Strawberry and the Bee

BY : LeonTasume
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Disclaimer: In no way do I own Bleach, nor do I make any profit from this or any other story. If I did, there would be more pervy goodness.

Title: Strawberry and the Bee: Living in Sereitei

Pairing: Ichigo Kurosaki X Soi Fong

Concept: Ichigo, after deciding to live in Sereitei joins the ranks of the Second Squad at the position of lieutenant by popular vote and by battle with Marechiyo Ōmaeda.

Timeframe: 5 months After the Winter War





"Hadou #33 Sokatsui!"

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, Story concept is mine, but Tite Kubo owns all the Regular Bleach characters- save for the original ones that spawn and bounce around in my head.

Whoo! My first story! It came to me when I was at an acting event in the cold weather. Hope you all enjoy it! *ducks rotten tomatoes and other thrown objects*

He hears it every time before it hits him, and every time, it sends shivers up his spine and frustration through his 17 year old orange haired head. "ICHIIIGOOOO!" His father Isshin attempts to make his usual morning attack on his son, this time, by dropkicking him in the back of the head.

"Gah! You moron! What kind of father tries to kick his own son in the back of the head?" Ichigo retaliates by shifting himself to the right and elbowing his father to the ground.

"One who wants his son to grow up big and strong!" Isshin says this while on the ground with a big grin on his face, acting like the goof that he usually is.

"There are ways aside from trying to beat the crap out of me! Besides, you know I'm strong enough to beat anything that comes my way!" He practically growls the last part.

After getting up and brushing himself off, Isshin gets a solemn look after Ichigo says this "Ichigo, you can't always assume you can beat everything down, there is more to fighting than sheer strength, going against Aizen should have taught you this." He then looks at his orange haired son with a soft smile "Are you sure you want to leave here and live in Sereitei? You know how Yama-jii gets."

Ichigo smiles slightly at his father and ignores the first statement "Yeah, I figure if I stay in Karakura Town, more hollows will come. I know with the hogyoku being kept hidden in Sereitei, more Espadas can't be made, But I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt here on the off chance of something that is strong coming here and hurting everyone in its path just to get to me." As he talks to his father, he gathers up most of his clothes in a duffel bag. Before closing it he stuffs his Substitute Shinigami Badge into the bag, he would need to return it to Ukitake when he goes to Sereitei. "Besides, other soul reapers keep an eye on this place, if anything too strong for them gets here, I can come back in no time." He looks outside of his window for a moment. "Besides, you're here. You can protect Yuzu and Karin better than I can."

As Ichigo mentions his sisters, they walk into his room; Karin is the first to speak up. "So, leaving us already? Thought you would have waited until you died to go there." Yuzu and Karin had been filled in on Sereitei and Shinigami by Kisuke Urahara, or Hat-n-clogs as Ichigo and Karin like to call him.

Ichigo glares lightly at his brunette sister "Hey! It's not as if I'm leaving for good. I'll come back when I get free time, gotta make sure dad doesn't go completely soft in the head."

"Hey!" Isshin attempts to grapple Ichigo for this remark but gets stopped by Karin's and Ichigo's feet. "Masaki! Ichigo and Karin are being mean to me!" Both Ichigo and Karin look at their father and sigh.

Yuzu, the lighter haired sister, on the other hand, looks like she is about to about to cry, "Ichi-nii, do you really have to go?" Ichigo looks at his youngest sister and pats her on the head.

"It's not like I am going away forever Yuzu, besides, If I don't go, Gramps will throw a fit for me saying one thing and doing another." He notes a small lion shaped doll in her hand.

"Well, since you're going to live there, I'm giving you Bostov, that way a little piece of home is with you there." She walks over to his duffel bag and stuffs 'Bostov' into it. Slightly embarrassed by this Ichigo attempts to stop her but is stopped by Karin who is presently giving him the evil eye. He sighs and lets Yuzu do as she pleases. Kon had received a gigai from Kisuke a while back, so the doll was just that.

Ichigo looks at his father then to his sisters "As much as I hate to say it, I gotta get going. Hat-n-Clogs should have the Senkai Gate ready by now. "He hefts the duffel bag onto his shoulder and heads for the front door "I'll have Jinta run by and let everyone know when I am on the other side."

Yuzu, once again on the verge of tears "We'll miss you Ichigo!" He smiles and nods to his family

"Yea, see you later!" He turns and begins running to the Urahara shop, not wanting to keep anyone waiting, as well as not wanting to see his sister cry because of his leaving.

After roughly fifteen minutes, Ichigo stands in front of the infamous Urahara Shop. "Better get this over with…Oi! Hat-n-Clogs, is the gate ready?" He searches around the upper level of the Shop before heading down to the vast training area. "Never get used to this place…" The so called training area looked like it was an open dry field, littered with big rocks, a few gorges made by Kisuke and Ichigo during their training sessions, and the walls looked like they were nonexistent, giving the already big room a feeling of being in a real open field.

"Aah! Ichigo, glad you could make it. Preparations for the gate are complete." Kisuke opens his fan with the flick of his wrist and hides the lower half of his face behind it. "You're really going through with this huh? You know how Sereitei can get."

"You know my reasons better than my old man does." Ichigo locks his eyes on the gate that he is soon to go though. It appears to be like the last one, a lot of talismans wrapped around all four borders, and swirling energies inside the open part of the gate "Karakura Town is better off this way."

"It's your decision Kurosaki; we will be here if you need anything. Don't forget to drop by now and again; I still owe you a lot from the Winter War."

"Yeah, yeah. See ya around." With one final look back, Ichigo jumps into the Senkai Gate and heads towards Sereitei.

I hope it is not too bad for a first chapter, I know its rated A+, but that's cause of what I will be including in later chapters.once again, lemons wont be happening for a while but they will eventually happen! That said, I hope I kept everyone in character. I look forward to any reviews!

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