Reviews for Kurosaki Ichigo, Male Gigolo

BY : AndrewJoshuaTalon

  • From ANON - Anon on June 01, 2015

    Can you please do a chapter about what happened with Yachiru?

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 11, 2012

    Loved this chapter. We, the readers, get to see how the rest of the male population think about Ichigo and him being a male gigolo.

    I can totally see Renji getting mad at Ichigo for sleeping with his childhood friend. I never cared for the RenRuki pairing since I saw them more as siblings, than anything else. Plus he pushed her away, when she told him the Kuchiki clan wanted to adopt her. Yes he thought he was doing what was best for Rukia, but Rukia is someone who doesn't care about social standing.

    Love Hisagi's comment- "You're emo," Hisagi snorted nearby, sipping from a Western style mug. "You don't help with issues, you have them." that line fits Kira perfectly.

    I do wonder who had stated ""Hang him by his balls!", I wanna say it was Renji but I could also see Hisagi saying it, since he has a crush on Matsumoto and Matsumoto is now one of Ichigo's regular clients.

    I love Shunsui's speech, he is freaking wise, even when he has been drinking. He makes perfect sense- "Unohana's maternal tendencies... Isane's big sister issues... Hinamori's... Various issues..." Shunsui sighed. "Nanao-chan's desire for control... Nay, men, I tell you, the fault lies in ourselves! For we have not done our duty!" He swayed dramatically, tears pouring forth from his eyes.

    Renji's line of "I've got a great idea! I'm gonna go... To the Real World... And take HIS women! Yeah". He should have just gone to Yoruichi and Urahara and tell them he wanted to be a gigolo too.

    I love the RenTatsu pairing, I think the two compliment each other really well, and I know Tatsuki can keep Renji in line. Plus I like how Renji is Rukia's childhood friend and Tatsuki is Ichigo's childhood friend.

    Renji is such a punk, if he tells Tatsuki what Ichigo is working as, she is going to give Ichigo quite the beating.

    Renji is quite funny in this chapter-"Then... Can I have your babies? And... Stuff?".

    Really awesome chapter, glad the two are friends in this fic. Though I do wonder where Kira and Hisagi are.

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 11, 2012

    Chapter 4 review

    I'm an IchiRuki fan so i kind of skipped the part with Ichigo and Inoue together. I adore Inoue, she is very beautiful, kind, and is really quite funny in the manga, but I tend to stay away from fics of her and Ichigo together. I prefer her with Ulquiorra, she kind of opened up his world and made him realize what a heart is and he got her to slap him. I never thought Inoue would ever be violent, and I was quite happy when she finally dealt him a bitch slap.

    I don't bash IchiHime, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own favorite pairings, plus I like Inoue, I could never bash her. I could never hate Inoue, she is such an adorable character in the manga. She reminds me of my little sister. I really wanted to read the lemon, but I think it would feel like cheating on IchiRuki. I'm sure the lemon was quite hot.

    I don't really know how I feel about Rukia becoming very jealous of Inoue and saying "That little, goddamned bitch... Ichigo... Ichigo is MINE, damnit!". It's seems very Out of character for her, especially since she cares for Inoue quite alot.

    I'm glad Byakuya was there to talk some sense into her. I'm also glad he opened up about Hisana, and let her know that even the clan had accused her of being a whore, Byakuya paid no attention to them and loved Hisana with all his heart.

    I especially loved his speech- ""But... Even if she had been, I would still have loved her. She was the same woman regardless. Compassionate, kind, understanding, patient..." Byakuya raised an eyebrow. "And worth fighting for."

    He allowed Rukia to see and understand that if one truly loved someone, they will look beyond their faults, mistakes and anything else, and love them for who they are regardless of what they might do.

    I also loved his line "I also believe that Inoue is not the only person Kurosaki has rescued. Correct?". Rukia needs to know that she is also important to Ichigo. She is the reason why he trained so hard, risked getting a hollow, and trained to achieve Bankai for. Plus she needs to remember that she was the one who stopped his rain.

    I loved the sibling talk, and how Byakuya is there as an older brother for Rukia

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 11, 2012

    Chapter 3 review

    I was laughing quite alot at the beginning of the chapter. The idea of Ichigo dressing up as Aizen, SS's number one enemy and having Momo as his mistress was quite a humorous picture in my mind.

    And I would never believe that Toshiro took fashion advice from Urahara. Quite funny as well.Toshiro as a "furry marshmallow" I think Urahara did it on purpose.

    Unohana hiring Ichigo, is something I too would have never imagined, but I did like the whole role-play between the two. Ichigo was sort of a mommy's boy, and Unohana is such a maternal figure, the role-play makes sense.

    Zaraki is quite funny in this chapter, I love how he is such a good father to Yachiru to the point he'll do bodily harm to Ichigo (though I do believe Kenpachi would be up for any fight with Ichigo).

    It never occurred to me that maybe Yachiru could change into adult form like Nel, and it makes sense if she could.
    Great chapter.

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 11, 2012

    Chapter 2 Review

    I absolutely love this chapter. I'm an IchiRuki fan so I really enjoyed reading this chapter. I read the manga, and though I feel that Rukia has had some unresolved issues with Kaien, I felt she admired him greatly since he was the only one who welcomed her into the 13th division, unlike others who were talking behind her back, saying she was only allowed into the Gotei 13 because she was adopted by the Kuchiki's. Plus she admired Kaien's wife Miyako alot and looked up to her as a role model, so I had never thought she was in love with her vice captain.

    But I did love the spin you put on this, and I do feel it is necessary for Rukia to be in love with Kaien in this fic, since it would make more sense for her to hire Ichigo to dress up as Kaien, if she was in love with him and also as a way for closure for Rukia since she had to kill the 9th Espada who had taken Kaien's appearance.

    I'm also glad that Rukia is Ichigo's first client. I do feel like you did capture Rukia really well. She would be nervous about doing something like this, especially sleeping with her best friend who looks like her dead captain. The line "She was afraid to have. Something she didn't think she deserved. hence the punishment" is something that I believe describes Rukia really well. It sort of reminded me of the manga when she had to fight the 9th Espada in the manga who is disguised as Kaien. The 9th Espada/Kaien demanded her to to give her life to him, since she was the one who killed him. But she stated she would gladly give her life, allow him to kill her, but first she had to save Inoue. Rukia has always had a masochistic/submissive vibe to me. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of others, even if it means she is the one who has to suffer.

    I really love the vice captain/subordinate role-play the two are doing, and the spanking was quite hot in my opinion. Love when Ichigo breaks character, looks at her tenderly and tells her, "Trust me. It's ok". Really love how dominant Ichigo becomes to fit in the role of the vice captain.

    I thought it was sweet of Ichigo to tell her as Kaien that he forgives her. her fight with the 9th Espada, it shows that Kaien's death still affects her somewhat. I think that defeating the 9th Espada helped her reach some closure. And now this will know doubt help her move on.

    She did scream Ichigo's name before the two were consciously aware that she was screaming his name, when he was spanking her, telling him "HARDER! HARDERRR! I-ICHIGOOOO!"

    Love how Ichigo makes her beg and spell out what she wants him to do to her.

    I was kind of scared in the last chapter when Ichigo had mentioned to Yoruichi that he had thought about Inoue sexually before but didn't mention anything about Rukia. I'm glad it was mentioned in this chapter how he had thought about her before "Ichigo couldn't help but be a little surprised. Rukia wasn't prone to swearing. But, just like in those fantasies of his regarding her before his job, it was ungodly hot." I'm quite happy he had fantasized about Rukia before too.

    Another line I loved in this fic- "Only practice with Yoruichi kept him from losing all control and fucking the woman who turned him into a shinigami senseless." though I was hoping he would fuck her senseless.

    So happy when Rukia addressed Ichigo as Ichigo and not her vice captain. Glad she has gotten over Kaien, and has started recognizing her feelings for Ichigo.

    I was quite surprised by Rukia's thoughts of wanting to have Ichigo's baby.

    I really loved the lemon in the flashback scene Rukia thinks about and it was quite hot to read how she takes him in her mouth, and then makes her clean her mouth by liCking his cum off her face.

    Thanks for such an awesome chapter. I really loved it.

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  • From ANON - Anon on June 11, 2012

    Chapter 1 review

    Very interesting chapter. Plot is interesting and I'm glad it is a m/f fic featuring Ichigo as the main male character with his female harem.

    Really love Isshin in this chapter, he is very in character.

    It's funny how it's Yoruichi who is the one who came up with the idea of Ichigo as an escort.

    Ikumi was a character I'm neutral about in the manga. I don't hate her but don't really like her either, she was a character that to me was just there in the manga. Plus her son was a little punk who was like a worse version of Jinta. I'm kind of happy you didn't have a lemon with her and Ichigo, I just had never thought of pairing the two together.

    I was kind of hoping Yoruichi would have been Ichigo's first, since she always teases him in the manga. Yoruichi is my second favorite female character, (Rukia's my first), and I love how Yoruichi keeps an eye on all her students even Soi Fon. I think if Soi Fon found out who was the person who put the camera in her shower, she wouldn't be threatening death.

    Urahara is also quite funny in this fic, his line "And consider... By helping the various women of Soul Society with their issues via sex, you might be preventing the rise of another Aizen," made me laugh.

    So happy that one of Ichigo's rules was "no guys". Yaoi has never appealed to me, and I'm glad this isn't a yaoi fic.

    Glad Yoruichi is his trainer, she seems like she would be the perfect teacher for Ichigo and she seems to know alot. He'll learn a lot from her.

    Good first chapter, now I'm off to read the next.

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