Reviews for Bleach: Beach

BY : c0p13r

  • From ANON - Lucky7 on October 22, 2020

    So, I've read a majority of your Bleach stories by now, and I really just wanted to tell you how much I love them. The sex scenes are great, and you make them fit in well with the individual characters attitudes and personalities. You are easily my favorite author for Bleach stories on this site, and the amount of work you put in really shows in the story. I know sometimes authors stop writing or updating their stories because no one reviews, and I don't want that to happen here. Seriously, they're amazing, please, please continue.

    The pairings you choose are also top notch, I had never really considered Unohona as one of the sexy bleach girls, but after Bleach: Beach I have certainly started. The Riruka, Karin, and Ikumi pairings with Ichigo are also among my favorites. Would love to see some Rukia/Ichigo and Yuzu/Ichigo pairings as well, but realistically as long as you keep writing and updating I'll keep reading. 

    Thank you for the work you do, you rock!


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