Ichigo, the Anal Bride

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Enjoy the mansex.

CHAPTER 1: Marriage

Pairing: Ichigo x the Ghost with the Glasses from the first chapter and episode of Bleach.

Warning: There's a lot of detailed buttsex in this chapter, if you don't like detail buttsex then I don't know what to tell you, you probably shouldn't read it.

In Karakura Town there lived a 15-Year Old guy by the name of Ichigo Kurosaki. He had spiky orange hair, scowled a lot, and didn't have a lot of friends that he actually wanted as friends. On the outside he seemed rather threatening and like he could kick the crap out of you at any second, but deep down he was a pretty okay guy, only beat up stupid people and was pretty okay to his friends. However, Ichigo held one thing that no other man held, the ass that could save the world. Ichigo's ass was many things a man desired: fat, round, shiny, and his anus was the tightest anus to ever exist. No man on Earth could actually appreciate Ichigo's properly, but Ichigo's ass would soon become the figure to which ghosts would flock to.

A normal teenage boy's room would be a bastion for them. They could be in there without being interrupted by family enjoying their hobbies, sleeping, or doing their homework so they end up with a decent future. Ichigo's however would be the main scene for all of his ghostly encounters. See whereas most teenage boys would have sexual stimulant through watching naked ladies or maybe even men if they're into that kind of thing, Ichigo's was where he would be fucked every night by a new ghost. Ichigo started doing these favors for the male ghosts a year ago when they finally started surrounding him at a constant basis for one reason, to get some of that ass. Ichigo does it as a favor because he feels it's his responsibility to help the ghosts since no one else can see, hear, or feel their transparent dick penetrating his tight ass.

Today Ichigo was servicing a glasses wearing ghost. The ghost was not exactly old, but the few wrinkles on his face showed age. His eyes were brown as was his short, well kept hair. However his most defining features were certainly his large glasses and the business clothes he wore. He had followed Ichigo home and began making his move the second Ichigo stepped into his house by reaching out and grabbing a hand full of Ichigo's ass. Ichigo had immediately moaned the second the ghost grabbed his wonderful buttocks and yelled, "NOT NOW, DAMMIT!" after the pleasure had subsided. Just as the ghost's hand moved away, Ichigo was met with a flying kick by his father for being late. After a scrap with his dad, Ichigo went to his room in a huff. The second he made it into his room

the glasses wearing ghost began kissing the nape of Ichigo's neck while pinching his nipples. The ghost had followed Ichigo into his room and began making his move. As Ichigo was enraptured by the ghost, he began moaning a bit, and eventually succumbed to the ghost's whims. Soon enough the ghost forcibly stuck his tongue into Ichigo's mouth and they began a war of the saliva. Their tongues at fierce war with each other, but the older man's eventually won out and dominated Ichigo's mouth to submission. Ichigo had to hold on to the ghost for support as he was floored by the man's skill. Finally, they parted their lips and tongues regrettably.

"Wow!", Ichigo exclaimed. "Hold on a minute though, you could've waited until I got up here to do this," Ichigo says to the ghost. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't wait to do it. I'm so built up from looking at you I could explode!"


"Your slender body, your pretty face, your eyes, and that bottom! I couldn't resist doing it as soon as possible!"

"Wow, I've never been complimented like that before... hmmm, okay. Let me take my clothes off."

Ichigo removed every article of clothing to reveal his body. His thin yet well built frame, his long and perfect legs that go for miles, his adorable navel, and his delicious trunk junk. The only thing about Ichigo that didn't mesh with everything else was his average sized erect penis at 5 inches. Ichigo moved towards the ghost breathing heavily and pulled down his pants to get to work. Removing the underwear revealed the man's flaccid length at 7 inches. Ichigo shuddered at what it would become when it gets erect.

"Please... suck it." Ichigo looked surprised at how straightforward the man was about it. However, he had dedicated himself to helping any ghost for the past year, whether it was helping little girl ghosts with skater punks or pleasing the dicks of dearly departed men who flocked to him, he had made this decision and had to follow through. Ichigo licked the ghost's girth repeatedly. He was as thorough on the shaft as he could possibly be, licking it from top to bottom. He began to cradle the ghost's balls while doing so and before long, the ghost's began to go up, but not enough to make him fully erect. Ichigo was now able to get the dick in his mouth and savored the taste of it, similar to that of how a dog savors his bone. He began moving back & forward on the ghost's member, furiously sucking it as if it were precious air. Ichigo had serviced many ghost dicks, but none as thick, hard, and long as this one, though he was not going all the way, he felt as if he could ograsm himself at any moment just from the experience he was brought. Ichigo looked up at the ghost's face wistfully and saw him staring back down at him with the roof's light at his back making everything about the ghost seem as a silhouette except for his glasses. The glasses shined and made Ichigo feel as if he was being judged by this man, as if this man's opinion of him was so low for sucking his cock that he was going to make him into the slut that Ichigo had made himself into all for what he believed were his responsibilities.

By the time Ichigo had come back to his senses, the ghost had already begun to pull his dick out of Ichigo's mouth, turned him around and lay him on his knees so his butt was facing his dick as proceeded to cum all over Ichigo's back and ass with huge globs of it. By the time the ghost had finished, Ichigo's back looked like a modern art painting. Ichigo layed there in amazement as he felt all of the hot seed on his back, it was a moment of unbelievable ectasy for Ichigo as no ghost had ever before released such huge amounts. The heats was overbearing to Ichigo, he couldn't tell if it was just him feeling dizzy or that the semen was actually as hot as he believed, but Ichigo felt something he had never felt before, a ghost's hot seed. Ichigo was on the receiving end of many ejaculations in the past, but none were ever hot, all either mild or cold. He figured it was because ghosts were and unfeeling, but he felt all of the glasses ghosts feelings in that liquid on his back.

The ghost did not stop there however, he then proceeded to ravish Ichigo's anus with his tongue and fingers. The ghost eating out his anus while fingering provided another new sensation to Ichigo as he had never felt both at once before. The ghost knew where to lick and stab, it's as if he had been fucking Ichigo for years, despite evidence to the contrary. Finally, after 10 minutes the ghost finished as Ichigo blew his load all over his floor. The ghost stood breating heavily as he did since their session started, looking over his work, however he knew his mission was not yet complete, for though he had gone through the opening passage and made his way down the largest length of this cave, he had not yet begun to enter the deep ravenous cavern that would lead him to glory. Ichigo could still not believe how he felt, but the man then kissed Ichigo's entrance once before flipping him over and putting the head of his fully erect 9" inch pole there. He put both of his arms by Ichigo's side as he hovered above Ichigo, between his legs, with his rapier ready to penetrate. They sat like this for another 10 minutes, Ichigo feeling the head ready for action and the ghost still breathing heavily.

He could feel the sticky semen on his back squishing between him and the floor now, which put him into even greater pleasure. All that was left, was the main event. Ichigo had felt many ghosts penetrate him and he had felt pleasure from them so many times, but he had never had to wait for it, he had never had to sit in anticipation as his haunter would loom over him like a Sword of Damocles. Finally, Ichigo found it in him to nod to the ghost and the ghost finally began moving his shaft forward into the crevasse that was known as Ichigo's ass. 1 inch, 2 inches, Red inches, Blue inches, the ghost had finally felt his prize tighten around his meaty shaft as he pulled and thrusted into Ichigo's ass. The ass of this 15-Year Old boy who every male ghost had yearned for. Many ghosts have tasted his rectal cavity before, but none have ravished it like this ghost did. Ichigo tried to keep his mouth closed so he wouldn't disturb his family with his paranormal experiences, but he found it difficult to do so when the ghost just kept thrusting as if he was a spartan warrior in battle. Thrust and pull, thrust and pull, thrust and pull, abloobloobloo. Soon enough the ghost with glasses got closer and closer to climax.

Ichigo then reached up locked lips with the ghost as he was pumping into him, this is what finally sent the ghost over the edge. Ichigo's kiss was burning with the heating of a 1000 burning suns, as if they were newlyweds on their honeymoon, the two were flushed with desire, happiness, and a whole bunch of other homo stuff, I dunno, it's 4:25 AM as I'm writing this and I'm running out of adjectives. Finally, the ghost released his enormous filling into Ichigo's butt as if he were a thanksgiving turkey being stuffed. Ichigo wrapped his arms around the ghost's neck and they continued kissing one another until the ghost finally stopped cumming.

The two's lips separated from one another and sat panting in the afterglow, however even though they had stopped making out, the the ghost's dick remained buried in Ichigo's ass. Ichigo was amazed he could take something so big into himself, but he had been prepared so well both emotionally and physically by the ghost he never noticed any pain. Finally, Ichigo was able to form words and think properly in his head again and asked, "Who are you?" Ghost then removed himself from Ichigo still erected and picked him up bridal style as Ichigo spilled semen from his anus while being cariied. He answered Ichigo's question as he walked to the bed,

"Your stalker."

He layed Ichigo down on the bed and inserted himself into Ichigo again. "I've been watching over you for the past year, since the first time you were fucked by the other ghosts." As he was speaking the ghost continuously thrusted into Ichigo as if it were normal while Ichigo's legs lay on top of the ghost's shoulders bobbing back and forth between each savage thrust. "I've been watching you help others, interact with your interesting family, be kind to your friends, but most importantly I've been wathching you get your ass destroyed by ghost after ghost." Ichigo gave soft moans in between every word that was said to him. "Certainly such a kind soul could accept my love? I had been a virgin since the day I was born. Not only for my plain looks, but whenever I got a woman into bed they were always afraid and men were too emasculated or terrified of my thing to do it. But, I knew you and your sense of duty wouldn't allow you to not do it with me, but I didn't want to just to fuck you and be done with it."

The ghost then lifted Ichigo onto his lap so he could look him in the eyes to tell him this next phrase while enjoying the feeling of Ichigo bouncing on his cock, "I want to make you my anal bride. I fell in love with you after seeing your heroics, kindness, and duty to others and I knew you had to be mine. As long as I find some way to tether my soul to this world then I can remain in it forever with you." The ghost then kissed Ichigo deeply again, although Ichigo is being fucked so thoroughly that only some words are registering properly in his mind and he can only feel love for this ghost who's given him the greatest joy he's ever had. The two continued kissing for minutes feeling each other's love in each clash of the tongue. They pulled apart with a strand of saliva still connecting their tongues though they were at a distance. "You watched over me for a year?"

Ichigo was then lifted off of the bed as the ghost stood up with Ichigo still firmly on his member. He began walking towards the door while Ichigo clung to his neck with his legs wrapped around the ghost's waist. The ghost walked at a brisk pace through the house as everyone was now in bed. The ghost walked into the kitchen and place Ichigo on the table as he continued from where he left off and powered into Ichigo's hole, shaking the table but not making enough noise to alert everybody. "In this room, every day before you entered and when everyone was gone, I made sure to cum directly into your breakfast and coffee. I always made sure it was never noticeable and that you never knew I was even there." Ichigo blushed at the thought of having ghost semen every morning for his breakfast. "How long have you done that?" Ichigo asked with his heart about to burst out of his chest and anus being tenderized like it was a rough steak. "For nearly a year, you were none the wiser and to know that you enjoyed the taste of my love, made me the happiest ghost that there could've been."

Ichigo learning this felt as if he had truly been loved by this man. Although he found this devotion peculiar, his life and views had changed significantly enough over the past year to see it is a true token of his affection, rather than a disgusting man doing perverted things to a then 14-year old. "Now, we're going to go to one last place before you decide on our future." The ghost lifted Ichigo once again and this time took him to the girls' room.

"Here we are. Now, before we leave I want you to tell them what their big brother they look up to truly is." The ghost kissed Ichigo again before placing him on his feet and bending him over so he could pound him more and place him near Yuzu. "Yuzu, I'm sorry, but I'm just a whore for ghosts. I don't do anything heroic like save their souls, I just take their dicks up my ass." Yuzu didn't hear a word of it as she was sound asleep and Ichigo was then pulled over to Karin's side while the smacking of front and back's continued. "Karin, I'm sorry you didn't have a better big brother, but you'll learn how great it is to be fucked by someone who loves you when you get older." Finally, the thrusts increased and the ghost finally climaxed into Ichigo filling him with more of his seed, this time making a noticeable bump in Ichigo's stomach. "Now let's go back to our nest."

Back in his room, Ichigo was making many slurping noises while enjoying the cock of the ghost. After nearly 20 minutes of pleasing the ghost, he finally orgasmed into Ichigo's mouth. Any drops of escaping semen fell from Ichigo's full mouth like rain drops from a cloud and Ichigo opened his mouth to show the ghost the reward he had earned. He proceeded to chew it all up in his mouth as if it were a fine bread. He kneaded the semen in his mouth to sacor the taste for all times to come and finally swallowed it after many minutes of drowning in its delicious flavor. Ichigo couldn't believe it, that his happiness had been waiting for him in the form of this ghost. This ghost who came into his home and dominated him and made Ichigo his own property. All Ichigo ever felt like he needed was something to make his life change for the better and he feels that with this ghost, he has finally reach true happiness.

Ichigo went back to work on his dick while the ghost kept him from it. "No, if you want more Ichigo, you have to become my anal bride." The ghost said this with a completely serious look on his face. "You can no longer fuck miscallaneous ghosts nor can you fuck any of the humans on the Earth, you belong to me and only me!" Ichigo smiled back at him and spoke these words to the ghost. "Please, make me, Ichigo Kurosaki, your slutty pig bitch anal bride. I will swallow all of your semen and be your woman." With those words, Ichigo had been conquered by his former stalker now turned lover. The ghost could stick a flag in Ichigo's ass and declare him his property at this point and anyone who crosses him would have to pay property taxes. To celebrate the occasion, Ichigo was given a ring that said "Ichigo: "Anal Bride." Ichigo wore it happily on his right hand's middle finger and was pulled towards the ghost and kissed vigorously.

The ghost's dick was then return to its new home, Ichigo's shithole as they began their newlywed fucking on Ichigo's bed. They both made love for 2 more hours. "Come on, take my seed and get pregnant with it, become a mommy!" When they had finished another session, Ichigo's arms were wrapped on his husband's head as his legs had been clutching to his back trying force his 9 inch member deeper into his new bride's tight little ass so he could spill his seed to the point where he could get pregnant if he weren't a man. They both finally collapsed and spent. They wished to now just rest and sit in the afterglow of their new love. The cover was pulled over them both as they kissed more. "I love you so much." Ichigo said to his lover. "I love you too" the ghost said back. However they both noticed a presence walking through the wall as if it were a ghost itself.

"Who are you?" Ichigo asked the figure who looked like a girl with black hair, wearing a black kimono and a butterfly fluttering out as well. "Ah there you are." She said to the ghost. The girl then tapped the ghost on the hilt of the head with her sword. He began disappearing with a smile on his face in a glow of white light and said before he left, "Thank you Ichigo, thanks to you I have no regrets! You were the best anal bride a man could hope for!" The ghost caused Ichigo the most passionately he could one last time while he disappeared into light and then he was gone. "...Okay. Well see y-" Then suddenly a giant roar sounded across the city. "HOLLOW!" The girl yelled as Ichigo put his clothes on and ran to help the girls while still feeling the ghost's semen sliding down his legs. When he felt that sensation of being filled by the one you loved and treated like the bitch you are, he looked at his ring and knew his love with the ghost would last forever.

Because when an Anal Bride is truly wedded to another, their bond is never broken, not even by death.


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