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A/N: Some of the characters are OOC. This story is AU and a lot of stuff didn't happen in the anime and manga. Please review.

Summery: What if Ichigo attended Soul Society Academy with Renji and Rukia and ended up 5th division with them? SLASH AIZEN/ICHIGO.


"Hey Ichigo wake up! We have a final exam today!" Renji yelled to Ichigo.

"I'm up; jeez can't you mind you sleep? The exams don't start after lunch and what's so important about the exams anyway?" Ichigo asked getting up.

Renji sighed. "Lunch starts in 5 minutes and the captains and lieutenants' will be there to determine what squad we'll be in. Anyway I want to be in squad 6. What about you?"

"I want to be in squad 10. I heard they got a new captain Tõshirõ Hitsugaya and he's really lenient. Anyway, why didn't wake me up earlier?" The orange head fumed.

Ichigo Kurosaki came from a noble family. His dad, Isshin Kurosaki used to be a Soul Reaper. He was the previous 10th division captain, but retired due to having a family. Masaki Kurosaki is his mom. She was a third seat in the 10th division, she also retired. He has an older brother, Shirosaki Kurosaki, he's and albino and looks a lot like Ichigo. He's in a soul reaper in the 11th division. Then there's Ichigo, he's the middle child along with his twin sister, Orihime. Ichigo is lean and lithe, standing at 5'7. He has orange hair. Orihime also attends the academy. She has brown eyes and orange hair like her brother. She's 3 inches shorter than Ichigo. Unlike her twin brother she has long hair. She also attends the academy. Ichigo has 2 younger sisters, who also happen to be twins. Yuzu has short brown hair and looks a lot like Masaki. She has eyes just like her brother. Karin, her twin has shoulder length black hair. She's also a tomboy. Her face looks a lot like Ichigo's. Though she looks like dad.

Renji Abarai came from the 78th district of Rukongai. He has red hair that's shaped like a pineapple. He and Rukia came from the slumps to become soul reapers. He's also Ichigo's best friend. Unlike Ichigo, Renji is tall, standing at 6'2.


When they got to the cafeteria they saw their friends, Momo, Izuru, Rukia, and Orihime waiting for them.

When they got to the table Rukia hugged Ichigo.

"Aren't you exited? I am. I hope I get into a good squad. My big brother told me that depending on what score we get we might not pass. I hope I pass." Rukia said nervously.

"You probably will. It's Renji I'm worried about. He can't even do a simple Kidõ spell." Ichigo said laughing.

"Shut up. So what squad do you want to be in?" Renji asked curiously.

"I want to be in squad 5. I saw Captain Aizen when we were on a mission. He was amazing. That's why I want to be in his squad." Momo said smiling happily.

Izuru smiled. "That's great Momo. I want to be in the 3rd squad. The current captain is nice; at least that's what I heard."

"I'm going for 10th division." Ichigo said proudly.

Renji smirked. "I want 6th."

"What about you Orihime?" Rukia asked happily.

"Oh, I don't know. I guess 10th since my parents went there, and Ichigo wants to go there." Orihime said shyly.

Rukia Kuchiki was born in Rukongai District 78. She met Renji there. She decided to become a Soul Reaper when their friends died. When she came to the Academy she met Ichigo, Orihime, Momo, and Izuru. She excelled at Kidõ. When she was a third year there, the Kuchiki's wanted to adopt her. She agreed. She became Byakuya Kuchiki's adopted little sister.

Momo Hinamori grew up Rukongai District 1, along with her friend and now 10th Division Captain, Tõshirõ Hitsugaya. Momo wanted to become a Soul Reaper after Tõshirõ became one. When she came to the academy, she met her friends. Once when she was a first year, she went on a mission with the class to hunt hallows. They were in trouble and Captain Aizen and his lieutenant Gin Ichimaru came to save them. Ever since then Momo wanted to be in the 5th division.

Izuru Kira is a noble. He came to academy to become a Soul Reaper because his family was once Soul Reapers. He befriended Ichigo and his friends easily.

They kept talking and eating happily.

When lunch was over they went to the exam room.


They came inside and noticed their instructors there.

"Everybody, please line alphabetically with your last names. Starting here with a." A woman said.

"Well I have to go to the front. I'll see you guys later." Renji said scowling.

Everyone went to stand in line facing the instructors. Ichigo was standing next to Rukia on his right and Orihime on his left.

The captains coming in next. They went to stand to the side.

"Hello my name is Lallie Miosa and I'll be over-seeing your exam today. Before we get started I'll introduce you to all the Captains and Lieutenants. I'll call their squad numbers and than their names. First, the Head-Captain of the first Division, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. And his Lieutenant Chōjirō Sasakibe" The instructor said happily.

An old bald man came up with a haori and another old man with white hair and a lieutenant's badge came up and bowed.

Lallie spoke again. "Next are the Second Division Captain Soifon and her Lieutenant Marechiyo Ōmaeda. After that it's Third Division Captain Gin Ichimaru and his Lieutenant Aya Shunise. The Fourth Division Captain Retsu Unohana and her Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu. The Fifth Division Captain Sosuke Aizen and his Lieutenant Akito Ayato. The Sixth Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki and his Lieutenant Ginjirō Shirogane. The Seventh Division Captain Sajin Komamura and his Lieutenant Tai Sakei. The Eighth Division Captain Shunsui Kyōraku and his Lieutenant Nanao Ise. The Ninth Division Captain Kaname Tōsen and his Lieutenant Makoto Iêtea. The Tenth Division Captain Tõshirõ Hitsugaya and his Lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto. The Eleventh Division Captain Kenpachi Zaraki and his Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi. The Twelfth Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi and his Lieutenant Nemu Kurotsuchi. And last but not least the Thirteenth Division Captain Jūshirō Ukitake and his Lieutenant Kaien Shiba. Now that that's done, when I call your name you will come up and perform the following in order, first Kidõ: Bakudō than Hadõ. After thatHakuda. Than Hohõ. And last but not least Zanjutsu. After that you will go back in line and I will call someone else's name. Let's begin Abalie, Megumi.

A short black-haired girl came out.

Orihime gripped Ichigo's hand.

Ichigo looked at Orihime. "What's wrong?"

"I'm so nervous Ichigo, what if I don't make it?" Orihime asked nervously.

"Relax, you'll do fine." Ichigo smiled reassuringly at her. She smiled back.

"Abarai, Renji."


"So what do you think of him? Is that one of them." Gin asked curiously.

"Yes. That's one of them." Aizen replied looking at Renji.

"Who are the others?"

"The Kurosaki twins, Momo Hinamori, and Izuru Kira. Though I heard the Kurosaki girl wasn't anything special." Aizen said smiling.

"Yes she's a shy little thing isn't she?" Gin said.

"Yes, oh looks like Abarai is terrible at Kidõ." Aizen said laughing lightly.

"Yes, he made it explode onto himself. I wonder if he'll even pass." Gin said amusedly.

"Byotsuya, Hazuki"

"Well then let's watch the show shall we?" Aizen asked happily.

"We shall." Gin replied.


"My, my, my, this taking very long." Gin said smiling.

"It is, hopefully it won't take much longer." Aizen said frowning.

"Hinamori, Momo"

"Finally someone we need to watch." Gin's smile widened.

"Yes, let's see skills." Aizen said happily.

Momo did perfectly on her Kidõ, but she had a little trouble with the rest.

"She's quite talented." Aizen said smiling.

"Yes, she is." Gin said.


"Kira, Izuru"

"What a talented boy. Though quite shy." Gin said smiling.

"Yes, very." Aizen said smiling.

"Kuchiki, Rukia"

"Why not her though?" Gin asked.

"She's very talented in Kidõ, but her brother Byakuya already placed her into squad 13. She would have been a great addition, but Byakuya won't have it." Aizen said.

"Kurosaki, Ichigo"

"My, my, my, that boy is quite a beauty. Don't you think Sõsuke?" Gin asked licking his lips.

"Yes, he is. That's why I'm making him mine. And he's very talented too. That's very good." Aizen said practically drooling.

"Kurosaki, Orihime"

"That girl is quite a sight. Though her brother is much more beautiful. She's not very talented though." Gin said observing.

"Yes, she's not worth it. We'll let someone else have her. The rest will be in my squad. Ichigo Kurosaki will be mine." Aizen said determinedly.

"Lousirae, Hiro"


"That concludes this exam. Your scores will be up tomorrow on the bulletin, along with your squad. Remember your final score must be at least 60 to have passed. Each is worth 25 points. If you don't pass you have to be here another year. And last but not least, when you see your score tomorrow and your squads please go immediately to your squad barracks. Thank you, that is all. Have a goodnight."

"Man it's already time to go to sleep. C'mon let's go." Ichigo sad annoyed.


When they woke up they ran to the bulletin board.

"Hey guys, I scored high. My final score is 85. I saw all of ours. We all passed. Renji has 60, Momo 70, Izuru 72, Ichigo 85, and Orihime 62. Orihime and I are in squad 13. The rest of you are in squad 5."Rukia said happily.

"I guess we should get going then. I wish I had squad 10. I don't really like that Aizen guy." Ichigo said frowning.

Momo huffed. "That's Captain Aizen and he's wonderful."

"Yeah, yeah let's just go."


When they got there everybody was standing in line. So they went too.

The Captain came out then.

"Hello my name is Sõsuke Aizen and I'm your Captain." Aizen smiled seductively at Ichigo.


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