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Title: A Very Merry Christmas


Fandom: Bleach with some Santa myth


Pairing: Byakuya/Ichigo


Commissioned by: Cutsycat


Part: 1/3


Word count: 1,464


AN: Another commission for the every lovely cutsycat. Please note that Santa and all his incarnations have always been interesting to me. So I know some about him and how he looks. Santa statues come in handy to. ;)




Sighing lowly as he rubbed a hand over his face, his eyes worried, he smoothed his beard down as he gazed at his world map, trying to figure out how to hit all of his stops without screwing something up. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t quite making it.

He was either going to end up being late and running the risk of being discovered in the process; or he would be disappointing some child somewhere by simply not making the house.

He needed help and it needed to be very strong help. He couldn’t very well ask his very tired elves. After all they had been working nearly non-stop in the mad rush to pack everything up and get the sleigh ready, but he only had an hour to find someone before his trip started. Suddenly, the large man stopped and smirked at the map, moving his line so that only one small town needed to be covered by his help.

And he knew just who to get to help him. But first he needed to head to the Soul Society.

Grabbing his long cloak, the red velvet lined with gray fur, he strode out of his office, calling out orders to the last of the working elves to get his sleigh ready so that he could leave. Once the bags had been loaded, a bag for each land and nation, he climbed in and was soon on his way, sliding through the veil that separated the Living World from the Soul Society, his power easily hiding him from those who were still out and about.

Finding the clan home that he wanted, he landed in a small field on the land and left his sleigh there, hidden by even more magic as he headed for the room of the one that he wanted. He had a feeling that the young Kukichi clan head would not be pleased to see him once more, especially since the last time good old Saint Nicholas, otherwise known as Santa Claus to many, had come calling, he had been turned into an elf and made to help him.

And it was going to happen again.

Finding the room, Nicholas slid into the bedroom of the young heir and closed the outer door behind him, smirking slightly. Byakuya looked up and stared at the other with wide eyes, shaking his head. “Oh no, no, no, no. You are not conscripting me to help you to do anything ever again. The last time that I helped you I ended up with a damn craving for cookies, milk and gingerbread for a month. I’m lucky that I train so often,” the young heir hissed, eyes narrowed at the other man.

Far from what everyone thought, Santa Clause nee Saint Nicholas was not a fat jolly man with rosy cheeks. Instead he was rather lean, strongly built. He did have a long beard but he had grown it out for centuries and had long since gotten used to having it hanging on his face. Byakuya knew that his build and the way he looked came from his mortal life before the land of Magic and Fae got to him.

“Oh come now, Byakuya, do you really wish to leave the little children disappointed? I need your help once more, my friend,” Nicholas hummed, moving to sit down on the edge of the bed, his long red cloak spreading out around him as Byakuya sighed before snarling softly. “I would not ask if it was not needed, and you know this, my friend. I am unfortunately constrained by the laws that I must work under until next year, as much as I hate to say it.”

“But why me?” Byakuya asked, shaking his head as he removed the kenseikan from his hair, dropping the white items down onto his dresser, letting his hair free. “Why must it be me?” he asked once more, turning to the older male. “You’re older then Shunsui-san and Jyuushiro-san, some say older then Yamamoto-soutaicho.”

“Yes, but I have rules I must live by, no matter how much I find it constricting,” Nicholas stated, gazing at the young man before him. “I choose you then, as I’m choosing you now because of the fact that your mother’s family have always have a finger in the world of the elves and Magic, always seeing even more then what a normal Shinigami sees.”

Byakuya sighed and ran a hand through his black locks before turning narrowed eyes to him. “If, and I do mean if, I say yes, where would I be dropping off the presents?” he asked, going stiff at the serene smile that spread over Nicholas’ face as he pulled out a pocket watch.

“Starting in about 3 hours? Karakura Town. I believe that you and yours here in the Soul Society have been watching it carefully and from what I understand. That is because of Sosuke Aizen, correct?” he asked as he flipped the pocket watch closed, tucking it back away into a pocket.

“Yes. He turned on Soul Society. His plot came out when Kurosaki and his friends invaded us to save Rukia, who was, unfortunately, being executed due to his manipulations to gain the orb that Urahara had accidently created,” Byakuya drawled, an eyebrow tipping upwards as he smirked. “But I’m sure that you know this information, knowing how you know just about everything going on,” he teased, getting a rich laugh from the large man.

“Yes, that is true. I know a lot but somehow, he has always been hidden from me, no matter how much I look at him or how much the Seers look,” Nicholas said, shaking his head, his hair and beard shifting with him.

“Now, why Karakura town?” Byakuya asked in curiosity, crossing his arms and leaning against his dresser as he watched the current bane of his existence.

“Because you have easy access to it and you do know the layout of the town,” Nicholas said, smiling as he dug around in his cloak for what he needed to use. Byakuya groaned and let his head fall back, wrinkling his nose in distaste.

“Very well but I expect to stay my normal height this time. I do not wish to be 4 feet, if that,” the noble stated, moving away from the dresser as Nicholas pulled out a bag of powder.

“Thank you, Byakuya. I am in your debt this time,” Nicholas said, nodding his head as he pulled out some of the powder and tossing it at the young noble. Byakuya sneezed as the dust hit him, feeling the change and shift of not only his power but his body. His ears went pointy and a cuff appeared on each ear, his fingernails colored into a soft green color. His skin went from the creamy white to a darker paleness as his hair stayed the same.

Sighing, he pulled the locks back into a ponytail that sat on top of his head as Nicholas pulled out an elf’s uniform. It was green with gold trim, the shirt a rather stylized peasants top with sleeves that would fall down around his fingers and his hips, and the bottoms, instead of tights, but more like the jeans that Ichigo was often found wearing.

Byakuya took the outfit and walked into his bathroom to change, coming out and glaring at the shoes with jingle bells on them. “You know that I refuse to wear those things,” he stated, nearly snarling at him. Nicholas just chuckled and pulled out a pair of boots that he knew the noble would wear, the color the same green as the rest of it.

“Come along, let’s go and get you your bag and I shall drop you off before I head off to do the rest of the world,” Nicholas said, Byakuya muttering the entire time and glaring after the large man. As the sun set in the distance, he climbed into the sleigh next to the man and shoved on a green hat with a little fuzzy, cloth pine cone, giving Nicholas a dark look. “You shall do fine,” he promised.

Soon, Byakuya was standing on a roof as the dark fell around him, a bag made of red velvet held in one hand and a list of houses to hit in the other. He sighed and set off to do what needed to be done, muttering about shaving the red wearing magical immortal bald one day in revenge for doing this to him.

“He will pay dearly,” Baykuya muttered as he used the magic that had been handed to him and slid into the first house to lay out the presents for the family. “Fucker,” he growled as he slipped out, all within seconds.

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