Desire and Lust

BY : FicticiousDelicious
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*WARNINGS! : Alcohol, Exhibitionism, yargh...there be strippers heeeere, sexy things (includes general warnings in the story description)







Chapter One


“Things to Be Desired”

            This was not his normal behavior; it hardly felt normal that anyone would come here so casually. The loud club beat pounded in Ichigo’s skull and his ears strained to hear what his friends were trying to say to him, eventually he just gave up trying to listen. This place felt so strange to him, it left over his senses a lazy haze. Here was an exotic dance joint and a nineteen-year-old Ichigo was hardly adjusted to its flaring strobe lights blinding him as they traveled over the surfaces and walls, and the blaring music that vibrated powerfully through the soles of his shoes. Despite that the music was little more than a slight distraction to Ichigo, as displayed on individually lit platforms mostly naked entertainers were enthralling to watch and drew in the most of Ichigo’s attention while he sat on a stool reclining against the bar. Just watching was waking an appetite for a firm body to use for his pleasure. Though he was enjoying himself, Ichigo still felt that he was out of place. Perhaps if he had been given the opportunity to slink down to strip joints more often he would have been conditioned by now. In all honesty he would have taken every single chance he was given to sit in a place like this and watch oiled bodies perform. It was something that he felt like he could get used to.


            It was uncanny, Ichigo realized, how difficult it was to tear his eyes from a particular dancer he was watching to ensure the margarita he was drinking didn’t end up on his nice button-down shirt. The shirt was new and Ichigo didn’t want to take it off any sooner than he might have to. He watched the light cerulean-haired dancer drop down on the polished pole and followed every inch of the man’s moving body as he rose with his hips leaning into the pole. He’d strip for someone like that.


            The lights began to shift so they fell over the entertainers’ heads in long beams of bright light that left their oiled bodies gleaming. White light, it was concealing some of their lower extremities with dim shadows and giving each dancer a mysterious, bright glow upon the surface of their sensual skin. Ichigo could make out the shapes of this cerulean-haired one’s groin but just barely. His dancer wasn’t wearing a tight thong like many others but did wear tight leather bondage cuffs around his ankles, that was it. Ichigo was tormented by the partially lit upward curve bouncing between the man’s thighs.


            There was a sudden snap of fingers that moved in front of Ichigo and blocked his view. Ichigo initially flinched and glared over at the source.


            “Gettin’ a lil’ absorbed are ya, Ichi?” Nnoitora sneered and his toothy smile practically curled. He maintained a stare from the corner of his eye at Ichigo as he raised his beer and drank down a long gulp.


            'He never quits…does he?' Ichigo’s inner monologue ran as he paused to find the right words, watching his friend’s Adam’s apple bob. “What makes you think I’m absorbed?”


            Nnoitora lowered his beer and exhaled heavily, gesturing with bottle in hand at Ichigo’s crotch, a prominent hard-on was rising up under the fabric.


            Ichigo’s head twisted away. Damn. How embarrassing to be so obvious. His elbows lifted from leaning on the bar’s counter as he moved to hunch over his lap.


            Nnoitora’s high pitched cackle sounded as he swiveled on his chair, facing forward, and set to finish draining his beer. He finished the last and clacked the empty bottle down behind him, now scanning the room, seeking something of interest. After a few minutes Nnoitora’s eyes sparked catching sight of what he personally wanted. He nudged Ichigo’s arm, “The rest'a 'em went an’ found a booth off ta the side. Don’ blow all yer money on jus’ one slut's ass.” With that the excessively lean man got up and stalked off into the club’s crowd.


            Those were really the perfect words to describe what Ichigo thought he wanted, but he wasn’t bold enough to take Nnoitora’s advice. From here at the bar Ichigo could see the ‘rest of them’ in a booth; Yammy had his face buried in some large breasted girl’s chest and Starrk was groping at her body. They weren’t so much Ichigo’s friends as they were Nnoitora’s.


            Ichigo’s eyes returned to the cerulean-haired dancer, the lights overhead still made it hard to catch even a brief glimpse of his bare length, but finally when the man kneeled down on the edge of the platform his cock, long, thick and raging hard came into full view at last. It sure looked heavy…and big. Ichigo spotted a small black band encircling around its base, a cock ring; he craned his neck a little. What Ichigo would give to be up on that stage pressing up behind him, teasing him, rubbing against him, playing with him. The crotch of his jeans felt horribly tight now, watching the man’s erection bounce as he spread his knees far apart and dropped down on all fours as the light’s raised, leaning out into his crowding audience. Ichigo watched as he touched a few peoples’ cheeks chastely before drawing back.


            Albeit a little jealous, Ichigo couldn’t take it any longer; marking the cerulean-haired god from a distance was maddening. He needed a taste, no matter what it cost…and so Ichigo’s cowardice and sensibility was forgotten. Leaving his margarita glass on the bar with some bills, Ichigo’s form rose and stepped forward into the crowd. He elbowed his way through and got closer to the platform, the rise was about to chest height which made the audience press tighter together at the front. Ichigo stood relatively calm though his groin pulsed savagely; he could spot the entertainer between several heads. Ichigo had to get just a little closer…so he wedged himself between a man and a woman and rested his chest against the stage. This was a whole new perspective! With young, lustful eyes Ichigo watched with bated breath as the entertainer’s form swayed in time with the music as he remained kneeling on the stage showing off everything he had. Ichigo felt hot, faint hot. The entertainer crouched on his toes and leaned back without moving his feet while keeping his knees bent he reached back to grab the gleaming pole - supporting his backward leaning weight with the grip. Ichigo was dying to have something to call this perfect sexual specimen...maybe a name. Ichigo's hands were sweating and he rubbed his slick fingertips together at his sides, he should go and find a secluded spot to rub this one off, but it was impossible to look away.


            The dancer’s long, toned body writhed directly in front of Ichigo in slow thrusting movements with legs spread accompanied by an open mouth. The long shaft between muscular thighs was nestled in a patch of well-trimmed blue curls. It bounced again between upward thrusts. Its head was dripping with clear precum. At the wide base it strained against the restricting plastic ring and bulged with thick veins, blushing the color of its strain. Ichigo didn’t know how much more he could take…seeing this sweat drenched god before him. Ichigo longed to probe the innermost of this man; his fists balled. Fuck, he needed to move and find a place to jerk-off. The man’s hips jerked up in time to the last few beats of the song playing.


            While the cerulean-haired entertainer pulled himself back up to stand and strike a final flirtatious pose next to the pole, Ichigo was stuck in a daze feeling a bit intimidated.


            Grimmjow looked down from his platform at the audience he’d collected and grinned. His balls hurt like hell but damn was this a crowd! Hold on... Grimmjow paused as his gaze fell on a handsome but dazed face below. This guy didn’t seem all there but he had an enticing look about him with a black button-down partially undone shirt and that striking orange colored hair framing his firm face. Not to mention those hazel eyes glowing brightly in the stage lights. Handsome as hell. Grimmjow crouched down and whispered beside the young man’s ear in a husky, lustful tone, “Ya got a name, stud?”


            Not really able to believe that he’d been noticed, Ichigo could barely nod in response; he was also unable to get his mind off the aching erection in his jeans.


            Grimmjow chuckled shortly, “Well…what is it then?”


            Ichigo was flustered beyond belief and blushing brightly. “I-Ichigo.” He managed a stammered but quiet response.


            “I like that look you’re giving me, and you’re pretty hot, so I’m gonna check up on ya, Ichigo. Wait for me over at the bar. I’ll be over there in a few minutes.”


            Ichigo hesitated and nodded dumbly. This wasn't couldn't be.


            Oh but it was… The entertainer rose and looked over the audience, raising two lone middle fingers high in the air from which he got a cheering response. Lowering his hands, he walked back up the catwalk. Light clinking from the bondage ankle cuffs followed him the whole way until he disappeared behind a curtain hiding the back dressing area for dancers.


            Ichigo watched his strong figure the whole way. The back of that man was as attractive as the front; he had some serious back. The crowd began to lessen and Ichigo weaved around numerous people to get back to the bar before he collapsed. His head would not stop spinning now and his dick would not stop throbbing. He clung to the counter and wished he could just disappear off into some corner and jerk off until the pressure was relieved, but then he might miss that tasty stripper if he was really coming to meet him. That was too good an opportunity to risk missing out on. Luckily for Ichigo it didn’t take long for his interesting new pal to get dressed, and the man hadn't been joking about checking up on him either. Within the next ten minutes Ichigo anxiously picked out a bobbing shock of cerulean hair moving toward him. Thank god…

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