That Evening: The Aftermath

BY : Midnight Crow
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That Evening: The Aftermath

Bleach fanfiction by Midnight Crow






The streets of Soul Society were
patrolled from sunup to sundown - at least, as decreed by Central 46
regulations. Yet sometimes one of the corridors of the gigantic maze that
created the shinigami's habitat would find itself devoid of an alert patrolman.
Instead, they would be replaced by one who had succumbed to the better
pleasures (either of slumber or of playing cards) rather than retain the
tedious effort of preserving the corridor's security - or its cleanliness.


So when the lone, swaying figure of
a man trudged towards the path leading to one of the Gotei 13 offices in the
shadow of the night, no one bothered to thwart him. No one was even present to
witness the man's ungainly collision with the western wall. If ever there had
been a guard in attendance, he could have deduced at once that there was a bit
of a problem. The guard could have assisted when the man, hunched over a door,
fell forward and crashed with it - a sure sign of some difficulty.


If ever there had been a guard in
attendance, none of this would have happened.




Carefully, she peeled off her
uniform from the shoulder - then stopped hastily, wincing. The pain was
unbearable. Her injuries - no, everything
hurt when she tried to move, even a single twitch from a body part that had
escaped unscathed. But Kurotsuchi Nemu was used to this - she needed only to
clench her teeth and endure a few moments of excruciating pain so that she
could relieve herself of her clothing.


She did not look at her wounds as
she had bared them layer after layer; she did not need to use another sensory
faculty to know how painful her present condition was. Walking to a small
cabinet, she opened it, and reached for the treatment Mayuri-sama kept in the
laboratory to heal wounds quickly and efficiently.


Her hand approached the flask -
then she jerked it away. She didn't have permission to use the treatment.


The sudden movement, however, sent
waves of pain almost causing her to faint on the spot. Sweat collected on her
brow, and she gasped for breath. She endured the pain for what seemed the
longest time, and when the spasms died down, she swiped the flask from the


It was a miracle drug;
Mayuri-sama's own creation. Nemu couldn't feel much more blissful as life
slowly returned to her vital functions. She could raise her head without
experiencing the spasms earlier, as she enjoyed the effects of the treatment. Five
minutes passed - the scars began to clear, and she could move her limbs again.
After some more time (the drug took exactly ten minutes to complete;
Mayuri-sama wanted to shorten it), she felt like she had just been reborn.


But there was no time to lose, not
even enough time for regretting her disobedience to her captain. She replaced
the flask on the shelf, locked the cabinet, and made her way to her clothes
strewn on one of the laboratory tables. After donning the inner white uniform, she
was about to tie the sash closed when a heavy thud resounded from the direction
of the entrance. She froze, her hand arrested in mid-air.


Was it Mayuri-sama? No one else had
permission to enter the laboratory at these hours. If so, her
midnight excursion was bound
to get her punished again, but that option was better than having an intruder
trying to get inside.
She hated disposing of people, but it was
Mayuri-sama's explicit instructions and for the safety of his experiments.


Another thud. She held her breath. This could
not be Mayuri-sama. Her captain had a key and he could enter at will. The
intruder seemed to be forcing his way in.


Unmindful of the fact that she was not
fully dressed, Nemu darted across the dozen feet separating her from the
entrance, all thoughts on protecting the captain's precious laboratory. There
was no doubt about it - someone was trying to get in. The presence of a strong
spirit emanated from behind the door. She was a little uneasy, but she had no
choice. She crouched, preparing for a swift attack, and opened the door.


A heavy weight in familiar
shinigami robes descended on her, almost sending them both to the floor. She
gasped in surprise, and shifted to keep herself standing while she carried the
new burden in her arms. The man - it was definitely a man - easily towered over
her, but he made no move to attack her - instead, he had slumped over her
shoulder. Shocked and bewildered, she grabbed his shoulders, hoisting him to
his feet to get a look of his face.


She immediately recognized the
flaming hair and the tattooed eyebrows.


"A-Abarai-san?" She gasped. Her eyes flickered
momentarily to his left arm, where the vice-captain badge was tied on, as if
trying to verify her vision. The intruder was definitely Abarai Renji of the 6th
division. Never did she anticipate a fellow vice-captain to try breaking in the
laboratory. Did he do this of his own will? Or was it a direct order from his
superior, Kuchiki Byakuya, meaning that the 6th division was
launching an attack against her own division - or worse, Mayuri-sama? Terror
struck her heart. There was no time to lose. She had to inform Mayuri-sama


A new wave of panic tore her when
she felt strong arms circle her waist. She cried and twisted, but Abarai's arms
were like steel bands locking her in place. No!
her mind screamed out. Her hands, which were gripping
his broad shoulders clenched into fists that pounded them. This was it. This
was the attack, and she was too foolish to have been caught off guard, not to
have prepared herself for a surprise attack like this. All the more that she had
to get out of here, and warn Mayuri-sama, before--


Panic suddenly turned into an
inexplicable pleasure when his mouth dropped to the side of her neck to caress
it. Her fists immediately dropped their assault. "What--
She uttered a throaty gasp. He murmured too softly something
that she could not hear, did not understand, but the warm breath was potent
enough to cause shivers running up her spine. "What-- what--" She
could not formulate her question, as her mind had blanked out, and could only
focus on the delightful sensations his mouth was giving her.


Her knees trembled, and she found
herself turning her head to expose more of the smooth, sensitive flesh to him.
His mouth obliged her, and the pressure on her neck became nibbles, each leaving
her breathless. She felt her body grow weaker by the moment and tightened her
grip on his shoulders, afraid of falling.


As if sensing her fright, he
suddenly moved forward, taking her with him, until they crashed onto one of the
laboratory tables, which - thankfully - did not have any equipment on it. But the
impact was enough to awaken her from the hazy bliss, and she realized in horror
what Abarai had been - was still doing to her. "No!" she cried out,
and tried to push him away.


She was successful this time.
Abarai staggered backwards, his arms dropping to his sides. She could not
understand his actions a while ago, but from the way she had behaved in
response, it was a very dangerous
move. She stared at him, trying to predict his next move. He lurched forward,
and she tensed, but she was ready to attack.


That was when she caught the whiff
of alcohol from his breath.


"Abarai-san!" She exclaimed in shock.
"You're drunk!"


His eyes blinked at her. "Yeah?" His words were slurred.


"You…you…" Nemu was not
sure what she wanted to say. In his drunken state, he might have stumbled onto
the laboratory by mistake. If so, then the prospect of an attack by the 6th
division was a wrong conclusion. She let out a sigh, relieved that Mayuri-sama
was safe and that she had not tried to kill Abarai on the spot.


But then - she recalled the
heightened pleasure she experienced in his arms earlier. Why did he have to do
that? What was its purpose?


voice broke into her thoughts.


"Do you know where you are? Do
you know who I am?" She asked him.


He did not answer at once, but
continued to sway. A sinking feeling told her that he was indeed under the
influence of alcohol, and the recent session was nothing more than a drunken
man's uncontrolled actions.


Abarai cocked his head. His eyes,
though unfocused, pierced hers. Then they traveled from her face down her body.
She realized then that she had not finished dressing, and became acutely aware
that the sheer white robe that served as underclothes clung to her shape and
possibly displayed more than she ought to.


But it did not explain why she felt
a delicate thrill upon seeing a man look at her that way.


"'Course I know who you are.
You are one hell of a sexy babe."


The reply was so startling that she
did not see his arm reaching out for her again. And when it caught her, it was
too late. Once again she was locked in his strong arms. She struggled and tried
to push him away, but her hands flattened helplessly on his broad chest, and
she could feel the hard muscle under his uniform. Still reeling from the touch
of him, it only succeeded in making her body await the pleasure she had discovered


"Damn, this feels real good,"
he said as he lowered his head. Nemu's pulse rate jumped notches higher. Move! Get away! her
brain screamed. She knew she should at least try and knock him out! But there
was something - a mixture of curiosity and excitement - that stilled that line
of thought, and left her breathless with longing instead.


Once his mouth found hers, her
hands lost the will to push the warmth, clutching on his robes instead. She
closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the pleasure his kiss was giving her. When
his hungry mouth pressed her lips apart, a hot surge of excitement ripped her
as his tongue met her own. She slid her hands up and wrapped her arms around
his neck.


Although he was drunk, it seemed
that he knew exactly what he was doing. And every touch, every lick sent heat pooling
into her lower body. He deepened the kiss and she arched to meet it. Almost
bent across the table now, she grabbed the side of the table before she could
be unbalanced.


"Lemme help you there…"


She gasped against his mouth when
she sensed hands on her thighs, the diaphanous cloth letting them heat her
skin, as he lifted her off the floor and sat her down on the edge of the table.
The short robe fell mid-thigh only, and when in a sitting position they inched
closer to her body, leaving more of her thighs exposed. Instinct drove her to
clamp them closed when he urged them apart, but his strength won and he eased
himself between them. Then he kissed her again.


It should be said that Nemu was not
an easy woman. Anyone else who would have dared touch her would have certainly
met death. But in the face of such gratification, given by the most unexpected
person, she simply could not deny herself it. Her body was being touched and
probed, but it was a completely different experience from her contributions to
Mayuri-sama's research. In Abarai's arms every touch engulfed her in flames of


His mouth had left hers, only to mold
itself against the curve of her neck. His hands had also left her waist. One
rested on her thigh, fingering the hem of her robe and edging treacherously to
the warmth between her legs. The other moved upward from her waist, until they
brushed the outer edges of her breast. Her whole body quivered with
anticipation, as his mouth trailed wet, hot kisses from her neck down, dragging
her robe with his teeth until a round shoulder was exposed.


He was not gentle. In fact, she
winced when she felt teeth bite into the vulnerable skin of her shoulder. She
cried out, but it turned into soft, pleading whimpers when his hand found her
breast and stroked it. He pulled the robe down to her waist, and the coolness
of the air on her uncovered breasts shocked her at first, until he dipped his
head and they were replaced by the heat from his mouth.


This sensation sent new waves of
ecstasy in her veins, electrifying her. He flicked his tongue against a nipple
continuously, teasing it until it became firm. In response, she made a thick,
breathless sound that was unbearably erotic. She threw her head back, and a slim
hand moved to cradle the head that continued to assault her nipple. Her fingers
drove into the reddish mane, pushing the bandanna off his head and it fell to
the floor, leaving his hair untamed.


Nemu could no longer explain what
was happening. The air in the laboratory was always cool, to ensure a sanitary
environment for experiments, but at the moment all she could feel was heat. She
was half-naked and slick with sweat, and a yearning in
her lower body churned and demanded to be fulfilled. She did not have enough time to be shy towards
Abarai; his actions demanded her to match his urgency and passion. Her hands,
not content with feeling his body through a barrier of fabric, tugged at his
clothes unmercifully, seeking more of the heat, until he shrugged it off and
her nails were raking his back in long strokes. Skin met skin - both their
upper bodies now unclothed, her breasts were easily crushed by his hard chest.


The cold, sterile surface of the
table became moist as she was lowered, until she laid there with her legs
dangling off the edge. A curtain of red hair fell on her smooth, flat stomach
as he leaned towards her. He was spreading the pristine robe open, and each
inch of skin he exposed was rewarded by his expert tongue. As he went lower, urgent
moans accompanied the involuntary thrust of her hips. She writhed, trying to
find the source of fulfillment; struggled - and then her eyes flew open,
revealing irises glazed with desire. Her breath caught in her throat as her
pseudo-lover found the spot, searing her completely.


"Please…please…" she
pleaded him mindlessly, her hands all over his head.


Then the heat disappeared.


She lay
there, her legs trembling, her body eager and ready. But he did not return to
her at once. When she could not feel his hot kisses anywhere, she called out to
him weakly.




A grunting noise. She propped herself up on her
elbows and peered towards the origin of the sound. In the dim lighting of the
laboratory, he cast a shadow as he loomed over her, the contours of his torso too
well-defined that she held her breath, gazing at its magnificent splendor.
Broad shoulders tapered to a lean waist, and the muscles of his shoulders,
arms, and abdomen rippled smoothly altogether when he moved. She felt an
irrepressible desire to run her hands against them.


And the mysterious tattoo that
covered half of his body - it was the most beautiful thing Nemu had seen.


"Help," he suddenly
grunted, forcing her out of the dreamlike haze. She blinked in surprise,
finally realizing what he was doing. He was struggling with the lower portion
of his clothing.


An absurd giggle escaped from her
lips. It was not so much that he looked ridiculous in that state; rather, she
was excited at the thought of having been given an opportunity to touch him.


Although her legs were weak, she managed
to sit up and put her hands on his shoulders. She couldn't help smiling as she
leaned towards him, and slid her hands down powerful arms until they met his
own. His hands stilled in their struggle; gently, she took them away from the
waistband of his pants, with a great deal of concentration - the hot breath on
her ear was very distracting. Her pulse rate doubled at the discovery of his
skin, and then tripled when his tongue flicked the crevice of her ear.


What followed was an explosion of
passion - with renewed ardor, Abarai seemed intent on devouring her again,
pushing her down on the cold surface of the table. Reduced to
a state of insensibility, eyes tightly closed and hands running all over his
body, Nemu failed to see him poised above her.
His sudden invasion made
her eyes open and widen, her breath knocked out from her.


After a passing moment, he circled
his hips and the pleasure that she encountered when he moved inside her almost
drove her to tears. With increasing rhythm he plunged and withdrew, going
deeper each time. She moved her head from side to side, her body arching
towards him, meeting each stroke. Her fingers found his hips and they tightened
around it, clasping him against her as they moved together, seeking the
ultimate pleasure.


And then, she was shattered into a
million pieces, an explosion of pleasure racking her whole body with
convulsions. She clung to him, hiding her face in the crook of his neck, trying
to keep herself from crying out. But it was too much - her cries of pleasure
mingled with his groans. She felt him going faster and faster and faster - and
then everything went silent, save for the sounds of their heavy, rapid


She continued to cling to him while
traces of their - Nemu realized in horror - unspeakable act subsided. As if she
was waking up from a dream, fleeting memories of his delicious kisses and
sensuous touch flooded her. And the way she had reacted to them - a feeling of
revulsion welled up in her, upon realizing that she had played her role in this
act willingly. Sickened to her stomach, she nurtured bleak thoughts of remorse
in her mind, yet unable to release the memory of the pleasure she had


Belatedly, she noticed that his
weight had become heavier. His powerful arms had fallen limply on her sides. The
faint smell of alcohol from his hot breath returned to her senses. She drew a
long, shuddering breath before she bent down and nuzzled his neck.


Why she had tears in her eyes, she
wasn't sure. And she didn't know why she kept whispering hauntingly against his
ear: "Please, please…don't fall asleep on me…"






Abarai Renji muttered to himself
while he sprinted towards the 6th division offices, cursing his
subordinates for informing him of the Captain's summons too late. He didn't
even have enough time to see to it that they would pay for the misdeed,
therefore putting him in a dark mood. Thinking about whatever the Captain
needed finishing wasn't helping it.


"Taichou--" he called
out, yanking the door open.


On the other side of the doorway,
the Captain of the 12th Division and his vice-captain faced him.
Abarai was momentarily dazed by such a sight, but quickly regained his senses.


"Get out of the way,"
Kurotsuchi Mayuri ordered crisply. Abarai stiffened and stepped aside to let
the pair advance.


Mayuri turned to look over his
shoulder, and in a low, menacing voice he said, "We will discuss this
later - when you're of a more agreeable disposition, Kuchiki."


Upon that warning, Abarai wondered
what the 12th Division needed from Kuchiki Byakuya. While he was
debating various reasons, he felt a pair of eyes on him. He looked up and saw
the 12th Division's vice-captain.


The look she gave him was a mixture
of longing, anger, and sadness - and he was utterly taken aback. A wave of
familiarity flooded his senses. Such a foolish thing - of course Kurotsuchi Nemu would be familiar to him - but there was
the nagging feeling at the back of his mind that he knew her much more than he


Finally, unable to withstand the
suspense, he turned to her politely. "Excuse me--"


The emotions flashed - then
disappeared as she cast her eyes downward, breaking the spell.


Kuchiki Byakuya must not have
replied, because Mayuri ordered, "Let's go," and stalked off.


Nemu turned to follow him, but
driven by a sudden, unfulfilled curiosity, Abarai grabbed her hand.
"Wait," he started, but upon the feel of her skin, inexplicable shock
froze him. A gasp escaped from her. His eyes widened as he searched her face.


Without warning, she flung his hand
away and ran off.


He didn't watch her go, for already
a haunted look in his eyes clouded them, mocking him with memories of an
obscure night of pleasure he had almost forgotten.




04/09/2005, 12:00 PM - Happy Birthday, Melpomene
! This is my birthday gift to you. XD I hope you enjoy it as
much as I did writing it, heh heh heh…


And yes,
this is the first ever lemon piece I've written. It's quite late, as my friends
and I have promised to each other that when we turn 18 we'd write one. I
started writing this one back in February.


This is
supposed to be read AFTER "That Evening" (hence the title "The
Aftermath" - it also reveals why Renji had been drunk in the first place),
but I haven't finished that one.


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