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Pairing: Keigo/Ichigo

The world was finally at peace. For now the arrancar were safely tucked away in a relatively peaceful Hueco Mundo. The Quincies and their king were defeated and working with the shinigami - as best could be expected. Soul Society was back to business as usual. And so several months after it had all settled down - dead mourned, worlds repaired, and human saviors graduated from high school - Urahara decided it was high time to hold a gigantic party.

With any shinigami, involved humans, and arrancars who could make it, it had begun on a Friday evening and lasted into Saturday morning. People then slept all day and took a moment for a proper meal before starting it up again that Saturday night.

It was then that things got a little... out of hand.

As Keigo struggled to get to the shop above the grounds, he grumbled under his breath that Urahara should have installed a bathroom down there. What was he thinking? This was a party and people needed to piss every other minute. He continued to grumble, both aloud and inwardly until he stepped out of the bathroom and stared down the two hallways. He suddenly felt completely lost.

Keigo contemplatively pointed down one, then the other, before shrugging and just picking one, figuring it would all work out somehow.  The shop wasn’t that big, was it? He happened to glance into a room as he walked by and then stopped and backed up to look again. On a couch in a small room, Ichigo was sitting there by himself, legs sprawled and slumped over.

He looked at his friend curiously before creeping closer. What was he doing? Was he sleeping? Ichigo was the big hero, though. He should be downstairs with everyone else enjoying himself. Keigo was rather horrified that Ichigo was missing out on the best party either of them were likely to ever be invited to again and stumbled into the room.

“Ichigo! Hey, man. You don’t want to sleep through the party do ya?”

Keigo frowned when there was no response and stood right in front of Ichigo’s limp form, eyeballing him. “Hey, you aren’t dead, right? ‘Cause that wouldn’t be cool.” Keigo poked hard at Ichigo’s forehead and yelped a bit when the orange head fell back and hit the back of the couch. “H-Hey...” He leaned closer and stumbled a little making him topple onto Ichigo’s lap, straddling his legs. Keigo clumsily pressed two fingers to the pulse point at Ichigo’s neck, and sighed in relief when he felt a steady heartbeat.

Keigo snorted and chuckled. “Dude, you’re just wiped out, huh? Loooser.” He poked Ichigo’s forehead for emphasis and the head lolled to the side a little causing Ichigo’s mouth to fall open.

“Whoopsie,” Keigo declared and sputtered a laugh at the sight of Ichigo sitting there with his mouth hanging open like an old man. “Better close this or somethin’ could fly in...” Keigo put two fingers under Ichigo’s chin and closed his mouth shut.

At that moment, he didn’t feel any hurry to leave Ichigo’s lap as it slowly dawned on him that he actually was sitting on his friends lap. If anyone walked in on them it would look really funny.

At that thought, Keigo stared at the knocked out Ichigo. It would look like... like they were doing something. Something like...

Keigo stared at Ichigo’s closed mouth and a rogue finger slipped up to rest on Ichigo’s chin, pushing slightly to part the firm, pink lips. Keigo let his finger slide down the sharp jawline, following the neck muscles, gently touching the adam’s apple, and feeling along the clavicle.

His heart was pounding in his ears as he pressed his hand fully against Ichigo’s chest, feeling a hard nipple through the shirt as he slid down.

He stared at the parted lips again. Keigo lifted his other hand and ghosted his fingers over the soft flesh, feeling the warm breath. He slipped the tips just barely inside, just enough to feel the moisture. He dragged his fingers out and replaced them with his thumb.

Keigo slipped his thumb in further, feeling the soft, wet tongue, and then back out to spread the moisture along Ichigo’s bottom lip. Like this, with his lip shining, his head back, his neck exposed, Ichigo looked unbearably sexy.

If only those intense brown eyes were staring at him with desire, Keigo thought regretfully.

Because with the alcohol of two nights coursing through his bloodstream and releasing inhibitions and breaking down the blockades he had set up in his head and heart, Keigo could admit things to himself. He could admit that the pain of not being able to hang out with his friend was much more than friends. He could admit that his excitement at seeing Ichigo every day and his persistence in attempting to hug and cling to him were for reasons not completely platonic. That his furious and panicked response at the thought of Ichigo being taken from him forever went in a different direction than that of brotherhood.

Keigo leaned down, his body hot and his heart shaking, and softly touched his lips to Ichigo’s. It felt like everything exploded inside of him with that one simply touch and he pressed more firmly, feeling the warm, moist lips. He wanted deeper and slipped his tongue inside, curling his muscle around Ichigo’s. His hands were buried in the orange hair as Keigo helped himself to Ichigo’s mouth, sucking and pulling and desperately trying to get a response. He was scared to death of Ichigo waking up, and yet he wanted so badly for Ichigo to wake up. To respond and bury his hands in Keigo’s hair. To tug his head down until Keigo’s face was pressed into Ichigo’s crotch.

He wanted him. He wanted him. He wanted him.

Keigo scooted higher on Ichigo lap, spreading his legs until the stiffness in his pants came into contact with Ichigo’s cock and rolled his hips. But then he gasped and suddenly pulled away, his heart pounding wildly.

That... He had felt...

Keigo stared at the man beneath him, but Ichigo still seemed to be dead to the world. His hair was mussed up more than normal and his lips were red and wet. His chest seemed to be falling and rising with slightly increased rapidity, but other than that...

Keigo could have sworn he had felt Ichigo buck into his hips in response. And he definitely... Keigo’s eyes fell to Ichigo’s jeans and observed the hard mound. Was it just an unconscious response? It must be, Keigo reasoned. Ichigo wouldn’t pretend to be unconscious, right? That wasn’t like him at all.

Keigo bit his lip and leaned in again to kiss those tempting lips. He really wasn’t all that concerned. And if Ichigo’s body had an unconscious response to his ministrations, all the better for him. Keigo licked along Ichigo’s mouth and up his cheek and bit lightly at his cheekbone. He dragged his hips up again and rolled against Ichigo. That was definitely a convulsion he felt.

He pulled back and whipped off his shirt. Keigo shuddered slightly at the sudden cold, but grabbed Ichigo’s limp hands and placed them on his own shoulders. Slowly, he pulled Ichigo’s long hands down his body, groaning and squirming on his lap as the rough skin dragged along his nipples. When he reached his lower stomach, he guided one hand back to his ass and held it there. The other hand he dragged down and made it cup his jean-covered cock.

“Oh!” Keigo groaned and bucked into the hand that he held in place. He thought he may have felt the fingers twitch at both his crotch and his ass, but he didn’t care too much at this point and continued to roll and buck between Ichigo’s hands. “Ichigo,” he moaned.

It didn’t take much of that before he felt like he was going to come; but he didn’t want that yet, and so he released Ichigo’s hands, one still resting just below him, its fingertips tickling his balls as Keigo moved about.

Keigo grasped the hem of Ichigo’s shirt and yanked it up, holding it above ichigo’s pecs. He lowered his head and licked the skin of Ichigo’s chest, moaning against the salty taste of sweat and skin and sucked lightly on a nipple. He licked and sucked and pulled relentlessly; then did the same to the other.

He giggled when he pulled away from his work. “Your nipples are all red and wet with my saliva, Ichigo. If only you knew.”

Keigo pinched the nipples and watched the body convulse. “You want this too, right?”

That’s what Keigo told himself as he dragged his hands down Ichigo’s defined abs and cupped the erection through the jeans, making Ichigo’s hips buck. Keigo giggled again and worked at the belt, undoing the button and then dragging down the zipper. He reached inside Ichigo’s boxers and wrapped his hand around the cock, carefully pulling it out.

Keigo ogled the pink-tipped, hard cock in his hand and licked his lips. “Ichigo’s dick...” he said stupidly. He hadn’t realized how much he had wanted to see it until he had seen it. He... He wanted to ride it and stroke it and taste it. He wanted this most private part of Ichigo all to himself.

“Ichigo... you’re so...” He couldn’t finish because Ichigo was so many things and he wanted to do so many things with him. This might be his only chance to do anything. He gently pulled on the cock and watched a small amount of liquid squeeze out of the top. He most wanted to taste him right now.

Keigo wriggled off of Ichigo’s lap and slid to his knees in front of the couch. He released his hold reluctantly to pull Ichigo’s jeans and boxers down past his hips. Keigo settled in between Ichigo’s legs comfortably and reached for the cock again, gently stroking it a few times. There were small movements from Ichigo, but Keigo was too focused on what was in front of him to notice.

He couldn’t wait any more and lowered his head, stuck out his tongue, and gave a firm lick to the tip. Ichigo’s hips jerked, but Keigo kept going, licking around the tip, curling his tongue and stroking and tasting. He felt like he could do this all day - tasting and pleasuring Ichigo. If only he was fully conscious and moaning Keigo’s name.

He pulled back to kiss the base of the cock, sucking lightly on it. He chuckled a little and pressed his face against the hot sex, rubbing his cheek and nose against it.

“Ha, what would you say if I said I love your dick, Ichigo? Huh?” Keigo pressed his lips against the soft skin and flattened his tongue against it, giving it a long, leisurely lick. He reached the top and opened his mouth just enough to tightly fit the tip inside.

He released it and murmured against Ichigo’s cock. “You don’t mind if I do a little something for myself, right?” Keigo lowered his hand and quickly opened his pants, releasing his own straining sex. He wrapped his lips around Ichigo’s cock again at the same time Keigo wrapped his hand around his own cock and groaned.

Ichigo was struggling. He really hadn’t expected all this. He had just been out to quickly kill an intruding hollow and came back just in time to see Keigo bending over him and wondering if he was dead. Ichigo had decided to play a joke on Keigo and scare him half to death, but then... Keigo had started... touching him... and he, well... Ichigo was still very drunk and disoriented when he returned to his body, and he...

Ichigo’s fingers twitched at his sides, itching to bury themselves in Keigo’s hair and yank him and up down his cock.

Anyway, somehow it had all come to this with Keigo’s hot mouth pushing down his cock and groaning and sending vibrations to Ichigo’s tightly coiled core. He felt like he would blow any second, but he breathed in steadily, trying to focus on not coming because he wanted this to last.

He had really nearly lost it when Ichigo dared to open his eyes slightly and saw Keigo rubbing his face all over Ichigo’s dick like an animal in heat. He hadn’t been able to close his eyes since.

Now his cock was sinking deeper and deeper into Keigo’s mouth while his tongue laved every inch of him. He was pulling back now, his cheeks sinking in as he sucked hard and released the tip with a moan and a loud, wet pop.

Keigo was drunk and sloppy and somehow that made everything dirtier and sexier and Ichigo wanted to do this all day, every day.

Then Keigo looked up. And his cloudy eyes widened. Ichigo quickly realized he could see him staring down at him and Ichigo’s hands quickly sunk into the soft brown hair, pulling him forward, not wanting to let him go ever. Keigo’s lips were pressed against the tip again, and with eyes still wide and staring at Ichigo, he slid his mouth down the length.

Ichigo let out a loud groan that he had been holding in for what seemed like forever. “Fuck... yes...”

Keigo’s head began to bob as Ichigo’s fingers massaged his scalp and gently tugged at his hair. Up and down he went, driving Ichigo crazy with his sunken in cheeks and his wide eyes looking at him. He released the tip with a loud pop again and dragged his lips down the side, his tongue flicking out and tasting him as he went. Keigo went lower and kissed his balls, his tongue drawing circles on the wrinkled skin, and sucked lightly.

“Keigo... Keigo...” Ichigo tugged on his hair, wanting him to return to the main event. Keigo obeyed and encircled the cock with his mouth, moving up and down faster and faster, his moaning increasing. Ichigo could see his arm moving faster as he pulled on his own cock.

“Keigo, you better... I’m just about to...”

He tried to pull Keigo’s head away, but with a slight shake of his head, Keigo kept going, not letting up until Ichigo was slammed with a hot wave of release, rolling through him and into Keigo’s mouth. He felt Keigo swallow around the tip and he groaned and felt his release prolonged as he bucked his hips haphazardly, cursing as his body bent over.

Through a hazy gaze, Ichigo watched Keigo pull off of him, releasing him with a swirl of his tongue against Ichigo’s oversensitive cock that made him cry out in pleasure and pain and then leaving with that lewd popping sound again.

Keigo licked his lips and Ichigo stared at the bit of white that Keigo caught at the corner of his mouth.

“Keigo... you...”

Ichigo noticed that Keigo’s hand was still moving and his own hand snapped out to grasp Keigo’s arm to stop it. “Wait!”

Keigo looked up at him questioningly.

Ichigo tugged on his arm. “Come up here,” he said and patted his lap.

Keigo blinked dazedly as he stumbled to his feet and planted his ass on one of Ichigo’s legs.

He stared at Keigo’s naked cock for a moment before reaching over and wrapping his fingers around it, causing Keigo to gasp and groan as Ichigo’s thumb caressed the tip.

“I want to do it,” Ichigo explained as his other hand reached up to grasp the back of Keigo’s head and bring his lips down to Ichigo’s. Ichigo mirrored his actions earlier and explored his mouth, their tongues meeting passionately as Ichigo firmly gripped Keigo’s cock.

He pulled away from the kiss and lifted his hand to Keigo’s face. “Lick it, Keigo.”

Keigo didn’t hesitate to let his tongue loll out and lick up Ichigo’s hand, groaning as he soaked Ichigo’s palm and fingers in saliva.

“Fuck, Keigo... you’re...”

Keigo looked at him with a leer before pulling in two of Ichigo’s fingers and sucking them like he did his dick. Ichigo immediately knew that some other time he would be putting those fingers elsewhere.

“God, Keigo, you just don’t stop.”

Keigo responded by continuing to lick all over his hand before Ichigo finally lowered the wet hand to wrap around Keigo’s dick, pulling rhythmically. He mewled out Ichigo’s name and his ass squirmed against Ichigo’s leg.

Ichigo pulled him into a kiss again, biting and sucking on Keigo’s full lips, feeling the moans and gasps as he went a little faster until Keigo let out a long whimper and pulled away from the kiss, breathing heavily as Ichigo felt thick liquid spill over his hand. He continued to pump through Keigo’s orgasm until Keigo pushed his hand away crying that he couldn’t take anymore.

Ichigo stared at the semen on his hand for a moment before bringing it to his face, licking lightly at it while Keigo watched through hooded eyes. Ichigo wrinkled his nose at the taste and Keigo laughed lightly, his voice broken and husky.

“Did... Did you like how mine tasted?” Ichigo asked.

Keigo looked at him, his eyes full of desire that went straight through Ichigo’s heart and down into his gut. “Yeah, I like how you taste everywhere.”

Ichigo licked his lips nervously and glanced at his hand before shrugging and wiping his hand on the couch - Urahara probably deserved semen on his couch. “Maybe I’ll get a taste for it.”

He felt Keigo grow very still. “You mean... you want to do this again?”

Ichigo shifted nervously, aware of Keigo’s plump ass still on his leg, and his hand resting on said ass. “Y-Yeah... I mean, you do, right? The things you said... I...”

Keigo stared at him as the color drained from his face. “Things I said...? Ichigo, how long were you awake?”

He laughed nervously and scratched at the back of his head. “W-Well pretty much from the beginning.”

“You sick bastard.”

“Haha, yeah, that’s me. So, I guess that’s a no on doing this again?”

Keigo shifted until he was straddling Ichigo’s lap again, grasped Ichigo’s hair, yanked his head back, and kissed him full and hard and wet on the mouth.

When he pulled away, he said, “Ichigo, I... I think I like you.”

Ichigo swallowed and nodded.

“In fact, it’s possible I might be in love with you...”

Ichigo’s mouth worked opened and closed.

“I figured you should know, you know, my feelings and stuff before we start this.”

“Ah...yeah...” Ichigo cleared his throat. “I-I’ll be honest, Keigo, this is all pretty sudden for me... I have no idea how I feel - I’m still pretty drunk and hazy and shit - but I do know one thing... I really wanna do this again. With you, I mean.”

Keigo grinned and planted another sloppy kiss on Ichigo’s mouth. “Good enough for me.”

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