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BY : FicticiousDelicious

  • From ANON - Blackstorm on September 04, 2016

    I love this <3 The plot is intriguing, and so well written that I'm spell bound from start to finish, and I kinda like the characterization too (well it took me a bit to get used/adjust to Ichigo being a little unlike his kickass canon self in an AU that involves fighting but I imagine that could be more or less what Ichigo might be like if he was put in a real life world with no supernatural powers and such, and trying his damndest... and boy, oh boy, Grimmjow with a mohawk? Hot damn, and I like how kind of layered and egnimatic he is, like I'm still trying to figure him out here -especially since the moment Grimmjow lied to the gatekeepers which kind of threw me for a loop, since he had thought of actually turning Ichigo in from the start and it makes me wonder as to what had changed his mind as nothing seem to give away to that course of action unless I wasn't squinting hard enough. I kinda approve of GrimmTier, there's not enough fics of the pairing, though I don't particularly like her attitude here, but I guess that's to be expected in a GrimmIchi fic... if it'll be an endgame, that is, or just mostly sort of bromance as I can't imagine Ichigo of all people adbandoning his wife and kids, let alone commit infidelity, unless perhaps by some combination of circumantances or something...hell I wonder how he's staying sane and enduring cooped up in enemy territory for four years away from them, and I predict Grimmjow's little concealed act of treason that he seem to have put behind him will come out to bite him sooner or later... Aaaah, there's just so many possibalities at where this is heading at this point towards conclusion).

    Ah, I'm rambling, sorry, I'm probably not making any sense, again I'm sorry -can't really help it though, I do enjoyed it a lot, I can't even begin to explain. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next chapter and what more suspense and intrigue lies ahead.

    Ok, I'll shut up now.


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