Reviews for The Heart in My Hand

BY : chayron

  • From Angel_Of_Death on November 01, 2015

    Love it... Can't wait to

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  • From ANON - Conartist643 on May 03, 2015

    Lmao, real smooth Ichigo. Love this fix,
    Hope you keep it going.

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  • From KaiBlueOtaku on September 06, 2014

    It's been a while! I was way behind, but I've got you on my list now, and I'll be prowling for updates regularly. I like where this is going. Your writing is still as good as I remember it being. Enjoying this one!

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  • From FicticiousDelicious on August 20, 2014

    Part 3

    *taps fingers* ...couldn't smacking Ichigo around be a game? Like human tennis! Ulquiorra would enjoy that.

    The fact that thus far Ulquiorra has been prevented from asking questions, whose answers are long, by his [hopefully] temporary hearing disability is surprisingly frustrating. Ulquiorra is definitely a silent listener, or observer for now, and processes more than people might assume.

    The motive for Ulquiorra asking all of those questions certainly has me thinking. A specific interest in Gin; noted. Perhaps when Ichigo remains in his human body he's trying to express, in tough-guy fashion, that he isn't afraid and hoping to influence Ulquiorra to hold back his strength. ...or his human body could just be the more comfortable of the two. *shrug* I think Ichigo has a deeper reason than just his personal comfort.

    'Dead' is never an easy status to settle with for a great character, so the idea of Ulquiorra being a clone is a little saddening because that would mean his original self would have died - which equates to partial death. To what extent could Mayuri clone a hollow especially if they're as complex as Urahara says? I have to wonder. I am feeling that the shinigami wardrobe Ulquiorra came by eludes to maybe him being remade as a possible aid for shinigami if not one himself; Mayuri might be a sick in the head scientist but he wouldn't dabble in merciful resurrection through replication nor stock his talent in a miraculous yet useless projects. Taking all of those samples and mentions about Ulquiorra's quick-time regeneration...makes me think Mayuri is trying to manufacture quick-time regeneration.

    Ulquiorra survived a fear lots of humans have; walking in on someone in the washroom. Issue. Next came the deadly hunger. Another issue. A few to add to a growing stack. The hearing and strength caused problems are only getting more awkward. Now hunger is creating an issue, so I'll wager a solution is on its way or serious incident coming up soon thanks to those. Guess I'll have to read on to see which it gets first - better or worse.

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  • From ANON - angel on August 17, 2014

    I am heartily surprised at the excellence in this fiction. Your characterization and plot are seamless. Im so intruiged by the idea of this Ulquiorra's sexuality. I eagerly await your update!

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  • From FicticiousDelicious on August 17, 2014

    Part 2

    I daresay Ichigo would be screwed indeed, in a bad sense, if anyone in the squads 'gets wind' of whom he's helping. It's an agreeable point that he probably wouldn't want to dwell on that. Ulquiorra's 'trust' in Ichigo is a complex thing isn't it? I find the mysteries of why Ulquiorra listens to Ichigo and why there is mutual trust between them interesting. It's great, deep, food for thought. I knew Ulquiorra was going to fall asleep while he was being scanned! I knew it! And what a cute situation that is.

    Ichigo interrupting Ulquiorra's favorite phrase, 'utter drivel', was abruptly funny. It's enjoyable to find humor when you don't expect it. I laughed once again when Ulquiorra and Ichigo were booted out of Urahara's residence. Kon seems to make the most of borrowing Ichigos body if he scored time with Orihime. AGAIN I LAUGH: 'Do we have any duct tape?' You are quite funny you know! The best part is I never see these jokes coming, so you aren't predictable. Those are excellent qualities of this story, excellent.

    Well..! Ulquiorra is being pretty forceful keeping Ichigo boxed in isn't he? I bet he isn't even trying hard at that. Kon's situation in the laundry box is hilarious, and fitting! Your version of Ulquiorra is perfectly composed but he has those deft moments, like batting Kon out of the window and closing it fast, that just really ice the cake. In a blunt and sophisticated sense Ulquiorra is a riot. In a brash and playful way Ichigo is a riot. I'm still forming opinions about Urahara and Kon.

    "The Heart in My Hand" continues to be interesting and complex, and I have a lot of chapters to go.

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  • From FicticiousDelicious on August 16, 2014

    Part 1

    I was curious to see how the Ichigo and Ulquiorra pairing would be set up in your story, and the way you have brought them together through Ichigo rescuing Ulquiorra from the mad-scientist captain, Mayuri, is great. It's also not too dramatic or fantastical for the setting and personalities of your versions of the characters; believable and exciting are what the set up of "The Heart in My Hand" is.

    Your reasoning throughout this whole first chapter, like Ichigo's thoughts on why he should help Ulquiorra, is sensible and interesting. I love that. I also find your wording and details very engaging. The nature of your details is realistic without boring me to tears and I say that's helped along by the words you've picked and where you've placed them. Sentence structure: A++++

    These aspects - plot progression and sentence flow - are the deciding factors in whether I can enjoy a story enough to finish reading it and you've done them proud so far. I cannot wait, and probably will not wait, to read the other chapters of this story. This is excellent work, I have no complaints.

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  • From Khallsnea on June 30, 2014

    I love your story!

    I haven't found many stories with Ulquiorra in which I actually like his character, but I think you are doing a great job here. I really like how they interect with each other and I can't wait to know how it will develop.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it!

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  • From KaiBlueOtaku on May 28, 2014

    May I just say, your story is amazing. I usually review the really good ones chapter by chapter, but I had some issues as to why that didn't happen this time, so you get one huge one instead.

    On the whole, they were all very in-character. The scene with Ulquiorra playing with the vitamins was VERY ooc, HOWEVER, I will add that something about it was one of my favorite scenes in the story! It was so endearing, and I would love it if you were able to back his behavior there with plot, an explanation of why he was acting in such a strange, uncharacteristically child-like manner. Still, I loved that scene, it was silly and sweet.

    Your writing is very fluid and straightforward. The dialogue is easy to follow, which has been a headache in some pieces I’ve read previously in the past from others, so thank you.

    Ichigo and Ulquiorra are developing a very interesting camaraderie together. That Ulquiorra would share his food with Ichi does seem unusual overall, but it fits well for your story. I love the “Hollow Steaks,” and him butchering and cooking them, and keeping dead Hollow in the fridge, that cracks me up so much.

    Orihime is dating Kon in Ichigo’s body? Oh my, THAT has the potential to get complicated! I love it, but it certainly shows that she’s not over him.

    Awww, Ururu and Jinta together was a sweet touch!

    I’m glad Isshin took it as well as he did, after talking to Kisuke. The “No Ceros in the house” line was just so parent-like and matter-of-fact, I laughed out loud at it.

    The little fish-Hollow he caught were interesting, it makes sense that there would be aquatic type ones I suppose. Will he like those better than the others, or less, I wonder?

    I’m worried about his transformation coming out of control like that… Whatever could it mean? I’m sure it’s nothing good!

    ARGH!! Their little flirty moment together on the futon is making me crazy! And then poor Ichigo waking up the next morning with “issues in his tissues…” Was that just bad luck I wonder, or did it have something to do with Ulquiorra? Maybe he was dreaming about his roommate?

    This is my current favorite story, I can’t wait for an update! I hope they come more quickly in the future, I saw it’s taken a year for the 12 chapters you have already to get put out. I really want to know what happens with this one, but if it takes too long, I’ll probably lose interest and forget about it, and I don’t want that. Please, update soon! I love this, and I can’t wait to see what happens between these two!

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  • From KaiBlueOtaku on May 27, 2014

    Ch 4- This is very good, I'm really enjoying it! I think you're doing a good job of keeping them in character. This is not exactly the easiest pairing to work, I would imagine. The cloning idea is very interesting, I'm looking forward to where you take this!

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  • From ANON - Athrun434 on April 07, 2014

    its a good thing Orihime is so Clueless. this is getting better and better. cant wait to read what the Xcution is up to

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  • From ANON - Destiny MeLynn on April 05, 2014

    This story is wonderful i cant wait until we get to the juicy bits its not very often that there is a good well written IchiUlqui story keep it up

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  • From ANON - Athrun434 on March 27, 2014

    awww it was just getting good and then the chapter ended, no fair. was not expecting Xuction

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  • From ChocolateCarnival on November 04, 2013

    Awesome chapter! I loved it, it was really great and really funny too. Thanks again for sharing, I'd like to see more, this story is getting great.

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  • From ANON - Athrun434 on August 22, 2013

    thanks for a lovely chapter loved it

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