Ice Melts

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So in addition to working on "Desire and Lust" I'll be working on uploading this holiday story, "Ice Melts". It's a Christmas theme and I've had it since last year but couldn't manage to finish it for the holiday, so...! This year it will be finished, hopefully! I intended this story to progress in a sweeter more than sexual direction but we'll's still a WiP so I'm going to update the warnings as segments are published.

*Warnings: Language (cussing) *(includes the primary warnings in the description)

"Ice Melts"

First Segment

"Desert of the Uncaring..."

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez went bolting down one of the dreary white halls of Las Noches. He shoved anything and anyone in his path out of the way. Lesser arrancar shrunk back with their sore bodies. He didn't care who or what he pushed; there was only one thing on Grimmjow's mind. 'How could this happen?!' How and why did it have to be him?! The aggressive blue haired man knocked into Ulquiorra Cifer along his way and didn't slow down or stop to pick a fight as would have been the usual. Had he slowed he would have caught the shorter male glaring after him.

"What has gotten into that fool's mind now..." the cuarta Espada mumbled rubbing his shoulder and continuing on his way. He didn't care what Grimmjow's reason might be, making him so bumptious, it was obnoxious and rude...that hulking brute's attitude.

Save for orders to form cooperative teams, members of the Espada weren't partial to comfort one another. If someone was upset or angry, hardly ever sad, which emotion it was did not matter. It was that individual's own private business - until, much like Grimmjow's situation, it became something explosive and roped in others. Perhaps a member of the Espada's fraccion would be curious or could offer some comfort; though, without a fraccion you were totally alone in whatever feelings you had. The bottled up emotions could be maddening, and some Espada were better at keeping their composure than others. Then again, how easy it is to keep calm and collected depends upon just what happened to upset you...

Shoving to the ground several more bodies that couldn't react to him fast enough, Grimmjow raced through the halls where underlings, non-Espada, had residence. How dare these weaklings irritate him by standing in his way! The mighty King was scrambling to get away from this place, face flushed the pinkish-red color of roses. He shoved another body aside, feeling a mixture of explosive anger and mortification. A few minutes later he could make out the sight of a tall doorway ahead of him in the dreary and barely lit hall. 'Finally! The fucking front door!' It had taken long enough. Suddenly Grimmjow was caught by one arm and yanked around to face Starrk, who had come to this wing strictly to intercept him.

Swiftly the primera Espada asserted his impeding hold, though a single hand wouldn't even come close to wrapping entirely around the sexta Espada's bicep. "I heard commotion as well as talk from several of us that you'd been rampaging around and breaking things. I'd hope for your sake there's a good reason-"

"Lemmie guess," Grimmjow spat, "Aizen's furious. Blah, blah, blah, am I right?"

"He sent me down here to bring you back."

"I don't give a good goddamn!" With a jerky movement Grimmjow was free of Starrk's grasp. "Tell that upstart he's seen the last of me. I'm fuckin' through dealing with him!"

Starrk moved to grab the other man again but Grimmjow backed up to avoid it. "I need to escort you back to him. It was a direct order."

"Don't fucking touch me. Tell him I already got out and ya couldn't find me."

"Why would I lie for you?"

"Because you'll be eating your own tongue if ya grab me again. I told you, I ain't comin' back so it's not like he'll know anything once I get far enough away. So, lie to cover your ass because I ain't lettin' ya take me back to 'im."

Starrk huffed out air through his nose and scratched the back of his neck. "Then you better not come back if you know what's good for you. If you do perhaps I'll finish you off then drop your corpse in the desert to be buried in sand or eaten and forgotten...remember that. I don't wanna get caught disobeying an order," he warned.

Without the show of gratitude due Grimmjow accepted the offer, or deal, for his freedom and barreled for the door. Starrk was already walking off when he'd pushed the heavy thing far enough to squeeze through to the outside. As it was and always would be, one Espada's business was his or her own, another Espada could care less... Grimmjow didn't bother closing the door and broke out into a sprint across the sands of Hueco Mundo. Why him...there were so many others to choose from...why the fuck did he have to be the one singled out?


I know this segment was pretty short but there will be more coming soon. Leave a comment or prediction to tell me what you think!

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