuhei’s shoulder in concern.

                “I just…  need a minute.  I wasn’t…  I didn’t mean for…  I mean, we’re friends…” The black haired man rambled incoherently in broken fragments, shaking his head.

                “Well, yeah, we’re friends,” Renji repeated.  “What of it?”

                “I just…  I’m sorry…”  Shuhei raised a trembling hand to shield his face.  “Maybe you should leave, Renji.”  This is so embarrassing, he thought.  I can’t believe this is happening…

                He sensed Renji step closer to him, felt breath on his shoulder, and he bristled with electricity.  A smooth voice spoke in his ear.  “Maybe I don’t want to leave…”  The voice lowered, and he felt hot exhalations against his neck.  “Maybe I want to hear what you’re going to say…”

                Shuhei’s breath caught in his throat, and he glanced back at Renji, who had an unreadable expression on his face.  “I don’t think you’re going to want to hear this,” the slender-figured man suggested anxiously.  He didn’t want to be having this awkward conversation.  Things had been fine for so long, and he’d always managed to keep his secret from his friend…  This is going to ruin everything, he assured himself.  I can’t bear for him to know.  He won’t understand, and I’ll push him away.  I can’t open my mouth and chance ruining this closeness that we share…  I would die without him here in my life.  I’d rather live a painful half-truth, than bear the agony of a solitude without him…


                The breathy whisper drew him out of his distracted introspections and sent a shiver up his spine.  Shit, how can he not see what he’s doing to me? he asked himself, turning away again.

                “Tell me.”

                “I can’t,” Shuhei insisted, a sob trying to crawl its way out of his throat.  “It’ll ruin everything.”

                The silence was deafening.  Neither man spoke, and finally Renji took pity on him, and offered him a way out.  “How do you know it’ll ruin things?”

                “I just do,” Shuhei asserted.  “I…  I don’t want to push you away, but I really think you should just go now.”

                “What if…”

                He trembled and gasped as tanned hands came around his sides and slid across his abdomen, as a hard chest pressed against his back.  A scorching breath puffed words in his ear that his brain could not comprehend, or believe that he was hearing.

                “What if…  it only made us closer, Shuu?”

                The smaller of the two men squeezed his eyes tightly shut, his mind spinning wildly.  I am dreaming, he told himself.  This can’t be real.  There’s just no way…

                His eyes shot open in shock as he felt Renji nuzzling against the back of his neck and ears, peppering him with tiny kisses.  “Don’t think I never noticed, Shuu,” Renji hissed.  “I’ve seen the way you look at me.  You’re just too damn shy for your own good though.  So, tell me now…”  Shuhei shuddered and fell over the desk, landing on his forearms and he felt Renji’s hips brush sensually against him, along with the hardness that was there.  Renji leaned over him, pressing him against the desk, and whispering into his ear.  “…Tell me what you were going to say.”

                Shuhei let loose with a moan, far beyond his ability now to stop himself, and straightened, leaning back into the taller man, who welcomed him with encompassing arms.  “Oh, shit…  Renji…  I- I want you.”  He hung his head a bit with the pain that filled him then, at having finally spoken aloud those words that had lain so heavy on his heart for so many years.

                “Mmm…  Good.”  Renji’s smile could be heard in his voice, and Shuhei gave a pleasured cry as the other man pulled him restrictively against his chest, arms crossed, hands resting on opposite hips as they tantalizingly caressed the soft hollows of his lower abdomen through his hakama (*2).  “Now we can finally do something about it.”

                Shuhei turned in the crushing embrace to face his captor.  The hunger in his eyes was unmistakable, and Shuhei gasped as Renji grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a rough, forceful kiss, thrusting his tongue into the other’s mouth.  Shuhei whimpered and went slack against the desk, panting through his nose, his lips sealed in a heated entanglement of tongues and saliva.  Renji sucked one of Shuhei’s lips into his mouth and pulled back, teeth dragging fiercely across the lip.

                Renji released his bite, and grinned at the shy embarrassment flushed across the dark-haired man’s face.  “Oh, c’mon, Shuu,” he admonished quietly.  “You don’t have to be so bashful around me…  Would it help to know that I’ve wanted you in return, for some time now?”  Shuhei shuddered at the words, and countered with a hungry look.  “I’ve been waiting for you to say something first…  But I finally decided that you just needed a little bit of…”  A knee pressed between Shuhei’s thighs as Renji leaned in, and a slick tongue explored the convoluted folds of his ear.  “…encouragement,” the red-haired man finally finished in a whisper, and felt his friend slacken in his arms.  “Damn, Shuu,”

 he chuckled.  “What a rag-doll.  Come over to the couch.”  He guided the wobbly man to the adjacent sofa and laid him down, immediately pressing on top of him with his full weight as he began to bite and suck at Shuhei’s throat.

                This is amazing, Shuhei thought with a wondrous shudder as he tipped his head back to further reveal more of the sensitive area to the firm embrace of Renji’s attentive mouth.

                “You’re so quiet,” Renji observed suddenly.  “Are you always like this, Shuu?”

                The older of the two men glanced away, face aflame.  “No…”

                Renji grinned, and gnawed lightly on the edge of his ear.  “I’d like to hear you, if you’re enjoying yourself, Shuu…”

                He shuddered at the request, and whispered, “Harder.”

                “Hn?” Renji asked, not hearing the soft reply.

                “Bite me harder,” the dark-haired man pleaded breathily, followed by a low moan of pleasure as teeth sank deeply into his shoulder.  “Oh…  Please…  Yes,” he begged as he tangled his fingers in long, red hair, dislodging the tie that held it back.  Vermillion cascaded around them and Shuhei gasped, looking up at the being leaned over him, running his fingers under the drape of his shihakusho, over the strong shoulders.  “You are so beautiful,” he whispered, combing his fingers gently through the long, cardinal locks that draped around both their faces, isolating them together behind their own little privacy curtain.

                “Beautiful?”  Renji smiled.  “Really?  I don’t think I’ve ever been called that before…  But considering the circumstances, I’ll take that as a compliment,” he added quickly, trying to allay the embarrassment on the other’s face.  He leaned in close, tongue darting out to taste his lover’s mouth, teeth scraping against his lips as Shuhei’s soft moans seeped into the room, saturating them both in the satisfaction of a long-unfulfilled desire.

                The red-haired man slid his hands under the shihakusho of his friend, running fingertips over his abdomen and up his sides, reveling in the low whine that increased proportionately in volume to the amount of pressure with which he dragged his nails down that flesh.  Giving a deep, clawing press, Renji was rewarded finally with an unrestrained wail of utter abandon as Shuhei writhed beneath him, pressing slender hips upward into his own.

                “Ren… ji…”  Shuhei was breathless as he slid the shihakusho off Renji’s shoulders and onto the floor, revealing the maze of angular tattoos covering his upper chest and back, stretching across his shoulders and down his upper arms in deep, fresh lines.  Shuhei hesitantly feathered his fingers across the raw, sensitized flesh, and Renji shivered, hissing in delight, falling on him again with renewed vigor.  The darker-haired man gasped as Renji situated one of his thighs between Shuu’s, grinding it into the front of his hakama.  Renji pressed into the thigh he straddled, moaning pleasurably.  His tongue traced the fresh lines on his partner’s left cheek, drawing a whine from the slender man.  He nipped along his jawline, and Shuhei gasped each time Renji’s teeth closed on him, bucking in small, uncontrollable spasms.

                “Look what you do to me, Senpai (*3),” Renji teased as he shifted his position to lay within the spread of his thighs, pressing against him, causing the both of them to cry out in tandem at the electricity of the moment.

                Shuhei chuckled wryly between his moans.  “Yeah, some ‘senpai’ I am,” he muttered.  “Look at who ended up the dominant one here…”

                Renji stopped, seeming bothered by the bitter words.  “Hey…  You are my senpai,” he insisted.  “There’s more there than just dominance between a senpai and his kohai (*4)… A guide, a protector, and a teacher.”

                “And what do I have now to teach you?” Shuhei insisted.

                Renji’s fingers brushed lightly on the tattooed cheek of the other man.  “Teach me to love,” he whispered, tears welling in his coffee-colored eyes and he twined his fingers with paler ones and held the other man’s hand to his chest.  “And protect my heart.”

                Shuhei’s stormy grey eyes lightened, and he offered a soft smile, pressing his palm into Renji’s chest.  “And in exchange?”

                “Loyalty,” Renji murmured, pulling their hands up to place a kiss in the center of Shuhei’s palm.  “And maybe I’ll do your laundry, too.”

                The slender man laughed mirthfully, and combed his fingers through the long, rose-colored hair that spilled around his face.  “Why did I wait so long?” he wondered aloud.

                “What, to do your laundry?”

                Shuhei laughed again, and pushed at his shoulder playfully.  “No, baka (*5)…  To tell you how I felt about you.”  He signed heavily.  “So much time wasted…”

                “Why did you wait?” Renji asked.

                Shuhei’s eyes clouded over, again growing distant and sad.  “I was afraid that you’d withdraw if you found out the truth, and I couldn’t bear that thought…  It was better to be close to you and suffer the pain of an unrequited love, than to confess and risk pushing you away… And risk losing you altogether.”

                Renji was speechless for a moment.  “I’m so sorry, Shuu…  I didn’t know that you were suffering.  I could never figure out why you didn’t speak up.  I’ve suspected for the longest time that you had feelings of more than just simple friendship toward me.”  Renji sighed.  “This does complicate things quite a bit between us, doesn’t it?”

                Shuhei shrugged with a smile.  “Not if we don’t let it, Ren,” he murmured, tucking a scarlet strand behind their owner’s ear.  “After all, what is a good kohai’s role toward his senpai?”  Renji shook his head, not exactly sure where Shuhei was leading with his line of questioning.  “Loyalty, yes, but also to strive to respect, obey and please your senpai.”  Shuu gave him a coy grin.  “…And you do want to please me, don’t you?”

                Renji smiled finally, and pressed slowly against the darker-haired man beneath him, who listed weakly to the side with a moan.  “Yes, Senpai,” he whispered as Shuhei pulled him into a hungry kiss.

                “Then please me,” Shuhei panted.  “And take your own pleasure as you do, Kohai.”  He shifted back then, situating himself more upright against the arm of the couch, and Renji looked questioningly at him, sitting back on his heels.  The dark-haired man smiled shyly, and took Renji’s hand, freed by the change in position now that Renji was not hovering over him.  He cast his eyes down, and began to lick Renji’s first two fingers, sucking sensually on them, coating them with his saliva.  Renji’s eyes lit up at the realization of the unspoken request, but he could see the unsettled look on his partner’s face.

                “Hey…”  Renji used his other fingers to turn the tattooed cheek so he could see that face, even while Shuhei continued to suck on the other two.  “Shuu, what’s the matter?”  He pulled his hand from the determinedly working mouth, forcibly freeing it as he waited for a reply that was painfully long in coming.

                “I…  I don’t want you to think I’m…”  Shuhei struggled to find the right words.  “I mean, I want this, I do, don’t get me wrong…  But I’m…  I’m not really into…  Guys.”  He focused intently on a strand of crimson hair, running it through his twisting fingers, then gave Renji a deep, soulful look.  “It’s…  It’s just you, Ren…  Something about you…”

                Renji pulled him into another kiss, this one slow and languorous, which somehow caused him to swell even more than the fiery, passionate ones from earlier had.  When Renji pulled back, there was the glistening of gathering tears in his coffee-colored eyes.

                “I have loved you for so long, Shuhei,” he whispered, gripping him by the shoulders, looking him squarely in the eyes.  “Do you really think that I’d be bothered by something like that, either way?  I’m just glad to know that you feel the same way about me, after all this time.  Nothing else matters.”  He pulled the slender man into his lap, wrapping his arms around him, crushing him to his chest in a tight embrace, which was returned with equal measure.  “Just know that I’m here for you, however you need me…  And if you don’t want to do anything else today, or even ever…”

                Shuhei pulled back sharply, giving Renji a shocked look as he pressed his fingers over his mouth to silence him.  “Now, I never said that,” he corrected in a playful tone, and took Renji’s hand again, resuming to lick and suck at the fingers.  “I…  I just wanted to let you know…  I’ve never done this before.  So, if it’s…  You know…  Not what you’re expecting…”

                Renji pressed his fingers into Shuhei’s mouth to stop him from speaking any further.  “Who said I had expectations?” he asked.  “I’ve never done this before either.  But like you said…  It’s just you, Shuu.  I never wanted something like this before, but I guess it’s because I never found such a perfect soul as you, before now.  I feel like you complete me, and none of the other details beyond that matter to me.  I just want to be with you, and make you happy…  Give you everything…”  Shuhei smiled around the fingers, and Renji withdrew them, replacing them with his tongue in the dark-haired man’s mouth.  

One of Shuhei’s hands slid down and he tugged at the sash of Renji’s hakama, untying it. 


                The red-haired man rose to his knees as the silky folds of fabric pooled on the couch between Shuhei’s legs.  Renji reached a hand down, rubbing at the straining harness through Shuhei’s own hakama, and a choking sob reached his ears, though every attempt to stifle it had been made.  He looked deeply into the turbulent grey eyes of his Senpai, welling with tears.  “Please,” was all Shuhei could manage to get out.

                Renji pulled on the sash, and it came away as loose folds fell to the sides, and he pushed them downward gently, releasing the weeping arousal they had been concealing.  The two of them moaned as Renji brought the fluid covered heads together, allowing them to touch, and slide them against one another.  Renji’s head bowed and he panted as tanned fingers encircled both of their arousals, squeezing them together and stroking rhythmically at a slow, deliberate pace.  Shuhei whined in desperate need, and thrust his length against Renji’s, sliding along the slick tunnel of fingers.  He reached to mimic Renji’s gesture, his own hand coming around from the opposite side, creating a fuller tightness of sensation shared by the both of them.  He interlaced his fingers with Renji’s after a few minutes, and they sighed simultaneously in satisfaction at the deeper level of intimacy that simple gesture somehow conveyed to the both of them.  They thrust into the tangled fingers, squeezing both of them firmly together.

                Renji threaded his hand between their writhing bodies, and slid a wet finger against Shuhei’s entrance.  He gasped as it pressed inside of him, letting out a long, low moan, and clung to Renji’s shoulders, head sagging.  “Are you ok?” the redhead asked worriedly, halting his advance, waiting for a response.  Shuhei trembled, his entire body locked up in tension, but he gave a quick nod, trying not to move much.  “Does it hurt?”

                Grey eyes flickered up at Renji in a look that was almost predatory with the lust it carried, and a panting, open-mouthed grin spread slowly over his face.  “A little,” he whispered, pressing onto Renji further with a cry.  “Oh, fuck, Ren…”  He moaned as his head lolled back against the arm of the couch, finally beginning to relax, an errant tear slipping down his cheek as he smiled.  “More…”

                Renji complied, adding a second finger, accompanied by a pleasured wail and a tightening grip on his upper arms.  Shuhei leaned forward, pressing Renji deeper into him, and gave a choking sob as he rested his head in the hollow of Renji’s shoulder.  “Just be still,” Renji whispered, releasing their arousals and stroking Shuhei’s back instead, in tender affection.  “And relax.  I don’t want to hurt you.  There’s quite a stretch yet beyond just a couple of fingers, if we do what I think you’d like me to…”

                Shuhei twisted his fingers in the hair at the nape of Renji’s neck, pulling his head down so Renji’s ear was next to his mouth.  “I like the pain,” he hissed, his tongue teasing there.  “Remember?”  Renji shuddered and swelled at the immodest utterance, and withdrew his fingers, resolved to please his Senpai.

                “Of course,” he said, firmness coming into his tone as he grabbed Shuhei around the chest, pulling the slim-built man into his lap with a sudden roughness.   Renji lifted him against his chest, holding him aloft for a moment or two.  “Then I’ll take my pleasure as well,” he asserted over the keening lament that poured forth from Shuhei as he pressed slender hips down, unexpectedly impaling him.   Shuhei desperately held fast to Renji’s back with quaking, weak arms, heaving in bliss as Renji was buried deeply in him with a groan forced through gritted teeth.  “Ahhh, fuck…  Tight,” the redhead whispered, his tongue and teeth working at Shuhei’s ear as he clung trembling to his partner.

                “I…  I can’t,” Shuhei whimpered, leaning sideways against the back of the couch, breathless.  “My knees, I can’t…”  He spasmed uncontrollably, and slouched, limp.

                Renji chuckled, and lifted Shuhei, who yelped as Renji withdrew from him.  “Turn around,” Renji prompted him, and assisted his shaky lover to face the same direction as him, then pulled him back into his lap, entering him from behind, holding him upright against his chest.  “There,” he whispered, laying tiny kisses on his neck and shoulder as Shuhei leaned his head back, eyes closed.  “Is that better?”  When he didn’t get a reply instantly, he began to thrust slowly, one hand sliding down to stroke Shuhei’s openly displayed erection.

                “Ngh…  Aaah!”  Shuhei cried out, and unexpectedly climaxed.  Exhausted, his body became completely listless, and Renji chuckled again, pressing him into the back of the couch, which he gladly draped himself over for support as Renji continued to thrust until he gave a groan at last, and Shuhei felt the heat of Renji’s release exploding inside of him.  He gasped as Renji withdrew, and slumped forward onto the back of the couch.


                Renji took the exhausted Shuhei in his arms, laying him down on the couch, adjusting their disarrayed clothing as he sidled up beside him, stroking his chest lightly.  “We waited too long for this, Shuu,” he said apologetically.  “I’m sorry I didn’t ever say anything before now…”

                “Renji,” Shuhei whispered, turning into him again in a passionate kiss.  “Don’t’ apologize.  What’s done is done.  Water under the bridge…  Ink…  Under the skin…”  His fingertips grazed over the abraded flesh of the tattoos covering Renji’s chest.  “The past can’t be changed.  But we’ll make the most of it, now that we do know.”

                Renji nuzzled against Shuhei’s cheek, tongue teasing at the “69” emblazoned there.  “Next time though,” he said teasingly, “We are going to touch up your tattoo, for real.”

                Shuhei gave his Renji a lascivious grin.  “Just remember, though…”

                The red-head smiled back.  “Yeah, yeah, I know…  You like the pain.”  He kissed him, both of them sighing from out of the deep satisfaction of their souls.  “Next time, I’ll be expecting it,” he assured his lover as dark hair rested on Renji’s tattooed chest, and they both drifted off into a peaceful, contented sleep in each other’s arms.


1*- Shihakusho- the traditional uniform of the Shinigami, or Soul Reapers; a simple black robe-like garment, usually worn with a white under-robe.

2*- Hakama- part of the traditional uniform of the Soul Reapers, similar to pants, gathered in folds at the waist, and tied with a sash.

3*- Senpai- The Senpai/Kohai dynamic is an essential element of Japanese seniority-based status relationships. The senpai is roughly equivalent to the Western concept of a mentor.  Senpai/Kohai relationships generally last for as long as the two people concerned stay in contact, even if the original context in which the senpai was senior is no longer relevant.  More than simple seniority, senpai implies a relationship with reciprocal obligations, somewhat similar to a mentoring relationship.   The senpai must guide, protect, and teach their kohai as best they can.  Shuhei was a Senior student in Shinigami Academy when Renji was a Freshman, and oversaw some of his field training.

4*- Kohai- Kohai is roughly equivalent to the idea of a ‘protégé,’ though in Japanese, these terms do not imply as strong a relationship as these words mean in the West. More simply, these may be translated as senior and junior, or as an elder compared with someone younger in the family/company/organization; the terms are used more widely than a true mentor/protégé in the West.  There is usually no average separation in age between a senpai and his or her kohai.  In a Japanese school sports clubs, such as a baseball team, the kohai are usually expected to perform various menial tasks for the senpai including washing clothes and cleaning.  A kohai is expected to respect and obey their senpai.

*5- Baka- the Japanese translates literally as ‘fool,’ though depending on the inflection and use, its meaning can vary widely, from ‘dummy’ to a more crass and scathing meaning closer to the American insults ‘asshole’ or ‘bastard’


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