Reviews for Ice Melts

BY : FicticiousDelicious

  • From Neuron on January 02, 2016

    (Apologies for this short and dull review; I wrote out a really long and detailed one but when I tried to send it, something went wrong and it got lost and I'm super pissed about it)
    First off, I was so so happy to see that you picked this back up again! These three chapters have gone completely different to what I thought would happen!
    The mystery of the 'other' Grimmjow is solved! It's a very original concept, I've never seen anyone use the idea of the soul becoming torn between the real body and the gigai. It took me a little while to get my head around it but it's a very clever idea! It was interesting seeing Ichigo interact with Grimmjow's real body while there was no soul inside, though it made me wonder if while Grimmjow's soul if in limbo if he would be able to see/hear/feel or just sense things that might be going on in his real body...? Ichigo's attitude was a little harsher than I imagined, although I suppose he has the right to be pissed about his position as Grimmjow's (his enemy who has almost killed some of his friends) babysitter especially when he has to deal with all the other stress in his life. Poor guy just wants to enjoy Christmas with his family. But still, damn Ichigo... it's a good thing Grimmjow has got thick skin!

    To be honest, the sex took me completely by surprise ( i appear to had missed the warning at the top of the chapter!) It wasn't unwelcome by any means, but I hadn't expected anything sexual anytime soon. They seemed like they had an awful lot more relationship building to do first, and even though they're both known for being impulsive it just seemed very... random I guess? Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing where you will take them and how they will cope with Grimmjow's 'trapped-soul' problem. I hope we won't have to wait until next Christmas to find out!!! ^_^

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  • From Neuron on November 22, 2015

    Man, right after I first discovered Desire And Lust I told myself I'd come back to read this one too because I love the way you write and of course I love GrimmIchi. But it completely and utterly slipped my mind! I'm glad I remember to check back on your profile though because I've super enjoyed what you've wrote even if it's still in it's early stages. The feel and tone is so different to D+L but not at all in a bad way.I'm a really big fan of the "Grimmjow-in-the-human-world" concept (it's probably my all time favourite story-line) and I love reading different authors takes on it; it's just so interesting to me to see Grimmjow react to human lifestyle whether it be their technology or traditions. So I'm really loving it that you're delving into Grimmjow's confusion around Christmas and the idea that humans would decorate a tree to celebrate. I can imagine him thinking most of what humans do to be absolutely ridiculous until after observing for some time he realises that he's missing out on so much. It wouldn't surprise me if Grimmjow was somewhat jealous of Ichigo.
    Back to actual story... I'm so so curious to know what exactly Aizen did - or suggested - that made Grimmjow lose it and take such drastic steps to want out... and what was wrong with him when he arrived in the human world? Urahara mentioned he was "physically weakened" - does this mean he had to fight someone else after he got past Starkk or was he just exhausted from running? It makes me wonder if Aizen is really going to idly sit back and let one of his Espadas take refuge with their enemy... (all the possibilities of Ichigo stepping up to keep Grimmjow safe and alive and growing close to him in the process!!! These are the kind of fics that give me life!!!)
    I think you've done a really good job with keeping them in character too. you've kept Ichigo very well balanced between wanting to protect and yet... he still has that punkish attitude... he can't just accept Grimmjow just like that and I think that is perfectly understandable considering their history (although that reminds me... is this story set in a particular part of the canon-verse? Not that it really matters... I'm just incredibly greedy and want all the details!) And Grimmjow, still the arrogant stubborn bastard as always... on the surface at least. I'm really excited for Ichigo to start seeing through more of the cracks in Grimmjow personality. "Why did it seem appropriate to picture Grimmjow with tears streaming down his cheeks as the blue haired man stared back?" - This part struck me as really interesting, I wonder if Ichigo is starting to read Grimmjow's true feelings a bit more... it reminds me again of Grimmjow misunderstanding humans, including their kinness and abilities to forgive, I'm thinking this may be the first time anyone has ever been this kind to him and maybe he isn't entirely sure what to make of it... ahhh they have so much to learn about each other!!
    The ending of the latest chapter has thrown me though! Was that really Grimmjow Ichigo saw outside or just his imagination (or something else entirely?) I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story, and although it seems to have taken a back-seat for you to focus on your other fics, I hope you do continue it soon! Especially since Christmas is coming round again :D
    Asfor whether or not you choose to take the smutty or fluffy route... I'd be happy with either! I'll never say no to smut but so far this fic has a more fluffy feel to it, I'd personally like to see more of Ichigo and Grimmjow getting to know each other than first but that's up to you! I'm sure I'll enjoy reading whatever you write!!

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  • From KaiBlueOtaku on May 23, 2014

    What in the world drove Grimmjow from Hueco Mundo, and landed him in such a state as he was when Urahara found him? I think that shady shopkeeper might know more than he's letting on, but it's hard to tell with that one.

    Sweet or sexual? Hmmm... After this most recent chapter, it'd be hard for ME to correct the trajectory on this one, if it was mine... It's definitely leaning more one way than the other in my mind at this point, but I just caught up on D&L, so my mind's flavored with a little aftertaste from that probably.

    I hope you pick this one back up in time for the holidays! This makes me want to think about putting together some holiday pieces in advance... Because seriously, who WRITES holiday pieces, DURING the holidays, right? They're crazy enough with their own nonsense, and not having to throw the added demand of chapter updates on top of them... Maybe I'll find something for Halloween, and just keep it in my back pocket for a few months.

    I liked this a lot. It's a very different Grimm than from D&L. I like to see the different aspects of the same characters from parallel universes under the same author (Did that make any sense? Sorry, my brains are pudding, I've been reading way too much the past two days...) Thanks again, I really enjoy your work, I'll have to check back for updates!

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  • From ANON - gollumsfriend on December 23, 2013

    A 'fraction' is something you do in math class, lol. You might want to change the spelling to 'fraccion' when referring to an Espada's underlings.

    Other than a couple grammatical errors and the fact that your version of Grimmjow thinks he could take on the 1st Espada (and win), the chapter was alright. Hopefully future chapters are a bit longer than this one.

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