Tales of a Broken Society

BY : fareys_delight
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Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Basic Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. This is all for fun and fun alone. Thank you.


Title: Giving it All Up

Fandom: Bleach

Story: 1

Connected stories: None

Characters: Grimmjow, Ichigo

Word Count: 733

Requested by: Yoshitaka

Warnings: no real warnings

Reposted: July 24, 2017

AN: This is a repost of an older story. I have edited it. No, I haven't rewritten it. Just gave it a good hard editing that it needed. So enjoy!


For a note for AO3: I am replacing the chapters in order so this is going to be a bit on the messy side. Sorry guys. Give me a while to finish going through the editing and such and we'll be good.a




It was kinda pathetic watching him stand there in the late summer rain, staring at a tombstone, his shinigami outfit sticking to him like a second skin. I can tell that he's been standing there for a while now, just staring.


It makes me worry about my berry and his health. I remember that he had told me about this day and that it was important to him in some way, but I don't really recall what was important about it. I blame that on the fact that he was on his stomach and I was more interested in his ass then his words at the time.

Walking up to him, I stand with him in front of the tombstone and notice his zanpacto is sitting on the ground. Reading the words on the stone in front of me, I make the connection about what is so important about this day. It was the anniversary of his mother dying so long ago.


He now remembered the soft words said in the dark of the night after they had spent their passion.

I move to stand behind him and pull him close, feeling him stiffen slightly.

”Hey, Ichi,” I mummer in his ear, just barely heard over the sound of the pounding rain.

“Hey,” he says in response, pulling his eyes away from the stone in front of him, turning them towards me. ”What are you doing here?” I snort and shake my head at the obviously stupid question that came out of his mouth.

:I'm here for you, ain't I?” I ask, looking down at him, smiling softly, making him blink in surprise. It's not often that I smile, rather I smirk more often than not, and it's rather shocking that I'm smiling now to him. Bringing one hand up, I caress one wet cheek, watching the way the rain sticks to his hair and eye lashes, making me think of the jewels that I had seen when I was looking for something special for him.

“I suppose. But I thought you wouldn't be here. You had told me that you were going to be busy,” he says, his voice laced with concern and wariness. He probably thought that I was going to up and leave him after getting laid.


Not today. Today, I was going to spend with him. I even had a gigai waiting for me.

I was planning on changing sides completely for him. It had been nearly 6 months since we started to screw around, date a bit and I was going to switch sides for him. I wanted to fight next to him. I wanted to spar with him without the worry of his friends coming around and attacking me just because they felt my spiritual pressure. I was rather sick and tired of it, so I was going to switch.

It didn't help that Aizen had gone completely nuts. Even Gin and Tosen were worried about the self proclaimed God and his mental state.

Smiling down at him, I quickly tell him to grab his zanpacto and then to grab onto me. After he does, I take us to his house where his body and my gigai sits, waiting for us. Looking up at me in question, I just tell him to get into his body as I get into mine. Urahara had created it for me, so I knew that it would be correct in every way. I still wasn't planning on getting laid tonight.

After finally convincing Ichigo that I had nothing bad planned, I took him out to a nice club after dinner. Later that night, I took him to the movies, then for a late night meal. After finally stumbling into the house, I told him what I was planning. I think that was the greatest shock, since he had been expecting this to be the last night that we would be together.

The rest of the night, I held him close to me as he sobbed, letting his pain, sadness and happiness out all at once. I smiled down at him and held him close, just running my hands through his hair as the rain continued to pound on the roof and windows. I purred softly even as the power cut out. I told him I loved him as he feel asleep with my name and his mothers on his lips.

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