God Like You: Der Nacht Lied

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Right, my honeys. This is a surprise update and a surprise story that I just had to write because its plot is just too sweet and it literally overwhelmed me yesterday. I apologize that Winter's Eternal Love's first chapter will be push back a bit on my update list but we'll see how it goes. It is a Multi-chapter fic so its update can wait for a little while after all. This however, will not.

The tilte: God Like You: Der Nacht Lied (The Night Song)

There are quite a few important warnings for this story, so please heed them nowAlso, these notes need to be read because otherwise the story will not make sense. This story is going to be replacing Daddy's Little Demon at the moment because I'm stuck with it at the present time. Other than that:

Please read: This is a set pairing between Yhwach x Kurosaki Ichigo x Kurosaki Yuichi (Quincy!Ichigo)Yuichi (雄一) {which means 'brave first son'} is NOT an OC. He is another part of Ichigo, making this story partial self-cest and twin-cest because Yuichi is Ichigo's twin in this ficHe is a pureblood Quincy, having inherited that portion of his mother's powers whilst Ichigo is not a complete Shinigami in this fic. His powers are centred around the Fullbringer concept ALONG with his dual Zangetsu.

How his powers work will be explained in detail next chapter because I haven't gotten to Ichigo's introspective part on him and Yuichi's history and so on yet. Please be a little patient with me, this story has a startling plot that is very big and long and very detailed. For now though, it's just the prologue. I had a bit too much fun writing Yhwach but it has just established an opening into this story.

The warnings for this is: M/M (Established twin-cest between Yuichi x Ichigo), AngstDark ficViolence, M/M/M set pairing between Yhwach x Kurosaki Ichigo x Kurosaki YuichiSort-of Good!QuincyEvil!Soul Societylemon contentIncest and partial Self-cest considering that Yuichi is written as a separate part of 'Ichigo'.

So there you have it my honeys! Now that that is out of the way, I hope that you enjoy.

Prologue: The Songs of The Night:

Rising from the ashes of darkness, claiming the right to a once revered throne and reigniting a forgotten existence was only a privilege afforded to gods. Something many have failed to achieve and were left to drown in the bitter despair of their defeat instead. It remains a lingering possibility for one individual arising from a world of pure shadow to attain it, though. As it has been sung for many generations that after nine-hundred years a Sealed King would awaken from his eternal sleep to regain a pulse, after ninety he would reclaim his intellect to create a shadowed army standing by his side and nine years after that...he would once more possess unparalleled power at the command of his fingertips.

A startling claim to the fundamental construction of the world and the dark promise that looms ever more in the obscurity of the world...

So, let the breath of true fear into the core of all unforgivable souls...

Late one autumn afternoon the burning sun was setting alight a colourful miasma of softening pinks, fading yellows, glowing magentas and vivid reds that were stained with the looming presence of lingering clouds and the expanding shadows of the coming night. A complex construction of districts, intricate streets and modern labyrinths had become the sole unsightly image of the twenty-first century, bustling, town situated on the outskirts of Tokyo. Where the fast rolling storm clouds though, were rightfully greying its unnatural brightness as two unnoticed figures hovered in the eventide's shadows almost as if the sky was solid beneath booted feet. Sharp dark eyes were gazing at Karakura Town with pure disgust, finding no beauty in the modernity of the world as the imposing form allowed a heavy sigh to spill past pale lips in sheer irritation. There was an intricate uniform of white settled imposingly across a tall frame, a fluttering blood red cloak reaching for the heels of booted feet as the Quincy King Yhwach glared at the human souls scrambling restlessly below his feet to get out of the way of the coming rain.

'Remind me again, Haschwalth why you dragged me out of the Silbern(1*) Fortress for this? You know that I cannot leave the Shatten Bereich(2*) for more than two hours at the time every twenty four hours untill my power settles down. I'd rather not stare at a world that has no meaning to me when I can plot the devastation of our enemies.' A rumbling baritone reprimanded sternly, an array of dark locks reaching for the dip in the King's spine as it danced behind him almost as if sensing his deep annoyance and he crossed his arms in the imposing image of unrestrained command to those under his rule. The long blonde haired man standing by his side, slightly finer in build and possessing a much less frightening presence, turned stoic blue eyes upon his Heika(3*) with a reassuring smile that was brushed with pure self-satisfaction. 'You are going to want to see this, Heika. You've tasked me with finding a worthy 'living' Quincy to carry on your power and will, yes? Well, I've found them. One of our high level Arrancar encountered the pair a few days ago, the one Hollow that vanished from our sensors without a trace mere minutes after being deployed here in Karakura.'

'I thought I told you that you're supposed to be looking for the gemischt (4*) child of the Ishida line. He is in this town is he not?' Dark eyes narrowed abruptly, the light of the sun reflecting off of fathomless orbs that glittered a deep and unreadable blue which could almost be likened to the black of midnight. 'And what do you mean by 'them'? I'm not here to play games with you, B. I have many other things to do. There should only one person to extend our invitation to.' Yhwach noted irritably, a frown furrowing dark brows when there were several moments of silence between them after that. When a school's ringing bell cut through the uncomfortable quiet though, the ancient soul reluctantly turned his attention to the happy laughter of children and the unbearable shouts these days' adolescence seemed to make everywhere that they went. He was getting more than a little irritated now, his second-in-command had been very secretive these last few days and today just proved that Haschwalth knew something that his Heika didn't. And the Quincy King did not like that very much.

He was an ancient being, hailing from a time period more than a thousand years before and being played with like this was not something that he particularly enjoyed. He was still struggling to comprehend the modern human world around him, not quite ready to face its wild and vivid life as it became a torrent of confusion to his still mending senses. It was even causing the older being to shudder at the vast spread of astoundingly weak souls below him, forcing him to acknowledge that most of the children here possessed a minute trace of reiatsu of varying strengths that were all vying for his attention with every second that ticked by. And the more that they became, the more the King reeled at the intensity of the sensations. It was almost likened to a horde of ants, scrambling without aim upon their path of life. It was pitiful, beneath his attention as the Emperor and father to the Quincy race closed his eyes absently to recollect his wavering and drifting thoughts. He had other plans to accomplish after all, plans that would drag the self righteous Shinigami, who had so wrongfully seated themselves upon the throne of existence, down a few pegs. It had become his duty, after all, to set the world right―.

'Please be patient, Your Majesty. You'll be able to sense them in a moment.' A lilting tenor called in gentle appeasement, startling Yhwach from his thoughts just as he was about to demand who the hell 'they' were. Haschwalth was stubbornly silent that afternoon for some reason though, not wanting to divulge even an indication as to why he had brought the Quincy King out here in the first place. That was until the long brown haired man was startled by an overwhelming caress of power swirling against the edges of his soul in a heady, near pleasurable, rush. Dark eyes instantly flicked downwards, searching for the one eclipsing power that was mixed in with a horde of students escaping Karakura High's restrictive walls that afternoon. One, no, there were two distinctive reiatsu that he could sense; he was sure of that now. Each was a little different than the other but it was the startling similarity and contradicting contrast that they shared which momentarily threw the Quincy King for a loop and boggled his mind completely. The subtle united pulse that they gave off was creating sheer havoc against Yhwach's soul, breaking in a torrent of command across shivering skin almost as if the two indiscernible beings had already sensed his presence here.

The long haired King could just about perceive the most startling of the two powers, the one that was stealing his sole attention as it rose and fell with a settled and fairly calm rhythm of sheer magnitude and beautiful control. The other reiatsu though, the one that was ragged, sparking with electricity and completely uncontained had captivated his senses for an entirely different reason all together. That one was so dark and overwhelmingly shadowed that he was sure it would be enough to eclipse the sun if it were to be properly set free from its master's skin. And the other, the one that was so familiar to Yhwach's that it could be likened to his own power was so light and pure that it was enough to illuminate a midnight sky for miles on end without a single trail of shadow ever surviving its enveloping touch. Both of those reiatsu held such uncontained strength, such pulsing vitality and even though they were an unusual concept of oppressive opposites; it was almost if they fit together like a puzzle piece carved by the hands of a god. It was the perfect representation of yin and yang, of dark and light, the sun to the moon and ultimately...a Quincy and a Hollow.

He had never felt anything like it before, it was almost as if standing in their mere presence alone was an utterly unexpected pleasurable experience for his very soul; leaving the Emperor to draw in increasing excited breaths the more that time seemed to pass. Yhwach had nearly forgotten to keep a tight reign clamped around his own power just so that he didn't instinctively reach out to them though, the brown haired being frowning deeply when he caught a glimpse of movement to his right and Haschwalth opened a gateway into Hueco Mundo beside him. Luring a Hollow into the depths of the Human World without his consent, the Quincy was just about to reprimand his subordinate for placing so many innocents in danger, especially considering that the Hollow he brought out was a lower ranking Gillian Arrancar which they had salvaged from Hueco Mundo for their own army. He didn't get very far in his words however, a rare smile tugging at Haschwalth's lips the moment that the intrigued Emperor finally noted the two figures who stilled several feet below him at the Hollow's recognizable presence. They were already strategically separating themselves from their peers, disappearing into an empty alleyway with a flicker of bright orange just as the King felt his reality slipping away from around him.

His blonde haired subordinate was quietly conversing with the Arrancar, giving it several intricate instructions but Yhwach just couldn't find it in himself to care about what was going on. He knew instinctively what his second in command was doing and judging by the sheer scope of power present in those two souls, the blue eyed Quincy had just about sacrificed the fallen creature obeying them before the fight had truly begun. The King's eyes were riveted to the ground instead, watching intently as two heads of bright orange locks emerged from the abandoned alleyway before a distinctive change began to take place in that rested reiatsu in a powerful rush. It was as if they were building on it, sharing a flood of power between them as one second passed, two, five, six by the eighth second...Yhwach had found more than just his interest peaked. He was utterly spellbound, quietly observing the two forms that leapt into the sky with a well practised ease that spoke of many years of practice. They were using the elevated terrain to rush across the heavenly planes, moving in the shadows of clouds to conceal their notable forms from watching eyes as they implemented two very different techniques and sources of strength to execute their high speed movement.

And they were not the clumsy movements of the inexperienced, they knew exactly what it was that they were doing. The Quincy King could barely tell the two apart, even when the distance separating him from them was closing quickly. The two souls were racing towards their Hollow opponent, seeking out the danger that was already advancing in the direction of the High School grounds that were below them. They had good instincts though, very protective for children who could not be more than seventeen years of age. But more than that, Haschwalth had been very clever in the execution of this plan. The Arrancar was luring both souls away from the range of the high school, deliberately leading them towards the less noticeable forest on the outskirts of Karakura so that the Heika could remain unseen and undetected in his intensely focused observations. Sharp dark eyes were following them step for step eagerly, finally beginning to understand a little more of them now that the two beings were drawing closer and he could properly discern their appearance. They were identical twins, that he could be more than sure of and the only way he could tell them apart at the moment was by the length of vibrant orange locks and the different forms of power they possessed.

The presence that he had been able to attach to the 'dark' reiatsu so headily before was gliding across the air in a yet to be seen technique that was causing swirls of bright light to curl around constantly moving feet. His form was fast, blurring out of existence as the teen possessing a spiky array of messy orange locks moved ahead of his twin that was lingering a few split seconds behind him with a technique that was much more familiar to the Quincy King. Such a beautifully executed hirenkyaku (5*) was difficult to find amongst even the top most tier of his purebloods, leaving the older being to take in the child possessing a cascading torrent of orange locks (in a contrast to his brother's) that was reaching for thin hips as it trailed like a wave of sheer silk behind him. They were both dressed in the school's uniform, tight grey pants clinging to long legs as a tight dark blue t-shirt, settled beneath the 'dark' teen's loose form-fitting blazer, displayed a lithe and well sculpted form. His long orange haired twin remained fairly 'neat' however, with his blazer still closed and curling evocatively over a slightly taller frame.

He could not be mistaken as anything but a Quincy and an exceedingly powerful one at that. He was rivalling the intensity of all of the King's 'children' before he had tracked them down, becoming something that Yhwach did not want to let go of now that he had found it. It was his short haired brother though, that intrigued the Emperor the most. There was something wrong with that one's soul, he could sense a touch of innate Shinigami in him...along with an astounding array of overwhelming powerful Hollow reiatsu that was trailing in pitch black torrents behind him. By now an intrigued frown was furrowing across dark brows deeply, the Quincy King gazing intently at the short orange haired being as he came to a halt several seconds later when their opponent stilled to face them. Petal pinks lips were moved to say something to his twin, causing a delighted grin to curl beautifully across the 'light' teen's lips as Yhwach was left revelling in the odd sensation that was swirling around the shorter being's form. It was increasing exceptionally, the 'dark' twin reaching his hands to his sides almost as if he was waiting for something or urging it to materialize in the palms of his hands.

The King was left blinking in surprise several seconds later though, when a barely seen light blue bracelet that was curled around a right wrist, became engulfed in a explosion of pitch black reiatsu. A visible curl of reishi was bowing protectively around the teen's form, shielding him from view for several seconds before it evaporated just as quickly as it had come and left behind an astounding image that the observing Quincy would never forget. Clutched in each of the orange haired teen's hands was a blade that was darker than the night and almost carried the same sensation that a Shinigami's Zanpactō did. They were unusually shaped, brimming with power that Yhwach could only roughly translate as a daitō that was as long as its wielder was tall and a smaller wakizashi that was clutched protectively in a left hand. The shorter twin's left eye was covered protectively with the beginnings of a cracked Hollow mask, a long tapering black horn jutting from the side of his head menacingly as he gazed over his shoulder at his twin with a startling, almost childish grin of pride.

There was protective armour in the same dark colour as his dual swords, settled across his chest, calves, arms, and the back of his neck as he abruptly took off ahead of his brother. Leaving the long orange haired mirror image standing in the air as if it was solid beneath steady feet; there was no doubt that the 'light' teen clearly possessed the greater advantage of a ranged weapon as a ray of late afternoon sun glinted off a flicker of silver around the teen's wrist. The Quincy Emperor recognized instantly, dark eyes watching closely as the long haired twin shook his head in amusement and followed his brother's toying attacks as he danced around his valiantly fighting opponent with taunting and surprisingly elegant, graceful, movements for the heaviness that those dual blades and protective armour surely created. His polar opposite though, was reaching his right hand out in front of him. A flash of silver slipping from his sleeve as Yhwach remained spellbound the instant that the long orange haired being brought out the form of his Quincy bow. He could instantly discern that it was well developed, forming a solid state that was reminiscent of the traditional Japanese bows that were still used in modern kyudo (6*). It was coloured just a black as his brother's swords though...

That in itself was unusual as the reishi Quincy absorbed was almost always a pure and light blue in colour, it was almost as if the teen's body was transforming and intensifying its density―.

'Have you seen something that you like, Heika?' A smug voice whispered close to his side, the Quincy King lazily turning his attention away from the twins as he observed his second in command coming to a halt by his side. That smug smile had not yet left the blonde haired man's lips; in fact, he seeming to revel in the spark of intense interest that he had created in his Heika's usually far too deeply focused eyes. Instead, there was a slow burning fire of lust beginning to saturate fathomless and unreadable dark orbs. In that exact moment of time, Yhwach could not keep a deeply satisfied smile from curling across his lips. He was eagerly shifting his attention back to the intense fight, catching it just in time as a spray of blood from a fatal sword wound darkened the air and a loosed black arrow sunk into a nameless Arrancar's heart before any trouble had ever really started. That large black dancing blade came down one more time though, severing the Hollow's ties to existence without hesitation as the Quincy King allowed a tiny amount of his own power to slip passed his control.

He had seen enough, those two hadn't even taken five minutes to dispose of a fairly powerful Arrancar completely...something that intrigued the older being more than ever. Making sure to burn the astounding sight that they made into his very soul, the older being rested his fingertips against an invisible wall as a flood of shadows flowed from his dark red cloak before it slowly but surely enclosed him in darkness. He had thought that he would give a special privilege to the last living 'Quincy' of the Ishida line but now he'd found not only his Prinz Von Licht (7*) but his Prinz Von Nacht(8*)as well. He had seen something very special, something that he more than liked...he wanted to possess them both. It was far too interisting to let go of, especially since Yhwach couldn't quite figure out how it worked. Two souls, so completely separate in power but still possessing the same tie in their blood that should not warrant such a split in power, was near impossible. At his subordinate's calling voice though, seeking to capture his fading attention once more; the older being allowed an alarming smile to creep across his lips as he stepped forward into the shadows swirling restlessly by his feet.

'I have Haschwalth.' He said absently, turning his back on the orange haired twins for now as a looming shadow seemed to bend over his form protectively but just before his presence disappeared into its depths, he cast his gaze upon Haschwalth one more time. 'Bring them to me, B, willingly and as quickly as you can. I want to know everything that you've found on them. Power like that does not just happen. Also...take care not to let them be discovered. You know that Soul Society does not take well to power like that, especially now that they have started to suspect someone moving in the shadows. They may be strong, but they are vulnerable to the cruelties of that world. Something I'd rather shield the innocent from whilst I still can.'

1* - Silbern – Is the Quincy Fortress (means Silver in German)

2* - Shatten Bereich – The Shadow Territory

3* - Heika – Your Majesty

4* - Gemischt – Mixed Blood

5* - Hirenkyaku – Quincy form of High Speed Movement

6*- Kyudo – Traditional Japanese Archery, the Yumi (bows) are oddly shaped with a longer top part than a bottom.

7* - Prinz Von Licht – Prince of the Light

8* - Prinz Von Nacht – Prince of the Night

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