Reviews for Ichigo, the Anal Bride

BY : SlapHappy

  • From ANON - Kazugami Saichi Hakuraichi on December 04, 2014

    Oh wow, I never expected this to be AiIchi. Well, and it makes me happy to know that Aizen is the one who makes him like that. Hahaha... I liked the idea. Quite sexy. Well, keep going. Looking forward for more. Maybe you can make something different. I mean not just like this. Add some bondage toys maybe? DX.

    By: KaSaHa

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  • From ANON - chuck on September 15, 2014

    I swear I'm not supposed to love this story as much as I do but this is so good. I'd love to see you do something similar with another series. Ichigo is a real butt slut in this one and it shows. I want to read about his adventures with more guys myself but I can understand if you want to end it here. But can I at least know what the second ending is, I'm curious. I'll admit that IsshinxIchigo is a rare and beloved guilty pleasure of mine but you've gotten me curious about the alternate ending you can't back out now.

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  • From FicticiousDelicious on September 05, 2014

    (for chapter 3 - "Training")
    Been too long since I've reviewed chapters for this fiction. Way too long.
    Aaah, poor sl*tbutt Ichigo with an itch he can't scratch because Kenpachi is so damn unforgettable. Yea Urahara, about Ichigo...he has that 'hasn't been f*cked in too long' mange. It's a terrible disease... Urahara is weird. Very weird.
    "...something of a connoiseur of penises..." THAT, that humor right there is why I should have reviewed sooner. While Ichigo thinks he gives the anonymous d*ck a few thoughtful strokes. Glory hole, the perfect cure for Ichigo's mange, and a schooling from Urahara just to drive it home.
    Ichigo's addiction is too strong for one man alone to break! Urahara is clearly taking advantage of that undying drive, and one hell of a carrot he uses ain't it?! *dying over here, laughing so hard* Oh the funny...hurts!
    This chapter was so absolutely hilarious. Will Ichigo find another person to be the bride of next?!

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  • From ANON - Bigfanbigfan on July 05, 2014

    Reading this is like watching a train wreck about to happen. Only the trains are filled with candy. And even if people get hurt, we still get candy. O.o
    With that being said, this is fucking awesome. I love the crack put into this and the pure eroticism seem to work perfectly. And I'm a sucker for a male haremxIchigo. Please keep writing! This bloody brilliant.

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  • From ANON - Anon on July 01, 2014

    Such a mystery of who wants to impregnate ichigo... I cannot imagine who but i hope it is a sexy hot character... Could not wait to know the next story...

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  • From FicticiousDelicious on May 21, 2014

    (for chapter 2 "F*cking")
    Well if that title isn't foreshadowing... Still an excellent crackfic with plenty new jokes jumping up and waving their hands.
    Aaaw, Ichigo misses his horny stalker ghost.
    I placed a bet before they 'fought'. *Groans* horse lost the race. Sword fight. Humping event. *pouts in a corner*
    I couldn't pout forever though, because that Bible comparison makes me think that Ichigo gave Zaraki a d*ck revival! That just cracks me up, and I do love a raw cream-filled ending. This chapter was just as good as your last, I absolutely did not see that twist about Zaraki being a virgin coming.
    Who is Ichigo going to find next?

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  • From FicticiousDelicious on May 11, 2014

    (for chapter 1 "Marriage")
    Most entertaining and funniest crackfic I've read in a -long-...damn...time... At first I sort of scratched my head when I read the pairing but the events are delicious and the way you phrase them is even better - your language isn't just basic (it's clever).
    "...the two were flushed with desire, happiness, and a whole bunch of other homo stuff, I dunno, it's 4:25 AM as I'm writing this and I'm running out of adjectives." I think the way this whole scenario turned out at the end of the chapter makes that ok.
    What an unusual stimulant Ichigo has indeed. Spectrophilia and ghost stalker/husband ftw. This fiction makes so much absurd sense. Was this a jab at fictions that try to make these sort of events extremely serious? Please add more chapters, plz, plz, plz.
    I now picture Ichigo's butt as a planet with everything orbiting around it. Guess where the black hole is..? Ok, I'm gonna stop myself right there.

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